By Huai Shang

Chapter 35 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Chapter 35

The iron gates covered with high-voltage electric rings were pulled open on both sides, and the blue and white anti-riot vehicles slowly entered in the eyes of the guards who did not trust.

In front of the front of the car, there is a large military base building hidden between the hillsides. The tempered roof reflects the white light under the sky.

In the empty conference room, a back view sits at the end of the long table. The glass door slipped silently, and a guard strode in, leaning down on the back of the ear and whispering: "They are coming."

The back turned over the armchair: "Put it in."

- That turned out to be a very young woman.

She describes it as thin, dressed in casual clothes, and her half-length hair is ponytailed. If she doesn't look at the four red scars on her cheek, her face can even be described as beauty.

The guard bowed his head and retreated.

After a while, the glass door opened again, and the guard gestured: "Please."

The three uninvited guests on the riot car stepped into the conference room and stood behind the long table – two men and one woman, all white.

All are Alpha.

"Hey," the blond woman was extremely prominent. She looked up and down with a scornful look and smiled. "It’s really Omega... It’s not too much."

She was two meters tall next to her, standing on the ground with the rocky base, and the white man wearing the sunglasses in front did not pay attention to her. Not long after the long table, the women looked at them quietly, and the room was quiet for a few seconds before they heard her speak slowly:

"... Colonel Romuel."

The first man took off his sunglasses and revealed a pair of gray-blue eyes. The opening was the standard Chinese that had passed the standard: "Fortunately, Miss Chen Yajing, thank you very much for taking the time to meet."

He said that he owed a politely, even though his upper body was not more than twenty degrees.

"Don't say much." Chen Yajing raised his hand to stop the fake guest set, and asked straight away: "What are you looking for?"

As soon as Roger reached out, he handed a kraft paper bag under his rocky hand, and then he stepped forward and placed it in front of Chen Yajing.

"..." The document bag was sealed with a thread. After Chen Yijing thought for a while, he finally reached out and removed it.

I saw a thin sheet of paper in the bag, recording the simple life and behavior of the target person, and a positive and clear picture. The young man on the picture has a brow and a deep outline. The facial features are carved like snow-white marble. There is a kind of lustrous and handsome, and his eyes are staring straight at the camera.

Obviously, there is no expression of a photo of the ID card. His gaze, which is like an empty hole and a desperate focus, makes the viewer rise from the bottom of his heart.

Chen Yajing put down the file bag:

"In the mouth of the global disaster, your military has come to the locals for a long time, just to find such a person?"

Luo Muer said: "You are wrong, Miss Chen. There is no government or military in our country. All the state institutions have collapsed. Now all the behaviors are carried out in the name of individuals."

"The purpose of your death in your own name is?" Chen Yajing patted the paper bag: "What is special about this person, what is the relationship with you?"

Rosie's gray-blue eyes have a hint of indescribable brightness."It is my brother," he said.

Chen Yajing slightly raised her eyebrows.

"I am taking the liberty, Colonel Royle. You don't look like you have an Asian brother, nor do you want to cross half of the zombie earth for brotherhood... If there is any secret in this person, you It is best to say it now, otherwise our cooperation will become very difficult."

Roger smiled and said: "Are you threatening me, Miss Chen?"

He suddenly slipped out of a pocket gun in his cuff, grabbed it with his hands, and reached the Chen Yajing temple with lightning!

"What?!" The guard at the door screamed and screamed, and the blonde woman had already pointed at him by the gun!

The accident is abrupt, but the situation is fierce.

However, Chen Yajing had no fear, and she even smiled invisibly, and raised her chin to Rohiel’s chest: "Colonel, please bow down."

Ronald looked down and his chest reflected a starred red dot, as his movements were firmly attached to the heart position - what he realized, looked up at the window, in a window opposite the building, aiming The mirror reflects unnoticeable light in the sun.


"You can choose not to cooperate, but if you kill me," Chen Yajing said: "You and your two men will not walk out of this survivor base."

Romuel thought for a few seconds, and actually took the lead in putting down the pocket hand | gun, sincere and politely nodded: "I am sorry, Miss Chen, a hand slippery, please take more care. What do you want to ask?"

The blonde woman snorted softly from the nose and put her hand on the gun. The red dot on the chest of Roger disappeared.

Although the crisis was lifted, the guards still seemed to be indignant, but Chen Yajing did not care about the hypocrisy of the other party. She moved to sit on the stiff cervical vertebra and pointed to the file bag and asked, "What is the relationship with the person you are looking for?"

"Really my brother."


"Although not the same mother, but at least in legal relations."

"Then why did he come to the local area, is there any danger?"

Luo Muer opened a swivel chair and sat in front of Chen Yajing. The middle finger of the index finger was close together and he ordered the thin kraft paper bag:

"I am not sure where he is, so I have contacted the military of your country, but I have not received any response. I guess that is because your government has also disintegrated."

"I have contacted several survivor bases on this road. However, unfortunately, these bases are so rudimentary that they were quickly destroyed in the zombie tide; some have become devastating for the sake of power | The fortress that started to collapse from the inside."

"I will continue all the way north, but it seems that only your base of Miss Chen is the most solid and orderly chaotic kingdom I have ever seen."

Chen Yajing said politely: "Although the facts are not what you saw, thank you."

"Don't thank, I believe in my own eyes. However," Ronald said: "If you really found my brother, please remember: he will be the most serious threat since the establishment of your fortress. ”

Chen Yajing's brow wrinkled: "Oh, he is dangerous?""...very dangerous," Roger repeated the three words, the tone was a bit odd, and then he laughed.

"He is an out-and-out murderer, or a natural anti-social. He has the talent to make murder tools with everyday objects, chopsticks, soup spoons, plastic sheets, stones, even a cup of ordinary tap water... And the blood made him excited, especially before Alpha’s screams, when he was six years old when he first murdered."

"Yes, Alpha." Royle paused in Chen Yajing's sly eyes: "He didn't have much chance to get in touch with Beta and Omega during his growth, but he hates Alpha, just like serial killers tend to focus on a particular type. The same as the prey."

Chen Yajing frowned: "Why?"

Romelle shook his head and did not answer her question directly: "I can tell you his most famous deeds."

"At noon a few years ago, he left the restaurant to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he took a few Aphas at the same table. He didn't show any dissatisfaction at first, but after he sat down, he picked up the burger and took a bite. Suddenly ordered. Everyone left his desk, otherwise they killed them."

"Two people walked away because of fear, and several others did not agree. He counted three, and the next ten minutes were the nightmare that few people would not want to recall after reincarnation. He pierced with a spoon. Their throats -"

“Although the cause was just that someone was sitting beside him while he was eating.”

"..." Chen Yajing was silent for a moment, faintly said: "You make me not too afraid to cooperate with you, Colonel Royle. The balance of personnel to maintain this doomsday base is very subtle, this dangerous molecule..."

But Roger smiled carelessly, indicating that the blonde woman took the suitcase.

The small metal suitcase was locked by a password. When it was opened, it came out in a cold air. Chen Yajing looked in the inside and saw a three-stage syringe with a long index finger in the hanging test tube rack. The light red medicine was placed in the closed needle tube.

"This," Roger said in an incredible gaze of Chen Yajing, "is an anti-viral vaccine."

Chen Yajing was difficult to reach out, but it was blocked by Luo Muer, and then he smiled awkwardly:

"--Although it is only part of the vaccine."

Ten minutes later, downstairs.

Roger took the freezer and took his two men out of the building; Chen Yajing, who was in a wheelchair, was pushed out by the guard and stopped on the steps.

"The last question, Colonel Royle."

Romuel pulled the door of the car and paused. He only heard the voice of Chen Yajing behind him. It seemed to have a hint of ridicule:

"You don't seem to be a person who yearns for our cultural heart. Is Chinese spoken so well, is it specially for your brother in the legal sense?"

Luo Muer has not acted for a long time, and once he turned back, his eyes even called some haze:

"I said, Miss," he said slowly. "There was a 'never' in the legal sense."


"Ha ha -"

"Ha ha ha -"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha --"Sinan sat cross-legged in the back seat of the car, wearing a hooded jacket that could almost bury his whole person, covering the entire head with a wide hood, but still could not stop the laughter of the front row of everyone:

"Yan Hao can go to me? Hahahaha Yanhao that weak chicken can go to me? Ten Yanhao can be beaten by Laozi hahahaha" -

"Captain, you are enough! Do you want to fight?!"

"Ha ha ha 戎 brother and Yan Hao two Alpha pheromone reprimanded how to fall in love, pure spirit Plato, so touching love hahahahaha -"

"Dad, it turns out that Yan Hao is a mother who I have never recognized for many years! Why do you never tell me the truth? It’s too much. Hahahahahaha!!"

I knew that I shouldn't ask, and Sinan thought with no expression, killing this group of Alpha.

Zhou Wei looked back from the co-pilot and took a shot of Sinan's head through a hood. The tone of the voice filled with joy: "Give it to your brother, hey, still angry?"

Killing this group of Alpha, Sinan thought, hiding his head and avoiding it.

Zhou Yan pressed his head and forced him to approach his arms. He pinched his face and laughed: "The children you grew up in country A will play. How can the two Alpha get on the bed? Tell Ge, Have you seen people go to bed, knowing what is going on?"

Sinan shrank his head and avoided it.

"...you, why don't you come early to ask..." Yan Hao looked over from the back seat. He has been crying since he just started: "Then after you came out of the military region, we know that we are all Alpha. Why not ask Chuncao, Xiangzi and Dading?"

Sinan: "..."

"Where will I misunderstand with the captain?" Yan Hao dugly asked: "You haven't doubted it for so long, even if only once?"

... Of course, often. Sinan thought.

But who knows why you should design the locator so arrogantly, the designer must be Alpha.

Sinan sighed and held the forehead and looked out the window. The ruby ​​fixed on the left ear with ear clips gave birth to light.

Sure enough, I still kill this group of Alpha.

“There is a private airline near the local airport. Yesterday I and Chuncao observed it in the surrounding area. There are two large helicopters on the tarmac that barely meet the needs of all of us.”

The carriage was slightly bumped in the forward direction. Zhou Wei took a short pencil head and made a fork on the map airport location of the city.

"The initial plan is like this. I, Yan Hao, Chuncao and Ding Shi are a group of four people, with high firepower as a cover, tearing the apron fence, forcibly entering the runway, taking off two large helicopters; Sinan and Xiangzi take Everyone else, looking for a platform suitable for helicopter landings nearby, and looking for a pharmacy for our Omega kids... I can't find it, even if it's not risky, it's important."

"When you find the platform and arrive safely, Sinan presses the locator again - that is the base earrings - another base pin on the ear of Yan Hao will receive the signal within one kilometer. Positioning, we will drive two helicopters to meet."Zhou Wei closed the map and patrolled everyone: "Is there a problem?"

Yan Hao: "Which point does it look like I like the captain, in all sense?"

Spring grass: "Dad father, Yan Hao is my mother, isn't Xiaonan a new mother?"

Xiangzi: "If you can't find it, don't be reluctant. Is it that you can't find it? You can... 戎哥?戎哥!"

Zhou Hao gave Yan Hao a fist, knocked on the spring grass and violently, and took a foot in the limited space of the carriage, then saw the opposite side of the face in the chaos and raised his hand expressionlessly.

Zhou Xinxin said that only the non-staff personnel in our team are now dedicated to the post: "Comrade Xiaosi please speak."

Sinan asked: "How can I confirm the successful signal transmission?"

"By the launch of the positioning, the Beidou satellite system will be transmitted to the 118 dedicated tablet and base terminal, but Beidou also died one month after the GPS crash - an unknown base station staff in a corner of the earth. "In silence," Zhou said. "So now it has only physical reaction. After receiving the signal within one kilometer, the two base earrings will vibrate together."

Sinan nodded silently, indicating that he understood.

"Do you have any other questions?"

The sly faces of the hoes of the crowds all said that they had no objections.

“Very good,” Zhou Wei clenched his fist and encouraged everyone with confidence: “Let us live tonight and aim at the beautiful Nansha Islands!”

He got up and left the carriage, got back the co-pilot, looked at the airport roads that were stunned, and the zombies that were hit by the heads from time to time in front of the windows.

"...will shake together," suddenly he realized.

Ding Shi turned his car and turned his head and glared at him. His eyes were hard to say.

Zhou Hao muttered: "...this stuff will not really be played for the base."

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