By Huai Shang

Chapter 37 Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Chapter 37

“Can you see the pharmacy?”


"There is nowhere here-"

The coach of the tourist bus turned the steering wheel and said seriously: "No sorrow, little comrades. Before the big brother went along the Xiangjiang River, running long distances, this place is mixed and cooked, this piece has no big pharmacy, there is no one you want in the small pharmacy..."

"Inhibitors," Guo Weixiang reminded.

"Yes, the inhibitor." The driver said, "There was a Tong Ren Tang in front of the street. A few years ago, I didn't know if it was still open..."

Dr. Zheng and said: "Small, let's see?"

Ren Yiyang is a small O who is introverted, does not love to speak, and speaks without a face. One night after he came, Zhou Wei had a fight with Yan Hao because of the organization's ability to force marriage. After the game, he was very helpless and could only personally ask Xiaoren's own opinions.

However, it may be that Zhou Hao just finished the fight, and he was not prepared to take the opinion of Xiao Ren as a comment. The tone is not as warm as spring. Xiao Ren did not take care of it, and did not find a complete sentence for a long time. Zhou Hao asked two sentences. He even cried on the spot and screamed at the moment.

Dr. Zheng has slowed down his tone: "Xiao Ren?"

Xiao Ren licked his fingertips for a while, and his voice was as detailed as a mosquito: "I, I don't know..."

Several people looked at each other and Guo Weixiang patted the driver's seat, but he said: "Go and see."

However, the memory of the driver's big brother failed everyone's hopes for him - after more than ten minutes of turning around, I found a Tongrentang a few blocks away, but the sign reads: The store is located on the second floor of the mall.

In the cold winter season, in the near night, most of the zombies are hiding in the underground of large buildings. Sinan looked at the underground passage with a gun and shook his head: "Can't get in, forget it."

Dr. Zheng reminded: "Captain Zhou should have succeeded. We have to find a place to pick up nearby. Xiao Ren, what do you say?"

Everyone looked over, and Xiaoren blushes and screams.

Si Nan took a look at Guo Weixiang, who shrugged.

"You," said Sinan, according to Ren Yang’s shoulder, and could not refuse: "Come with me."

He pulled Ren Yuyang to the last row of the bus, and the slender eyes were horizontal. The man who was sitting in this position immediately stood up and let him go out and asked him to smile.

Sinan pushed Xiaoren to let him sit down, and he sat down and looked at the face of Xiao O’s father: "What are you going to do?"

In the eyes of Ren Yanyang, the water flashed out and he was ready to start squatting.

Sinan eyebrows pick one.

"..." Ren Yiyang has not yet exported the cockroaches to scare back.

"If you are dying, the special forces will go back to save you out of responsibility. But in the case of estrus, if the inhibitor is to be exchanged for the cost of life, no one will owe you."

The Sinan sound line is born with a slightly hoarse texture, and it is very touching when it is whispering, but when his voice is flat and flat, like the heartbeat of a dead person, there is no ups and downs, and the feeling is rather cold and scary:"You make your own decisions. Don't want them to give you an Alpha casually, just say who you like, I will let them respect your opinion, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of fleeing. Match it."

"..." Xiao Ren's face was pale, and he looked at Sinan, seemingly scared by the phrase "you make your own decision."

Sinan knocked on the dial: "My patience is thirty seconds."

Xiaoren couldn't believe that he could be so ruthless to himself as Omega, and he shuddered for a while: "...I don't know anything, I don't have opinions..."

"You have no opinion?"

Xiaoren bowed his head.

"Give you a match, you have no opinion? Zhou Wei, Yan Hao, Chun Cao, Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang, you do not care?"

Xiaoren’s blush was bleeding, and he’s heard a few words.

Sinan remembered Zhou Xiao’s words on his day: “What advice does Omega need to make?” I couldn’t say a word at all.

Adding more oil and vinegar is that Xiao Ren immediately buried his head deeply, and the mosquito added a sentence like this:

"As long as... just be responsible for me..."

"Even if you are your chosen partner, he accepts you, you have the obligation to be responsible for each other. What is the problem?"

Xiao Ren did not say anything, his body was slightly twisted, and he was afraid of what he wanted to say and dare not say.

For a long while he came out with a sentence: "I... I am just an Omega."

Sinan carefully looked at his expression and suddenly seemed to understand something.

He has never thought of himself in the situation of being a weak person - not a physical one, but a psychologically weak one. But if you think about it, the performance of Ren Yiyang has clearly explained his heart. He wants to be dominated.

He hopes that Zhou Wei will help him make decisions, so that whether he is good or bad in the future, he has objects to be grateful, complaining or dependent.

He hopes that he will be selected by Alpha and will be offered as a private belonging to someone, and will be handed over to the other party for protection and possession. In this way, he will be relieved of the risks brought by all self-selection. He can be like a dove flower wrapped around a big tree, and he is pleased to accept that he is fully responsible for him.

This is actually the idea that many Omegas will have more or less now.

Sinan vaguely felt that he had seen such an Omega. He closed his eyes and squinted, but his mind was blank and he didn't think of anything.

“Sinan!” Guo Weixiang shouted at the front of the car. “Come here, there is a platform here!”

"I know," Sinan said briefly, no longer looking at Ren Yang, got up and left the seat.

During the small term, Ai Ai lifted his head and seemed to hear a slight sigh when he turned. But he hadn't had time to tell if it was his own illusion. He saw Sinan passing through the carriage and striding to Guo Weixiang and others.

He carried Uzi micro-rush, black riot police uniform looks tall and flexible, and a section of the neck stretched out under the black hair, it looks white and snowy.This uniform is two inches shorter because of the suit's fit. However, the trousers were collected in the high-cut black leather ankle boots, and they could not be seen as short. It only made people feel that his legs were unreasonable. The pace was fast and firm when walking, as if people were trotting to keep up.

... How can he understand it? Ren Yiyang has some self-satisfaction.

He is not our Omega, where knows our sufferings.

But - immediately he changed: there is nothing wrong with doing Omega, at least it can be protected in the back, peace of mind to have children, not to face those terrible monsters, what responsibilities and obligations can not reach us.

With such a thought, he subtly satisfied.

“Gynecology Hospital.” Guo Weixiang pointed to a three-story building at the end of the street, indicating that Sinan looked at the roof: “Hard flat roof, visual inspection without fixed obstacles, general hospital roofs are in line with helicopter landing standards. The first round of virus outbreak Infected people will be sent to public hospitals and police stations, and obstetrics and gynaecology should be safe. Try?"

Sinan thought for a few seconds, a little dagger.

"Well!" the driver's uncle shouted, suddenly stepping on the gas pedal, the tourist bus rushed to the sidewalk, all the passengers at the same time!

After a few loud noises, the bus crashed into a few zombies and stopped in front of the building. Guo Weixiang and Si Nanchong got off the bus and leaned back against the back. The zombies chased in the sidewalk and the white zombies in the hospital building were shot and emptied. The bullet shells smashed under the feet.

Dr. Zheng and the driver quickly got off the bus with the survivors, spontaneously lined up in a team, and rushed into the hospital under the leadership of Sinan.

There were not many zombies in the lobby, and several maternity families dragged their feet in the footsteps. They were sent to the West before they responded. Only the two nurses behind the front desk reacted fiercely, and squatting and chasing them out seemed to be very dissatisfied with the intruders who did not know where to come from.

Guo Weixiang reflexively shot the two of them and said: "Si Xiaonan!"

The escape team panicked and was not chaotic, quickly and orderly, and was running up the stairs under the leadership of Sinan: "What?"

"Have you found out! Although my brother is nervous, it is not normal!"

Sinan: "..."

"But his IQ! Actually very high-!"

Sinan: "..............."

Sinan's footsteps continued, the charge and the guns fired, and more than 20 zombies swarming in the corridors were successively repulsed, causing the short-lived exclamation of the escapers.

But no one fell softly or caused confusion, and soon they regrouped, keeping the women and children in the middle and continuing to go upstairs.

"Look!" Guo Weixiang proudly said: "Everyone's escape skills are his training! The team sequence is also arranged by him! There are many foresight! Do you feel a little pride?!"

"--four places!" Uncle driver ran and agreed: "Captain Zhou is a capable person!"

Wu Xinwei: "People are good!"

Dr. Zheng: "The genes are also very good!"

Guo Weixiang: "If he proposed to marry you promise?"

"..." Sinan muttered: "I really want to leave you alone."In the rest station, more than a dozen doctors and nurses rushed out of the rumbling, each with a sphygmomanometer, a stethoscope, a surgical forceps, and rushed to the corridor. Sinan reacted very fast, first shot and flew for the first batch of zombies, and then shot a few to solve a few, but there are still a few doctors who have relied on the agility and anti-strike ability of many years of doctors to practice, tearing heart and roar When I rushed to the front, I was beaten by Sinan, and then I unscrewed my head.

"You are too violent," Guo Weixiang said dissatisfied. "It is not easy for doctors in our country to treat them gently."

Sinan: "Work only. Doctors are high-income people..."

Guo Weixiang: "You know what comrades are small! Don't talk about it! Five years of undergraduate three-year discipline -"

"Two years of special training, there is no money at all!" Dr. Zheng roared.

Dr. Zheng climbed the stairs and crawled like a cow. He complained: "One day, the amount of surgery is on a foreign doctor for one month. When you go to the operating table, you have to deal with the doctor. You are at risk of being scooped up at work. I am When I was young, I heard the director call the quick withdrawal when I was young. I could finish the emergency department corridor of 50 meters in six seconds..."

When the jingle slammed, Sinan pushed the roof door on the top floor of the corridor, feeling a headache: "I'm sorry."

Guo Weixiang emptied several zombies that followed him. All the people went up to the rooftop, and the backhand closed the iron gate and quickly locked.

"Safe!" he muttered: "I'm done!"

The roof of this three-story building is flat and unobstructed, and is fully accessible for helicopter landings. It is indeed a rare lifting platform in the city. Sinan looked down on the sky, and raised his hand and pressed the ruby ​​earrings, feeling that the rice-like button was gently recessed inward.

The crowd was undecided, and they couldn’t take care of the wind on the roof. They sat down and sat down.

"Well, it’s beautiful." Guo Weixiang stepped forward and looked down at the scene around the hospital building. He said, "Let's make us feel at ease... Wait for them to pick them up... huh? Is that a pharmacy? ”

The back door of the hospital is a construction site, and the zombies workers are probably running out, and the empty ones are very depressed.

After the construction site is separated by a small road, the bare branches of winter cover the corner of the green signboard of the “People's Big Pharmacy”.

Guo Weixiang estimated the distance in his heart and felt that it should be feasible. He repeatedly sighed: "I will go see it."

Sinan gave him a look.

"What?" Guo Weixiang is very sensitive.

"..." Sinan swallowed: "I thought you liked him..."

"Oh, actually, there is no." Guo Weixiang paused, self-deprecating: "There is a physical attraction, but more of it is that I want to take off my own, I really like it... I can’t talk much... Do you understand? If he doesn't like me, he won't be able to find an object."

Sinan courtesy said: "You are a good person."

Guo Weixiang: "Why are you giving me a good card!!"

Guo Weixiang touched his nose and took out the 118 black technology from the tactical backpack, the rope-climbing gun, and said: "I will come and go for up to five minutes. Give me your spare bullets, you are alert here. ""Sinan was indispensable. He watched him shoot a climbing rope into the ground, then slid along the rope to the sidewalk, flew over the construction site, and his body was flexible and lightning-like disappeared into the pharmacy.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, the sky was dark and the wind whistled.

The dark clouds gathered and churned at the end of the scorpio, as if vaguely omitting some kind of ominous.

Sinan frowned, and somehow the eyelids suddenly jumped twice, and then he saw two undetectable black spots in the distant sky.

- It is a helicopter!

Sinan immediately pressed the locator again, and the crowd behind him talked about getting up and giving a relieved, surprise cry.

at this time.

In the distance, the gunshots were loud, and Sinan bowed his head. He saw the big pharmacy window blasting open. Guo Weixiang smashed the broken glass full of heads and rushed out.

Two seconds later, a group of zombies followed, and rushed to the streets!

How is there so much in the pharmacy? Si Nan’s heart stunned and grabbed the climbing rope, but only listened to Guo Weixiang’s head and did not raise his head: “Can deal with it! Don’t go down! Stay on top!”

Guo Weixiang's 100-meter sprint speed is not comparable to the zombies. He is like a phantom across the road, rushing into the construction site, leaping from the gravel pile, leaving the zombies far behind, then running The sidewalk to the back door of the hospital was nailed to the sidewalk of the climbing rope.

However, he made a mistake at this time.

There is a brick wall between the construction site and the back door of the hospital. There are gates at the corner of the brick wall for people to enter and exit.

Guo Weixiang went from the door, but maybe he wants to save some time. Maybe he is too confident in his own skill. When he rushed to the front of the wall, he didn’t think about it. He jumped up and flew up to the wall. A trip -

Eighty kilograms of weight plus forty kilograms of equipment, plus the impact of this cracked stone.

The temporary brick walls of the construction site were not the barrier walls used by their special forces training. They could not withstand the current and collapsed.

Guo Weixiang was caught off guard, and even the equipment was buried under the bricks!

Sinan was unexpected. He didn’t even react in the first two seconds. He just listened to Dr. Zheng’s voice: “Not good!”

I saw the zombies being attracted by the fresh flesh and blood, followed by the construction site, moving step by step to the brick wall. Guo Weixiang struggled to climb a few times, and he smashed his head from the pile of masonry. He was caught up by the zombies.

Sinan pulled his hand from the outside of the thigh | The gun was thrown to Dr. Zheng, grabbed the climbing rope, and said in a concise manner: "Protect the masses."

Dr. Zheng has been busy with the gun, and a flower in front of him, Sinan has disappeared from the eyes. Looking down again, he appeared on the sidewalk downstairs and went straight to the construction site.

"What are you doing!" Guo Weixiang gasped, and he was ignored by Sinan. He grabbed his hand and went out.

In an emergency escape, Sinan never had a soft hand. Even if Guo Weixiang was a sumo wrestler who was crushed by a truck, he could be pulled out by him at this moment. However, I did not expect him to exert a force on this side. Guo Weixiang screamed there: "--ah!"

"what happened to you?"

Guo Weixiang is full of white, cold sweat beans are like balls, and they are holding back and shaking their heads: "Don't worry, fast!"Sinan shot several times to knock down the zombies within 20 meters. The hairpin took Guo Weixiang out of the masonry ruins, and saw his bloody legs, his ankles bent at a strange angle - dislocated.

The two men cooperated with each other very skillfully. Sinan got up and shot the zombies. Guo Weixiang sat down on the ground and grabbed his ankle. He gritted his teeth and wiped it.

"can you?"

"OK! Run!"

The crowd on the roof of the distance was anxiously buzzing: "Fast!" "Fast!" "Here!"

Secretary of the South, holding a cold sweat, Guo Weixiang, shot the increasingly close zombie group and transferred to the back door of the hospital. However, the ankles that have just been dislocated are difficult to focus on. Guo Weixiang is desperate to go forward and is limited. Not only the zombies that come out of the big pharmacy are chasing after him, but even the zombies on the nearby streets smell the Alpha pheromone in the blood. The taste of the wind has come.

boom! boom!

boom! Hey!

Guo Weixiang gritted his teeth and killed the zombies on the right side. He said: "Don't worry about me, I can't climb the rope!"

Sinan shouted in the gunshots: "Keep it, Zhou Hao is back!"

"Can't hold on -!" Guo Weixiang screamed in his ear: "Don't be tired of me, run! Insects take away!"

The zombies were surrounded by all directions, and Guo Weixiang was arrogant, forcibly breaking free of Sinan and pushing him forward: "Go!"

Si Nan took a step, shot and fired the front row of zombies, and turned back to Guo Weixiang. However, it is impossible for him to cross the back of Guo Weixiang's weight, and the latter does not cooperate. Struggling to swear: "Roll! Fast rolling! I don't know you, I don't want to roll it!!"


The guns and bullets madly fired, and Guo Weixiang made a gap in the zombie group that was gradually closing, and then pushed the south to push in the direction: "Fast roll! Fast!"

Sinan ran a few steps, but stopped his feet and looked back at Guo Weixiang's bloody calf. The amber pupil trembled sharply.

Guo Weixiang walked forward and yelled at him, but in the constantly moving shell, his roar was actually vague.

Zhou Wei, Yan Hao, Chun Cao, Ding Shi, and Zhang Yingjie who have already died... The bullets are flying in the air, and those people who are laughing and fighting and fighting side by side, flashing through the depths of their minds, and Guo Weixiang The back of the resentful screaming gradually coincides.

Sinan's lips shivered slightly, the chest was violently undulating, and the army was touched from the back.

Guo Weixiang suddenly smelled a trace of sweetness.

The scent is soft and ethereal, but it has a strong penetrating power. When it is smashed, it will force the strong smell of gunpowder when the bullet is sprayed.

He didn't immediately recognize the taste in life and death, but then he subconsciously turned back -

Sinan strode closer, his face was pale and his pace was slight.

On his naked arm, Lu’s left arm, the military sergeant cut out seven or eight long blood marks, criss-crossing and bloody.


Guo Weixiang was incredulous and muttered in a dream: "...Sinan...?"

Sinan stepped forward and flew forward!The zombies found a fresher, sweeter, more attractive target, and they roared in snarl--in the hands of their stretched hands, Sinan was like a raptor who was afraid of death, and rushed straight to the front of Guo Weixiang. The most dense group of zombies.

The next second, he leaped flat and stepped on the top of the zombies!

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