By Huai Shang

Chapter 25 Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Chapter 25

The sewer is full of dead silence, only the sound of water drops, and a slight reverberation.

Sinan slightly headed.

Across the distance of more than ten meters, Zhou can see the shadow on the edge of his cheeks to outline a deep, from the straight nose to the lips, squat, like a silhouette.

"Let's go." Suddenly he began. "I went back to the ground entrance and drove back the old car."

Zhou Wei had not had time to persuade, just listened to him to close the iron gate, and then locked the lock.

Zhou Hao was furious and rushed over to grab the iron bar: "Sinan!"

When the sound of the iron door swayed, the echo was not heard, but Sinan had already stepped on the water and threw a few meters. Cold and cold: "What are you doing?"

"You are too dangerous, let us go!"

"Do not bother me!"

Zhou Wei looked at his bloody, handsome and cold face, which was hard to understand.

When he came in, he also voluntarily affixed to his ear and whispered at the bottom of the pit to see him crying immediately, and saw Sinan’s body mad and violently angered, and suddenly changed back to their first meeting in T. The state of the time, alienation, coldness and even beware, even keep a distance of more than ten meters.

As if after life and death, all his lively and even fierce feelings disappeared and he retracted into the invisible cold shell.

Sinan’s unreasonable caution against Alpha caused Zhou Hao to have some very bad guesses, but he did not want to think about it. He had to take a long breath: "Comrade Xiaosi, it takes at least two hours from here to the entrance. You are alone, no weapons..."

Si Nan hand stretched out: "Give me."


"Gun, car key."

"You!" Zhou Hao yelled at his nose and said: "You can stop it! Your comrades are all convinced?! You..."

"Do not give?" Sinan cold and cold, turned and wanted to go.

Zhou Li immediately unloaded Uz Micro-Chong and found the key of the old biochemical car that they drove into B city from the back waist: "You come over!"

Sinan can't refuse: "Throw it over."

Time passed by, and Sinan’s attitude was as unwavering as ice. Zhou Hao grinding for a moment, there is nothing to do, just throw the car keys and micro-rush from the iron bar.

He thought about it and didn't worry, he said: "The base drainage system is very complicated. There may be zombie orangutans near the E area. You are waiting here, I am going to get a signal bomb, and I am in danger..."

His words have not been finished yet, and Sinan picked up the car keys and the charge | the gun, turned and left. Zhou Yi’s bad breath immediately lingered in his throat: “Hey! Where are you going?!”

Sinan did not return, and said: "See you at the fertilizer plant."

Zhou Wei listened to the farther footsteps in the tunnel, and finally got out of his breath.

The distance between people is indeed the same. On the one hand, the endless pursuit will only lead to the other party's more urgent and vigilant retreat - he thought so self-deprecatingly, turned and walked backwards, but suddenly swallowed his nose. Feel a strange taste.The odor of brewing in the sewer for many years is mellow and long-distance, the mixed iron gate is rusted, and the walls on the four sides are moldy. It is like an atom of various odors. The bomb repeatedly ravages his nasal mucosa. However, in this indiscriminate bombing, the place where Sinan stood just now has some vagueness that he can’t say.

He couldn't describe what it was, only to feel a little turbulent in his heart.

But the footsteps were a little bit, and it was covered by the imposing sewer odor.

"Hey brother!" The cry of spring grass came from afar: "Where are you? Nothing, Sinan?"

Chuncao couldn't wait to find it. Zhou Wei returned to God and coughed:

"Nothing... I am here, come over and help."

Zhou Wei and Chun Cao worked together to move Zhang Yingjie up. Sinan jumped into the waterway and jumped early. Zhang Yingjie’s body was not damaged too much, but his eyes were still squatting. Zhou Wei wanted to help him close, but he couldn’t close it.

Ding Shi said that there is a saying in their hometown that people die because they still have something to worry about, so Zhou Wei is squatting on the floor with Zhang Yingjie, and chanting Yingjie, Yan Hao has survived, everyone is alive, we are ready to take information. And the antibody went to the South China Sea; after the completion of the mission, a few brothers steal the helicopter, go to the northeast to pick up your wife and children to avoid the shelter, and later have a brother to eat, there will be your wife and children to eat, have a brother, have your wife The good day of the child... After he finished his chanting, he reached out again and Zhang Yingjie’s round eyes slowly closed.

When I came in, seven people were snoring, but only four stood, one was unconscious, and one was never awake. Zhou Wei first returned to the central area and went up. On the way, they encountered several waves of zombies, but Yan Hao took a lot of supplementary ammunition, and several rounds of sweeping and adding hands | Lei swept a clean.

When I arrived at the ground for half an hour earlier than they estimated, Zhou Yi looked at the explosion-proof armored vehicle and said, "You can, can you drive it up?"

Guo Weixiang said: "The artificial blasting of several doors before opening the ground, originally wanted to fold back to steal the helicopter, this is not, it was caught by the zombies."

"So this is a lack of human heart and snakes, and honestly, it will not be finished in the original place. But you can really run, from the southern area all the way to the north, did not send you to the Olympics was really the loss of our track and field team... And there are mortars!"

Chuncao said: "Get it, my brother, you are coming out."

Zhou Xiao smiled and tried the mortar on his shoulder. He threw it back into the back of the car and slammed the door:

"set off!"

The armored vehicle was adjusted in the same place, whistling through the base parking lot, and banged the road block and flew straight south.

At six in the morning, the sky was dark and the gray was covered in the bloody land. Zhou Yan turned around the wire mesh and turned a corner. In front of them was the sewer mouth that they entered the base. The broken biochemical car that was opened at the time was still parked on the side of the road.

A back shadow leaned against the front of the car and snorted.

Sinan has obviously changed the wash, I do not know where to find a set of riot police uniforms, feet under the black leather platform boots, smashing a Uz micro-rush.He seems to be waiting for the sunrise, or just waiting for a break. The bloodstained on the cheeks of the handsome cheeks had been washed away, because the whole body was black, and the face was reversed with a cold white. When the armored vehicle passed by, the window was calm and confronted with Zhou Wei.

Zhou Wei was looking down at him, and his eyes were mixed with the look of his eyes, and the figure of Sinan was thrown far behind the car.

In the rearview mirror, Sinan drilled into the door, and the biochemical car finally slowly entered the road.


The two cars are less than two hundred meters apart, and they follow each other all the way. Zhou Hao can look up the shadow of the rear car a few times. The sky is getting brighter and brighter. Every time you go to a large supermarket and a gas station, you will stop at the bus. You will go down and look for supplies and water. Sinan will follow the parking, but he will not go down and sit in the cab to sleep.

Zhou Wei flipped over the messy shelves and stuffed the batteries, salt, soap, paper clips and other pieces into the carton. He walked out of the supermarket door and kicked a zombie stumbling over him.

He found out that the anti-inflammatory drugs were thrown to Ding Shi, indicating that he was fed to Yan Hao, and then turned and saw that Chuncao was squatting on the side of the window of the biochemical car, stretching his neck and talking to Sinan.

Zhou Wei saw that it was not a taste. After a while, I went back to the supermarket and shot a few zombies. I went around the food counter and pulled out a few bags of preserves in my arms.

"Prostitute!" Zhou Wei stood in between the two cars and shook the candied fruit.

Spring grass looked up and it was not evil. "Sweet stains! Who wants to eat this!"

Zhou Yiqing clearly saw that the Sinan throat had slipped, as if swallowing.

"That's it," Zhou said with disappointment. He took the candied fruit and left.

They stopped seven or eight times along the way, and raided more than ten supermarkets in the third ring. They used their manpower to pick up tons of rice noodles and dozens of boxes of daily sundries.

Yan Hao’s situation did not turn bad but he did not turn well. He was in a coma and had a fever in the evening. Zhou Wei wants to rob the hospital pharmacy, but the public hospital is the hardest hit area of ​​the zombies. They only have four complete combat strengths. Plus, it is likely to be a four-and-a-half-half of the experience. There is T and no milk, so there is no public hospital. The strength of the copy, so I have to give up.

Fortunately, before the nightfall, they finally found a private beauty and plastic surgery hospital. The doctors and nurses all turned into zombies and ran away. Zhou Hao then took his cheap prostitute and swayed into the pharmacy. He didn't know whether he knew it or not.

"Try it!" Zhou Yi looked terrible: "You have no play in this life, don't think about it!"

Chuncao's long neck stood in front of the mirror, licking the silicone fake chest and making a stroke on his chest.

"You said this way, is it possible to rescue a cosmetic doctor?" Chuncao thought, "Isn't that the female Alpha is mostly Boba? How can my chest not move? I think I may be a fake Alpha... ..."

Zhou Wei reluctantly said: "The second sexual development of your other part is not the case."

Chuncao said: "There is nowhere to be used, and there is no way to ask for praise."Her words are very reasonable. Zhou Wei had no words to answer, but had to comfort her: "The next time you take a selfie, group in the circle of friends, we give you praise."

The two of them held the medicine chest, and her silicone fake breast was hung on the neck of the spring grass, and the door of the plastic surgery hospital. I saw that Ding was armed with a gun, Guo Weixiang peeed under the poles on the roadside, and the armored carriage behind them was opened. Sinan was stalking in and seemed to want to look for something.

Zhou Wei: "Cough!"

Sinan did not rummage immediately, and he took a bottle of water from the carriage and walked quickly to the rear.

"...you really don't talk?" Chuncao whispered.

Zhou Wei did not answer and ask: "What did you just lie there?"

"Also...nothing. He doesn't like Alpha. He feels pheromone suppression, not safe... I said that my pheromone is weaker than you, he said yes, and then it is gone."

Zhou Hao nodded, Chuncao sympathized: "I think Si Xiaonan may have been stimulated before. If the virus does not break out, he is actually suitable to engage in a Beta Rights Promotion Association and call for equality of human rights to engage in charity..."

As night fell, everyone returned to the armored car for dinner.

Because of the accumulation of a lot of supplies, the little gangster Zhou Hao finally had a rare trip once, opened a beer and more than a dozen meats, canned vegetables, and used bread to eat the old godmother. Sinan is still hiding in the biochemical car and is not willing to come. Chuncai took the food and drink to find him. After a while, he said: "He doesn't want beer, and asks if there is any old godmother."

"Does he really want to break with us?" Guo Weixiang disappointed.

Zhou Wei said: "You tell him that there is no old godmother in the break."

Chuncao took the lead and came back soon: "No, no, go walking; sleep at night, want two blankets."

Zhou Yigang wanted to say that there was no blanket for the break, and the whole car stared at him with condemnation.

Zhou Wei: "... give him three!"


The night at the end of October in the north was already very cold. Several people were squeezing in the depths of the rear compartment of the armored vehicle. Only Zhou Wei was separated from the crowd by a distance and slept in the outermost position of the door.

In the middle of the night, the moon is rare.

The door was slid open quietly, and Sinan was wrapped in a blanket, only his right hand was extended, and the cable was checked in the carton with food on the door.

His voice is slightly milder than that of the cats at the time of hunting. However, there is no target in the carton, and there are no other snacks. The old godmother has only one bottle left. The plastic bag is full of supermarket soda unsweetened soda crackers. And small bread.

Si Nan's eyes turned, Zhou Hao back to him, steadily screaming, camouflage pants pockets seem to be stuffed with bulging sacs, revealing a sharp corner of the bag.

Sinan: "...?"

Sinan didn't make any noise, and two fingers stretched out the sharp corner.

He was just about to force the bag out of his pocket. Suddenly Zhou turned over and raised his hand. He held the lightning-fast belt around Sinan's back, and the whole person wrapped it and squatted under him!

Boom! The ground floor was hit by the head of Sinan, and a dull ringing sounded.

Not far away, Guo Weixiang scratched his butt and turned over, muttering a few words, as if to say braised meat or something.Sinan's eyebrows are tightly locked, and the lips under the moonlight are reddish, staring at Zhou Wei.

They kept their ups and downs in a position that didn't move. After a few seconds, the surrounding area was quiet again.

Zhou Wei looked at Sinan's amber pupil, his eyes floating high and smiling, and his mouth was hooked. Then he took the bag of apple candied fruit out of his trouser pocket, swayed and leaned over Sinan’s ear to slow down:

"you this……"

The voice has not fallen, and the hand is empty, and the preserve is gone.

Sinan pushed him, shouted and rolled up the blanket, and rushed back to the biochemical car without any movement.

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I am really sorry, everyone, tonight, I can’t get a list of the King’s votes from yesterday to today, because Jinjiang’s backstage card is not working tonight. I haven’t been able to open the second page of the mine for more than ten minutes. It’s almost... tomorrow night, we will unify the list of fighters from yesterday to tomorrow, oh~!

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