By Huai Shang

Chapter 22 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Chapter 22

The tactical flashlight hit the cracked wall, and Zhou Wei observed for a moment, pointing to the right: "This side."

The three men marched fast against the corner, and Zhang Yingjie's pace was a bit embarrassing. Chuncao turned back to help, but he was avoided.

"I will do it myself." Zhang Yingjie panted and laughed at himself: "I will recognize you later... I won't recognize you, don't kill my teammates, stay away from me."

The face of Chuncao's palm is full of tears, and there is no sound.

At the forefront, the eyes were red, but they didn't look back, and the sound was very smooth: "Engjie is holding the point. We are going out within two hours, you still have time... at least back to the ground."

They walked through the passage, down the stairs that were destroyed by the zombies orangutans. Zhang Yingjie smiled and said: "Is it too late? Actually, I don't care, people are dead and there is no difference. I especially want to know that my wife and children are still alive. No, as long as you can see them again..."

They connected to the corridor of a laboratory, and suddenly Spring Grass stopped and went to the safety indicator on the top of the head. It was incredible: "Look, Zone E."

The three men looked up at the same time.

The “North E District” is white with a green background and slanted in the dark.

Sinan was chased by the zombie King Kong, and ran into the E zone by mistake?

Zhou Yu’s hard work: “Very good, at least saves time for action, here.”

Zhang Yingjie paused for a few breaths. Zhou Wei ignored his evasion and reached out to help him. He whispered: "The E area has the latest antibody research data, and perhaps the remaining original antibody products. From the time of the base destruction Look, antibodies may not have expired, if they are still valid..."

Zhang Yingjie immediately said: "I don't want to fight that brother, don't make a joke. Use the hope of the whole world to change me to survive. In the future, I will go down to the 18th floor of hell."

"...if there are two." Zhou said dumbly, "If there is, I will definitely give you a call."

Zhang Yingjie still wants to say something, Zhou Yiyi pulled him: "Go."

The flashlight illuminates the fork in front of the road. On the ceiling of up to six meters, the air duct ruptures and hangs like a giant twisted twist. Zhou Wei looked at the tablet map in his hand.

- To the left is the test site, but did not say what the test field is; to the right is the confidential biochemical data room, the important level is the red S grade.

Zhou Hao couldn't decide which direction to take, and suddenly the spring grass ears moved: "There is a voice."

In the darkness, Zhang Yingjie’s heavy wheezing was a strong meal.

Upstairs gradually came to the movement, listening to the sound seems to have a group of people rumbling from far and near, or from the special forces are very familiar with the silence |

As soon as the three people looked up, the movement had already rolled over their heads in a few seconds, and the ceiling swayed with countless tiny dust.

"..." Zhou Hao suddenly realized what, his face suddenly changed: "Mom! Don't!"

But his roar did not help.

The gunshots on the top of the head were loud, and the battle was almost like a missile explosion. The reinforced concrete ceiling collapsed, and Zhou Wei, Chun Cao and Zhang Yingjie climbed four times and the other three special forces wrapped up the broken bricks and descended from the sky!Yan Hao landed and rolled up, screaming and screaming: "Don't let them down! Open fire! Open fire!! Captain?!"

Zhou Hao can't wait to give him a kick on the spot, but it's too late. A steady stream of zombies followed them, falling from the ceiling of the big hole and spreading to the surrounding area!

Zhou Yan screamed and yelled: "What are you doing here?!"

Guo Weixiang: "Support you!"

Zhou Wei: "Get out of the way!"

Ding Shi: "... chased by zombies!"

Yan Hao squatted with a heavy assault step | gun, picking up a half-human high ammunition bag, and turned back and shouted: "No way to go! Only wear the floor! Don't say, it's an accident!"

Zhou Hao put his ammunition bag in his arms and grabbed his hand in the chaos. Lei, throwing it on the ceiling like a dumpling, roaring: "All down -!"

The rumbling thunderous bang, the half of the corridor above the head collapsed.

The six people who had finally joined together had not had time to reconcile the old, and the shock wave generated by the explosion was pushed in different directions. Then the steel bricks fell like a rainstorm, and the road was blocked.

After a few tens of seconds, the vibration stopped and the dust spread in the darkness.

"Cough and cough..." Zhou Wei pushed hard to push down his broken bricks, and the wolf picked up:

"Are you still alive?"

For a long time, I heard that there was a sigh in front of me. Hey, it’s a spring grass prostitute who can’t die: “Live...”

Zhou Wei increased the volume: "Ying Jie! Yan Hao! Xiangzi! Ding Shi! Still alive?!"

"Hey..." Right ahead is Guo Weixiang: "My arm is dislocated..."

Ding Shi: "...hey..."

Zhou Wei: "Disarming yourself to solve!" Speaking and shooting a few dead and dead zombies around, and playing a flashlight.

They were rushed to the right side of the road, the confidential information room - if Yan Hao and Zhang Yingjie were not crushed, they should go to the opposite test site.

Zhou Wei tried to make a few calls and did not respond.

In front of him, the channel was blocked by the collapsed concrete block, and there was no way to know how many zombies were in the ruins. Behind him, the alloy corridors are endless, they have entered the center of the E area, and then the core of the blockade is the secret biochemical data room.

Zhou Wei’s flashlight fell on his side.

Although the alloy corridor was full of ruins, the walls and ceilings were not damaged, and there was no trace of violent destruction. That is to say, when Sinan was chased by the zombie orangutan to the fork, he chose the ruins at the moment. Another way to block.

He went to the test site.

Zhou Hao raised a large piece of broken piece and threw it to the side. He picked up the steel bar and moved it to the side.

He was like a trapped beast trying to hit a road in a cage. He gasped and hoarse eyes and flushed. After a long time, he staggered and stood up, staring at the ruins that could not see the top, and then suddenly awake.


He gave himself a slap in the hand.

Spring grass is walking behind him, and he stops and stops: "Hey, hey..."

Zhou Hao back to her, half a squat slowly turned back, the face has returned to calm, only the tail sounds with a pain after the hard to hide the hoarse:

“All staff are ready to go to the confidential information room.”"After blasting, collect all virus research data and original antibodies, and set off."


At the same time, on the other side of the fork, Yan Hao licked his teeth and gnashed his teeth: "英杰?"

Zhang Yingjie has climbed up from the broken bricks in the floor, and is relying on the roots of the wall to cough up blood. Yan Hao thought that he was crushed by the internal organs, and he squatted in the past. Before he even had time to open his mouth, he was pushed by Zhang Yingjie.


Wow, Zhang Yingjie vomited a lot of black blood!

Yan Hao was shocked.

Zhang Yingjie barely raised his head, and there was a rough breath in the chest. His face was already gray, his eyes were covered with red silk, his eyes were blue and purple, and his lips were full of chapped hair.

"I... I won’t recognize you if I wait..." Zhang Yingjie pointed to his temple and smirked: "Give me a knife from here, clean..."

Yan Hao’s expression was blank, and his lips shook and shook his head.

"I didn't come and swear a few words, but I finally met everyone, but fortunately you all..."

Zhang Yingjie’s voice did not fall, and Yan Hao threw himself down and hugged him tightly.

Yan Hao couldn't make a sound, his shoulders and even his arms trembled violently, and the tears burst out.

In fact, Zhang Yingjie’s consciousness has been a little embarrassed at this time. He wants to push Yan Hao out, but in this tens of meters deep dark ground, in the hell of the smoke, the hot cuddle and tears of his comrades make it difficult for him to raise his hands. .

For a long while, he finally trembled and patted Yan Hao’s back.

"Don't be like this, at least everyone is still okay... at least everyone is still there, 118 is still in preparation, isn't it?"

"You have to complete the task," Zhang Yingjie choked and said, "You must bring the information and antibodies out. Do you know that you will arrive in the South China Sea, and wait for the headquarters to develop a vaccine, the whole country, the whole earth..."

Yan Hao burst into tears.

"You listen to me, Yan Hao!" Zhang Yingjie pushed him away and stared at his eyes and said: "You can't do this. Why did you know that you had airborne to be the captain? Because you are careful, You are not willing, you always care about everyone... What if my brother is now? He will never waste time crying!"

"Get up, go forward!" Zhang Yingjie stood up hard against the wall, looking at the front, gritted his teeth: "My soldier's mission has not been completed, how can I die in this place!"

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