By Huai Shang

Chapter 19 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Chapter 19

At the moment of entering the water, there was only one feeling in Zhou Wei - so cold.

The groundwater was icy and bitter. He struggled to get up and down the mountain. He used his helmet to illuminate the light. He saw the shadow of the two groups of Zhang Yingjie not far from the foot. The left and right sides could not get rid of the zombies.

Zhou Wei was afraid to hit Zhang Yingjie. He felt that he had fired a shot after aiming at the zombies, but the underwater shooting caused the bullet angle to be skewed and only hit the back of the zombie!

It doesn't help at all!

The violent action made the oxygen consumption intensify, and Zhang Yingjie’s breath finally couldn’t hold back. The air in the lungs was squeezed out of a series of bubbles, sinking silently and silently.

Zhou Xin’s heart screamed at the mother, decisively dive, and a zombie who was soaked in the water by the giant’s view returned to catch him, and the other head chased Zhang Yingjie.

Zhou Wei’s backhand used the butt to knock back the zombies. The reaction force caused his back to hit the elevator wall and then bounced back. The zombies were stretched out and the mouth that had been melted by the bubble was put together. Zhou Yu used his muzzle to reach the captain, and a shuttle bullet smashed his head!

The zombie dragged the black blood line and quickly sinked. Zhou Wei felt that the oxygen had reached the top, but at this time he did not hesitate to score and headed in the direction of Zhang Yingjie disappearing.

In many drowning situations, jumping wells are the least likely to be rescued. Because the well wall is smooth and there is no force point, it is difficult to struggle to float up in a narrow space; if it is accelerated like Zhou Zhou, the water pressure will rise suddenly, and the oxygen consumption will reach the limit instantly.

The lungs twitched sharply, and Zhou Hao gritted his teeth to hold the last oxygen. Suddenly, the water flow suddenly surged. The zombies who had chased Zhang Yingjie had floated up!

- I fuck!

Zhou Hao’s mind is left with this last thought, bloody, and a punch!

If it is on land, Zhou Wei’s right-handed impact is up to 400 kilograms, and at least the upper ring can kill a small boxing champion. However, the lack of oxygen and water flow contained a considerable part of the blow, and the zombie chest was beaten and collapsed, and then swayed to him.

Zhou Wei was black in front of him, struggling to pick up the gun and pull the trigger!

A few shuttle bullets shot indiscriminately made the bottom of the water turbid, and the body of the zombie blew out numerous cotton-like tissues, and finally drifted away completely.

At this time, Zhou Wei did not even feel the existence of his limbs. He took back the gun, mechanically sinking, his hands trying to figure out, and finally hit a moving foot at the bottom.

Hard bottom military boots, legs, armed with tactical bags... is Zhang Yingjie!

It’s like a strong heart hitting the body instantly, and Zhou Wei puts on the last bit of strength to hold people up and try to lift their legs up.

- Then his feet sank!

Two cold, stiff hands stretched out from the bottom of the elevator shaft and grabbed his ankle.

The water flow slanted upwards, and the sorrowful sorrow of the zombie was lifted up, and the calf trousers smashed the calf of Zhou Wei!


Zhou Hao was crazy and lame, and the water creaked, but the dizziness caused by extreme hypoxia caused him to black out and could not even get out. Struggling with him, this insignificant little action almost ended his life -

Because the throat was slack, the last air in the lungs was instantly smashed, and a lot of bubbles were sprayed out.Is this... is it over?


The glare was laid down from the top, and a figure quickly dive, and when he was with Zhou Wei, he passed by!

Zhou Wei really has reached the end of the strong, the sight of the scatter is almost invisible. The last scene before the coma was that the population bite a dagger and rushed to the zombies, and the lights reflected his cold and handsome face.

- is Sinan.

Zhou Hao closed his eyes and finally lost consciousness completely.


"There is a pulse..."


"Move! He moved!"

Zhou Hao suddenly opened his eyes, struggling to sit up and take a swig of water.

The cough was so faint that it was dark and dark, and almost tore the lungs into pieces and wrap them out of the throat. After a long while, I finally stopped my cough and stopped breathing, hoarse and hoarse: "Engjie..."

Chuncao surprises: "Hey brother is fine! - Hey, Si Xiaonan?!"

Zhou Yiyi looked up and saw that Sinan was on his side. When he heard the words "nothing", he silently fell back.

Zhou Wei was so shocked that he hugged his hand and hugged it, but he saw that Sinan was soaked and pale, and he had passed out.

"Physical overdraft," Chuncao's face was full of exhaustion: "They changed hands and gave you more than ten minutes of artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation."

Zhou Wei leaned against the corner of the wall and put Sinan's head on his abdomen, exhausted and looked around. They have already arrived in the West B area. It should be a staff office. The concrete wall is splashed with blood, the papers on the floor are scattered, the alloy doors are closed, and the zombies are dull and screaming.

Zhang Yingjie was lying still on his side, and he looked like he was dead. He looked at his chest carefully and was slightly undulating regularly.

Zhou Wei opened his mouth and coughed twice. After drowning, his throat was sore and he asked: "What is going on?"

"The elevator shaft has limited space. I am afraid that you can't open it with Si Xiaonan. However, after waiting for two or three minutes, I can't jump. I can only jump and look for it. I found that you were entangled in the zombies. Si Xiaonan smashed the bite with a dagger. The brain of your zombie, then I blasted the electronics, and we were washed out of the elevator shaft by water..."

"But the impact is too big when blasting, you and Yingjie have hit the head," Chuncao looked worriedly at Zhang Yingjie: "It should not be stupid."

What Zhou Xin remembered, looked down at his calf.

The camouflage pants have been bitten and ragged, but the body-style body armor is blessed and the flesh is not injured.

"Inventor has he been killed by zombies..." Zhou Wei whispered.

"No, he was wearing a gas mask when he was rushed out. He must have protected his head and face when he was smashed into the water. But his clothes were bitten, and there were many bruises and bruises in the body. It was too late for a moment. an examination."

Zhou Wei turned over and explored Zhang Yingjie's pulse. Although it was weak but still stable, it was relieved.

Suddenly, he found that Zhang Yingjie had a trace of blood that had not been completely erased under the nose. He suddenly realized what he was doing, and raised his hand to touch his nose. It was also pressured by the water to burst out the blood of the hand. The head was big: "What happened? ?!Sinan just -"

The south side of the secretary's face is on the firm abdominal muscles of the circumference, groggy and unconscious."Hey, you have a big luck today." Chuncao has a weak spirit. "You didn't see the state of Si Xiaonan when you rescued you. He is no longer able to, and his mind is not awake. I suspect that he can I broke your ribs by hand. I told him to take a break and let me change hands. As a result, he couldn’t hear him in the ear..."

Zhou Hao heard it.

"And," Chuncao said sincerely, "The two of you have been dancing with the zombie for so long. The taste is also touching enough. If you say that Si Xiaonan may be fainted by both of you..."

Zhou Hao finally relaxed completely, leaning back against the corner of the wall, and took a long breath.

Although Sinan did not realize the Alpha pheromone, it was still affected physically. It seemed a little uncomfortable in the slumber, and it was always uneasily tossing and turning. Zhou Wei held him up and moved, letting his body lean against his powerful arms and gently tapping his back, trying to appease this way.

After a long time, Sinan finally calmed down slightly, breathing gradually deep, but the eyebrows still wrinkled unconsciously.

He is still very young, because of the mixed blood, the eyebrows are more three-dimensional than ordinary people, and there is a chilly white after the skin is soaked in water.

But his eyebrows had premature lines, as if they were always wrinkled and worried.

Zhou Wei gave him some water, wiped the water with his thumb, and left a slight red mark on the corner of his lips.

"I was negligent. I should have thought of it when I didn't see the car in the elevator shaft." Zhou Wei said lowly: "At the moment when the refuge virus broke out, the elevator car fell directly to the bottom. Some of them did not fall, the wound was soaked in the groundwater containing the virus and became a zombie. It has been moving at the bottom of the elevator shaft... Fortunately everyone is fine, otherwise."

He sounded a meal and didn't say anything more.

"Otherwise, how do you pay for it?" Chuncao lazily smiled: "Don't be stupid, you have life and death, everyone knows this kind of thing."

Zhou Yi laughed and didn't mention this topic. Sinan stunned in his arms and slowly opened his eyes.


Zhou Yan leaned over and only listened to him whispering: "...you have a taste..."

Zhou Hao paused and smiled and patted his face: "The groundwater has been soaked, do you still expect to smell like Chanel No. 5? The taste is normal."

Sinan closed his eyes and opened it again after a while. After repeated several times, he finally woke up and sat up and asked: "What time is it?"

Chuncao is leaning against the opposite side with a condemned gaze to look at her cheap cockroaches. I heard a little bit of the luminous dial: "At half past eleven, it has been five and a half hours since we entered the base."

"Very good, the rest is over, ready to go!" Zhou Yi's ankle on Zhang Yingjie's ass, the latter did not move and fell asleep, and even made a slight snoring.

Zhou Wei had no choice but to let Chuncai squat Zhang Yingjie, and he stood up with the equipment of the spring grass."We are now at the entrance of the base communication office, and the emergency satellite communication room is here." Zhou Wei made a red mark on the map and said: "The straight line is about 200 meters away. It is necessary to cross two corridors and add an alloy safety door. Comrade Xiaosi Responsible for blasting.

"After sending satellite communication, it is expected that E zone can be transferred within two hours. The Bio-virus Institute is here... This is a high-risk area. Don't be in love. If you can't confirm it, you will evacuate immediately. The evacuation route is calculated according to our previous calculation. The light rail station entrance collection, if the Yan Hao group is not completely annihilated, then we can take a new armored car when we go back." Zhou Wei shook the tablet: "-What is the problem?"

No one raised his hand.

Spring grass dragged Zhang Yingjie hard, and the latter could only drag on the ground. Sinan sat cross-legged and rubbed his eyes, and his eyes were red, obviously not fully awake.

"Yes, everyone is very motivated!" Zhou Yiyi clap his hands, and the spirit of the wind said: "Please follow me below, and march towards the dawn of victory!"

Zhou Yiyi turned and suddenly Sinan’s voice came from behind him: "Hey."


Zhou Hao looked back and was hugged before he could say anything.

Sinan’s face was almost buried in Zhou’s neck, and he did not speak or act. He maintained this position for more than ten seconds, and finally looked up and patted Zhou Zhou tightly like a rocky, fine and hot back.

"Great, you are not dead."

Sinan stepped back and looked at Zhou Wei’s eyes and said seriously: "I will not let any of you die."

Then he bent over and picked up the tactical backpack, bypassing Zhou Yi’s motionless body and walking away.

The air has solidified for a long time, and Zhou’s eyes finally glimpse, just like the switch is powered on.

"... Grass," he seemed to be floating in the clouds: "Dad gives you the last chance... Yan Hao and Dad, who are you standing in?"

However, Chuncao looked at him sympathetically and slowly shook his head:

"I only know that in the future, after he discovers that he has been deceived by us, you will be very miserable, and it will be worse than Yan Hao..."

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