By Huai Shang

Chapter 21 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Chapter 21

In the communication area covering a few hundred square meters, the bullets flew across the street, and the splattered glass and shredded bricks were everywhere. The whole screen was scanned into powder, and the laser night vision mirror was in addition to the foggy depth. Green, almost nothing can be seen.

Chuncao struggled to climb the top of the host, leaping on the fire and trying to jump on the back of the zombie orangutan. But when she was still in the air, she was hit by an orangutan, and the shells fell straight out!


Zhou Hao's face is full of blood, and the strong Alpha pheromone greatly stimulates the madness of the zombie beast. It disregarded the charge of the intense fire-breathing in the south of Sinan. The gun, one foot took the equipment and the iron frame into pieces, and took a shot to Zhou Wei.

After Zhou Yulian rolled up and crawled back, the corner of his eyes saw eight | nine heavy machine guns were pressed into the ruins, rolled on the spot to reach out, this is actually not shaken!

Just when he was about to be photographed as a meat mud, suddenly there was a strong force coming from the side. Some people slanted and slammed it around, pulling Zhou Wei for several laps, and the orangutan’s forefoot clung to his ear. Broken the ground.


Zhang Yingjie is breathless and seems very uncomfortable: "Fast, fast running..."

Zhou Hao pulled him up, and he couldn’t stand it. The orangutan’s forearm in the floor was swept away like a liberation truck, and they both flew at the same time!

For the first time in his life, Sinan felt such a strong anger: "Zhou 戎!!"

At this time, the guns were full of guns, and the visual conditions were extremely poor. After a few steps, I could not see anything at all. Sinan couldn't tell if Zhou Wei had been torn into pieces by the orangutan. In the midst of anxiousness, he had to press forward, charge | gunshots.

No bullets!

The firing rate of the 1250RPM was so that the gun burned out the red visible to the naked eye, and there was a bullet on his body, but it was too late.

Just one second of this dumb fire, the orangutan chased the direction of Zhou Ying Zhang Yingjie flying out, and chased the past!

Sinan gasped sharply, and at that moment his brain had a rare gap, and almost nothing was thought of.

He backhanded out the tactical bag and took out the explosives that had just been blasted, throwing them at the orangutan, and taking out the dagger in the palm of your hand!

Black fire|medicine hit the back of the orangutan, and the explosion made a series of loud noises. Immediately, it shook the flesh and blood, and the attention turned back.

Sinan's chest undulating, open palms and blood, staring at the murderous eyes of the zombies, step by step back.

Although there is no theory, it is a well-established fact that zombies have a chasing instinct for A/O pheromones and are more sensitive to Omega pheromones.

The strength of pheromone is directly proportional to sex hormones, but the ability to capture each other's pheromones varies from person to person. For example, Zhou Hao's Alpha pheromone atmosphere is very strong, and the ability to capture Omega pheromones is very general; Sinan's situation is exactly the opposite.

Sinan is extremely sensitive to Alpha pheromones and has strong side effects, but his own pheromone is very weak – this is actually the relationship between inhibitors.There was a very brief silence around. Spring grass climbed up from a few tens of meters away, and on the other side of the communication hall, Zhou Hao supported the body with his elbows, and his blood was full of faces.

Two seconds later.

The orangutan shouted in the sky and did not hesitate to rush to Sinan!

Sinan turned around and ran, lightning rushed out of the hall, and the ground trembled behind him, and the zombie orangutan followed up!

"I fucking fuck..." Zhou Wei stood up with rubble and staggered and stood up. Finally, he pulled out the eight-nine heavy machine gun from countless heavy objects and hoarsely on the side of the armored bomb: "Grass! Yingjie! Still alive?"

The opening of the spring grass is a bloody cough: "How to go with Sinan, chase... cough and cough!"

Zhou Hao reached out to pull Zhang Yingjie, but when he first encountered it, he only saw Zhang Yingjie shocked like a shock, and then avoided.

"What's wrong?" Zhou asked.

Outside the corridor, the screaming of the zombie orangutan is getting farther and farther. The time is extremely tight. In the low light, only Zhang Yingjie’s face is dark and gray, his lips are chapped, and his eyes are thick and dark.

He finally gave up what he liked and smiled shortly:

"You shouldn't save me, my brother. I am infected."

I breathe a week.

Zhang Yingjie opened his trousers and saw that there was a piece of flesh and blood on the edge of the sock. The groundwater was soaked in purple and black, and it had begun to fester.

"What is your look, brother?" Zhang Yingjie said with a smile: "Don't do this, come, give me a gun... Finally, don't waste this time, let me accompany you again."

"The warrior should not commit suicide, nor will it become a monster. Let me die as a soldier."


Si Nan hurried down the stairs, grabbed the handrail just after landing, and took the opportunity to turn over and jump to the next layer - his palm just released from the escalator, the next moment the iron escalator was knocked out by the zombie orangutan!

After rushing out of the communication office, he did not go back to the road, but rushed into the corridor from the opposite direction. Although it is impossible to choose a path in Cangjie, the invisible narrow corridor space has a certain obstacle to the zombie orangutan.

He ran out of the corridor and plunged into the hallway. After five or six seconds, the orangutan roared and smashed the floor and chased it down.

In the rapid running, Zhongnan couldn't see the things around him, even the gap between the backhand guns. He didn't know that his limit speed could be so fast. He had encountered a few zombies on the way, and he was rushed by speed.

Omega pheromones strongly stimulate the predation of orangutans. Giant monsters that are more than four meters high and weigh several tons are like road rollers. The rumbling is crushed down, and all the subsequent zombies are crushed into dripping blood. !

A few twists and turns of the corridor came to an end, facing a fork in the road, and the left and right were shrouded in rich darkness.

Sinan's footsteps were slow, and there was no more than six hours of intense exercise. The visceral convulsions caused unbearable pain.

With the pause of 0:01, the zombie orangutan rushed from behind and immediately slammed Sinan on the wall!

Snoring loudly, Sinan squirted a large amount of blood.He felt that he was hit by a tank, and the intense pain drowned all the senses. In the dizziness, he rolled off the ground from the wall, and saw the zombie orangutan running towards himself, and the ground beneath him was violently oscillating.

No, he thought.

I still have a lot of important things... It’s a very important thing to do, it can’t end like this.

In fact, he himself did not know where the subconscious came from, and he could not tell what the key task was. Sinan's hands trembled, and he pulled out six | four-handed guns from the back of the waist.

The metal ventilation pipe fell silently, and the zombie orangutan was smashed!

Si Nanqi climbed up, dragging dozens of kilograms of ordnance forward, and quickly rushed to the charge while running. The gun was replaced with a drum. The zombie King Kong was completely irritated. The ventilator was thicker than the thicker ones. It was like a supersonic fighter, and it was just like a supersonic fighter.

The stinking tone has reached the top of the head, and Sinan’s footsteps suddenly turn, stepping on the wall in two steps, and borrowing volley to turn over.

His body flipped in three hundred and sixty degrees in midair, almost close to the top of the orangutan's lower head, and rode on its back neck!

The zombie orangutan squirmed and slammed around, and the wall lamps fell. The fatal bumps caused Sinan to break his blood and bruise his body, but his legs were tightly clasped to the neck of the zombie, and his teeth were used to charge the gun. The gun touched the back of the monster.

Immediately, he pressed the trigger, and the storm-like bullets shot directly into his head!


The extremely high pressure that lasted for more than ten seconds without gaps, so that the charge | the barrel reached the end of the powerful, finally undoubtedly exploded!

At the moment of the explosion, Sinan’s consciousness was extremely embarrassing, and he did not even feel any pain when he was flying out. In the air, his body brought out a blood line, and after flying dozens of meters, he fell straight into the deep pit at the end of the road.

[Biochemical heavy ground, arbitrarily enter the 毙]

The green light in the dark is faintly flashing and bright.

A slamming slammed, Sinan fell to the bottom of the pit, and a blood arrow was ejected.

His ears were covered in blood, and there was a constant flow of heat in his nose, and his body trembled slightly. He tried his best to keep his mind clear, but his vision was getting more and more scattered.

Dark, overwhelming feathers, gently cover up all consciousness.




The woman hurried through the garden, crouched down and hugged the little boy who was facing her: "What are you doing, why not go in?"

In the morning of the haze, the breeze caught the smell of muddy soil. The garden iron frame is dark and green, but the yellow rose has faded. There are only a few dead petals left on the branches of the hard thorn.

"Dad doesn't like me."

The little boy looked at his feet, and the soil that had just been turned over was still fresh. He repeated it in a low voice: "... Dad doesn't like me."

The woman turned his shoulders against the little boy's shoulders, and his beautiful, melancholy eyes stared at his son.

She wore a dark pink silk dress with a deep facial features, a fluffy, slightly curled, light-colored pupil like pure amber. The beauty of the victory over the years is heartbreaking, but when she looks at something, there is always a faint sorrow in her eyes:

"Why, Noah?"The little boy licked his mouth and whispered for a long while: "He caught me."

The woman pulled up her son's hand and gently picked up the sleeves. The scratches on the wrists were shocking, and the flesh and blood were slightly black.

"... Dad is tired." A long time later the woman asked, "He just fell asleep... Go back with his mother."

The little boy no longer resisted, was held by his mother and walked deep into the garden.



"Why is Dad sleeping in a wooden box?"

Not far from the top of the church, stained glass is set on the wall, and the cross pierces the gloomy sky. This time the mother was silent for a long time, only to stop, and leaned over to kiss her son's tender eyebrows:

"One day, my father will leave the wooden box and return to us forever..."

There was a little bit of sadness in her voice, but it was still very soft, saying, "That day will not be too far."



"Cough and cough!"

"Cough!" Sinan slammed out a thick blood, his hands shaking and propping up.

For a few seconds, he didn't know where he was, couldn't remember what happened, and even a short-lived chaos.

But after a few hours of memory flashed back in the past few hours, the pain was also sorely crawling back, the injured internal organs made the trachea paralyzed, and he wowed out the last bit of water in his stomach.

Did the zombie orangutan die?

That is called Zhou Wei... When the slinger is like a soldier, is the guy who is very reliable and rescued saved?

Sinan couldn't stop retching, thinking about Zhou Wei, wandering on the ground and wheezing, slowly sitting up.

Just then, he suddenly heard a voice coming from the front - hehe.

The voice was exceptionally clear in the quiet space, and Si Nan looked up.

This is a circular glass laboratory on the ground with a closed top and a lift to the upper floor. The ring-shaped alloy wall glowed white, reflecting the test site with a large football field in the middle.

It’s another faint and louder – hey!

Sinan looked at the scene in the middle of the test site, the pupil did not consciously tighten, and finally understood what he was awakened in the coma.

That is a coffin.

Black lacquered pine, slightly muddy, seems to have just emerged from the English manor of the last century, and it is simply unpredictable in the test site surrounded by modern biomedical equipment.

What is even more awkward is that a huge silver cross slanted into the sash, and the edge of the cross has a mosaic of leaves, which has been worn and oxidized very much, and almost cut the whole shackle into two parts.


The lid is up to the top.

Boom! !

The soil fell.

Sinan stood up, squatting back, and the chest suddenly fluctuated because of the horrible hunch.

Boom! ! !

Juli let the lid rub and crack, the silver cross fell to the ground, making a heavy impact!

Sinan rushed to the lift, pressed the button, the control panel did not respond!


The heavy clamshell split into two segments, accompanied by the screams of the devil and the beast, and the black shadow in the coffin turned over and sat up!

Sinan watched it closely, and an extremely terrifying guess rose from the bottom of his heart, and the chill shrouded his limbs.

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