By Huai Shang

Chapter 23 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Chapter 23


The bullet hit the head of the zombie with a bandage, splashing a dusty dust.


The zombies paced, and then continued to move forward.

Ten meters, five meters, three meters.

Si Nan 砰砰砰 three sounds, throwing the empty six | four-style hand | gun thrown, exhaling a hot blood, swinging boxing to the other side of the temple!

At a critical juncture, people often explode with amazing power. Sinan’s heavy punch is enough to rival professional boxers and has no reservations for the Zombie’s forehead.

If this is a personal head, it has already broken. But the zombie that came out of the coffin was only slightly tilted, grabbing Si Nan and waving it!

There was a series of slamming, and Sinan’s body flew more than ten meters before he reached the wall. He fell down and knocked over a piece of equipment and equipment, sitting heavily in the glass and metal fragments.

"..." Sinan burst into a thick sentence, and the eyeball was difficult to see because of congestion. Only the zombies came to him step by step.

The zombie wrapped a thick gray-yellow bandage, like a mummy, and the facial features were completely obscured. Only one mouth had blood-stained teeth. Although its movements are not very flexible, it is not as stiff and muscular as the outer version of the zombies. On the contrary, it has unimaginable power, and even the bullets can not cause any harm by directly heading.

Sinan slowly shook his head. What the hell is this? !

In addition to the power-off lifts in the circular underground test site, there are no other things to climb. Is it going to die here today?

The zombies were getting closer and closer, and Sinan struggled to get up. In a hurry, he saw a row of thin glass short tubes under his body. He was basically crushed by himself. The Yinhong serum exploded half-length and looked like blood.

He had no time to think about what it was, to avoid the iron claws that the zombies were heading, and to swoop to the side with lightning.


The zombie movement was even faster than he had imagined, and he grabbed his leg and dragged it back. Si Nan was uncomfortable. Fortunately, his strength was stronger than his fist when he was kicking his leg. He even broke away before he was bitten. He immediately climbed up and rushed forward.

He couldn't run out of the test site, but had to run around the ring-shaped alloy wall, and the zombies were chasing after him. On several occasions, Sinan felt that the back of his clothes had been hooked, but he was hard-earned at the critical moment, and barely avoided the chasing of the zombies by large instruments.

After all, the zombies are not living people. They are not very flexible in the complicated equipment. I don’t know how many machines are broken. In the darkness, one chased and fled, and ran around the football field's large test site for seven or eight laps. Sinan had already reached the end of the strong battle. At the end, he ran a cough of blood almost at the end. Suddenly he slammed his feet and was knocked over by the cable that did not know where it was. The whole person fell out.

The zombie stepped on the iron chair, and the rotten smell was behind him.

Sinan smashed the dagger, like a silent fish in the air, the whole body turned over without bones, and both hands put the blade on the zombie throat.

The zombie bowed his head, and the sharp tooth was attached to the top of Sinan. However, the blade did not cut into the neck!

Sinan Pingsheng has never been so close to death, and every second stalemate is as long as years. His arm muscles burst into the blue veins, because the force was excessive and even the nails were cracked out of the blood.The mouth of the zombie is close to a centimeter and a centimeter, and it is almost in front of the eyelashes of Sinan!

Just then, there was a message from the top of the head: "Sinan!!"

Yan Hao!

Yan Hao knees on one knee and squats on the assault step: "Get out of there!!"

Si Nan's body fell to the sky, and with the blade's strength against the zombie's neck, he slipped back and forth, and rushed for several meters.

The zombies got up and chased, while Yan Hao pulled the trigger -

The 9mm lead-through armor-piercing projectile was fired, and the zombie was hit on the right and right side. When it was time, it flew out!

This cooperation is wonderful, Yan Hao hit a hand, immediately handed the assault step to Zhang Yingjie, took out the rope and left the bottom of the pit: "Si Nan! Come up!"

Sinan gasped for two and struggled to get up.

He was bloody all over his body, and even his ears were blocked by blood clots. As long as he was close to the side of his body, the pheromone would be exposed.

- But if you still care about these things, it is just a matter of feeling. Si Nanyu walked through the test site and walked toward Yan Hao. When he was about to reach for the rope, he suddenly rushed over to a beast-like figure.


Sinan was hit by the head!

The zombies were beaten by armor-piercing bullets, and they were very violent. They grabbed the ropes twice and took Yan Hao out of the top of the pit with lightning speed!

This change was unpredictable. Zhang Yingjie had no time to aim at the shooting. Yan Hao rolled down the stalks of more than ten meters deep and fell into a giant centrifuge.

This is not finished.

The other end of the rope was tied to his waist. The zombie grabbed the tail and made a sigh of relief. Yan Hao couldn’t even get out of it, and he was pulled by the giant force!

Zhang Yingjie roared: "Yan Hao!!"

His fingers touched the trigger and were released as if they were electric shocks - the zombies seized Yan Hao. At this time, shooting and armor-piercing bullets may not kill the zombies, but they can definitely smash Yan Hao on the spot!

Sinan turned back: "No..."

His pupils tightened and spread rapidly, and a cloud of blood reflected in his eyes.

The zombie bites into Yan Hao’s carotid artery and bites it in!

Yan Hao’s pain suddenly sounded, blood flowed like a note, and the bandage on the face of the zombie was quickly dyed red.

Si Nan stepped on the sharp metal fragments of the ground and threw himself into the body of a dead body like a steel cast. He grabbed Yan Hao in one hand. In the panic, Yan Hao pushes Sinan’s life away, trembles and slams his hand | Ray, a mess in the arms of the zombies -

Four seconds of silence, immediately shake the mountain!

Yan Hao protects his head from being far away, and the zombie falls to the wall and rolls to the ground.

"I fuck|Your ancestors -!"

Zhang Yingjie was red-eyed. A shot of armor-piercing bullets hit the zombies, and the zombies slammed in the fire. Not waiting for it to land, Zhang Yingjie filled in new bullets and exploded the zombie chest!

Sinan trembles: "Yan Hao!"

Yan Hao’s line of sight was scattered, and he was convulsed in a pool of blood. He did not know how many bones he had, and his chest showed a terrible collapse.

The Alpha pheromone that broke through the cage was topped in just a few seconds, and the male breath was almost incapable of opening. Sinan smelled the smell and collapsed because of the mistake. But then, with the rapid loss of life, Alpha pheromones decayed quickly and ominously.

On the side of his body, Sinan shook his coat off and forced the Yan Hao neck side bleeding."..." Yan Hao muttered something, but in fact did not make a sound.

His ears, nose, and throat were blocked by blood, and his consciousness fluttered like a dip in the warm deep sea. Someone is pressing his neck hard, he knows that it is Sinan.

Sorry, he thought.

We lied to you, but...

"Don't talk," Sinan whimpered. "It doesn't matter, don't move... don't talk."

After four rounds of armor-piercing projectiles, Zhang Yingjie broke open a new magazine on the ground. But his physical condition really didn't work, but when he pressed it, his hand trembled and the bullet fell to the ground.

He hurried to squat, and in the few seconds of lack of fire suppression, the zombies made a screaming scream, staggering and standing up!

The zombie was beaten in the chest. The left arm had only a few muscle fibers hanging from the shoulders, but it was not dead yet.

With a slamming clip, Zhang Yingjie aimed at the gun, but he couldn’t aim.

His line of sight is already blurred. This distance will be split into a ghost image. If the muzzle is slightly deviated, it may hit Yan Hao and Sinan.

--Oh shit!

As if the last blood in the body of death was rushed to the top of the head, Zhang Yingjie gasped and stood up.

Anyway, I am going to die, what am I afraid of?

What the hell is my mother? !

He held his breath, like an angry lion, jumping from the top of the pit with a heavy machine gun!

The zombies passed through the test site, and Zhang Yingjie, who was descended by the gods, fell to the ground and made a series of strange calls. Immediately after Zhang Yingjie sat on it, the dying roar was deafening, and the assault step | gun hard in his mouth!

boom! Zombie bandages fall apart.

boom! ! The zombies blew blood.

boom! ! !

The zombie screamed sharply and threw out Zhang Yingjie with a wave of arms!

Zhang Yingjie slammed into the ground and was motionless.

The zombies are like a pile of messy, crumbling bones, the head is almost completely broken, half of the messy brain is exposed, and the eyes, ears, nose and nose become a group. It stood there and looked around, seemingly unable to find the target.

"You give me..." Sinan stood up, his eyes black and his pale face covered with blood. In an instant he was like a strange and fierce monster:

"You give me death -!"

Sinan throws the army, the blade whirls in the air, deep into the zombie brain!

With a slap in the face, the zombies finally twitched twice and fell to the ground.


The test site was quiet, and Sinan fell to the ground and then fell to the sky.

In an instant he felt that he was dead.

His eyelids have never been so sinken, as if he could fall into a calm sleep as soon as he closes. As soon as he closes his eyes, he can immediately get rid of the pain of thorough heart, the death of other heavy, and the devastated world.

The eyelashes covered with blood slowly closed.

Five seconds later, he coughed and opened his eyes again.

Si Nan endured the pain and turned over. The hands full of blood slammed into the pieces of metal glass and felt some kind of sticky liquid flowing through the fingers. At first he thought it was blood, and then found out that it was not.

That was the red solution in the test tube that was smashed by him before.At that moment, the air solidified, and Sinan stared at the remaining three-stage metal test tubes. The chaos suddenly flashed through the fragmented picture.

The cabin was violently bumped, and the screams came one after another, and the seats were full of blood.

The cockpit door was tightly closed, and the living dead people swarmed out of the door, and a blood red syringe fell out of the freezer...

Sinan had a chill, and the brain suddenly became blank, and it immediately ruptured like a tear!


He curled up his body with his head, and the memory seemed to emerge from the deep sea, but it disappeared in a blink of an eye!

"Sera," he murmured, "serum, serum, serum..."

In the midst of it, it was like a demon. The Sinan ghost made a strange test of the test tube. He groped the needle from the messy instrument table. He almost climbed to Zhang Yingjie. He didn’t even try to breathe. He shook his hand. The solution in the test tube was all punched into his jugular vein.

Then he did the same, and stumbled and slammed into Yan Hao, who was violently suffocating, and put another whole solution into his arm blood vessels!

It’s been a very long time, but for Sinan it’s gone.

He sat there, his forehead splitting, and the cold side of his half was solidified with blood. His arms, legs, waist and abdomen are full of large reds, dried brown, red is moist, half dry and not sticky to the body, as if the dyeing technique is poor and the shade of red canvas.

He used a coat to tightly block Yan Hao’s side neck bleeding mouth. He had never used such a great strength in his life—as if he was racing against the invisible fate of the void, as if he was desperately and tightly holding the dead god with both hands. Scythe.


Si Nan suddenly turned back and looked at Zhang Yingjie.

The liquid medicine reacted sharply in Zhang Yingjie's body, but it was the worst reaction. His whole body was bulging and blue, as if he had been caught in the throat, and his eyes were hooked up.

Immediately after the desperate gaze of Sinan, his body tried to bow up, and the last blood bubble in his throat suddenly fell off.

--he died.

He stared at the endless darkness, his eyes empty and his eyes, but his face turned slightly to Sinan and Yan Hao, as if he wanted to see his comrades in the end.

Until the last moment of his death, he maintained the sobriety and pain of humanity without any signs of zombie.

Sinan couldn't make a sound, and next to the empty syringe that had just been injected into Yan Hao, the neck was difficult to reverse.

Behind him, the struggle of Yan Hao’s death suddenly increased, and it was exceptionally clear at one time.

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