By Huai Shang

Chapter 31 Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Chapter 31

"Can you persist?" Chuncao did not ask.

After a few hours of intense delivery, Dr. Zheng has already collapsed. He is holding a crying baby in his arms and a mother with a ruthless hair on his back. The heavy weight seems to give him endless courage. , sure: "Yes!"

Sinan whispered: "Be careful, go upstairs."

Spring grass starts, the doctor is in the middle, behind the Sinan Temple, taking advantage of the zombie from the first floor to the third floor of the short interval, and make every effort to move to the high floor.

However, even if we go all out, this survival squad still has no speed at all. The footsteps of the zombies dragging downstairs are getting closer and closer. Finally, at the corner of the corridor, there is a mourning at the corner, and the zombies are catching up!

Sinan: "Open fire!"

Spring grass jerked back, aiming, and the two pulled the trigger at the same time.

Dr. Zheng was a civilian in a peaceful era. He was screamed by the bullets that had been blown up in an instant. He felt that someone was pulling himself hard, but in the dark environment where the bullets flew, he couldn’t even tell if it was a human or a zombie. Only subconsciously protect the child.

"Run! Run!!" After a few seconds, he finally heard someone roaring in his ear, it was spring grass: "Stairs! Go upstairs!!"

Dr. Zheng carried the maternal life and ran forward. Chuncao and Sinan used high firepower to suppress the zombies, and slammed him to the stairs. However, when I was about to go upstairs, suddenly the spring grass changed its tone: "There are also zombies here! Be careful!"

Sinan stood in the corridor and dumped bullets on the zombies on this corridor, and went to the lower stairs on the left hand side.

I saw another group of zombies screaming and swaying up the fire at the muzzle.

The situation turned into a left and right pinch, which is simply the end of the back to the extreme. Sinan turned the muzzle and shot downstairs, forming a defensive posture with the spring grass against his back. He also ordered Dr. Zheng to go back and forth: "Go! Go upstairs!"

However, Dr. Zheng is carrying one on his back. He is a gunshot in front of him. He is flying in the middle of the night. He is not too young. He almost stumbled without running two steps. He almost fell and fell downstairs.

Wang Wen tried her best to open her eyes.

It was very dark, but she could still see her daughter's face with a gunfire behind her and a moonlight that didn't know where it was.

The baby is so small, so delicate, his face is red, and he is constantly earning his hands and feet.

She laughed and tried to reach out.

This is my baby's little face.

This is my baby's little hand.

This is my baby's leg, it is really strong.

That's great, she thought. My baby must grow very strong, unlike her useless mother, she will die, and drag on so many good people in the world.

Dr. Zheng grabbed the armrest and barely climbed to the last level. Before he could stand still, he suddenly felt a cold hand and patted his back.

That was a bit scary, but he didn't even react at the critical juncture. He listened to Wang Wen's hoarse voice and clung to his ear and said two words:


Immediately after his weight on his back, Wang Wen struggled."Don't--" Dr. Zheng realized what he was doing, and when he was screaming, he saw the shadows slanting and swaying straight from the stair railings of the half-man high!

Spring grass slammed back: "Don't!!"

With a bang, Wang Wen fell heavily into the zombie group!

Fresh flesh and blood will block the zombies who are swarming upstairs, and both Chuncao and Dr. Zheng are shocked.

"...Run, run fast," Sinan’s trembling roaring sounded: "Don't look, run fast-!"

Just half a second of solidification, followed by three people with a roll of climbing, licking the zombies vying to share the flesh and blood between the gaps, rushed upstairs!

There are ten floors in the dormitory. Dr. Zheng is holding his children. Si Nan and Chun Cao are almost running on the left and right, and they rush to the top.

The speed of the zombies is not as fast as the living. When they reach the top, they can hardly hear the footsteps of the zombies and rustling. Only the empty howlings ring from all sides and reverberate in the stairs.

The top floor may be a dormitory room led by a former fertilizer plant, with iron gates blocking from the corridor. Si Nan fired a lock at the shot, let Dr. Zheng and Chuncao go up first, then quickly moved to the stairwell debris and tried to block the iron gate.

"Sinan, fast! Here!"

Spring grass opened a dormitory in the middle of the corridor, which is a large suite, even a sofa and potted plants. When Dr. Zheng just entered, he immediately collapsed, holding his baby soft on the ground, and he didn’t even have the strength to get up.

Sinan locked the door, and Chuncao pushed the sofa, furniture and other things, and blocked the door in a mess.


After the silence, the baby's crying became very obvious. Dr. Zheng had not had time to squat. Chuncao sat down on the ground, and the tears that couldn't help could fall into a string: "Why should she jump?"

Sinan sat in the corner of the wall, violently gasping and covering his eyes.

"Why are you looking for death? She just gave birth to a child, how can she bear it?"

The baby seems to have infected the sorrow and despair of the grown-up, constantly screaming and crying. Chuncao took the child and clung to his arms. It was sad: "We are willing to protect her, why should we seek death? Maybe we can still live, but we have not yet had time to go!"

Dr. Zheng squinted at his face, his shoulders trembled, and he sighed with a sigh of relief for a long while.

"If the zombies come up, I... let me go and lead them. You hurry to run with your children. You are a soldier. It works better than me. The hope of survival is even greater..."

"What are you talking about!" Chuncao fiercely refuted: "You are a doctor, you need more people, you know?!"

Dr. Zheng said with amazement: "I am a doctor who is useless. If I help her to get some quicker, if I run her back faster, things will not happen. In the end, it is because I am useless, I..."

"You said that I am not the most damn," Suddenly Sinan said coldly in the corner. "I am nothing, just a volunteer."

Dr. Zheng and Chuncao drink at the same time: "Come on!"

"So I can't say anything like this at the end, maybe we will pick us up after Zhou Wei." Sinan sighed and reminded: "Come on your child."- Will your team captain really come back, in the situation of this corpse?

Dr. Zheng’s lips moved, but he did not raise this question, and then the baby who was crying and crying attracted attention.

It is a good thing that a 32-week premature baby can cry so powerfully, but the zombie retains the basic biological instinct, chasing the sound and blood, and crying like this is attracted sooner or later.

Large zombies can knock down the iron gates on the ground floor. How long can the debris in the stairwell and the locked door block them? Once the zombies are screaming, the three of them add a child and they are waiting for no doubt!

Dr. Zheng was anxious, took the baby from the spring grass, hugged her back and forth, and kept whispering: "Hey, hey, don't cry, sleep, sleep, hehe..."

However, the child gave birth to a sip of milk and did not drink. The more he cried, the more he screamed, and he almost shut off. Such a small baby can not help but let her cry, pouting will inevitably kill her, and Dr. Zheng is shaking and sifting, and it is a dilemma.

"I want to come up," Sinan put his ear on the floor and raised his head to whisper.

"Wow...wow, wow..."

The crying of the baby has become the reminder of everyone. Dr. Zheng and Chuncao face each other, and the situation is getting more and more urgent as time passes by.

"Give me," Sinan said.

Dr. Zheng subconsciously: "What are you doing?!"

Si Nan smashed the sheets and tore them into strips. Three babies and two babies were tied to their chests. They hit a knot and pushed the window to look down.

The empty space in front of the dormitory building is densely packed, and all the people are zombies. It is impossible to see how much. In the distance, the entire factory has become a sea of ​​zombies. This battle is full of tens of thousands, and it is still surging south.

Sinan turned his head and looked up. The top of the window was the drain pipe, and the top of the building was the roof of the building.

"Too... too dangerous..." Dr. Zheng trembled.

Sinan tightened the gun's shoulder strap and let the charge | the gun fixed on his shoulder, spit on the palm of his hand, and rubbed his hand.

"Stay in the house, don't make a noise, Spring grass takes care of the doctor." He simply ordered: "Everyone waits for Zhou Wei to come back and save us."

Then, under the intense gaze of the spring grass and the doctor, half of the body poked out of the window, hooked the hand to grab the drain pipe, tried to test the weight, and jerked a pull-up.

Dr. Zheng: "Ah!" and then immediately covered his mouth.

Spring grass explored the window and was ready to reach out. However, Sinan twisted his waist in the air and bent sideways. With excellent flexibility, he hooked up the railing of the roof and then supported the body with one foot. The movement was beautiful like a gymnast. He grabbed the drain pipe along the window and got up!


His hand grabbed the railing of the roof and jumped over!

In an instant, he and the baby were completely volleyed, and the only fulcrum of the two was the ankle with the gap in the railing. Spring grass's heartbeat has to stop, until the voice of Sinan came to the top of the head: "Complete!" suddenly relieved.

"Don't be afraid!" Sinan stood on the roof and said: "The door is closed, don't make a noise!"The baby was crying out of his arms, and Sinan didn't know how to comfort. He had to politely lick her little belly with two fingers and strode to the top floor and the only passage on the roof - the skylight.

The skylight is covered with wooden planks. After the wooden planks are opened, there is a wooden ladder. The workers' dormitory facilities are old. The cleaners who usually clean the roofs use the wooden ladders up and down.

The zombie group has been pouring into this building, which is already close to the floor where they are. The cries of the baby are like the signal of a meal. More and more zombies are rushing upstairs, with a stinky and bloody body, squeezing toward the wooden ladder.

Sinan picked up the charge | the gun, the moment before the trigger pulled the sudden suddenly think of something, tearing off his clothes corner into two small groups, carefully stuffed into the baby's ears, and then shot a broken shot.



The zombie group was smashed by two wooden ladders, making an unwilling roar and desperately waving their hands.

Sinan slammed the board in the contempt of many dead people and let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the old-fashioned building is really backward. He just noticed that there is no safety ladder between the corridors on the roof. Otherwise, unless the baby is killed, everyone will have to finish it today.

It was already 4:30 in the morning, the darkest time before dawn, the moon fell in the sky, the stars were concealed, and the earth was like an abyss that opened a bloody mouth.

Si Nan was trembling with a cold, and looked at the multi-functional military watch, which was minus six degrees.

The baby didn't have a thick sputum. At this time, it was already frozen and his face was blue, and the crying was weak. He hugged the child and found a corner that was slightly sheltered from the wind. He tried to put the body into a ball, put the baby's small body on his chest and abdomen, arms around him, and tried to maintain his fragile life with his body temperature.

Thirty-two weeks, the gastrointestinal heart and lung function is not fully developed, and I experienced so many bumps when I was born. It is really unbearable to think that she can live.

"You have to live," Sinan muttered. "Your mother is watching us in the sky."

He glanced at the child's head with soft baby hair, wondering if the girl was hungry, but did not dare to speak loudly to Dr. Zheng downstairs, fearing that they would attract the zombies when they heard out. After thinking for a long while, he didn't have any good ideas. It was difficult for a clever woman to be without rice. He had to clean his ring finger, and he had to do a simple disinfection, and then sucked the baby as a pacifier.

The newborn had a strong survival instinct and really sucked two times. However, nothing was sucked out. I felt deeply deceived. "Wow!" I cried even more fiercely.

"Oh, I am going," Sinan thought. "This little girl is quite picky."

His heart was flat, biting his index finger, squeezing out the blood, and then rushing over to feed the baby.

This time, there was a warm liquid. The baby's mouth sucked two times and started again: "Wow--" But the sound of crying seems to be a little smaller, at least not as heartbreaking as before.Sinan had no other way, but he had to pray for the girl's gastrointestinal function while continuing to squeeze blood. Soon the ring finger couldn’t be squeezed out, it was replaced by a little finger, and the ring finger of the other hand was changed. The baby twitched and grabbed his fingertips, just like sucking the mother’s milk, and gradually calmed down, and it was a bit docile. meaning.

Good blood is also nutritious, it should be able to be hungry for a while, but old feeding is definitely not good. Sinan is afraid that the child will drink the blood and not have a problem. It is troublesome to get the gastroenteritis by the bacteria in his hand. Every time I feed her, I carefully clean my fingers, and the result is full of gunpowder.

Half past five in the morning.

The night is a little shallow and the sky is a little stunned. Looking down from the top of the building, the corpse of the corpse of the corpse was slightly clear last night, and the smashed plant area showed a sinuous outline.

Sinan was a little stunned, and he took a nap and put the baby in his arms.

Will Zhou Wei still come back?

In fact, he is not very bottom.

The motivation for Zhou Wei’s return is actually untenable, but there are many reasons for not coming back. He must send anti-virus data and serum to the South China Sea. He wants to lead the team to protect the safety of the survivors of the two cars. He is the captain of the special forces squadron. He can save more people after he is alive... Say something, change to any one slightly A person with a bit of a brain, at this moment, really should not come back.

But he is Zhou Wei.

He is the one who laughs and screams and arrogant, and carries forward hope in this dark world, letting everyone in the team use his life to obey.

Sinan spit out a white gas, looked up into the distance, and looked at the zombies in the ocean.

This is the first time in the past hour that he repeated this action countless times, but this time, his gaze suddenly stopped.

At the end of the distant road, the snow-lighted lights flashed, as the roar of the engine was far and near. The zombies were too late to escape and were swayed into the chassis. Carrion and broken bones grew up, and there was no end after the rear of the car.

The front of the car pointed to the island of the completely surrounded chemical fertilizer plant in the sea, and then the window was lowered to find the shoulder-type mortar of the black hole.


When the shells arrived, the corpses exploded, and the countless dead people were tossed and tossed!

The fire was like a beautifully blooming fireworks under the night, pushing the tide of the dying dying. The smoke is filled with guns and fires. The lights are like a sharp blade from the end of the night. They open the sea of ​​death and flesh and blood, and they are invincible between the heavens and the earth.

The author has something to say:

Sorry everyone, I thought about it, or sent the lunch box... but it will be finished temporarily. From now on, all the characters who have already appeared in the name will not have a lunch. I am also very uncomfortable in writing the dead characters. I don’t know why, although it is a supporting role.

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