By Huai Shang

Chapter 15 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Chapter 15

"Our car is the most unlikely to find Omega is you," Chuncao commented.

The armored vehicles slammed over the road, and the zombies on both sides of the road heard the sounds, but the dust had gone, driving to the desolate city of B.

"When you said ‘the most’, did you count the comrades’ temporary comrades in the squad?” Zhou asked.

Zhang Yingjie, who was sitting in the front passenger's seat on the co-pilot, looked back and smiled. "Hey, I don't understand. The beautiful-looking Beta is most popular with Omega. It is gentle and respectful..."

Zhou Wei pointed out that Sinan was dissatisfied: "Which point does he look gentle? Which respect?!"

Sinan's arms were holding Uz micro-crushing | sharp guns, and the head rested on the swaying car wall with closed eyes and false eyes.

"Si Xiaonan is estimated to be a little bit too good." Chuncao objectively and impartially evaluated: "The best thing to look for is either Yanhao or Xiangzi. Yanhao doesn't say much, and his face is good, and he is born with a deep affection and depression. Grass temperament is absolutely enough to meet the requirements of gentle O respect."

Yan Hao took the steering wheel and said with courtesy: "Thank you for your organization."

"Xiangzi is simple. You can use the background to bully the male tyrants. You can't use the money." Chuncao said with a sigh of relief: "Yes, Xiangzi, who will bring us to my brother, everyone together..."

Zhou Wei, Yan Hao, Zhang Yingjie and Xiao Xiaohe listened to the unspoken Ding Shi and his face changed dramatically: "Don't mention -!"

However, it is already late.

Guo Weixiang turned back and said slowly: "I know that you are recruiting me for this..."

"It’s sick again," Zhou said helplessly.

In the urban area of ​​B, the endless long streets are empty, and the road is full of blackened corpses, and the rancid smell is disgusting. The fly covered the carrion and the sewer, and slammed when the vehicle passed.

The shop windows on both sides were completely broken, the containers collapsed, and the sundries were everywhere, as if they had experienced a violent catastrophe.

"I am pulling the whole team back, what do you say?"

Guo Weixiang was very emotional and full of grief, and his fingers passed from the face of the whole car. Sinan, who was sitting on his side, had quietly moved three feet. Now he is sitting on the side of Ding’s body, holding the arm in the same position as before, and the angle of the head is not changed.

"When I entered the team, I knew why I had picked me over a thousand applications. Is there really nothing tricky? Why didn't I kick me when the first assessment failed? I really don't want to find someone through you. ?"

"You said that apart from the failure of the first assessment, there is still no point enough to meet the requirements of the 118 units. Has my performance been obvious to all these years? I feel that I am qualified to stay at 118 from any angle. Why is it from childhood? Big, people only see my family, no one recognizes my own ability and value?!"

"Have he been psychologically traumatized..." Chuncao whispered.

The whole team made a neat pair of her shaking her head. Zhou Wei whispered: "It is estimated to be born."

"So he used to be sick before?"

"I made it three times after entering the team. I didn't have you for the first time. The third time you didn't see your vacation.""You don't treat me as an upright warrior." Guo Weixiang smashed the iron and concluded that:

"You look at me wearing colored glasses. I feel that I am a second-generation official. I can't eat hard. Sooner or later, I have to report myself to the team. You feel that I am giving a higher-level face to my superiors, and I have a wide family relationship. I can understand it through me. Omega, it's best to help the team get off the table. You deny my value as a part of the 118 unit, although I..."

Guo Shaoye was so passionate and full of people.

"But," Suddenly Shinan opened his eyes and said seriously: "You can't take it off yourself."

Dead silence.

Sinan said: "You still want to be a big cock."

Zhou Wei stopped it and closed his eyes desperately.

Yan Hao turned back from the driver's seat, stretched his neck and looked at Guo Weixiang's face, and then slowly raised the steel plate that cut off the cab and the rear cabin.


B city is like a huge, fleshy beast between heaven and earth. The streets and alleys are the intricate blood vessels in it. The deeper the city, the closer to the terrible heart of the monster.

The direction of the main road out of the city was tightly packed with cars, and the zombies in twos and threes were in the middle of an endless traffic jam. The owner who had no time to escape was killed in the driver's seat, and half of his body was caught by a seat belt, shaking his face with a gray and gray face.

The direction of entering the city was slightly better. Although the retrograde vehicles were horizontal and vertical, they were all crushed or circumvented by Yan Hao's superb car skills. When the expressway was down, the collapsed overpass was blocked.

"What to do," Yan Hao asked. "Turn back and go back and find the way?"

"GPS hung up, the key moment still depends on the Beidou..." Zhang Yingjie slammed open the military tablet computer, and shook his head after a moment: "No, the nearest road has to go around for two hours, and it is not allowed to be occupied by the zombie army." Yan Hao, you are a local, come and see if Beidou is still not allowed?"

Yan Hao positioned for a long time, Qidao: "Yes! There seems to be a ground monitoring station that can be run, it is worth celebrating with firecrackers!"

Yan Hao cautiously looked at the rear compartment, Xiangzi has already erupted, Zhou Wei is sitting beside him, holding his shoulder in one hand, bitterly persuaded the education.

Everyone on the side was sleepy, Yan Hao lowered the steel baffle and asked: "Who would like to celebrate the event that our Beidou satellite ground station is surviving, and point a gun to blow up the ruins in front?"

Zhou Yiru was stunned and raised his hand: "I, I, I!"

Everyone stared at him and brushed his eyes. In the focus of the eyes, Sinan, who had been closed for a long time after igniting the war, finally couldn’t hold it down. He coughed and stood up, slamming the tactical bag and getting off the car.

Blasting is a very sophisticated technique. Sinan took out the plastic explosive he made with nitrocellulose, nitrification, glycerin, soap, rubber, chewed chewing gum, carefully loaded into the gap between the walls of the bricks, using black fire | medicine as a detonator, and then jumped off the ruins. Polished the military matches.

He walked toward the armored car and gently dropped the match to his back.

The flames drawn a beautiful arc in the air and fell into the ruins.

The next explosion was shocking, and the wind slammed the clothes of Sinan!His shoulder bag, one-handed pocket, handsome face without expression, back to the sky flames to the door. Zhou Xiao smiled and said: "You see him forced to do this..." Immediately, Huo Ran got up, and even the roar changed:

"Sinan! Run--"

The voice did not fall, a huge scream accompanied by violent shaking, rising from the center of the explosion!

The airflow instantly rushed Sinan out, and slammed a loud noise. The whole man's large characters took a dozen or so steps outside the armored front!

Sinan only felt a whirlwind, black eyes, nose and blood rushing out.

But at this time he didn't have time to feel the pain, and the moment of vision recovery, through the blurred front window, he saw the stunned expression of Yan Hao and Zhang Yingjie in the cab - both of them looked at him behind, it seems I saw an incredible sight.

Si Nan licked his nose and turned his head back.

A two-story black shadow wrapped in countless gravel rose from the ground, the whole body went up and down the flames, the painful roar rang through the road, and every lower chest collapsed countless carrion, raining down the ground.

Hey! ! !

Zhou Yiyi was on the top of the car, holding up the eight-nine heavy machine gun, and slammed it!

The bullet belt was quickly wound into the bombing machine, and the metal shell was splashed on the ground. The black shadow screamed in the storm-like bullets, lifted his feet, and took a step forward!

Yan Hao rushed into the rear compartment, pulled out the armor-piercing blasting bomb and threw it to the roof of the car. Zhou Wei did not look at it, and steadily caught it and filled it into the bomber.

Then Yan Hao rushed to the front of the car, going to Rasnan, but in the chaos, he saw only the other side of the Sinan Road leaping, rolling in and hiding in the green belt, and hugged his head.

When the millennium came, Yan Hao couldn’t wait to rush, and had to kneel down to protect his head.

The next moment, the trigger is pulled, and the armor-piercing blaster screams through the sky and shoots the monster!


The monster didn't even scream, and the body was heavy on the ground, and finally it didn't move.

The flame burned on the carrion and made a slight popping sound. The ruins have been razed to the ground, and the special forces have been frightened and have jumped from the armored vehicles.

Yan Hao staggered and stood up, licking the head that was shocked by the shock, and wanted to go to Fusin.

Who knows that he just took a step toward the roadside, just listened to Sinan and screamed: "Stop!"


Sinan slammed his nose back and forth: "Don't come over!"

Yan Hao hesitated to live.

"When the public is forced to fail, it takes a few minutes to cool off..." Chuncao patted his shoulder from behind, whispering: "Let him be angry and angry."

Yan Hao: "..."


The flames gradually went out, the rancid smell mixed with the smoke filled the entire road, and the shock waves of the zombies exploding within a few hundred meters were swept away.

The tarmac road was pitted, emitting a horrible crack of the turtle and extending to dozens of meters.

Sinan finally washed the nosebleeds with mineral water, and while walking through the nose, I saw everyone around the huge carrion. Zhou Wei used the punching gun to shake the remaining head tissue of the monster, softly Said: "The orangutan."

Spring grass stunned: "King Kong?!"

Yan Hao is full of suspicion: "How is it possible? It is infected at first sight."The giant chimpanzee rots, the hair falls off, and the bones are exposed to the limbs, giving off the unique smell of the zombie. The stench is actually very shocking, but no one can care about it at the moment.

Everyone is unbelievable, and at the same time, there is a horrible conjecture.

"If the zombie virus infects the animal..." Yan Hao muttered. "No, I have never seen other animals infected along the way. Rats, insects, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs... these are all around the zombies, nor I have heard of the record of zombies attacking humans."

Zhang Yingjie also frowned. "And how can the virus make the carrier mutate into King Kong? Is the virus itself evolved? Impossible, the evolutionary direction is completely wrong."

"Really a chimpanzee, you are not mistaken?"

“Chimpanzees and humans have very high genetic similarities, and may also be in terms of viral infections...”

Zhou Wei ignored the surrounding arguments and walked toward the forefoot of the zombie orangutan.

He put on all-finger black leather gloves, tightened it tightly, and began to look over the dirty, rancid hair. Sinan came over and squatted beside him, watching without a word, and after a while Zhou Wei finally found what he was looking for.

- The zombie orangutan's right forelimb is near the end of the palm, and a thin metal chain is stuck in the hair. Because the chain has now become very tight, it is deeply trapped in the black flesh.

Zhou Wei used two fingers to hold the chain and gestured to Si Nan.

Sinan pulled out the military scorpion from the side of the thigh, and cut off the metal chain with a knife. The flesh-and-blooded stainless steel nameplate slammed into the ground.

"E group number seven is 1998." Zhou Wei gently read.

Sinan asked: "What do you mean?"

Zhou Wei put the nameplate with the stamp on the palm of his hand and whispered: "Laboratory code. Some people used chimpanzees as carriers to study antiviral vaccines. As a result, the virus was alienated and accidentally played off..."

He slowly stood up and looked north.

At the end of the road, the smoke is rolling, and the city of death is separated by a large part of it. It is the B military area buried by the ruins.

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