By Huai Shang

Chapter 29 Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Chapter 29

Zhou Yimeifeng jumped two times, and only briefly said after half a second: "I know."

Regardless of the slight resistance, he smashed his hand and bent his hand, and shook Nannan, and went into the bathroom to take him to the bathroom, turned and picked up the shower, and the cold water of the winter night opened to the face of Sinan. Rush.


Sinan certainly didn't do it. Struggling for more than ten seconds, he finally knocked off the nozzle and said: "Get out!"

He is full of water all over the body, the skin is flooded with cold water, but the bottom of his eyes seems to be burning - mad.

Zhou Hao immediately raised his hands: "I'm sorry."

Zhou Wei's T-shirt is also wet, clinging to the body, showing the firm muscles of the upper body. What is embarrassing is that his camouflage trousers have clearly set up a tent because of the water inflow, and even the Tibetans can’t hide.

"I'm sorry," Zhou said. He repeated it. He laughed at himself: "Would you like me to smother me?"

The voice did not slam, and Sinan punched his head and turned his head over!

"Still," Sinan cold and cold.

Zhou Yan took his face and reached out. Sinan hadn't had time to hide. He felt that he had slammed a few times on his hair, and he smirked and said: "Okay, it's even."

Then he stood up and coughed, and the voice became very normal when he spoke again: "Comrade Xiaosi, three minutes to change clothes, bring a weapon downstairs collection!"

Zhou Wei crossed him and walked out of the room. Guo Weixiang was standing in the corridor waiting for him. When he saw him coming out, he saw the next line of sight, and he was unexpectedly surprised: "Hey brother, you... you are..."

"I don't want to wear clothes for a bath?" Zhou Yishun sighed and asked, "How is the situation now?"

"Ah? Oh, Feng Wentai, they stunned and guarded, took the CMB car key, and the northern wire fence was completely collapsed..."

Zhou Wei strode to the stairs and sighed inside.

I have to rely on my right hand in my life, he thought.

At 12:30 in the middle of the night, the factory is north.

People are hurrying, running back and forth, and flashlights sweeping in the night. A large barbed wire fence collapsed in the knee-deep hay, and the spring grass commanded the men to hang the iron net with several rope hooks, and personally took a share and said: "Three, two, one-!"

"Get up!"

All the people worked together, the deformed iron net was slowly pulled up, and the screaming sound was overwhelmed; then it broke into pieces in the exclamation and crashed back into the mud!

Zhou Wei stood still and showed a clear white air when he spoke: "How many degrees now?"

“Zero is five degrees,” Guo Weixiang said. “Let's cool down tonight.”

The last moonlight did not know when it disappeared. The night is vast, there is no star and no moon, and the factory that has lost the protection of barbed wire is endless.

In the distance, the darkness reached out and disappeared, as if the devil had quietly opened the mouth.

Zhou Xin’s heart suddenly raised a sense of uneasiness, but he hid his own uneasiness: “Looking at the guards of Feng Wentai’s few people?”

The guard was slammed into the back of the brain by the heavy object. When he was discovered, he broke his blood and fell into the grass behind the garage. He has not woken up until now. Zhou Yan explored his breath and pulse, and whispered a sentence: "Fuck!"Guo Weixiang used the back blanket to cover the guard to help him keep warm. He said: "Ding Shi has already drove to chase them, and it is estimated to be fast..."

"Impossible, too late. How can the guards keep the CMB car keys?!"

"The car key was originally kept by Dr. Zheng. I just changed my body and cleaned my clothes. I gave it to the person with the key. They had a good relationship. I didn't expect to send him to guard Feng Wentai..."

Zhou Wei knows that now is not the time to investigate the responsibility, Gao Wei interrupted Guo Weixiang: "Spring grass! Organize the repair of the iron net, ask Sinan to take the black | gunpowder to bury on the road, fast! Sinan?!"

Spring grass ran away, Guo Weixiang immediately said: "I am going to drive to call Dading back!"

"No," Zhou Wei said.

He seemed to suddenly hear something, raised his hand to stop Guo Weixiang, and slowly walked forward.

At the end of the wilderness, in the northern city of B, the cold wind swept the earth from the innocent night, bringing the cry of sorrow and sorrow in the distance.

Guo Weixiang looked at the back of Zhou Wei, he was uneasy and did not dare to speak. When he was hesitating, he only listened to him and spit out two words:

"……not good."

The sound of the engine was far and near, and the lights suddenly appeared at the end of the road. Then the sound of tearing the heart of the lungs came with the wind: "Hey! Let everyone run quickly!"

"A large number of zombies are coming south, coming from the B city to this side, and soon after two kilometers!"

Everyone in the open space is discolored, and the cry of fear resounds through the night sky!

"Quiet! Nothing! Don't be afraid!" In the chaos, Zhou Wei's screaming was heard. In an instant, everyone was stunned. He only listened to him: "The diameter of the 500-meter range outside the factory, everyone will bury the black | gunpowder and nitrocellulose , fast! Guo Weixiang arranged for the maternal and wounded to get on the bus, carry all the ordnance, and open the armored car!"

"Ding Shi! Ready to respond to the people's transfer, don't take the grain and grass!"

Everyone responded with enthusiasm. Every face was mixed with fear and anxiety. In the crowd, Zhou Yi looked back and shouted to Guo Weixiang, who was turning to the garage and rushing to the garage: "Remember Yingjie -!"

His snoring overwhelmed everything: "Don't leave Yingjie down!"

Guo Weixiang has a sore nose: "Yes!"

Ding Shifeng rushed to the electric power, slammed on the brakes and stopped at Zhou Hao. He gasped and shook his head: "I can't catch up, I can't catch up. They go north, and the direction should be opposite to the zombies."


Ding Shi’s voice shook a little: “Suddenly cooling down makes the zombies move southward, and it’s hard to count, thousands.”

Zhou Wei made a decisive decision: "Go to the warehouse to receive the flamethrower and three signal flares and return to the front of the road. The first wave of zombies will be launched one and a half kilometers away, the second one will be launched, and the third will be launched five meters. Return to meet all survivors, the factory quarters downstairs collection. Spring grass!"

Chuncao directs men to put explosives along the road, busy with sweat: "Yes!"

"When the second signal flares up, everyone will immediately withdraw, return one less, take you to the right!"


Zhou Wei stood on the open space, one hand pressed his eyebrows tightly, and remembered something after a moment: "Sinan?"

"Sinan!" He looked up and shouted.His eyes swept through the busy crowd, but he did not find the familiar and silent figure, and his heart was sinking: angry?

No, it’s not a temper now, Sinan is not that kind of person...

"What?" A cold voice sounded.

Zhou Wei looked back and saw that Sinan’s riot police uniform had the key to his explosion lab on his neck. He was carrying two dozen bottles in his hand and was frowning behind him.

"I know you didn't run," Zhou Hao's heart was loose, and he reached out and squeezed his face: "It's a little baby..."

Sinan hid his head and angered: "Do you want to drink nitrification|glycerin!"

Zhou Weizhan took advantage of his cheaper position. He just wanted to return to the sentence as long as the brother you are feeding dared to drink. Suddenly, a signal flashed into the distance and made a bright and dazzling light.

The zombie tide reached a distance of 1.5 kilometers.

The people who carried the explosives almost ran back and forth, and Zhou Hao couldn’t care about the oyster sauce. He personally moved the "Flying Fire Meteor" of Sinan, and buried the powerful nitrification|glycerin half on the road of the zombie tide, and yelled at it. People go to remind Guo Weixiang.


The second signal is raised to the sky!

The deafening roar of the spring grass sounded in the distant night: "All evacuation -! Fast!!"

The survivors ran back in the same way, but Zhou Wei took the assault step from his shoulder and stood in front of him, striding forward against the flow of people.

"Captain Zhou!" Suddenly in the chaos, the female voice that was sharp and changed: "Captain Zhou, not good!"

Zhou Hao now snorted and snored when he heard three bad words. When he turned back, he saw Wu Xinyi stumbled and rushed from the direction of the factory dormitory. He ran his hair and his face was red. "Week, Zhou team, Dr. Zheng Dr. Zheng told me to tell you..."

"Maternal women can't transfer." She paused and gasped, desperate:

"She can't go, she is hard to produce."

The author has something to say:

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