By Huai Shang

Chapter 27 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Chapter 27

After a long silence, Wu Xinyi finally felt that she couldn't keep going. She swallowed, and the voice sounded very mad:

"That, Captain Zhou..."

"If you want that chocolate, you should put it first..."

Her voice was gone, and Sinan got out of the blanket and put on her coat, and even pushed the door out.

Wu Xinyi once again returned to a state of stunned, and never recovered.

“What?” Sinan’s tone was very dull. “Come on, I’m in a hurry.”

In the south, there was only a black slim police T-shirt, arms in both hands, and a riot-proof uniform jacket on his shoulder. The look on his face and Zhou Wei saw him for the first time. In the armored car, he ignored the water that was handed in front of him. He changed his hand and did not unload Yan Hao’s gun. At that time, it was particularly similar, even standing posture. Nothing is the same.

Zhou Xin sighed in his heart, stuffed the chocolate into the jacket of Si Nan, turned and walked back.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five...

The moment that counted to zero, the consequences came to Sinan’s voice:

"Are you OK?"

Zhou Wei stood still, but did not look back, not sighing lightly.

"..." Sinan finally stepped forward, and the slender eyebrows wrinkled again, and looked suspiciously Zhou Wei: "Are you okay?"

Zhou Wei is listless: "Si Xiaonan."

Sinan said: "There is no such small word in my name."

"Comrade Xiaosi." Zhou Wei changed his mouth from the good and asked: "Do you think we are still friends?"

This problem is very complicated, mainly because other Omegas that Sinan is exposed to are very rare, and it is impossible to verify that "it is impossible to have true friendship between an Alpha and an Omega". Is it a false proposition? But the Alpha he has contacted is There are so many, even if he has lost his memory, the years of attention and resentment are still deeply in the subconscious.

He narrowed his eyes and looked around.

Zhou Hao put his hand in his trouser pocket, wearing a shoe that was one meter tall and cast a shadow in the moonlight.

Zhou Wei is not the kind of physique with developed muscles. It is more of a profit and symmetry of regular training. This trait is also very obvious in Sinan. But the muscle layer of Sinan is thinner and the shoulders are wider and more The power of male Alpha.

His five senses have a kind of handsome combination of subtle evils, especially when raising an eyebrow, the shackles that can't stop the obstacles are coming.

This kind of face is far from the brothers of the people who are righteous in the eyes of the people. If the military chooses a positive image to go out for propaganda, his temperament should be smashed in the first round.

However, if he takes off his military uniform, he will be like a handsome open-cut, and he will gain a lot of gaze in any occasion.

He is different from other people, and Sina’s heart suddenly has such a thought.

He himself did not know where this strange cognition came from, but in this moonlight, there was indeed an indescribable taste, and suddenly there was a slight movement in the depths of his heart.

"..." Sinan opened his eyes and said, "Yes."

Zhou Wei slightly bowed his head and did not ask: "What is it?"

"...is a friend."Zhou Wei is almost in front of Sinan, the two noses are less than a few inches apart, and each can see their own shadow from the other side of the eye.

"Is it?" Zhou Yan said slowly. "But how does the brother feel like you are being scorned? If you don't want to say it, the car will open two cars, and the ears will not bite..."

Sinan felt that when he spoke, the airflow passed over his cheeks, and he could not help but skip back.

But Zhou Wei immediately approached again, and the thin lips bent again: "Or, I know that my brother is Alpha, I am afraid that you will soak you?"

Sinan's lower back was folded backwards, but he couldn't avoid it. He had to turn back to face to face him.

As long as the distance is lowered, the two lips will touch each other.

"I said," Sinan dropped his eyelashes and swallowed: "I want Alpha, maybe who is blowing, maybe I am soaking you."

Zhou Weiwei, he added another sentence: "Do not believe to give it a try, let you have a hand."

Zhou Hao laughed loudly.

"Comrade Xiaosi, it is a good thing to have ideals..." Zhou Wei tried hard to lick Sinan's hair, and pressed his head to himself. He smiled almost breathlessly: "But brother thinks, hahahaha, this kind of thing. Hahaha-"

Si Nan did not earn a profit. Zhou Wei kissed him on his hair and looked at him with a smile: "Good, that brother is waiting for you. Go back, don't let the little girlfriend wait too urgent."

Sinan hasn't reacted yet, Zhou Wei has let go of him, and walked back down the road.

"..." The unspeakable feeling came back to my heart again. Sinan couldn't explain what it was. After a moment, I suddenly remembered it and turned and said: "Say she likes Yan Hao-!"

Zhou Wei's back was a drop.

Si Nan watched the figure disappear into the night, until he could not see it at all, and he regained his gaze without a word.

"Oh, forget to tell him that the surname is 10,000." He suddenly remembered: "I knew that he would stay with him to help."

In vain, he ran a strong labor, and Sinan was quite embarrassed. He turned around and slowly walked back to the garage.

At this time, it was already 9:30, and the workers' quarters in the distant fertilizer plant were noisy, and people ended the day in the end of the world, and fell into a sleep that temporarily forgot all fears; in the shadow of the ginkgo tree, the black house in the rear garage There is an unobtrusive seam between the iron gates.

Si Nan looked sensitively.

Immediately after the sound of the door in the garage, the female voice shouted sharply: "Help! - Hey..."

Struggling, rough and low screaming at the same time, Sinan backhand pulled the dagger from the thigh, and opened the door with one foot. Sure enough, a strong man in the dark pressed Wu Xinyi, and his mouth screamed and screamed, and heard the sound come back. .

"Who is it? Take care of it! Give it to Laozi, just be..."

"Wait for you," Sinan said.

The Alpha bodyguard with the surname of Wan did not understand what the meaning of the three words was relieved. He only felt the throat tight and was stretched by the steel-like force, and then the body was empty.

It was too late when he found himself flying off the ground.

"Ah, ah--"

The bodyguard hit the ground and didn't have time to get up. He was pressed back on his chest and pressed back.The foot broke his ribs and the screams of the bodyguards broke through the sky.


Zhou Yigang returned to the chemical plant, sat down and drank his mouth, routinely cared about Yanhao, and did not get up and went to inspect the warehouse, he heard something.


The front door was severely opened, and its strength even caused the ground to shake twice. People who had not completely slept were shocked and gathered in the corridor to look down.

On the open space, Sinan's snoring shocked people: "Feng - Wen - Tai -!"

He pushed the human blood-shaped gourd in front of him, and the latter fell and slammed!

Wu Xinyan's hair was scattered, and she was shaking and squatting behind Si Nan.

The crowd exclaimed one after another, Feng Wentai quickly ran downstairs with five bodyguards, only to see the bloody body on the empty ground, terrible, almost unable to find a good man, it is difficult to set the channel: "Wan Bin?!"

"What the hell are you doing?!" "Looking for death!"

Several Alpha bodyguards were furious, and Sinan shuddered Wu Xinyi back to his back, and his backhand lighted up. The tungsten steel squad replied with blood falling down.

"Get rid of this kid!"

"Mom's reverse! Everyone is on!"

Several bodyguards pulled the guns forward, and the crowds on the high places made a cry of fear. At this turbulent emergency, a bullet suddenly burst at the end of the stairs, and the loud noise made everyone scream!


Zhou Wei’s screaming resounded through the open space, only to see that he held the charge with one hand | the gun, the muzzle up, the finger licking the trigger.

Behind him, Chuncao, Ding Shi, and Guo Weixiang focused on machine guns and assault steps, and stared at the Feng family.

In the suffocating silence, Zhou Wei stepped down the stairs step by step and asked: "What is going on?"

The heavy machine guns of the special forces armory, and the police officers who were stolen from the police station in the middle of the road were not a level of deterrent. Feng Jia’s several bodyguards suddenly became dumb, and each of them contained hatred and retired, and faintly guarded Feng Wentai.

The bodyguard called Wan Bin on the open space continued to twitch, and blood flowed from many wounds to the ground, gathering together into a pool of blood.

"Captain Zhou," Feng Wentai faintly said: "Your people dare to..."

Zhou Wei said faintly: "I didn't ask you. Sinan, give me an explanation."

But Sinan did not hear him like, just staring at the bloody gourd Wan Bin, his eyes faintly chilling things - cruel, indifferent, steel-like inorganic, as if at the moment he was squatting | Not an individual.

This gaze is like a normal person. If you look closely, it seems like a strange, shady face of the soul. The scream is struggling, trying to wake up slowly from the body.

But his change is not obvious, at least so many people are only aware of Zhou Wei.

I don't know why his state at this time made Zhou Yi's heart sigh, and he sighed low: "Sinan!"

"He, he has been entangled with me..." Wu Xinyi sounded with a crying voice, and many people looked at her.

"Before you left, he entangled me and said that he would like to be with me. Thanks to Sinan for helping me find a hiding place, but he was still tracked and found... He came tonight, forced me, I called for help. At the time, Si Nan Ge helped each other..."It’s obvious that Wu Xinyi was very embarrassed when she said this in a large audience, but she still had the courage: “He has a gun on his body and almost killed us. He also said that he was going to finish it and drag me out to feed the zombies after he finished...”

The crowd exploded and the arguments rang.

Zhou Hao cold and cold: "Bo Feng, what else do you say?"

"Can you believe in one side?" Feng Wentai immediately bluntly retorted: "The woman herself said that Wan Bin wanted to find her friend. Who knows if she promised it, and then hooked up the outsider to play the fairy jump?"

Wu Xinxi sighed: "I don't have it!"

"You don't have it," Feng Wentai said with a resentment: "Why don't you have Wan Bin not entangled with others, but entangled you?"


"So many women are looking for you. I think you first seduce Wan Bin?"

"You are nonsense!"

"Is it nonsense or reveals the facts, Miss you are clear in your heart." Feng Wentai looked at her with sarcasm, but the tone was soft and gentleman: "I am taking the liberty, Miss, a normal Beta girl can hook up the Alpha, Also hook up the special forces to accompany you to play such an old-fashioned trick of the immortal, you are a means, but it is not clean!"

Wu Xin was so angry that Feng Wentai went to Zhou Wei:

"All said that flies do not lick the seamless eggs, Captain Zhou said, how do you choose to go wrong at this time? This time is..."

Feng Wentai is about to play with the title, but Wu Xinzhen can't help it anymore.

With a slamming sound, Feng Wentai grabbed her wrist and just about to push her away. Suddenly Wu Xin’s shoulder was pressed by someone - it was Sinan.

Not only Feng Jia’s several bodyguards, Feng Wentai did not respond to himself.

Si Nan flew up and flew Feng Wentai out of his chest!

"Feng total!"

This foot is simply broken gold cracked stone, Feng Wentai is so tall, but it is enough to fly out nearly ten meters before landing. A few bodyguards rushed up at the same time, helping him with his hands and feet. I saw Feng Wentai’s mouth constantly overflowing with blood. He suddenly went crazy: "This kid wants to kill Feng!"

"Mom, kill!"

"You still don't run fast? Kill the soldiers!"

The crowd went back, the timid screams, the child burst into tears, and the scene suddenly became a pot of porridge.

Feng Hui, the bodyguard who had overseen to Sinan, put an empty gun in the air, and suddenly yelled in the silence of half a second after the gunshot: "Get rid of the killing -! Those soldiers want to take the right to | Kill Alpha!"

"Not running fast? They are going to shoot!"

The open space is big and the scene is chaotic. The people in panic will not notice who the first shot was, and the words are more flustered.

In this one hundredth of a second chaos, Lu Hui hides behind him and points his gun at Sinan.


Charge | The gun burst into flames, Lu Hui screamed out, half of the arm was blown alive!

"Hey brother!" Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang were shocked at the same time.

Zhou Yiyi raised his gun and the smoke did not disperse.Around him, the crowd rushed back to the house, the woman guarded the child in the inside, the daring men only dared to cover the door, looking forward to the battle; the empty ground was full of knocked tables and chairs and bloodstained footprints In the screaming screams of Feng Weitai, Feng Wentai coughed with anger and sudden death.

"Hey brother," Chuncao said with a gun, "can't control it, you have to think of a way."

"Don't come over!" The four remaining bodyguards of Feng's family raised their hands | guns, constantly shaking and screaming: "Don't, don't... everyone together!"

Zhou Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

That tone seems to be relieved and a little helpless. Then he walked two steps forward, standing in the middle of the open space, and pointing his fingers to the three special forces behind him:

"It seems that there is such an Alpha. If you see the other person is an ordinary person, you will not accept it."

"Brothers, let Feng be convinced today."

Zhou Wei sleeved out a Swiss army knife, slammed open and pierced the palm.

Chuncao, Ding Shi and Guo Weixiang also cut through the palm of their hand, and the blood suddenly poured out. The extremely strong Alpha pheromones of the four special forces instantly volatilized, quickly covering the entire open space!

A few of Feng’s faces changed dramatically, and even Feng Wentai stopped the cough in amazement.

Si Nan suddenly looked away, closed his breath and stepped back half a step.

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