By Huai Shang

Chapter 30 Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Chapter 30

"Push! Push hard!" Dr. Zheng is full of blood, his voice is already dumb: "hold on! Hold on!!"

The maternal voice was completely dumb. She was sweating and shook her head. The pain made her expression look even awkward. Several women with children are on the side, some pray in the ten, some have been unable to restrain the cry: "You use some strength!"

"Persevere, be sure to hold on!"

Guo Weixiang pushed the door: "Come on, walk around! The zombie tide is coming!"

The women face each other, the screams of the mother are sharper, and the eardrums of everyone are cut like a sharp edge.

Guo Weixiang did not care about this. When she went up, she would pick up the mother. Dr. Zheng hurriedly stopped: "What are you doing?"

"It's too late, go to the car! I will carry it!"

"She can't move! It will bleed!" Dr. Zheng said: "I don't go, I want to give birth to the child!"

Guo Weixiang rushed to breathe, Dr. Zheng finished the scorpion and screamed to the mother: "Strong! Hold on!"

Not far from the window, the third signal bomb dragged the long tail flame into the night sky, reflecting every desperate and desperate face.

The corpse wave reached 500 meters away.


The biochemical car came from the end of the road, and drifted into the door, stopping in front of the crowd in the harsh friction. Zhou Hao slammed the rear compartment door open: "Upper up, fast!"

"I can't squeeze it!" Ding actually poked his head out of the cab: "I will send a group to the dormitory downstairs, let them go to Xiangzi's armored car, come back and bring the rest!"

It is true that the maximum load of the biochemical car is limited. According to this volume, at least ten people must wait for the next batch. Zhou Wei’s gaze patrolled the crowd and decisively said: “The rest of the first run with the car, where to run, will not leave you! Women first, you!”

Wu Xinyu straightened up and gasped, and Zhou Hao grabbed his arm and rudely entered the car.

"Older legs and legs are slow, you! You! And you!"

An old man was pushed two steps, slowly stopped, and urged the voice to immediately start: "Fast!" "Hurry, don't sharpen!"

"I am not up." The old man said slowly. "I am sixty-eight years old. It is already fortunate to be able to go to this. What do you do with your cheeks? Let the young people go first, I..."

The anxious people immediately interrupted him: "Squeeze! Go!"

"Don't talk about the old man, come on!"

The people around him almost pushed the old man in, and the carriage was quickly crowded, and Zhou Wei and Sinan jointly forced the back door to close.

In addition to Zhou Wei, Chuncao and Sinan, there are still nine young men in the open space. Except for the few who just want to squeeze and do not squeeze, most of them are homeless young people who voluntarily retreat and stay. of.

Zhou Wei gasped, and the tactical flashlight with strong penetrating power swept to the north, and the ghosts in the night smashed, and the stench of the rot of the corpse had followed the north wind and was clearly audible.

"Everyone," Zhou Wei succumbed to the nine survivors with different looks and gasped: "Thank you, if you don't say anything, run it."

His voice just fell, and there was a loud noise not far away.The tide before the zombies stepped into the minefield, which immediately triggered an earth-shattering explosion!


In the dark night of the ink, a life and death chase in minutes and seconds is being staged.

In the north of the road, the explosion gradually moved forward. The dead army was smashing and the target was clear. A row of broken and broken bodies fell on the road, paving a layer of carpet with carrion and black blood mixed together.

More zombies screamed, stepping on this carpet to continue to advance to the fertilizer plant, and the former servant, tireless.

In the distant direction of the B city, the endless stream of corpses surged, forming an overwhelming wave.

Guo Weixiang sent all the rest of the dormitory building, except for Dr. Zheng and the mother, into the armored vehicle, and received the first survivors sent by Ding Shi. The whole car was almost blasted.

Ding Shi was almost rushing back and forth, and the car had not stopped. He only saw more than a dozen people rushing in the sky with the background of the sky.

"Maternity -!" Zhou shouted.

Ding Shi almost cried out: "I can't live! Let's not go! I let Xiangzi open the armored car and go south!"

"Spring grass Sinan, bring people to the back seat!" Zhou Hao opened the cab door, indicating that Ding Shi moved: "I am coming, go to the dormitory to pick up the maternity. Why did the mother not transfer to the car? It’s okay to lift the door panels!”

Ding Shi: "I don't know, Xiangzi said that moving will cause big bleeding..."

Zhou Wei: "You don't understand, it's played in the TV series! A door is born immediately!"

Chuncao said in the back compartment: "I know that I know that the second season of the village committee of the people is born like this, nothing!"

Sinan: "You Alpha don't show yourself how to have children, really shallow and ignorant... zombies are coming!!"

The first wave of corpses dragged their feet, screaming and screaming, rushing into the gap in the northern barbed wire fence.

Ding Shi jumped from the co-pilot and took the flamethrower to climb the roof, and then pulled the trigger after the car. In an instant, the fire dragon roared out, overwhelming, and the rows of zombies were burned into a carbon ash!

Zhou Hao slammed on the gas pedal and the biochemical car whizzed away.

Chuncao poked his head and said: "In the direction of the two points ahead, my brother is careful!"

The flamethrower triggered a second round of nitroglycerin | glycerol explosion, the tens of thousands of pieces of glass smeared by Sinan exploded, and the heads of countless zombies were cut in the hurricane.

However, there were too many zombies, and the remaining barbed wire could not be supported. It soon collapsed in front of the dead army of the dead. In all directions, the corpse of the corpse gathered in the whole factory area!

Zhou Hao's steering wheel was lifted in one hand, and the biochemical car drifted several times in a row. It was comparable to the beautiful movement of the F1 car and rushed out of a bloody way, and several zombies were ruthlessly twisted into broken bones.

"嘶 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Spring grass picked up the assault step, slammed the door and rushed down. Suddenly the shoulder was photographed. Sinan’s hoarse voice said: "I am with you."

In the rearview mirror, Zhou Xiaomei’s heart jumped and he stopped talking.However, this insignificant detail was not found, and Sinan turned back and waved Zhou Wei, slamming the charge | the gun jumped out of the car.

- He will not find the complex feelings of Zhou Wei's eyes, or even if he finds out, there will be no time and mood to carefully touch the emotions mixed with sorrow, sorrow and self-question.

Ding Shi once again turned on the flamethrower, and instantly cleared the zombies chased after the car. He just had to change the eight-nine heavy machine gun and shoot again. Suddenly, the crowd in the train broke out:

"Back! Back!"

Ding Shi looked back and saw that Sinan and Chuncao had just rushed into the dormitory corridor, and they followed a corpse in their hind legs. They didn’t know where they came from, and they were in the dormitory and the front in a few seconds. The small piece of open space spread between them, blocking the way the maternal woman retreated from the dormitory.

"Mom!" Ding Shi picked up the flamethrower, pulled the trigger, and did not respond.

- High-energy gasoline burned out, no fire!

"Hey brother!" Ding actually almost insomnia on the spot, and once again, I saw that the zombie tide behind the rear of the car is getting closer and closer, only less than a hundred meters away from them!

The armored biochemical vehicles they had opened had been riddled with holes. The bulletproof windows were shattered by a rocket of spring grass when they entered the center of T. Later, they changed the ordinary glass.

Not to mention that the chassis of this car is low. Once it is wrapped up by the corpse, it is hard to find a person full of cars!

In the screams of fear of the full car, although Zhou Hao looked calm, his face was difficult to cover up, and the cold sweat rolled from the corner of his always hard-lined, unsuitable corner.

"Sinan pays attention, Sinan pays attention." He turned on the car amp, and asked: "You may not be able to retreat, inform the maternal situation, and inform the maternity situation."

At the same time, in the dormitory building. The screams of maternal death screamed, and Dr. Zheng was half-stained with blood and blood on his eyes. His eyes were full of ecstasy:

"See the head! See the head!!"

Sinan and Chuncao looked at the dense zombie frenzy downstairs and looked at each other. The eyes of the two could not see any joy.

"Sinan, Spring Grass." Zhou Wei's tail shook slightly: "Notice."


Eight | nine heavy machine guns in the sound of Ding Shi's roar like a storm, but in the end can not stop the pace of death. The first zombie hit the car and numbly beaten and shattered the rear window of the car.

The broken glass smashed into the back seat, and everyone rushed to the ground and uttered a cry of fear!

"Adding strength!" Dr. Zheng tears his heart: "Strong! Add more strength!"

"Let's go, brother." Sinan muttered.

He took a deep breath and suddenly went out of the window and tried to swear: "Come on, brother! Go!"

In the cab, Zhou Hao closed his eyes.

The more the zombies gathered, the windows on both sides were shattered, and the zombies rushed into the car and grabbed them on top of the survivors; some zombies even grabbed the back ladder and tried to climb the roof. Grab the Ding Shi.

Zhou opened his eyes and stepped on the gas pedal.

The biochemical car slowly turned around in the corpse, and the row of dead people was crushed into the bottom of the car, like a bloody channel in the sea."Si Xiaonan, waiting for me." The sound of the simple and powerful voice of Zhou Wei came from the loudspeaker, saying: "Hey brother will come back soon."

Sinan leaned against the window sill and looked at the biochemical car slowly, until it became an insignificant black spot in the zombies.

"..." His lips moved gently, as if he wanted to say something, but the voice was extremely slight, and even he could not hear it:

"it is good."


The zombies who lost the biochemical car were bustling, but they only lasted for a few seconds. Immediately after the blood in the air stimulated them, along with the source of this bloody taste, the zombie group found a new goal.


The first zombie began to hit the iron gate of the dormitory corridor, and then there were more and more dead people, and the iron gate made an overwhelming noise!

The spring grass was pale, but the sound of the girl's crisp voice was calm: "I still have 900 bullets, how about you?"

"One thousand six hundred," Sinan replied.

Spring grass nodded: "Well, you can use a dagger without suicide. Remember to help me before you die, like the sister of T City."

Sinan smiled and said: "Yes."

The two men smiled at each other and pulled the gun downstairs, and opened fire!

The muzzle angered the tongue, the assault step and the assault | the gun crossed out the bullets and the rain, and the zombies blocked at the entrance of the corridor suddenly fell a large piece.

However, high-pressure firepower is limited, but the living dead are infinite. More zombies rushed up tirelessly, the impact of the crash became heavier and heavier, and finally, after a few loud and clanging sounds, the iron gate was hit hard!


Even the ground was slightly turbulent. At the same moment, they finally came to the baby crying behind them:


"Come out, come out!" Dr. Zheng burst into tears, crying with his baby: "I was born!"

Downstairs, the zombies crowded into the corridor like a tidal wave, and then waved upstairs.

Sinan and Chuncao broke into the door and shouted: "Ready to retreat!!"


The industrial zone is south, 30 kilometers away from the fertilizer plant.

The zombie tide has not spread here, and there are only sporadic zombies wandering in the wilderness.

Zhou Wei stepped on the brakes, 20 meters ahead, Guo Weixiang ran down from the armored car: "Hey! Big Ding! Spring grass? Sinan? Our people?!"

He seemed to feel something pre-existing, and when he asked the last sentence, the voice had brought incredible grief.

"They..." Ding had not had time to answer, Zhou Wei patted his shoulder, opened the door and jumped, and patted Guo Weixiang's shoulder.

"Hey brother?" Guo Weixiang asked.

Zhou Wei carried a tactical bag on one shoulder, and focused on the machine gun to the road. In the endless abandoned fleet in the direction of the city, he selected a modified jeep and pulled the door to push the already decaying car owner.

Ding Shilian rolled and climbed off the bus: "What do you want to do?"

"I want to go back," Zhou said faintly.

He sat in the driver's seat, started the jeep, slowly turned his head from the congested traffic, and stopped in front of the stunned Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang.

"My team members are in the fertilizer plant," Zhou said. "I promised Sinan and will go back and pick them up."Guo Weixiang shook his head, a word could not be said, tears burst out.

"If Yan Hao wakes up, let Yan Hao succeed as the sixth squadron leader of 118 units. If you don't wake up, you will discuss it in the future, and the serum must be sent to the South China Sea."

"Let's find a place to burn Yingjie, and bring the ashes back to his wife and children."

"After a few years, the captain of the brother-in-law did not give everyone a lot of benefits, and they were not able to bring everyone to the forefront. In the end, they all sent their lives, and I am sorry for you."

Zhou Yan extended his hand from the window, and hugged the head of Bao Dingshi and Guo Weixiang. He smiled and said: "Don't cry, shame? Well, the brother hides two cigarettes under the seat. If he can't come back, he will Leave it to you both."

The survivors rushed out of the window and looked at it sadly.

If you have the conditions, let Zhou wash his face and change his clothes. It should be a kind of stylish and beautiful, like a hero in Hollywood blockbusters.

But the hero now has no image at all. The field suit is dirty. The bottom of the military boots does not know how much blood mud has solidified. The hair has not been washed for a few days, and there is still some scum on the chin.

Zhou Wei finally waved to them, and the action couldn’t be said:

"Tell Yan Hao that he was stupid, and he lost again."

After he started to drive the car, the modified Jeep roared all the way, tearing the bloody night, and flew away to the fertilizer plant surrounded by zombies.

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