By Huai Shang

Chapter 18 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Chapter 18

Spring grass: "This fucking is OK, can the orangutan grow so big?!"

Zhang Yingjie: "The zombies are catching up, what should I do!"

Zhou Wei: "I don't know! Laozi has never been so backed by a mission -!"

Sinan: "... Don't say it, run it."

The zombie orangutan shouted with an earth-shattering roar, and punched the corner of the upper staircase. Four people climbed into the next layer at the same time, and they came face to face with the zombie tide that swayed and swayed.

Chuncao and Zhang Yingjie desperately smashed the zombies, but the former squadron of the dead army had no fear at all, and they stepped closer to them in the rain of bullets.

Zhou Wei backhanded the gorilla and tried to get through the upward path - but in the crowded and chaotic corridor, the ordinary bullet had no effect on the zombies and beasts, but it even angered it and leaped straight to the crowd!

The cement steps could not support the weight of the zombie orangutan, and it was immediately broken into countless stones, and four people flew at the same time.

Spring grass screams: "Hey! Think about it!"

Zhou Hao’s roar rang through the corridor: “Sinan –”

Sinan was heavily heavy, and in the dark, a heavy machine gun was lifted, and a bullet-like bullet was poured on the wall of the corridor!

The extremely compact shooting range allows metal warheads, shells and cement stones to be mixed up in a mess. If the special forces squad is wearing bulletproof vests in the field suits, it has been scratched and bruised.

Rao is such that the other three people are still forced to close by the bullets and can only protect their heads.

When the gunshot stopped, I saw that the concrete wall had been hit into a honeycomb by the machine gun. Sinan kicked a big hole in the wall, which was a passage to the inside of the floor!

Zhou Wei turned and mad at the zombie wave, and said: "You go first, fast! One by one!!"

Sinan, Chuncao, and Zhang Yingjie quickly drilled into the passage. The last one of Zhou Wei, half of the body just entered, felt the back foot tight, and was caught by the zombies. He bit his teeth and smashed a few feet in the dead, and barely broke free and climbed in.


The sight of the zombie orangutan was obviously not visible in the darkness. After suddenly losing the target, it was extremely anxious. It violently smashed the body of several zombies and knocked the crumbling wall into a more terrible crack.

"The wall can't hold it!" Zhou said, "Go!"

The refuge is mainly divided into eleventh floors, but there are narrow partitions and fire layers between the floors. Usually, only the staff members routinely check and the people are not allowed to enter - they are coming in from the corridors.

Four people flew in the empty corridor, suddenly shaking behind the mountain, the entire wall of the corridor was collapsed by the zombie orangutan!

Chuncao ran out of breath: "I said that I would like to play the Resident Evil crisis and mix it into the King Kong copy. I can't do it this time?!"

"It's catching up! It's not a hurry to think of a way!" Zhang Yingjie's shoulder bag, running up and jingling, is simply miserable: "I think you should have armor-piercing ammunition in your bag, don't you cover it?"

Zhou Wei categorically said: "It’s too late! The armor-piercing projectile is at the bottom of the magazine, and it was originally prepared for the Blast Institute!"

"Is this a little bit back this time?!" Spring grass is incredible.Sinan: "When you escape, don't talk so much!"

At the end of the corridor, the four special forces turned sharply at the same time, and suddenly Zhou Wei saw something from the edge of the laser night vision goggles:

"Wait, here!" Zhou Xixi burst into tears in an instant: "- garbage truck!"

At the garbage collection center of the shelter, a compressed garbage truck stopped quietly at the door, emitting an unspeakable smell.

There is always a way out.

Zhang Yingjie shattered the window glass and pulled out two red, two blue and four lines from the steering wheel. The fingers shook slightly and connected one by one.

After a while, the engine roared and the other three flew into the car. At the moment when the zombie orangutan flashed from the other side of the corridor, the truck crashed out!

Zhou Wei sat on the garbage truck and quickly pulled out the armor-piercing projectile from the tactical bag and took over the eight-nine heavy machine gun. Sinan turned around and Zhou Wei took the gun with his shoulder as the fulcrum and squinted his eyes.

Si Nan's stone-like movements did not move, and Zhou Wei's body continued to bump with the truck. In the sight, only the zombie orangutans ran up and down, getting closer and closer to the truck.

On the other side of the car, the spring grass looked at them closely, and they couldn’t scream, and the cold sweat slipped to the sharp chin.

"Hey! Hey! Hey-"

The zombie King Kong jumped up and wrapped in a hurricane!

- If time is still, it will be a very horrible picture.

The zombie orangutan weighs a few tons of body like a hill. The black shadow completely covers the three people on the truck. The claws are covered with blood and carrion, less than a foot from Sinan's eyes.

At this moment, the sight red lights up.

Zhou Hao buckled the trigger.

Hey! !

The huge head of the zombie orangutan bursts and bursts into the sky!

Zhou Hao got up and turned over at the moment he released the trigger. He pressed Sinan under his body and hugged him tightly. The next second gorilla bloody brain sprayed his entire back.

The truck accidentally accelerated to escape, and the zombie orangutan’s headless body fell over in the air, falling heavily behind him, disappearing into the distance in the blink of an eye.


Five minutes later, on the garbage truck.


Sinan exhausted and sat down to sit down, finally unable to spit out anything, barely drank.

Zhou Wei said: "Is it so bad?"


Spring grass turned back and swallowed his mouth, and he said, "Yes, brother."

Zhou Wei retaliated to their side, and the two immediately retired, Chuncao angered: "Don't come over! Keep the distance and you can be a father and a daughter!"

Zhou Wei had a sense of loss that was dismissed. He snooped down from the top of the bucket and knocked on the cab window: "Yingjie! Parking let me go in and sit!"

There was no answer in the cab, and the truck ran smoothly forward, as if nothing had happened.

Zhou Wei reluctantly sat up, the forehead straight, the back of the field suits are all sticky and semi-dry brains, mixed with the garbage in the car that I have not treated for a long time, the taste is simple and direct.

"Comrade Xiaosi," Zhou Yiqing cleared his throat and prepared to start convincing people: "Let's assume a situation.""If it wasn't for the brothers who had protected you, what should be the face of the zombies now? Who should be isolated, disliked, and greatly punished by teammates? In the case of low morale..."

"Geng brother drinks water," Comrade Xiaosi was busy.

Zhou Hao took the water bottle dissatisfiedly, drank two, and almost vomited by his own stench.


“We crossed the barrier from here and arrived in West B after twenty minutes, which is directly above the emergency liaison office. There is a lift dedicated to garbage disposal personnel, which can reach the designated area 60 meters vertically and then proceed. blasting."

Zhou Wei’s finger stopped on the tablet map and made a red mark.

Spring grass raised his hand.

"Comrade Xiao Cao please speak."

Spring grass is far from the other side of the car, and screaming at the scorpion: "If you encounter more King Kong - what to do -!"

"Cool." Zhou Hao cold and cold: "I really thought we were coming for the autumn tour?"

Chuncao couldn't help but groan: "How do you feel that you have been out of the task recently? Is it supposed to kill the Lama Temple?"

Sinan has been holding Zhou Yi's eight-generation single-parent son, sitting on the side of the school to concentrate on the sights, this time suddenly inserted a sentence:

"I always wanted to ask, what is King Kong that you said?"

Zhou Yu looked at him suspiciously, and Sinan returned with a calm and clear look.

"King Kong is an ancient mutant gorilla, Comrade Xiaosi, have you seen Yeouido?"

Sinan shook his head.

"Resident crisis?"

Sinan shook his head again.

"...the counter-strike has always played."

Sinan said: "I don't play games."

Zhou Wei seems to have discovered the New World: "As a teenager who thrives in the 21st century, you actually don't play the game or play the game? Comrade Xiaosi, where is your student life wasted, what pain and unspeakable concealment? Want to talk to the organization?"

Spring grass lazy: "You don't understand the elder brother - Si Xiaonan's appearance, the student era is busy with falling in love, not to see the stars with the pure school girl to see the moon, talk about poetry and songs, life ideal, is to follow Sweet school flowers, watching movies, riding bicycles, hand-held hands, self-study classes, different from your military school birds, hehe--"

Sinan said: "I have not talked about love."

Spring grass: "..."

Zhou Wei: "..."

The air suddenly fell into silence, only to hear the rhythm of the garbage truck.

Half a week, Zhou Wei slowly said: "Although not early love is a good thing... But Comrade Xiaosi, people should occasionally be a little pastime, otherwise the mental stress is too big to be prone to problems... After you say it, you really don't want to find a place where no one is. Do you bite your ears with your brother? It is necessary to relax your body and mind properly."

"I have a pastime." Sinan replied, "Sleep."

After a long time, Chuncao licked his nose and moved to Zhou Wei. He said: "I think he said that sleeping should be sleeping."

Zhou Wei: "I think too."

The garbage truck turned a corner in the empty isolation layer, rushing westward, bypassing the generator set and power distribution room in front, and a staff-specific lift with yellow and black warning tapes in the corner.When the truck stopped, three people on the top jumped off the ground at the same time. Zhou ran with dozens of kilograms of equipment and ran and said, "Do you know? I finally remembered what Comrade Xiaosi gave me. What the White Eagles, It was the one that had played with us for 19 to eight battles last year..."

Spring grass: "Ah! Right!"

Zhang Yingjie: "The foreign devils are forced to work hard and can't do it! Oh, give me the wrench!"

Zhou Wei “snapped” and said, “Which wrench is needed.” He immediately grabbed the door seam by hand, bite his teeth and force the shoulder muscles to rise, and the elevator door was opened.

In the black hole of the elevator shaft, Zhou Wei took a tactical flashlight a few times, and the darkness of the bottomless bottom devours the light, faintly seeing the ripples reflected from the bottom.

“What happened?” Zhou Wei muttered: “Is the groundwater reversing?”

Zhang Yingjie took a small sensor from the pocket of the camouflage pants and threw it into the elevator shaft. After a while, the tablet showed a depth of detection of 57.6 meters.

Their target floor is two meters underwater and requires diving.

"Hey, can't you go down?"

Zhou Wei tried hard to point inside: "Less nonsense, next!"

The spring grass was erected with a hook and the eight suction cups were used to fix the cable head on the wall of the elevator shaft. Zhang Yingjie put on the leather insulated gloves and grabbed the rope and jumped in.

In this order, Zhang Yingjie, Zhou Wei, Sinan, and Chuncao were replaced. The four men lined up from top to bottom, stepping on the wall of the four sides of the southeast and northwest, respectively, and spinning down.

"White Eagles," Zhou said.

Zhou Wei’s long legs slammed on the wall and fell two meters. Zhang Yingjie smiled at his feet: “Before the start of the exercise, these gangs of gangsters can be arrogant, saying that all the fighting machines, no emotions, no emotions, every emotion, every Alpha soldiers are trained to be absolutely obedient to the combat process..."

"I can't look down on our special forces who are idle. The result is not a nineteen to eight." Zhang Yingjie jumped down: "A shame!"

Sinan no expression: "I have a bad image in your heart."

Zhang Yingjie quickly refused to laugh, Zhou Yu sighed: "But their perverted head is still very powerful. After the exercise, they are looking for someone to single-handedly, and the general guidance of 118 is discounted by four ribs - although the act itself is only for the sake of devotion. And... already, Yingjie is ready to dive, Si Xiaonan, have you just smashed me?"

Sinan stopped falling, grabbed the ropes and rubbed his feet on the wall, and concentrated on his gloves, as if he suddenly entered the contemplative mode.

"You are a typical pet arrogant!" Zhou said with anger.

Zhou Wei used a tactical flashlight to see the water under his body. He saw that the black faint did not know how deep it was. He took out the electronic thunder from his trouser pocket. The tube was thrown to Zhang Yingjie: "Be careful, this is our last inventory!" ”

Zhang Yingjie made a "received" gesture: "I can hold on for five minutes, and I will hold it up when I fix it." When he said that he was loose, he jumped into the water.

The elevator door leading to the emergency communication floor is two to three meters below the surface of the water. It is necessary to find a fulcrum to fix the mine | pipe and set the encoder. This work must be done by Zhang Yingjie, who has the best diving performance.Above the water, three people were quietly hanging, like three grasshoppers hanging on a rope.

After a while, Grasshopper couldn’t help but swear:

"Comrade Xiaosi."

Comrade Xiaosi rolled his eyelids.

"Why haven't you talked about love?"

"You don't understand, oh brother." Spring grass hangs on the top, looking at the dark and deep.

"This kind of thing is like getting together after the collection. Those who lament that they haven’t reviewed it at all are definitely sneak peeks into the early morning school. If you believe them, the ranking will teach you how to be a good person. ......"

"And the schoolmaster, they will look at their names in the top five of the grade, shyly said: 'I really did not read!' 'Good luck!' Even: 'How can I regress more than last time? It's 5:00!'--But the purpose of saying this is just to humiliate you, because only you have counted down, only you honestly face the fact that you don't read at all..."

Zhou Hao couldn't help but look up: "The prostitute, although your student days sounded terrible, but the military has always been a military school."

Spring grass: "..."

"I have been the first in the school for four years. I also got a medal for graduation. I found out to show you someday."

Chuncao did not speak for a long time, and his expression was like a thunder.

A slap in the face, Zhang Yingjie emerged from the bottom and smiled: "Okay, I am pulling me! I will go up and detonate again."

Zhou Wei struggled to adjust the posture, stepping on the left and right side walls to fix the body, bending over to pull half of the body sinking in the water, Ying Yingjie - but at this moment the water suddenly floated a series of bubbles , quickly grew from small to small, as if something is going up quickly.

Zhou Xiaomei jumped: "Come up!"

Zhang Yingjie also clearly felt ominous and violently pulled the rope. But just as he was about to get up, the black water suddenly appeared a few white and puffy hands, and they pulled him!



Zhang Yingjie pulled the gun and fired it, but the bullet went into the water and couldn’t hit the target. The whole person in the warehouse was pulled down by the zombies!

Hey! The heavy slamming accompanied by the water arrow shot, I saw that Zhou Yilian did not want to, the backhand pulled the charge from the back | gun, volley jumped into the water.

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