By Huai Shang

Chapter 33 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Chapter 33

Unknown, Chuncao and Guo Weixiang ate the piece of chocolate, and Wu Xinyu, who was not afraid of getting fat in the middle, also came to share it.

However, when Sinan woke up in the afternoon, he had forgotten everything. He stretched out and asked inexplicably: "What about people?"

“Going forward to search for supplies,” Wu Xinyi said as she washes her clothes. “The captain of Zhou has more than a dozen people. If you fall asleep, you will not be called.”

"Because I am not the embarrassment of their 118," Sinan said coldly.

Wu Xinxiao smiled and said: "What do you say about your two words?"

Zhou Wei, they drove off one car and parked the other on the river. The dark clouds were so thick last night, but today it was unexpectedly a good weather. The sun shone on the river and reflected the golden light.

Wu Xinyu washes her clothes and takes them to the air. Not far away, everyone packs things up and prepares dinner for dinner. It is a rare and peaceful atmosphere in the last days.

Sinan got off the bus and moved to the muscles and bones. He took a deep breath of cold air in the early winter and saw that Zheng Zheng was checking the wounds in the empty space behind him. The aunt was holding the baby and burning the hot water in the hot water - not to mention the full cup was given For the wounded, half a cup is for the baby.

Sinan looked far away at the milk powder that he had not even had time to tear down. He was quite embarrassed inside, knowing that he would not have the chance to encounter dairy products on this road.

Wu Xinyu dried up the clothes and went to pick up the cup of milk for Yan Hao, and Dr. Zheng was kneeling on the cover and didn't know what to discuss. After a while, Dr. Zheng got up and left. She talked with Yan Hao again, and grinned with her hand on her back.

Sinan shook his head and sighed with a sore back neck bone.

These people...

At this time, Dr. Zheng came back with a cane cut into a branch and gestured to Yan Hao to try it in two steps. Yan Hao sat up in a painful manner. Dr. Zheng couldn't help him alone. Wu Xin wanted to swear, but was stopped by Dr. Zheng. After patrolling the open space, he waved to Sinan: "Comrade Xiaosi, come help!"

Si Nan walked over with his neck and he hadn't approached. He only saw Yan Hao smile at him.

Sinan tried the splint on his chest: "Is it wrong to walk now?"

Yan Hao whispered: "Sinan."

Dr. Zheng said: "No, the fracture has been connected. This clean and concise closure hurts them Alpha."

Sinan didn't want to jump into the river to take a bath. The aunts would definitely not allow him to intervene in the stove, and there was no other thing to do. He obeyed Yan Hao's right arm, and Dr. Zheng helped him slowly move forward.

At this time, the grass was full of slopes, and the afterglow went west. The towns in the distance seemed to melt in the golden water, and looked at a piece of golden red. Sinan did not take the initiative to speak. Dr. Zheng stared at Yan Hao and used boiling water to pay attention to disinfection. After a while, the two men were quiet, and Yan Hao coughed softly.



"At that time..." Yan Hao paused in a complicated and hoarse voice: "I seem to hear you say that Yingjie also survived, but I didn't listen to it at the time..."

"I lied to you," Sinan whispered.

Yan Hao sighed: "It doesn't matter."After a while, he struggled for a long time before he snorted and asked: "You are from that time... from me, know that we are all Alpha?"

Dr. Zheng was already listening to it. He seemed to feel something when he heard it. The mouth suddenly twitched a few times.

Si Nanyi, "...hey."

He looked up at Yan Hao and couldn't catch the other's eyes.

In the golden dots of the river, there is a kind of warm light in the depths of Yan Hao’s eyes that makes Sinan know each other. It is the two teams in the underground tunnel of the B military area. When he came up to hug, the fundus burned. The temperature of the desire to rest.

Si Nan bowed his head and thought about it. He raised his brow slightly, and his eyebrows that had already had a fine line had been screwed up.

Yan Hao has been paying attention to the subtle changes in his expression, probably realizing what he said, and immediately said: "I have something to tell you, at that time..."

Who expected Sinan to interrupt him euphemistically: "I have something to do, or let the girl help you to walk away?"

Sinan released his hand and was captured by Yan Hao in the next moment.


The two looked together, and Dr. Zheng’s expression was very serious: “That, the child is crying over there, I am going to have a look, I will call you two dinners later!”

Si Nanxin said that the child is crying about you. The child wakes up four hours a day and cries for three and a half hours. You can't let her not cry - but he can't stop it, and Dr. Zheng escapes from the soles of his feet.

Yan Hao is a little embarrassed, "Do you still listen?"

Si Nan went around and cleaned the laundry on the open floor to cook the laundry. Dr. Zheng had already picked up the child like a model, while slaps and squats, no one wants to come over.

"..." Sinan sighed: "Listen."

They sat down on the bank of the river. Yan Hao was tied with a medical strap around his chest. The sitting position was rather weird. Sinan picked up the grass around him and put it into a pillow, and put him behind him so that the sitting position could be a little more comfortable. .

"I wanted to tell you when I was in the T-city, but everyone thought that you were bitten by the zombies, the soldiers were ruined, and then the helicopter crashed and crashed on the roof... After coming to the fertilizer plant, I heard you look down on Alpha, I I dare not mention this."

Yan Hao paused and stared down at his hand and said softly: "I know that some very outstanding Betas do look down on Alpha and think of chauvinism. But our team is not like that in general, I also... ...I am not, I have always respected you, especially if you saved my life twice, and if you count the antibodies found in the base, it should be three times."

Sinan shook his head and said: "That kind of situation can't be counted."

"That two times should be counted."

"The first two times are easy..."

"We don't have to fight for this," Yan Hao interrupted him decisively and gently. "Every day in this world is full of crises. No one will take his own life to 'shun'. You can be inappropriate, but I But it must be appreciated. This is a question of position."Yan Hao is obviously different from Zhou Wei. Zhou Hao has never been scrupulous since he exposed the gender of Alpha. In many cases, he feels extremely strong and hard, and even feels a little oppressive when confronted. . However, Yan Hao did not change much, but it was still very soft, even if the mood was eager, it quickly passed.

Sinan looked at him. From the time he left the B military area, his inner and outer storms swayed countless times of doubts and once again came to his mind.

Should I take this opportunity to ask for an exit? he thinks.

...but it's a bit awkward, what if the two Alphas are shocking?

He was thinking about it, and he listened to Yan Hao and said: "I have a question. I thought about it for a while, and then ask you if you think about it... but at the end of the world, you may die at any time, and you don’t know when you close your eyes at night. Can you still see the sun the next day? If you have never had the chance to ask for an exit, I should regret it forever."

He slowly raised his hand and held the back of Sinan's hand. The movement was very gentle, but he could feel the heavy guns and the old knife.

"I want to know..."

Sinan cheek muscles are a little stiff, only to see Yan Hao slightly close, his eyes are very very focused:

"After this period of time, how do you see in your heart..."

Not far away, a sudden burst of noise, the crowd exclaimed.

Both of them stopped in the mouth and looked at the sound source. Sinan pulled the gun at the road.

However, it was not a zombie sneak attack. I saw that their armored vehicles and a tourist bus stopped at the stationside. Zhou Wei jumped off the cab and took Guo Weixiang off the co-pilot. When the chest was a kick!

"You are going to roll over there!" Zhou Hao's roaring is so clear that it is so far away: "The shameful thing! Roll! Don't come over!"

"I can't do it wrong..."

"Roll! Shame!"

Zhou Wei obviously moved the real fire. It was completely different from the morning training spring grass training. Half of the feet took Guo Weixiang to climb and rolled, and almost did not spit. Or Dr. Zheng was afraid that he would make another injury and illness number in the camp under his anger. He went up and said that he was blocked by persuasion, and Guo Weixiang, who was screaming at his face, ran quickly.

"Don't let me see you, you bastard-"

Zhou Hao still had to go up, and the travel bus ran down a few people, so he said that he hugged him.

Yan Hao let Sinan help him slowly squatting. When he moved to the middle of the camp, he saw only a lot of people on the tourist bus. Among them, there is a teenager who looks shy and looks like it is 16 or 17 years old. The eyebrows are not tall, and there is a large piece of gauze on the forehead.

Sinan paced.

"What's wrong?" Yan Hao asked sensitively.

"..." Sinan said softly: "Omega."

"I don't beat him." "I really don't beat him." "I was just a moment... but I promise not to kill him!"

Zhou Wei was so easy to let the crowds believe him, exhausted and exhausted, let Dr. Zheng take people to check the materials, do physical examinations for the newly rescued survivors, and then unscrew a bottle. water. He was really thirsty, and the waterdrops ran down the neck of his chin, and he irritated most of the bottle to wipe the mouth."Hey, Comrade Yan Hao!" Zhou Hao spit out a sigh of relief, squinting his eyes and looking up at the crutches in Yan Hao's hand: "You dry up, don't lie down, take our family comrades to take a ride?"

Yan Hao is not angry: "Who is your comrade, and our family may not be able to."

Zhou Wei: "Hey, you are still on the side. You asked Si Xiaonan to say who he is. Didn’t Dad give me my parting speech yesterday?"

Sinan: "..."

In the contempt of the two pairs of eyes, Sinan raised his hand and pointed it a little farther away. Guo Weixiang was squatting on the ground and pulling the grass:

"What did he do?"

In fact, when I saw the Omega boy, everyone was faintly guessing. Sure enough, Zhou Wei’s answer did not surprise them: "That," he pointed to the teenager who was shrinking on the side of the coach, Zheng Zhongdao. "It's the last thing I want to deal with in my life, especially the species I'm afraid of encountering on the road to escape, Omega."

The south face is expressionless.

Yan Hao immediately said: "Don't say the captain like this, you are quite good, the hero saves the beauty."

"But I have a small comrade. We met this person when we raided the supermarket. They were survivors who hid in the warehouse when the virus broke out. Because of the rich materials, they ate and drank every day, and even had self-heating. Instant noodles. Do you know the kind of instant noodles that are heated by ourselves? When we go in to save people, they are having dinner, a pot of hot sauerkraut with sliced ​​ham..."

Sinan and Yan Hao swallowed at the same time.

"What are the expressions of the two of you, we are really going to save people." Zhou Wei was dissatisfied: "And they are also very eager to go with you, you did not see the scene at the time, just with the workers and the Red Army 25,000 The Long March victory will be the same as the division... or the Washington general who is with Comrade Xiaosi will successfully cross the Delaware River, but this is not the point."

"The point is that there is an Omega in the survivor." Zhou Wei sighed deeply and his expression was very tired: "The child was chased by zombies during the transfer, and the head smashed the blood on the shelf. The pheromone taste It was awkward. At that time, I was outside the police. I was missing for a few minutes. Comrade Guo Weixiang almost made a mistake that needed to be shot..."

The teenagers probed the brain not far away, and seemed to want to know what they were saying, but they looked awkward.

"Don't come over! Roll away!" Zhou Wei looked at Guo Weixiang and seemed to want to come over and immediately roared.

Guo Weixiang was paralyzed and had to go back and continue to pull the grass.

Zhou Hao’s anger was screaming.

"The child's blood pheromone smell is very heavy. He has entered sexual maturity and will soon be estrus for the first time. We must take him away, but soon he will not bleed, and the pheromone will soon be estrus. Ten miles from the wind, leading to a large number of zombies trailing, everyone will be exposed to danger."

"Either we set off immediately and go to him to find an inhibitor as soon as possible; or let him go through the estrus period, and clean it up a hundred times." Zhou Wei patted Yan Hao's shoulder, and sincerely said: "The organization has carefully studied and decided Give you a chance to get off the bill."Yan Hao immediately stepped back two steps, and the soles of the feet were windy. The agile movements were just like the ones that had been weakened by Sinan. "No, captain, brother! You are the boss, or you are better."

The author has something to say:

Yesterday, a chapter will cause controversy. I started to completely fail to think about it. Later, I thought that it should be too much white space in front of me, which would cause related misunderstandings. A copy of the chemical plant in front of me deleted several conversations between characters because of the number of words. One of the conversations was Sinan’s question about why Chuncai said that she had never used Zhou’s two or two monks in T City and why Zhou Yanyan never lived together. When I arranged the story, I forgot to delete the previous outline. The development of this misunderstanding lags behind. Sina’s mentality description did not catch up with the sudden plot of my 521 wanting a kiss. In fact, I just want 521 to let him Let's kiss each other.

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