By Huai Shang

26.Chapter 26

26.Chapter 26

When I got up early the next morning, Zhou Yifei felt a big head - the biochemical car was gone.

He slammed the gun on the open space for two laps and yelled at the sky: "Si Xiaonan!"

"Si Xiaonan, you are giving me out, don't make fun of you, fast!!"

The sound of the engine was far and near, and the biochemical car slowly came from the other side of Long Street, and stopped in front of the raging Zhou Wei. Then the window was shaken. There were milk powder, candy and dehydrated cake on the bridge. Si Nan took the charge | gun, holding a honey jar in one hand and eating a cheeky reddish cheek.

Zhou Yiyi saw that his shoulder was stained with black and red rot, and he apparently just robbed the supermarket alone and exploded on the spot:

"Unauthorized team! No discipline! Comrade Sinan, if you are an official member, I will start to smash it! Don't think about it and don't think about the consequences?!"

Sinan stared at him coldly.

"See what?! If you don't want to take care of it, give it to me..."

Zhou Wei was still waiting for it. Suddenly, Shinan’s head covered his face and threw two cigarettes. Then he quickly raised the window and stepped on the throttle to open the road.

"Hey! Mixed!" Zhou Wei was stunned by two soft Chinese, jumping and snarling in the back of the car.

Sinan was seriously angry.

Zhou Wei finally ended his journey of material search, carrying two cigarettes in his arms and driving in front of him with a black face. The two cars drove out of the expressway from the expressway, and they returned to the suburban industrial park before the darkness that evening. The biochemical car suddenly advanced, and turned a corner from the side road to the park after the fertilizer plant.

Do you want to part ways?

Zhou Hao fiercely chased the steering wheel, far behind the Sinan. After a few minutes, I saw only the biochemical car stopped at the back door of the factory. Si Nan took some food and jumped out of the car. He turned over from the wall after three times and five.

Zhou Wei let Chuncao come over to look at the car, and he quietly followed the sound. He walked two steps to the wall and jumped on the ginkgo tree behind the wall. The ghosts looked down.

The south of the road runs straight ahead and follows the deserted road towards the anhydrous ammonia treatment plant. There is an abandoned truckhouse in the grass.

A slender figure was lying in the open space under the back window of the garage. After hearing the footsteps, he turned back and was pleasantly surprised.

- is Wu Xinyi.

I couldn’t hear what they were talking about through such a long distance. Zhou Wei looked at him for a long while, and his heart was quite unsatisfactory. He took a long breath.

What do I want to think about, he laughs at himself.

People are obviously a beta rights protection association. It is not good to hate alpha. What else can you expect? Besides, he looks like this. In this end of the world, the little girl who is willing to post it, I don’t know how much.

Zhou Yan’s throat was a bit sour, and the backhand jumped on the wall with his branches and jumped out from the back door.


"Back?" Feng Wentai is difficult to channel.

Nodded under the hand.

Feng Wentai took the door and almost ran down the stairs and went to the front yard of the factory. More than a dozen people have gathered in the open space, all of whom were survivors who escaped from the t-city with the special forces; Feng Jia’s three alpha bodyguards also stayed there, faintly blocking those people, staring at the outside.A military riot-proof armored vehicle was parked in the barbed wire. Zhou Wei and others were tired and wandering. The Yan Hao, who was injured and stunned, and the bag containing Zhang Yingjie’s body were coming down from the car.

Feng Wentai saw that they were full of dirty clothes and mental state, and they understood everything, and the heart sank.

However, the captain of the surname Zhou turned back, his mouth was slightly hooked, and the flow of his eyebrows was all ridiculous: "Feng Xiong! Don't come innocent, is everything okay?"

Not waiting for Feng Wentai to answer, he turned his head and told his men: "The materials are invented into the warehouse, and a registration is made. Yingjie's body is first placed and waited for me to deal with it." Then he waved to the crowd and laughed loudly: "Doctor Zheng! My brother received Injury, please bring two people to move him up and see!"

In addition to these special forces, the survivors of the 30th were originally headed by Dr. Zheng. They heard the words and said that they had no choice but to go forward and carefully take over Yan Hao’s stretcher.

"Hey - just a few days, like a world!" Zhou Wei took a long time to drive a stiff neck bone, made a slamming sound, first waved to the crowd, then smiled and patted Feng Wentai's shoulder: " These days are really, hard Feng brother! Give you a big credit!"

When coagulation is exposed to the air for a period of time, it loses its pheromone smell, just like a corpse can't leave a fingerprint after a few days. Zhou Hao’s excessively strong alpha pheromone has long since dissipated. Otherwise, he walks around like a long-legged male hormone atomic bomb. Sinan is absolutely unacceptable.

But Feng Wentai does not know.

He only felt that Zhou Yiyi immediately took the position of being the master of the house, and his mentality of disappointment was even more subtle. But he did not want to show it, and he said with a smile: "All good, good, duty, no hard work, no hard work. Did Captain Zhou contact Vice Minister Guo?"

Zhou Hao shook his head.

Feng Wentai smiled a little: "That... we are..."

Zhou Yan hooked his shoulder: "Come, let's go to the cafeteria and say as we walk."

"Things are like this," ten minutes later, in front of the dining table, Zhou Hao shrugged.

It was the time of dinner that all the survivors were lining up to cook, and there were only cereals and boiled potatoes in the window. Not far away, Feng Wentai's bodyguards sat on another small table, each with a gun on the lower back. In front of it was a white rice with four small stir-fried, and there were two bottles of beer.

Zhou Weiru did not see:

“Then we have to leave the fertilizer plant. All the surviving people will take the CMB and go to the South China Sea headquarters. We have got the latest information on virus research, which is of vital importance for the development of vaccines...”

"Your people have died, and there is another serious injury?" Feng Wentai interrupted.

Zhou Wei said: "Yes."

"Is there a little brother who looks very..."

"Lost," Zhou Yanyan said concisely.

"That is, you only have four people now."


Feng Wentai was silent for a moment, and changed his tone when he spoke again, some slightly cold:"I am taking the liberty, Captain Zhou. We are better to stay in the fertilizer plant now. Don't act rashly. You should send a positioning signal to the Nanhai headquarters. Please pick up the helicopter. If the information you said is really important, the center will take the initiative. we……"

"There is no 'central'." Zhou Wei calmly said, "The positioning signal could not be received. Before the contact with the South China Sea, whether the other headquarters was in doubt."

"Then we should go to the Northeast," Feng Wentai said immediately.

"There are some people in the northeast and some food processing plants. If the brethren who are raised in the old home are still alive, they are organized into a considerable armed force. Moreover, the cold weather in the north will limit the actions of zombies, regardless of From what point of view, it is safer than going south to a densely populated coastal area."

Feng Wentai obviously had a long-term plan, and at the moment, he came and changed his mind:

"Captain Zhou and several brothers are loyal to the country, although they are respectable, but in this end, people still have to plan for themselves. If the captain of the week is willing to join us with his men, Feng will never dare to slow down and arrive in the Northeast. After that, you must make sure that you are comfortable and comfortable - what is worthy of glory and wealth in the last days, at least not worse than the end of the world, how do you see it?"

Chuncao, Guo Weixiang and Ding Shi registered good materials, and entered the canteen with a lunch box. They saw Feng Wentai and Zhou Wei sitting in the corner. Feng's several bodyguards were not willing to drink on the side.

Chuncao immediately took two steps forward, but saw Zhou Hao’s back behind her and shook her.

"How do you say it," Zhou said with a smile: "As a special soldier, the country has been training for so many years, and now is the time when we need us most..."

Feng Wentai is impatient: "I understand the truth, but Captain Zhou has to consider for his brethren. You have already sacrificed two people, what can the country give them? Medal? Pension? Even the entire b military region can The government is afraid that even the company can't take care of it. Can the state issue a pension?"

"Feng Boss," Zhou Wei said, "Yan Hao is still not dead."

Feng Wentai is a glimpse.

Zhou Wei observed the words and coughed at the right time before his attack:

"That said, if we set off on the north, what about the men, women and children in this room?"

Feng Wentai looked around and the crowds in the distance were lined up for dinner. Many people shook the porridge in the bowl and looked at the cooking beer of Fengjia bodyguards, showing a dissatisfied look.

"We don't have a lot of stock," he said, lowering his voice.

Zhou Wei stared at him quietly.

"So many people bring it, I am afraid that the food will be eaten halfway through the road. If it is cold and frozen, it will not be able to replenish the materials. I am afraid that everyone will have to explain it."

Feng Wentai took a moment and finally opened his mouth again: "I rely on people to look at it. Those who are inconvenient to move and have weaker bodies are better to stay in the fertilizer plant. In addition, some may not be in charge, in order to avoid escape halfway. Internal disputes, let them go out and make their own way, and it is also a way to achieve the best of both worlds..."

Zhou Wei is not angry, the more he listens, the deeper the smile.Feng Wentai's meaning is obvious. There is no need for women, old people and children to take it. It seems that it is better to drop the head. It is alpha, the destination is his hometown, and if you don’t get the Northeast, you have to count on him to open the warehouse. Only those who are willing to return to him and obey him can take the road together.

As for the grain and materials accumulated in the fertilizer plant, it must be taken away.

After returning to his hometown, Feng Boss naturally can take everyone back to form a utopia of strict grading - of course, at that time, Zhou Wei and others who followed him at the beginning will not be treated badly.

"Feng boss is really far-sighted," Zhou Hao sighed and sighed.

Feng Wentai smiled modestly.

"But," Zhou said, "We still have to go to the South China Sea."


"Zombies retain a lot of basic biological instinct, one of which is warming. When winter comes, a large number of zombies gather south, and at this time the north will collide with the countless zombies, which is one of them."

"Second," Zhou Wei's unspeakable smile gradually disappeared. The deep-eyed, five-minded and sharp face finally showed his true expression - he was full of suffocation, looking at everything from top to bottom. With a head-and-wolf like a sense of oppression:

"The virus research materials that Zhang Yingjie exchanged for his life must be sent to the military. Even if the South China Sea headquarters falls, we will go on the road again until the day when we find the military."

"On this road, we will not give up any surviving people. Old people, women, pregnant women, children, as long as we meet, how much we will save. When the food is finished, we will plant it. If there is no material, we will look for it. As long as we are The soldiers are there, the country is there, no one will be thrown away."

Zhou Yu leaned back on the back of the chair, slightly raised his head, and the thick and sharp eyebrows provoked him. He looked down at Feng Wentai.

His knife-like thin lips, dark and solid neck, camouflage uniforms can not cover the contours of the shoulder-arm muscles, as well as the right shoulder single-handed charge | guns, all of which highlight the arrogant male power.

Feng Wentai was pressured to breathe a little. When he was back, he realized that he was threatened by a beta. He was a little angry and angry: "You are good, you are not..."

"You can go and lobby the people you want to take away." Zhou Wei said faintly, made a "please" gesture, which was a bit elegant: "I am willing to go with you, I will never stop, just You can't bring a bullet, let's go."

Feng Wentai got up, and several bodyguards stood up and pressed their hands on the lower back.

Not far from the three special forces immediately stepped forward, each carrying a charge | gun, spring grass cold cold cough.

Zhou Wei was deeply trapped in the back of the chair, as if he had no awareness of the atmosphere in front of him. Feng Wentai gritted his teeth at the abhorrent arc of his mouth. He wanted to let go of his words and did not dare to let it out. He only had to wave his hand and angered: "Go!"

Feng Jia's several alpha bodyguards followed the boss out of the cafeteria, and the spring grass slowly came over and looked at their backs with gaze: "The surname Feng's button can't stop."

"I know," Zhou Wei interrupted her.He pondered for a moment and made a slow arrangement: "Tonight everyone takes turns to turn the night, the granary, the garage and the front and rear doors are optimistic, pay attention to the whereabouts of Feng Wentai. The biochemical window of Sinan was replaced, not bulletproof, The weapons of the east and the west were removed from the top and moved to the armored vehicles to lock them."

He said that Chuncao nodded, and suddenly Zhou Wei thought of something: "Sinan?"

"I just went back to the dormitory and took a blanket and said that I was sleeping in the backyard at night." Speaking of this spring grass, I also felt weird: "What did he run for?"

Zhou Xin remembered that Wu Xinxi, who was waiting in the garage of the factory, was silent and his eyes were dark.

His cold look made the three players a little worried, and the spring grass whispered on the back of the chair and asked: "Hey brother?"

"Comrade Xiaosi is an adult - you have a few things that you have to worry about, but you don't want to think about it when you take it off?" Zhou Yi got up and licked the hair of the spring grass, and smiled, and restored the usual posture of Lang Lang: "The niece, take a few potatoes for my father, don't forget the chili sauce."


"That is mine," Sinan said coldly.

Wu Xinwei: "..."

Wu Xinyi’s extended hand consciously turned, gave up the bottle of honey, and turned to vacuum-packed halogen eggs.

Sinan raised one eye, and the exclusive desire for the halogen egg was obviously not strong, and the dense eyelashes were pulled down.

There was no light in the abandoned garage, and it was dark in the winter night, and the sound of the cold wind came from the window, as if the zombies were sobbing in the distance.

Wu Xinyi ate the halogen egg and shrank it into the blanket. Obviously, she couldn’t stand the silence. She didn’t have to find a word: “Hey... why do you like sweets so much?”

When he was facing an outsider, Sina rarely voluntarily spoke, but he also answered questions and said, "I don't know."

"As long as it is a sweet tooth, do you like it?"


"Don't you feel embarrassed?"

"do not think so."


"My body needs sugar." Sinan said softly, "I often have low blood sugar."

Wu Xinzhen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief: "I just thought, I said that people who have experienced a lot of hardships like to eat sweet, if you have a tragic story, then I can't really stand it, call - fortunately I think more."

Sinan: "...you are normal."

Si Nan took out the bag of apple candied fruit that he had not finished eating from his pocket, and began to eat it carefully. The darkness came to know the groaning of Sosuo.

After a while, Wu Xin’s voice rang again. This time he was a little hesitant: “You said, will the surname of Wan Wan come tonight?”



Sinan contains half a candied fruit, including mixed-mixed road: "If Zhou Wei asks where you went, Feng Wentai will say that you ran away and disappeared. His bodyguard with the surname of Wan knows that he will ask others to ask tomorrow. After the situation, he has no chance to start with you, so he will definitely seize this last chance tonight."

"And you also said that the surname of Wan today is tracking you here," Sinan swallowed the candied fruit and licked his sticky fingers: "When everyone sleeps tonight, he will come."

Wu Xinyan paled and nodded.Two rolls of underground were laid side by side, and Sinan and Wu Xinyi were each wrapped in blankets with a pile of snacks in the middle. Wu Xinyi finished eating the halogen eggs, wanted to eat a chocolate, and suddenly realized what he had just picked up in his hand, and asked humbly, "Can I eat?"

“Yes,” said Sinan. “Chocolate is the only thing I don’t want to eat.”


Sinan had not had time to answer, and suddenly there was a light footstep not far away, and then stopped at the back window.


Wu Xinzhen stunned the whole person, and the coldness smashed up from the internal organs. The sorrowful eyes immediately turned to the side, but he saw Sinan’s thoughts on the back:

"... Zhou Wei?"

He stood up in a suspicious blanket and said: "What are you doing there?"

The person who didn't say anything under the back window coughed, and it really was the mellow bass of the captain of Zhou. I don't know how it sounded a bit guilty: "Hey, Comrade Xiaosi! I... I can't sleep, just walk around, you Have you eaten?"

Sinan is indifferent.

"..." Wu Xinyu greeted the war: "Week, Zhou captain, good evening and evening..."

Si Nanchong waved her hand and gestured to ignore it.

Zhou Hao was very embarrassed: "Good evening, good evening, don't you both go back to the dormitory? How cold is the black light bonfire in this nest?"

"We..." Wu Xinyu just said two words, Sinan waved her hand again, this time the brow was not happy to wrinkle.

Wu Xinwei: "???"

She looked at Sinan, and Sinan frowned at her.

Zhou Hao was out of the window and said a few times: "You still go back to the dormitory. It doesn't matter. What can I do if I have a cold outside this day? Brother is coming over, everyone knows, you are young and young..."

Wu Xinyi deeply felt that she should explain and should explain. However, Sinan's face was clear that she was not allowed to speak. The silent contest between the two continued for several seconds. Wu Xinyi finally couldn't help but mad: "What the hell are you doing?!"

Sinan said: "He is mad at me."

Zhou Wei outside the window: "..."

"Adding that he beat me." Ian coldly, "who beat who in the end? I asked him a hand."

Wu Xin is stunned.

Zhou Wei’s embarrassment has risen to the apex of life: “Si Xiaonan! Brother is wrong, come and give you a apology. Don’t yell at you in the morning, don’t be angry, I’ll find something for you...”

The sound of the plastic packaging bag is what Zhou Wei took out from his arms:

“Hey,” he said. “Come out and bring you a big piece of Dove chocolate.”

Sinan: "..............."

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