By Huai Shang

Chapter 41 Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Chapter 41

The reality did not give Sinan a lot of hesitation. After a few seconds, the SUV started slowly and opened the gas station.

Sinan belonged to the warrior's last sensible pressure over the hunger, did not immediately choose to go forward, but back a few steps to conceal the body shape, I saw the SUV adjusted his head, along the street straight forward slowly.

What are they doing?

Sinan looked around, not far from more than a dozen cars and electric cars collided together, its shape is terrible. There is no transportation in the range that is beyond sight, and even a good bicycle can't be found.

The SUV is getting farther and farther, and it is getting out of sight. Sinan bites the molars and chases them up.

"Someone is following us." In the SUV cab, the driver glanced at the rearview mirror and muffled.

Sitting next to him, the blond woman Alpha was looking at her finger, and immediately heard her eyes, but in the rearview mirror she only saw the hordes of slow-moving chasing cars, and was quickly thrown away. The zombies underneath: "Where? Who?"

"I didn't see it clearly, it was hiding too fast."

The rear compartment was slightly bumped with the vehicle, and there was no voice from Roger.

"Probably survivors." Female Alpha said: "Come on Abar quickly, get rid of him, we have to search for the next survivor base."

Abal stepped on the gas pedal, and the front bumper of the front of the car bumped into a few dead people, whizzing away in the dust.

The city has become a paradise for the undead. Every reinforced concrete building on both sides of the street has become a huge coffin, straight rooted and towering into the sky. The cold wind swept through the depressed streets, the stations, supermarkets and schools were empty, garbage and plastic bags chased each other in the dust, and were trampled by the zombies.

The SUV passed through the community, and in the side mirror, the bushes on the wall suddenly moved unobtrusively.

"Follow," Abal said.

This time, Alpha also noticed the movement and could not help but be alert: "Is there a lot of people?"

She looked back at her sir, and in the back seat, Roger finally stopped his hand and wiped the short knife: "There is only one."

He didn't look up and said faintly: "Open slowly, set a card forward and see who it is."


The heart violently pulsates in the chest, and Sinan gasps, feeling that cold sweat is flowing along with the hair, and then he will soon be short of water.

Do you want to give up?

Still want a way to get around the car, gambling a direct call for help?

Sinan's strong alert instinct made him less inclined to the latter, but he had already chased him for a long time, and he had already spent a lot of physical strength that he didn't want to give up. At the time of the dilemma, suddenly the front SUV turned and turned from the street into the long lane full of bungalows.

There are plays.

Sinan helped to run two steps, jumped from the fence to the treetops, and hopped on the roof to quickly shuttle on the top of a flat-paneled bungalow. It was like a light and agile cat, stopping at the end of the eaves silently. .

I saw the SUV parked in front of a private house. The driver got off the bus and opened the trunk. He moved half a box of mineral water and walked into the house. It looked like it was their temporary stronghold.On the eaves, Sinan looked at the contents of the trunk from the top down, and he was stunned by the time - a lot of supplies!

Compressed biscuits and canned meat in a box, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, high-protein foods, all kinds of energy drinks, warm clothing blankets, fire-generating equipment...

Sinan swallowed his mouth, carefully observed the surrounding environment, quickly designed the action and evacuation route, and silently said: I secretly took a can.

Take one, enough to support me to live in the suburban heliport.

After making up his mind, Sinan quietly jumped out of the eaves, like a policeman and a cautious snow leopard. He did not make a slight sound when he landed. He then came to the trunk and reached out to the canned luncheon meat.

- Just then he was nervous and suddenly turned his head.

The tip of the knife wiped his cheek and stroked it!

Sinan turned sharply and stunned when he saw the face of the sneak attacker: the other is a strong white woman Alpha, and his face looks pretty good.

But somehow, when he saw the female Alpha, the sudden alarm bells in his mind, a very unpleasant and mixed feeling of disgust from the bottom of my heart, as if I had seen her somewhere.

The female Alpha was actually stunned, and she subconsciously asked in English: "How are you, how are you..."

Just a thousandth of a second in her daze, Sinan decisively pulled away, and even the cans that were almost ready to go were gone, and the legs were pulled out a few meters away.

"Stand up!" Female Alpha drank, before the huge driver rumbling from the house, rushed out of the gun!

Sinan angered: "I want to discuss something to eat!" The voice did not fall on the ground, and escaped the row of bullets, only to listen to the female Alpha loudly yelled at the driver a few words, then the two chased at the same time.

If it is normal, even if the other side has a gun, Sinan will not be too afraid of the two Alpha's joint attack. But he is in a very bad state now. The collapse caused by fever and lack of water is rapidly eroding his body. In the case that the other party will obviously die, it is not worthwhile to risk his life for a little food.

Sinan waved his arm and blocked the driver's volley kick. When he was pushed, he was pushed back by a giant force, and he stooped over the weeping willow to escape the short knife thrown by the female Alpha. The blade screamed and swirled, and he nailed it into the wall. Sinan once again sideways to avoid the driver's power to open the mountain, and quickly pulled out the short knife and stood on the wall.

Female Alpha sweared something in English, and Sinan understood it in an instant. She said: "--for anesthesia bomb!"

Sinan's brow jumped, and when he fell to the wall, he jumped again and grabbed the eaves. He only felt an ankle.

The anesthesia needle rubbed against his skin.

Oh shit! In the heart of Sinan, he snorted and bit his tongue. While he was attacking, he kept a sigh of relief through pain. He staggered and walked along the eaves for a few steps. He suddenly found that there was still a ambush in front!

It was a white species, male, about thirty years old, slowly getting up from the roof tile.Sinan is innocent and distracted to think why the other party's look is so weird and the movement is so slow, as if to confirm a dream that is broken. He just wants to flee the Alpha now, preferring to go back to the zombie group to find a supermarket store or something. Even if you eat some broken rice, you will never get closer to these people.

"...Noah," Roger whispered lowly.

After Sinan rushed to the eaves, Luo Muer went out to stop. The two intertwined moments Sinan was called a teleport, and Romuel did not see his movements. He felt the breeze slipping from his arm.

- This speed can be described as light, Rohiel thought.

I don't know how many times I have seen it, and I am familiar with it.

Roger's eyes were picked up, and the thunder was like a sweeping leg. When he couldn't avoid the trick, he reached out and saw his hook on his neck.

At the same time, however, if Sinan had the help of God, he grabbed Roger's arm and slid it tightly.

Rohiel instantly realized what he was going to do and subtly paused.

The next second, the blade stuck to his throat, and the whole person was hiding behind him, facing the female Alpha and the driver who came up to the front and shouted: "Stop!"

The two men paused at the same time, and Royle looked at each other, and the air became arrogant.

Roger shook his head very slightly, stopping the two men from going forward: "Noah."

"..." Sinan's right hand reversed the knife and resisted Roger's throat, forcing him to step back with himself. "Who are you?"

"You can't run," Roger said.

Sinan repeatedly closed his eyes and opened his mouth, barely keeping himself awake in the increasingly heavy dizziness, and did not hear the extremely complicated and indescribable meaning of the simple words.

"You can't run." Romuel repeated it again. This tone is like talking to himself, as if to make some oath to himself.

Sinan knife clings to his throat and hoarsely: "Shut up! Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Roger said: "You have a very high temperature... you are having a fever."

The roof tile suddenly shattered, and the south of the foot was stunned. The calf that had been rubbed by the anesthesia needle was completely numb, and almost could not hold the weight of the body, so that he could squat in extreme dizziness.

I just want to steal a can... I think vaguely.

It seems that the thief has not been able to do this kind of thing.

The hand of Sinan's Ronald was slightly loosened, and seemed to want to use his last effort to escape. However, he overestimated his resistance to narcotics. After a few seconds he stumbled and his knees had not yet touched the ground, and he was surrounded by a pair of hands protruding from the side.

"..." Sinan whispered a sigh, but couldn't hear what was wrong, and then the body sank.

Under the influence of the pharmacy, he finally fell into a sleep without hunger, remorse and disappointment.


"The systolic pressure is seventy-nine, the diastolic pressure is forty, and the body temperature is thirty-seven degrees."

"Give a needle of nutrients."

The door of the bungalow was opened, and the cold wind was blowing in the afternoon. Female Alpha and the driver looked up and saw Roger stepping into the threshold and making a gesture without expression.

That is what they call them out.The two men stood up tacitly and left.

The door was closed again, and Romuel walked over to the bed and looked down at the prey that had been arrested.

The north facing dwellings were originally backlit, and in the sullen winter, they were even darker and damp. The bed was very small and low, and the prey should not feel very comfortable. Roger's eyes fell on his eyebrows, and there was a slight wrinkle in it. It seemed that there was still a lot of dissatisfaction in the drowsiness.

But when he was unaware that he was lying there, the whole body seemed to be covered with a layer of extremely soft and ethereal light, so that the simple messy bungalows and the narrow old window sills seemed to have a special charm.

This is not the first time Roger has produced this feeling. He sighed and finally sat down on the edge of the bed, looking down at the familiar face in front of him and reconfirming where the shimmer came from - too white.

Just like the white marble, polished and sculpted over and over again, after the baptism of time and years, it is still as clean as new, and in the world of more and more vicissitudes and aging, it still shines innocent and radiant. .

why? He thought ridiculously: This is obviously a monster.

His mother was a sneak peek at his father after marrying and having children. He was also born to be transformed, beyond the monsters of ordinary people's ethics.

Rosie slowly explored his hand, but did not really fall, sliding across the unknowing side of Sinan across the distance of a finger.

He still remembers when he was very young, he once sat in the garden with anger and hatred, waiting for the car carrying the "the woman" to see what the face that had been obsessed by his father for many years could grow into something. appearance. He has forgotten the woman's specific facial features, but the moment of his own eyes, its thrilling charm, and the distorted disgust that has arisen from it, remain deeply in his heart.

That symbolizes the ominous attraction and the beauty of the tragic fate.

This is exactly the same as the nominal younger brother.

At first he had wanted to murder this weak and deceiving child more than once - in the gorgeous and decaying manor, it is actually very easy to achieve this goal. But one night in the middle of the night, he sneaked into Noah's bedroom under the cover of the servant, watching his younger brother who was passing by, wondering if he was strangling or strangling him, but suddenly he felt that there was a layer that was not easy to see. The halo.

Just like warm water flowing through white porcelain, it is soft and subtle.

It may be the shimmering flash of the fountain in the garden, or it may be the illusion caused by the cold moon.

- It is a monster, he told himself so.

He decided to kill the little monster by himself. He put his hand on the thin neck of the other, then Noah woke up, began to struggle, scream, and slammed in the fight; the housekeeper and the servant were alarmed, and his father rushed to announce the end of the murder.

That was what happened when he was eleven years old and Noah was six years old.Since then, he has not been able to approach Noah, who is unprepared in his sleep, as he is today, because he will wake up as soon as he approaches him. It seems that the childish murder of that month and night many years ago has left a deep imprint on his subconscious mind, even in his sleep, enough to alarm his most sensitive nerves.

Roger's fingers finally fell, passing through the tight eyelids.

The eyelashes are as dense as a crow feather, and the person who is used to shooting will grind out the gunpoints. In fact, they can't feel such a slight touch.

But Roger’s breathing was a little tight, and he leaned down slowly.

The two breathed less than two inches apart, and Sinan opened his eyes.

Roger's action paused, and the four eyes were relatively few seconds. He smiled and sat up: "Noah."

The effectiveness of the anesthetic is still in the way, Sinan's line of sight is scattered for a long while, and finally a little bit focused on Roger's face, the eyes slowly emerged with clear and undisguised vigilance:

"you are……"

"Remember who I am?" Roger looked at his look. "Oh, it seems that it is really a legacy."

The spirit of Sinan is a bit awkward, the high fever has not yet receded, and the chest is uncomfortably ups and downs.

"When I saw you lying here, I remembered the year when you first entered the secret base of the Florida military..." Rohiel didn't seem to care if the other person could understand it. He smiled and said: "At that time, I had been at the base for a few years, and I was on the rise one night. I went to your house and glanced at the dormitory."

"You slept very well and even made a little snoring. But when I came to your bed, I didn't stand still, you suddenly woke up, as if you were always ready to sneak in, it was against you. of."

"..." Sinan's throat screamed strongly: "I don't know... what are you talking about..."

"It doesn't matter." Roger said, "It has been so many years, I just want to tell you. I didn't want to murder you that night."

He seems to feel very funny to laugh, but this normal person expresses a friendly expression, in his face that is also considered to be a good-looking face, but it has no reason to make Sinan rise a needle-like resentment.

He unconsciously squeezed into the bed, and the prominent wrist bones were stuck in the handcuffs.

Roger did not care about this action.

Roger picked up a can of maple syrup on the bed and slowly opened the bottle cap. In the gaze of Sinan, he took a spoonful of golden sweet pulp: "Do you know why you are sick?"


"Because the sugar is not enough. Your modified body has a lot of demand for sugar, otherwise it will quickly weaken, and the cardiopulmonary metabolism and respiratory function will be affected. In severe cases, it is possible... even death."

"Whether you are hiding in Tibet alone, or with whom," Roger revealed a mocking smile: "The other party obviously did not give you the most basic care."

Sinan dumbed: "...they will come back to find me."

Rohiel seems to have heard a joke: "Oh? Go back to the city center that wanders a million zombies to find you?"

Sinan seemed to be stung by a sting, not talking.Roger put down the maple sugar jar, holding the sweet and fragrant spoon in his right hand, and gently rubbing the left hand's thumb to the forehead of the lower boss: "Noah."

Sinan does not say anything.

"You kiss me. Just look. Just like you were the special soldier of the surname Zhou." Luo Muer tempted with a little warm voice: "This whole can is yours, okay?"

Si Nan Mei Yu passed through the slightest sorrow, as if he had heard something that made him feel confused - but then he turned to Luo Muer, his eyes clearly said disgust, and picked up the thin lips that cracked because of thirst. He leaned over his face, straight against the inner wall and closed his eyes.

There is simply no decisiveness in the mud.

Rohiel's image was as expected, not only was not angry, but the smile was deeper: "Good... very good."

He threw the spoonful of maple syrup on his back, and dragged a silver-silvered suitcase backhand. After opening it, he took out the instrument and the coil, and tied the red and blue wires to the shackles in the south, without any struggle. On the wrist.

Sinan seems to feel something, suddenly blinked, the body earned up!


In the interim, the memories of the chaos in the dream came to the fore. The blond young man in the lab overlapped with the face in front of them. They are the same person!

Romuel pressed his hand to the neck of Stern, and put him back on the bed. He looked at him with his bright eyes because of hatred. He asked, "Why are you carrying the frozen box after you crashed?"

Sinan didn't know what he was talking about, and he was close to the corner of his lips.

"Where is the thing?"

Still no answer.

"I should have known..." Roger nodded slowly and took a sigh of relief: "The warmth is not for you."

As soon as the voice fell, he bit his teeth and pressed the electric shock.

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