By Huai Shang

Chapter 38 Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Chapter 38

The gods and soldiers are not enough to describe the shock at the moment. Guo Weixiang is stunned and petrified in the same place.

It was just a blink of an eye. Sinan ran wildly, almost stepping on the shoulders and necks of the zombies, and was almost left with a few faint afterimages.

Numerous rotten hands stretched out to grab his trousers, but before he hit the side, he was mercilessly stepped on the meat. He was like a thunder flying at low altitude, leaping from the end of the zombies to the ground, rolling up, and not heading forward.


Most of the zombies were attracted by the strong Omega pheromone, and they turned their directions and rushed to catch up!

Sinan is very strong, no less than any of the 112 units selected carefully selected special forces, Guo Weixiang has always known.

But for the first time, he personally felt that this person was so strong.

Close to the feet, no cover, the wild cheetah-like explosive power, left on his retina for a long time, so that he can not even believe his nose.

That can never be Omega.

But the floating in the air is indeed the smell of Omega pheromones.

The roar of the helicopter landed from the top of the head. Guo Weixiang made a shock and quickly pulled the trigger on a dozen or so dead bodies that stayed around him. The machine gun bullets instantly emptied, and he had not yet loaded a new drum, and the high-altitude shuttle bullet passed by, and the zombies in front of him screamed.

"Hey brother!"

Two dark green helicopters hovered across the roof of the hospital. They had not fully landed. Zhou Wei had violently broke away from Ding Shi's block, leaping from the cabin, and the coat hunted in a hurricane twisted by a propeller.

Dr. Zheng’s hands and feet are soft and stumbled and ran up and down: “Week, Zhou, Zhou, and the Secretary of the South, I don’t know what’s going on, often...”

Zhou Yi did not say a word, grabbed the climbing rope on the edge of the roof and slipped to the ground. He ran a few shots and emptied the zombies. He was stopped by Guo Weixiang: "Hey, fast, that direction, Sinan going in that direction-"

"Are you OK?"

Guo Weixiang even tied his tongue and could only shake his head in madness.

Zhou Yiyi beheaded, is about to chase in the direction of the disappearance of Sinan, suddenly a footstep: "What smell?"

Yan Hao followed, and seemed to find something, standing incredulously.

Judging from Guo Weixiang's expression, he may not believe what he said, but in this race against time, time can't give any buffer or cover, only the red|naked truth is torn apart in front of everyone. :


Guo Weixiang trembled: "He and he... he is Omega."


Looking down from the sky, the zombies in a few blocks were moving in the wind, and the more they gathered, the chasing after the little black points that quickly moved, led to a terrible torrent.

Cold air is poured into the lungs, and the internal organs are like a knife, but Sinan knows that he can't stop.

After the zombies came out of the street corners and garbage dumps, they came out from various cracks that could not be imagined. On several occasions, he felt that his coat was hooked by zombie nails. As soon as he paused, he would immediately be torn into the street. Bloody debris.The buildings on both sides of the street swept back quickly. Suddenly, what was seen in the corner of Sinan’s eyes, and suddenly looked back, only to see the bright red characters on the wall.

Demolition of the old city, the street is separated by a guardrail.

On the construction site, the crane stood alone in the sky, and the dense steel and concrete slabs were half-covered. Before they could even pour concrete, it was quite strange at first glance.

Sinan also refused to take care of today's luck with the construction site, and took a turn at the foot, ran on the sidewalk with the hands of the front row of zombies, turned over the guardrail sideways, rushed into the construction site, and grabbed the handrail under three or two times. Climbed up.

The zombie tide was overwhelmed by the half-man high guardrail. The rest of the body stepped on the companion's body and screamed to catch up on the construction site, clumsily crawling up the scaffolding.

However, the zombie knee joint is stiff and completely lacks the sense of cooperation. It often falls down in two steps, and the zombies are everywhere and lively.

Sinan climbed onto the scaffolding more than ten meters high from the ground and turned into the interior of the building. He finally stopped on a concrete board and took a breath.

The seven or eight blood ports on his left arm have solidified and dried up, and the scars are staggered. Looking at it is quite awkward. Sinan trembled and smashed his sleeves, which made him feel that the arm was slightly weak.

Excessive blood loss made him slightly dizzy, and the face of the cold white tone was pale and scary.

In fact, you don't have to be so embarrassed, and it will be very troublesome if you hurt the ligaments and wrists. However, if you cut the abdomen, thighs or other parts, it will affect the running speed, because this is caught by the zombies.

On the suspended cement board, Si Nan was half-thinking for a moment, and finally came to the conclusion that he could only make a face again next time.

He laughed and laughed at himself, suddenly heard something and looked up at the street.

The engine was far and near, a motorcycle rushed out of the corner of the street, turning direction in the harsh drifting sound, accelerating to the construction site - two riders on the locomotive one after the other, separated by such a long distance, Sinan recognized It’s Zhou Wei.

Zhou Wei and Yan Hao!

"You two..." Sinan's lips were hooked, even though they didn't realize that it was a smile:

"What the two of you have in the end?"

Sinan Horan straightened up and waved his hand, only to see the locomotive vacating, jumping beautifully over the guardrail, and the machine gun volleyed!

The zombies were beaten and found new targets, roaring and turning around. Zhou Wei stopped the car and made a huge force to make the body hit horizontally. He instantly smashed a few zombies; Yan Hao cooperated with the machine gun, the machine gun madly fired, and the bullets rushed out in a storm, when the zombies in the first round would be broken. The hand broke the corner and twitched and fell down.

Zhou Hao got out of the car and took out the assault step. When he opened the fire, he headed for the zombie tide. The snoring was interrupted in the rain of bullets: "Small...South you..."

The smile of Sinan's eyes gradually disappeared and he began to realize a problem - they knew it.

They must have known it.

What is Zhou Wei’s stupid saying?

What do other people think?The thought flashed through his mind, and he hadn't had time to study it. Suddenly he predicted that the dangerous nerve was stretched, and the conditional reflexed head avoided the claws that stretched out to the back of his head.

- Zombie!

The decaying and huge object was accompanied by the hurricane, and Sinan rolled on the ground and escaped the zombie's teeth.

However, the cement board erected between the steel bars of the building was very narrow, and there was nowhere to be avoided. The zombies turned to him. When the chest was pressed, Sinan slammed and almost did not spray the lungs out of the throat. !

This zombie wears a yellow helmet. It must be a contractor during his lifetime. He is still in arrears with the wages of many migrant workers. He is born with a full body of fat and a huge body. He is three hundred kilograms in weight and stands up to be as high as Zhou Yanyan. Sinan died and died against the zombie's neck and prevented it from biting. It was impossible to imagine how fat it was. How could it climb more than ten meters high? But perhaps it was because it was too fat, and when the virus broke out, it climbed up and became After the zombies can not climb, so it is possible to stay on the reinforced concrete scaffold.

"Oh..." The zombie pipe was stuck loudly, and the silver basin was pressed closer and closer.

Sinan grabbed the charge | the gun shoulder strap smashed twice, and did not move, the backhand took out the dagger, intending to give the zombies a face full of peach blossoms, but then suddenly a round of Kara.

Sinan didn't immediately react to what it was, but then the body sank.

- Kara!

Cement board!


Si Nanlian did not have a time to smash a bean curd project. The cement board was torn apart. His whole person fell from the handrail of more than ten meters high!

In fact, if the slow-motion decomposition, then the stress response of Sinan can be called the standard of the textbook level - holding the head, bow body, protecting the heart and lungs, trying to make yourself huddle into a group, rebounding and striking in the steel bars of the branches. Avoid all deadly parts.

And the zombie who was a few laps bigger than him was not so lucky, and was directly passed by the cross-shoulders and stopped in the air.


The recoil force makes Sinan bounce, and when he smashes, he spurts a blood, and the back of the head hits the concrete floor!

In the first few seconds, he tried to keep his eyes open and seemed to want to stay awake and even want to get up.

But that is actually futile.

Dizziness, vomiting, severe pain in the internal organs, thick and sticky blood... including the whole world of shackles, gradually drifted away from him, like the rivers across the world.

It seems that I have also fallen so much, not long ago, but he couldn’t think of anything.

The black mist rises flat, gathers from all sides, slowly wraps the line of sight, turning the five senses into a silent plain.


"...open the search..."

"Mom, if you jump high, you can't live..."

"Hey, kid, catch him!..."

The distant city is brightly lit, and the wind under the cliff is cold and icy. There were footsteps and shit in the darkness, and the soldiers’ screams came and went, and countless flashlights swept away.

Suddenly someone shouted: "Where!"

Si Nan's face was full of blood, climbed up from the grass under the cliff, stumbled and ran forward a few steps, and was slammed down by several military dogs.

"Catch, fast-"

"Bite him, give him a lesson!"who am I? where am I?

What is this place?


All the pain and struggle were confusing in the chaos. He only found that he was very small, his hands were small, and he couldn't even push the giant dog.

"Hahaha, look at him like that..."

Screaming laughter, burning flashlight, fierce and hot gasp, cold and wet grass; countless scenes grotesque, turned into blades in the void, cutting the brain central sputum into blood.

The last line of consciousness that belongs to humanity is broken.

The hatred burned blood into the pupil, and the moment before falling into the darkness, he only heard a roar in his throat.


"The four military dogs and two soldiers were unfortunately killed, six were wounded, and two were seriously injured..."

Sinan opened his eyes in the pale laboratory.

The hexagonal space was filled with mirrored walls. He looked up. Numerous familiar and tender faces were facing him from all sides. The blood-stained bandages were wrapped around the black hair. The handcuffs and several wires tied him to a piece. In a chair like a dentist's chair.

……what happened?

He closed his eyes and couldn't remember it anyway. There was only hope in his mind, resentment, and the collapse of the pain.

"Electric shock." Someone was cold and cold.

Unexpectedly, the current slammed into the body, and Si Nan couldn't make a scream, and the little body trembled fiercely, and then struggled!

The electric shock ends after a few seconds.

Xiaosi Nanxun continually groaned and opened his eyes in a difficult way. He saw that the laboratory mirror in front was changing, and several testers wearing white masks flashed:

"What's your name?"

"..." Sinan gasped and gritted his teeth.

"electric shock."


The electric shock stopped, and Si Nan was convulsed and his eyes were scattered. The painful afterglow made him unable to return to God. After a long time, he slowly saw the surrounding scene.

Not far away, the tester appeared behind the screen and looked at him coldly:

"What's your name?"

Sinan didn't overdo it, and his chest was so violently undulating.

"electric shock."

"Ah, ah-"

"electric shock."

"Ah, ah...ah...!"

"electric shock."

Time has become extraordinarily long in the endless torture. I don’t know how many rounds of pain have passed. Sinan’s body is just like being fished out of cold water. The black hair is wet against the pale forehead, the lips are blue, the shudder, the hands and feet | The exposed skin is covered with subtle electric shock scars.

"What's your name?"

"..." Sinan gasped for a long time and finally opened his mouth. The voice of a six-year-old child was as hoarse as sandpaper:


The tester makes a record.

After a few seconds, the screen changes, and the screen becomes a row of test tubes. From left to right, the liquid medicines of different colors are light blue, light red, greenish, and reddish, until the far right is shockingly dark.

After the tester has mechanically changed the sound, the sound line will sound again:

"Your mother injects the test body every day, and gives you an injection."

"Which two pharmacies are there?"

Xiao Si Nan pupils zoomed in, staring straight at the test tube, and the bottom of his eyes gradually ooze some fierce look -

The little beast that has nowhere to go is forced into desperation, burning with anger and madness.The wires creaked and the handcuffs made an extremely tight creak. The tester closed the picture and the next moment sounded: "Electric shock."

The screams of heartbreaking resounded through the lab until they lost their voice.

I don't know how long after, Sinan woke up again from a coma, the brain was chaotic, and the memory broke. He stared at the white metal ceiling and stared at countless others.

The door slipped silently.

He moved and barely looked forward.

A middle-aged man in a suit and blond hair steadily approached. He had a face that looked very familiar because he had appeared many times in a television newspaper.

- Only this face is not as inspiring as it is to the public, nor as solemn and solemn as when speaking on TV; he looks cold, because of condescending, even a nervous gloomy feeling.

He stood in front of Sinan, glanced at the six-year-old child's twitching body because of electric shock, slightly narrowing his eyes, suddenly found the knife on the keychain to cut the wire, and rubbed two to open the handcuffs.

"Do you know me?" He stood up and asked faintly.


"Do you know who I am?"


The silence lasted for a long time, but the man did not leave the word "shock" as cold as the tester. Instead, he had abnormal patience and stared at the eyes of Sinan, such as the beast cub, slowly saying: " I'm your new father."

Snapped! Crisply sounded, Sinan’s fierce punch stopped, and the man clung to his wrist, forcing him to let go.

"You are not my father..." Sinan stared at him hoarsely.

"My father is sick, sleeping in a wooden box...he is just sick..."

"Is it sick like this?" The man smiled and said that it was easy to put Si Nan to the corner of the lab and swiped a metal door.

A few ragged, seemingly embarrassed people squatted on the open space, dragging their feet, trying to reach forward and making an unconscious scream. Probably the breath of the living people alarmed them, and several living dead people slowly turned around, straight hooked up and began to move toward the door.

Sinan retraced back half a step, and was immediately caught by the man and pushed into the room.

"Twist their necks, or you will die."

The devilish voice of the man rang from behind, from then on through the memory, rooted in the subconscious, and madly in order to entangle the lifelong nightmare:

"Kill them and destroy their brains."

"Otherwise you will die."

Changsha, construction site.


"Sinan, wake up..."


The bullets splashed on the hot sand, some people were running, some were shouting, and the sound was as dull as the water.

Sinan opened his eyes slightly, and was diffused by the bloody pupils.

Kill them...

Kill them.........

"He woke up! Sinan, Sinan, how do you feel?" Yan Hao turned back and said: "Captain is fast! Breakout retreat -!"

The tail suddenly changed tone, Yan Hao's voice suddenly stopped, he felt a cold hand because of excessive blood loss, accurately on his wrist.Kara!

Lightning strikes, Yan Hao suddenly turned back, almost impossible to believe his eyes -

His wrist bones were weird and bent, and they were broken by alive.

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