By Huai Shang

Chapter 34 Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Chapter 34

"Captain, your gender discrimination is going to be ruled, Omega is nothing bad, you see that he just sneaked at you..."

"No, he just sneaked at you. You can stand up and you can be ashamed."

"But the captain is more urgent than the time when I am a family member. I shouldn’t deny it is you!"

"I have a small comrade, you see that Comrade Xiaosi has just looked at me. It is obviously a sigh of embarrassment to me. How can I turn a blind eye to his heart?"

Zhou Wei and Yan Hao headed on the side of the fire, which looked like an underground party joint, and like two terrorists discussing any ulterior motives. Everyone consciously bypassed them ten meters away. . Suddenly the two men turned back together, and the four eyes brushed their eyes to Sinan, who was leaning against the armored vehicle and wiping the army. The latter was seen.

"Look," Zhou Yan's lips did not move. He whispered from the corner of his mouth: "He is looking at me, and he can see it."

Yan Hao Fox suspected: "Don't you look at me?"

Zhou Wei pressed his head and forced him to turn back: "You think too much!"

After coming out of the B military region, each time when Sinan could almost confirm that his relationship with the two Alphas was just a confusing, they both suddenly made some shocking moves to flash the Sinan to interfere with the battlefield eight hundred meters away. The eye of □ □.

He habitually pressed his eyebrows, and he subconsciously tried to flatten the fine lines between his eyebrows and sighed.

"You see him sighing," Zhou Yan said coldly. "Take your words and take care of you!"

On the other side of the fire, Guo Weixiang kneels down on the ground - so as to avoid oppressing his butt that has just been beaten.

"...I said you," he asked weakly. "Is it forgotten that there is still an Alpha in the team?"

Yan Hao sympathizes: "Ding Shi? No, Da Ding secretly loves their village Xiao Jinhua, the organization can not force the soldiers' personal feelings."

Ding Shi "Hey! Hey!" nodded on the side.

Guo Weixiang said: "Is there another one besides Dading?"

"Spring grass? Spring grass is not good," Zhou said. "We haven't got the pheromone mature yet. After she has delayed development to the headquarters, she has to ask the doctor to see it. Is it grass?"

Spring grass is full of seriousness: "Well! Well!"

"..." Guo Weixiang's sorrowful gaze patrolled his teammates' faces. After a long time, he finally couldn't help himself. He sat down and pointed at himself: "What about me?!"

Everyone ignored him.

"I don't count Alpha? Can't you give it to me?!"

Zhou Wei took the baby from Dr. Zheng and handed it to Guo Weixiang, patted his shoulder with affection:

"You even have a child to care about, come, let's respect the old and love the young, let a deputy captain who is two years older than you."

The new Omega name is Ren Yiyang. In fact, it is already an adult, but it looks pretty and petite and looks smaller than the actual age.The fate is that his body is still not very good. I don’t know if it’s natural or it’s a day after work. Anyway, the shoulders can’t be lifted, and it’s impossible to follow the men’s schedules and help the women’s stoves. Dr. Zheng scratched his head and did not expect to arrange for him to do something. Finally, he had to let him wash some light clothes with Wu Xinyi.

In this way, the clothing of several special forces did not dare to let him wash. Their Alpha camouflage can only last for two months, and now they have been ineffective. I am afraid that the residual pheromones on the clothes will stimulate the early arrival of Omega estrus. Feeling helpless, I had to smoke every day, squatting on the riverside t-shirt.

They walked down the small villages along the road to the south, passing through Hebei, taking the road to Wuhan, trying to avoid the highways with zombies and congestion, as well as the densely populated major cities. Every time I go through the village, Zhou Wei will personally lead a team to search for rescue resources, and sometimes save some survivors.

However, as time goes by, the amount of food that can be collected and the people who can be rescued are becoming less and less.

Because there are fewer and fewer living people.

The masses brought out from the fertilizer plant, plus the survivors who have been rescued along the way, have now formed a team of more than 70 people.

Zhou Wei said that if you enter the big towns, you will definitely find more living people. However, they have no time or ability to go deep into the high-risk hinterland and search for more survivors.

No one knows that the original antibodies in their hands are not stable enough, and how long remains in the effective period. If the South China Sea base is really waiting for it, and the key timing of anti-virus research is delayed by their itinerary, the consequences will be difficult to predict. Estimated.

After the bunker, Yan Haoyu narrowed his eyes and looked at the zombies 40 meters away from the sight: "Captain."

□ □ whispered, the zombies fell.

Zhou Wei: "What?"

They have just searched a village and have completely died. No survivors can be found in the village. There was not much left in the material. Wu Xinzhen chased half of the village before catching a frightened cock. Dr. Zheng slaughtered it with a surgically accurate knife. He was preparing to bleed and bleed, and at night he cooked chicken soup.

"I thought for a long time," Yan Hao said seriously. "I think you need Omega very much."

Zhou Wei: "...why?"

"You have been single for too long, the fire is booming, and the endocrine is obviously a problem. Last time you put water in the grass, you almost smoked the spring grass. And last night you put it to sleep, Comrade Xiaosi, people have hid you several times... ..."

"I am sleepwalking," Zhou Yan's face did not change color and did not jump, and firmly pulled the trigger, and put a shot of the zombie 60 meters away.

Yan Hao sighed.

"The mouth is hard to run the captain." He pityfully said, "I fear that O is the deep cabinet, you have to come out of the cupboard. And that little person has become more and more heavy, and this way has not found a pharmacy, and then When you go into estrus, everyone will be very troublesome. I will take the initiative to see you..."

There was a footstep behind him.

Zhou Wei kept his kneeling position and looked back. He saw the bullet box in Sinan's hand on the ground. He held his arms and arms and looked at them back and forth.Zhou Yi subconsciously wants to take out the fruit candy in the pocket of his pants, but before he can, he only listens to Sinan coldly and asks:

“Why don’t you ask people what they think?”

Zhou Wei seems to have heard the big joke: "Who's opinion?"

Si Nan pointed to the back, Xiao Ren sat on the side of Dr. Zheng, clumsily helping to pull the chicken feathers.

"Omega's opinion?" Zhou Hao haha ​​laughed: "What advice does Omega need to make? Anyway, it is to mark a child..."

"He can't live without looking for Alpha, and marking this kind of thing never depends on Omega himself." Yan Hao looked at Sinan's face is not right, quickly explained: "Omega's nature is to find weaker, pheromone suppression is not so strong Alpha, but if they let them multiply from generation to generation, the Alpha system has long weakened or even collapsed - many people now criticize the so-called Alpha chauvinism, but this is also the status quo of society, the previous school textbooks taught us this way. ""

Sinan's eyes smashed up, and his cheek muscles were a little tight when he looked closely.

Zhou Hao shrugged his shoulders to show his approval to Yan Hao: "And you look at him, it doesn't look like you can get your idea. If you can't find an inhibitor, give him an Alpha. Don't bring the zombie tide... In fact, Xiangzi is not impossible."

Guo Weixiang is holding a gun alert not far away, so the last sentence of Zhou Wei is very low.

Sinan single-handedly lifted a 30-kilogram bullet case, which opened without expression and fell over.

Countless clips poured down, and the two Alpha screamed and cried, and Sinan put an empty box on top of Zhou’s head and clap his hands.

From that day, Sinan refused to sleep with Zhou Hao in a car, and cleaned up another car.

Yan Hao was very happy about this, and also packed up and followed another car. However, he had just lie down for two minutes, and Sinan turned over to see him, got up and cleaned up and left.

Sinan took a pillow and walked a few laps in the camp. In the close attention of Zhou Hao and Yan Hao behind the window, the boring head got into the tourist bus.

The escape team of more than 70 people passed through Wuhan, through Xianning, from the suburbs of Yueyang City to Changsha; after crossing Hunan, it will face the coastal areas where the zombie virus is highly concentrated.

This journey of cutting half of the country's territory has finally reached a dangerous stage.

"We don't have any possibility to drive to the dock." Zhou squatted on the grass roots, his fingers crossed the tattered map that was found along the way, saying: "The population of Guangdong is too dense, and they eat everything, put Hu Jianren It’s fried into a crispy sauce with seafood sauce... When I was at the military school, I had a Cantonese buddy at the bottom of the school. People were good people, but I always suspected that the disappearance of the door Hu Jian’s classmates was related to him...”

"So the lethality of the zombies in Guangdong, we still don't want to experience it, here-" He stopped his finger on the map in Changsha and said: "You can try to search for aviation equipment around the city. Private helicopter companies are best to fly directly." Go to the South China Sea and then send a positioning signal to the base at close range."Yan Hao and Chun Cao sat around the map, and Sinan stayed in the corner of the carriage and closed his eyes.

“Where there will be a private helicopter company?” asked Chuncao.

"You can try your luck around the airport, maybe you can find a pharmacy."

"Is it still time to split up?"

"Well, as usual, I bring a group of Yan Hao... No," Zhou Wei said, and he muttered: "Yan Hao is not hurt."

His gaze was not far away, and Sinan raised his eyelids in the corner and looked back indifferently.

Zhou Xin thought about it and waved his beckoning: "Come here."

Sinan looked at him lazily in the leather seat.

When the mountain doesn't come, I will go to the mountain. Not only can I still hug the mountain on the mountain. Zhou Hao's temper walks very well, half-squatting in front of the seat, and then in the unexpected eyes of Sinan, the buckle is unplugged. The ruby ​​earring on his right ear, then reach for the left ear of Sinan.

"..." Sinan whispered: "What are you doing?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao asked: "Why don't you just go to a piercing hole?"

Under the eyes of the public, the hair on the neck of Sinan must stand up: "Why should I play the kind of gay gas in the gay?!"

The author has something to say:

I am really embarrassed to everyone, because today's overtime work is late, no card to the next emotional node, only the number of words in the early 3,000... It is too late to hold back today, and tomorrow will come to sort out today's overlord ticket, hehe~! ! !

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