By Huai Shang

Chapter 39 Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Chapter 39

"No one helps you, no one saves you, and the world does not care for you."

"You are a natural monster."


Carrion, poisonous insects, widowed widows, sturdy teeth... The dead people are everywhere, covering the endless nightmare. The small secretary Nancang squatted back, and only the cross stood tall in the distance in the dream. The church collapsed silently in the black fire, and the priest’s voice sounded through the sky:

"The eternal warrior, the future of the dark age..."

"Resurrection from the grave, you will enjoy eternal life."

The child's amber pupil is subconsciously tightened. He wants to run but has nowhere to hide. All consciousness is covered by familiar and cold sounds:

"Virtual scene E7364.1.0, establish a stress mechanism, kill speed is less than 2/1s, that is, confirm failure, withstand electric shock."

"Timing begins."

Yan Hao desperately roared: "-Sinan!"

The voice did not fall, Sinan kicked after a note, and he flew out of his chest, and his back hit the wall!

The violent collision caused Yan Hao to rebound and he couldn't stop bleeding. The next moment the throat was locked by the fingers, Juli pushed him back to the wall and then lifted up uncontrollably.

"..." Yan Hao's eyes are round and round, but he struggles but does not help, feeling that his toes have left the ground:

"S.........South..." He squeezed two words from his teeth.

Sinan is indifferent. He is like a cold and fierce fighting machine. There is no thinking or humanity. The hand that locks Yan Hao’s throat is like steel, and it doesn’t move.

But his eyes are half-closed, and the eyelashes cover all looks, even the focal length of the line of sight.

Yan Hao's face turned sharply red, and then it turned blue. The hand that did not dislocate shook and grabbed Sinan's wrist. However, in the case of rapid hypoxia, all his struggles have become an arm of the car, and even can not let Sinan's fingers loose even a minute.

...why... he thought painfully.

Wake up... I beg you, Sinan, wake up...

His inner pleading is destined to be in vain.

Yan Hao heard his own throat squeaking, his eyes blurred and black, and even the pain of dislocation of his wrist could not be felt; the first second after falling into the abyss, he saw Sinan raise his hand, his fingers sharp as a knife tip. , dig into your own eyes.


who am I?

How was it born?

It’s hard to count the billions of lives, life and death, joys and sorrows, and time gathers into history to wash every rock on the earth. How can there be a “I”?

"What did you turn me into? What did you turn him into?!"

The sixteen-year-old boy stood in the grass and pointed to the iron-gray stone with moss on his back. The snoring rang through the cemetery: "Have you asked us what you thought? Do you know that this is not what he wants? Why? To forcefully retain the person who has left, let him go! Let the dead go -!"

The expensive black dress of the woman spread on the mud and burst into tears.

"You turned us into monsters, no time and no life, you turned your loved one into a monster..."

After the teenager retired, he looked at the woman, and the tears finally fell from the bottom of his eyes to the pale cheeks:

"Dad is not ill, he... he is dead...""...he is no longer there."

The first light flashed over the manor, and the Thunder slammed through the sky.

The teenager ran up the steps and rushed into the hall, pushing the heavy mahogany door at the end of the corridor.

The wind passed by, the burning candle slammed into the silver plate, and the teenager stood still, and the eyes reflected a pair of hanging feet.

His gaze moved up slowly, and he looked at the woman who had been escorted by the cloak, and finally he squatted on the ground a little bit.

"Noah," a voice came from the other end of the corridor.

The hand-woven rug was turned into pieces under the tremor's fingertips. I don't know how long it took. The teenager stood up and swayed through the corridor. Even the line of sight was not offset by half a minute.

"Noah!" The man caught his hand.

The teenager did not break free, faintly said: "Are you happy?"

All the words of the man were blocked back, and a sneer snorted from the nose, and the expression was slightly distorted: "Yeah, of course I am happy, remember how you are..."

After the words were not finished, the young man had already broken his hand, stepped out of the luxurious hall step by step, and walked out of the manor along the extraordinarily lush and gloomy path before the rainy season.

Rainwater is connected to an innumerable line between the heavens and the earth. The world is white and white. Every step is muddy and heavy. It seems that the feet are entangled with countless hard-to-break, invisible chains, extending to the endless end of the nightmare.

Dead, all dead.

So why are these chains still there?

There is no longer any connection with the world, but why are injuries, pains, and bondages clearly present in the bone marrow, which cannot be erased anyway?

The wheezing in the rainstorm is like the mourning of the beast, and the young man's footsteps are gradually accelerating, so that he is impatient and becomes a crazy and desperate run.

No way... he thought.

Just as countless electric shocks are imprinted in the depths of the soul, all fates have determined the final outcome, and there is no other way than the endless killing.


Yan Hao felt a sigh of relief, and the fresh air rushed into the lungs, and he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t help but feel that he had fallen to the ground. After a few seconds, Venus in his retina barely retreated. Hearing Zhou Weidao: "Be careful!"

Yan Hao rolled on the ground, and the army slammed his body in the concrete floor. Si Nangang had to pull out the blade, Zhou Weifei kicked his foot and flew the dagger far away. With the trick of close combat, the whole person was twisted and twisted to the ground. The two men entangled and rolled a few meters, and they smashed all the way. Countless wooden columns and slate.

Yan Hao refused to struggle with the pain in the throat. He rubbed his wrist and reset it. After using the hand, he picked up the dagger. Instead, he smashed the zombie behind him and directly pierced his head!

The zombies on the construction site have been almost shot by Zhou Wei, and only three or five broken zombies are still spinning around. Yan Hao stumbled to find his own gun, and solved it with a few shots. He only listened to the loud noise behind him. Looking back, Sinan put Zhou Yan on his neck and put it on the cement wall!

However, Zhou Wei was not Yan Hao. The tip of his toes was kneeling and he bent his knees. When his legs kicked and kicked, Si Nan slammed into a pile of sandstone a few meters away!Zhou Yan stepped up and took Si Nan from the gravel pile. He licked his chest first, and then he sat on him. He used his knees to hold his elbows to force him to struggle again. Take a look at others: "Si Nan! Wake up, look at me!"

look at me……

Si Nan’s unfocused eyes moved and stared at Zhou Wei.

"Look at me! What is this?" Zhou Hao pulled his chin and asked him to look at his index finger. He immediately patted his face: "Can't you recognize me? I am Zhou Wei! You are a brother! Mom. Can't you recognize me?!"

Zhou Wei...

Sinan closed his eyes and then opened, like a mental patient who was caught in a frenzied dream. His eyes sparkled with fear and hatred.

This is clearly a symptom of the reality and illusion of the brain after the brain is severely stimulated. Zhou Yu’s heart sank and pinched his neck like a uniformed cat, forcing him to look at his eyes at close range: “Look at me, Sinan. I am Zhou Wei, we escaped from T City and escaped from fertilizer. Factory, my brother always likes you, you also like your brother, right?"

"You know that my brother won't hurt you, I will always protect you. Would you like to go with me?"

Sinan: "..."

Zhou Qiang's mellow and overbearing sound lines flow directly into the ear, enter the dream like hypnosis, and become a distant halo in the world washed by the storm.

"Zhou 戎..." He whispered nervously, hiding his gaze.

"It's me, look at me." Zhou Hao once again pulled his beautiful shape and said: "It's okay, I will pick you up, you are safe... Hey, obedient, look at me."

Si Nan’s sight was like a small fish, finally caught by Zhou Wei, tightly caged in the palm of his hand and forced to look at himself.

Zhou Yu’s deep gaze seemed to contain some invisible power, while Sinan was stunned. After a while, some kind of violent things finally retreated slightly from his eyes, and he screamed softly, and his tone was full of uncertainty:

"... Zhou Wei?"

Zhou Yan leaned over and printed a kiss on his trembling eyelids, then went down and kissed his nose, cheeks and lips.

The warmth and the sun-like contact will dispel the torrential rain, and the memory will return to the hot summer season, the dense forest, the sweaty salty and the scent of the vegetation, and the youngsters tiptoe on the stunned special forces chin. The bottom of the eye flashed with a ray of light.

"... Zhou Wei." Sinan muttered.

Obviously, it was just a common name. Zhou Wei was a soft heart at the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t help himself. He subconsciously licked the fresh, soft white flesh of his neck.

Sinan did not say anything.

Zhou Wei felt that the body under his body had signs of relaxation. When a huge stone landed, he released the cockroach. He gave a look to Yan Hao to push him to push the locomotive. Then he casually helped to charge the gun. The straps that are slipping off your shoulders are tightened -

Then he reached out and tried to hold him up.

But at this time, Sinan met the scene of his support.The reality is reflected into the brain through the retina, exaggerated, distorted, magnified, and chaotic neurons form another picture: armed soldiers, running arrogant hounds, machine guns that flash out of the fire in the dark because of the bullets...

run! Run! Someone is hysterical in the flames.

Run fast! The woman screamed desperately behind her.

They are coming to catch you, run fast -!

“Why are we losing our freedom, being plundered and imprisoned?”

The little boy took the mother's hand and looked up and said, "Mom, does God love the world?"

In the halo, the mother bowed her head, the familiar face gradually distorted, and the decaying black spots climbed onto her beautiful face. The locust mud covered her amber-like eyes, and her flesh and blood fell off her fingers, revealing the white skeleton's bones. The little boy’s fearful eyes.

Run, Noah.

Don't be caught by anyone, run fast.


Zhou Hao Huo Ran got up, but it was too late. Just a thousandth of a second of his relaxed vigilance, Sinan shells rushed out and knocked Yan Hao out!

"catch him!"

Yan Hao rolled up and had not yet exerted his strength. Sinan sat on the locomotive sideways, holding a long leg on the ground and watching them with a gasp.

——No, he didn’t actually look at anyone at all. His gaze was straight from the past between Zhou Wei and Yan Hao, as if he was watching something in the void that made him extremely fearful and chilling.

It is the devil buried deep in the ground, and the nightmare that has never been retired in this life.

"Come back..." Zhou Wei trembled softly and opened his hands: "Come back, Si Xiaonan, I beg you to come back to my brother here... Sinan!!"

The engine was launched in the same second, and it was like an arrow from the string. However, it only touched the corner of the back seat of the car, and then the locomotive turned into a flowing flame, roaring and rushing to the street!

Hey -!

In the gaze of Zhou Wei and Yan Hao, the locomotive jumped high over the guardrail and landed.

Sinan did not hesitate any more, and even did not even look back. The locomotive was like a meteor, and the roaring disappeared into the corner!

Zhou Hao chased two steps, took up the charge | shot down on the ground, gave himself a slap in the pocket.

Yan Hao shook his head: "Why, what is going on here, this is..."

Zhou Wei’s voice is full of temper and depression: “Come back!”

Yan Hao hardly stopped his life, only to find out that the zombies that had been washed away in the distant streets did not know when they came out again. They were concentrated in twos and threes and slowly approached the construction site.

- They are still in the unobstructed streets, filled with the core of the city of millions of zombies, it is too dangerous.

Yan Hao was holding the gun, and suddenly the roar of the propeller on the top of the head was sharply close, and then the sound of the machine gun suddenly blasted, and the zombies on the street were smashed!

As soon as they looked up, they saw two large dark green helicopters hovering at low altitude. The doors were slammed open and the spring grass dropped the ladder: "Come up!"

"Sinan? What happened?" Ding asked loudly in the wind.

Zhou Wei looked gloomy and shook his head and did not answer. Shortly: "Open a strong light, search along the city center, fast!"


The sky is darkening, the darkness is coming, and the most terrible night of the end is coming.A person who lacks warm clothing and food, loses his gun, is unconscious and single-handedly, can live in the millions of city centers in the zombies, can he persist until the next day?

The answer is so dark in the darkness of the night, the sinking pressure on everyone's mind.

Both helicopters were equipped with searchlights, and the onboard loudspeakers were turned to the maximum. However, all the calls were thrown into the stormy sea like stones, and instantly disappeared into the turbulent waves of zombies.

The helicopter flew down the street and flew across the top of each building at a low altitude. The miracle did not appear.

The slender and sturdy figure that everyone is familiar with is really no trace, just as he suddenly disappeared when he came, as if he had no fate and fate.

"Hey brother..." Ding Shi’s voice shook: "The fuel is limited, we have to fly to the South China Sea, I am afraid..."

The fuel is not enough.

In the eyes of everyone, Zhou Wei sat behind the bridge. The man's handsome side face from the forehead, nose bridge, and even the thin lips and chin, in the shadow of the back of the searchlight, outlines the sharp and sharp outline.

"When I left," he suddenly said without warning:

"I told him, wait for me to pick you up."

- Ming is a very calm tone, but Ding is overwhelmed by some kind of horrible power in that statement.

"He really waited. When he was on the construction site, he smiled when he saw me, and waved at me from far away."

"But I didn't get him as scheduled."

"...戎哥," Ding Shi whispered: "This is not anyone's fault, this..."

"He wanted to go with me. He hesitated when he got on the locomotive. Looking at me, I might want to give me the last chance. But I shouldn't touch the gun. He was so scared at the time. I scared him away. It is."

Zhou Hao closed his eyes and the cabin was quiet except for the roar of the helicopter.

A moment later, he removed a silver-colored thing tied to the rope from the neck. Ding actually recognized the chip that downloaded all the virus research data in the B military area.

Zhou Wei pinched the chip in his hand, like unconsciously tapping the bridge, and suddenly pointed to the bottom: "What's on the top of the building? Look closer."

Ding actually did not react, maneuvering the helicopter to reduce the height, and the searchlights fired on the roof of the building: "No, the target area is about 200 square meters... 戎哥?!"

Zhou Wei threw the chip on the bridge, untied the seat belt, opened the door, and smiled back in the icy wind:

"Let us wait in the South China Sea."

That smile was so extreme that Ding Shi suddenly reached out and grabbed it, but Zhou Hao had already leapt and jumped in exclamation!

□ □ m height whistling down, Zhou Wei steadily landed, backhand pulled out the assault behind the □ □. He succumbed to the mad cry of everyone and disappeared into the dark night of the city's crisis.

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