By Huai Shang

Chapter 14 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Chapter 14

"Sinan!" Yan Hao knocked on the window and asked: "Is it free? Do you want to go out and walk?"

In the middle of the empty factory building, Sinan did not know where to find an egg beater. He was quickly stirring a pot of black grease-like substance, and there was a strong smell of kerosene around him. He stopped to move and waved to Yan Hao. Come in.

This is the first time an outsider has been allowed to enter his studio. Yan Hao can't help but be flattered: "You are..."

Sinan handed him the eggbeater and the iron basin, and briefly told him: "Strongly."

Yan Hao was confused and had to hold the washbasin for a long time. Both arms were too sour to lift, and Sinan was satisfied: "Yes, go out, don't talk."

"what is this?"

"Black fire | medicine."

Yan Hao: "..."

Yan Hao originally wanted to go to Sinan to discuss whether he would go to the B military area with the special forces squad. However, Sinan was obviously indifferent to his own destination. Yan Hao had to leave and talked with Zhou Wei on his own.

In the autumn, the blue sky is wide, and Sinan puts the black fire in the factory. The medicine is laid in the shade of the factory. It is waiting for the kerosene to dry naturally. Suddenly, I heard a light and rapid footstep, and the probe looked out the back window.

Behind the factory building is a secluded path. The east side is ten minutes away from the anhydrous ammonia storage and treatment pool, and the west side leads to the canteen. A young girl wearing an apron was flustered and wandered around the corner of the path. Her face was a little pale and horrified, and she suddenly saw Sinan, and her footsteps were on time.

"?" Sinan stared at her and recognized Wu Xinyi.

Wu Xinzhen ran in two steps and made two steps.

Probably just arrived at the fertilizer plant that Sinan said "six months, can't beat", left a deep impression on Wu Xinyi, this girl has always disliked him, often walk around the road. Sinan didn't know what happened, but she didn't seem to be bitten by the zombies to eat people. She opened the window from inside, held her hand and held it in.

Wu Xinyi turned the window back and squatted on the ground, and pulled Sinan down.

"Oh..." she said softly.

Sinan frowned, only heard the footsteps on the small road outside the window, but this time it was much heavier. There was a man who was screaming and screaming "Hey!": "I was still there, where did I go?"

Another male with an accent said, "Where is this?" Then he stepped closer and glanced at the back window of the factory. He did not see Sinan and Wu Xinyu hiding in the shadow of the window sill. ""

"Mom, that girl is going fast."

"You also save trouble, Feng said that don't move this group of people, you forgot?"

It was Feng Wentai's two bodyguards, and Si Nan's eyes passed a hint of haze.

The two of them learned about Soso for a while, probably with a cigarette. The person who had previously opened the dissatisfaction said: "I can't do it when I look for her. I don't know if it is acceptable. Feng always cares about the soldiers." Very good."

With a accent, "唔".

"You said," the man slammed his voice in disbelief: "A few of them are special forces?"

"What, do you think so?""Several Betas are so mad, they don't look right. Isn't Alpha able to choose special forces this year? I suspect they are Guo Jiayang's men. Now that the world is in chaos, they come out and swindle and swindle, and Feng also stunned..."

"I don't want to stop, as long as there is a way to get us into the shelter."

The two complained a few words casually, and the whole person of Sinan was hiding in the small space under the window sill and slightly narrowed his eyes.

"Right," suddenly the hoarse thought of something, said: "Don Feng asked Lu Hui to apologize, and Lu Hui was kicked by the mother of the girl, and they looked for these two days. People are in trouble."

"Is this the case?"

"Well. Calling me to say that it is also a shameful face. Even a weak chicken-like kid can't stop it. No one will pull the kid over to learn the lesson... I think he looks like Omega. Don't be a fight for drugs..."

"What, still want to go back the door?"

The two laughed with awkwardness, and after a few other words, the footsteps finally drifted away.

Wu Xinyan looked pale and white, and shivered to the side. I saw that Sinan's eyebrows were extremely tight, and the pupils were picked up, and the eyes showed a sharp pick.


She hadn't finished yet, only to see the Sinan index finger lift, it was a stop gesture, pulling her whirlwind out of the factory door.

"This is the car key. If there is something wrong, everyone will be evacuated. The spare materials have been placed in the bus in advance. The pregnant woman is very troublesome, and we will come back from the military area for up to a week..."

Zhou Yizheng carefully explained the matter to Dr. Zheng. Suddenly, Sinan pushed in the door and pulled Wu Xinyu, who was trotting all the way. He didn’t say anything. He directly pulled out the six-four-handed hand with Zhou Wen’s waist. | Gun.

"Hey!" Zhou Wei was furious: "What are you doing? Come back!"

Sinan turned back and put his hand into Zhou’s trouser pocket to pick up a large string of warehouse keys and walked out.

Fortunately, this week, Zhou Hao grabbed his wrist in time: "What is it, where are you going? Are you robbing you?"

Sinan coldly said: "Don't worry, it's not your business."

He broke his hand and broke Zhou Wei's clamp. He took Wu Xinyi and turned around and went straight to the garage.

Zhou Hao chased the door in two steps, and wanted to marry him, but looking at the back of Wu Xinyi stumbling, he seemed to suddenly realize what he was suddenly silent.

"...cut, this kid." Zhou Hao muttered. "I still like girls."

He stood there for a while, his throat seemed to block some hard blocks, and he couldn’t swallow and couldn’t spit it out. For a long while, he rubbed his eyebrows hard, and covered up what it was with the sting, and smiled back: "Let you laugh."

Dr. Zheng stopped talking and nodded.

"Get on the bus," Sinan.

Wu Xin’s hands and feet were used to climb the high-caliber cab of the biochemical armored vehicle. He was frightened and asked: “Where are we going?”

Si Nan slammed the door and started the car. He said, "Nothing."The biochemical car opened the garage, turned around in the open space, turned around and bypassed the factory canteen, and drove to the inaccessible anhydrous ammonia treatment workshop. After a few minutes along the gravel road, Wu Xinzhen almost fainted the car, and then stopped in front of a dilapidated masonry building.

"I cleaned the zombies last week and found this place." Sinan jumped off the bus and asked, "How long has he been entangled with you?"

Wu Xin’s courage was a little more trembling: “From here, from that group of people, it’s only a few days...”

This is the garage of the waste transport truck, surrounded by unpleasant ammonia, the green iron door has been rusted, I do not know how long it has been abandoned. Sinan stepped on the rubbish bin and turned in from the back window full of dust and cobwebs before opening the front door and indicating that Wu Xinyu came in.

"The garage door is battery-controlled, the switch is here. It's not very clean inside, it will be cleaned and the person will be fine."

Wu Xinyi held her arms and looked around with fear and curiosity.

The garage wall has large pieces of water and moldy traces, the corners are full of debris, and the ground is covered with thick dust. Sinan moved two boxes of mineral water, instant noodles, blankets, etc. from the biochemical car, and then took out the six|four-style and took it into the hands of Wu Xinyu:

"After we left, if something happened, take your pregnant friend to hide here."

Wu Xinyan’s breathing was almost stagnant, and she felt that her hands were holding a piece of hot charcoal: “I, I, I, I don’t dare to open...”

Sinan turned to her, patted her arm, raised her hand with her hand, and pointed at the sky "Hey!"

After the seat force pushed Wu Xinyi a cockroach, the shell slammed into the ground, Sinan encouraged: "Now you dare."

Wu Xin’s brain was blank and chaotic. After a while, her lips trembled and nodded hard.


"Do not tell anyone in this place, including your pregnant woman friend." When he went back, Sinan drove and looked at the gravel road in front of him. He said, "Don't avoid those people in the past few days, don't create a frontal conflict. When I leave, I am leaving. Prepare some supplies for you."

Wu Xinyi turned his head, and Si Nanchang’s curly eyelids were drooping. His eyes were always silent and focused, sometimes giving him the illusion that he didn’t have any emotions.

"You..." Wu Xin opened his mouth and shouted: "You are not afraid of them...?"

"Not afraid."

Wu Xinyi changed a more direct question, but the voice was lighter: "...they who said you, is it true?"

This time, Sinan licked her from the corner of her eye and did not answer.

So Wu Xin’s hundred claws scratched his heart, and the invisible villain in his mind had already grasped Sinan’s shoulders and swayed countless times.

Until they drove back to the factory, Sinan stopped the biochemical armored vehicle and locked the door, suddenly beckoning her.

Wu Xinwei: "?"

She looked at the brick wall along Sinan's fingers, and suddenly the wind swept away - hehe!

Wu Xinzhen was full of spirits, only to see Sinan punching the wall, the red brick instantly cracked, and then silently broke the crack of the turtle half a meter in diameter.

"What do you think?" Sinan calmly said.

Si Nan threw the key up and down, and Shiran went away, leaving Wu Xinyi to worry about the big hole in the fist on the wall.

·Zhou Wei sent away Dr. Zheng, who had repeatedly ordered the military order, and sat alone in the director's office, deeply trapped in the armchair.

Outside the window is a calm blue sky in the afternoon. The sound of people training and talking in the front yard is wrapped in the wind and faintly. Zhou Hao habitually touched the cigarette case at hand. This is his last stock. He sniffed for a long time before putting it on the nose.


Zhou Yan slowly swallowed out the lighter. At this moment, the office door was pushed open, and Sinan threw a large number of keys.

"Hey!" Fortunately, Zhou Yan’s eyes were fast, and the swivel chair was smashed and smashed: "--what is it?"

Sinan did not understand, said: "Well."

Zhou Wei looked at the words and thought about it. After thinking about it for a long time, he asked: "Would you like to go to the military region with us?"

Sinan said: "Well."

"..." Zhou Wei tried to say: "Do you like that girl?"

Sinan is going to go, and it’s quite inexplicable to stop talking. “I don’t like it, how?”

Zhou Yi’s discourse did not know where to start, and he won his forehead: "Then you still..."

"The girl," Sinan looked around the corridor and suddenly lowered his voice. He said very seriously: "She likes Yan Hao, you pay attention."

- At that moment, Sinan's tone can be described as friendly, and Zhou Wei stared at him with a stunned look. Suddenly, the intuition was wrong.

But he had no time to think about what was wrong. Sinan turned back to the factory and stirred his black fire|medicine.


Three days later, Zhou Hao personally finished the last box of bullets and slammed the rear hatch and said: "Go!"

The armored vehicles slowly drove through the factory in the eyes of men, women and children in the courtyard. In the rearview mirror, people were reluctant, grateful, hopeful, fearful and worried. The faces of different colors and colors gradually became smaller.

Six special forces and one extra-combatant were sitting in the car, everyone armed, wearing Kevlar protective clothing, carrying a miniature charge | gun. Zhou Yigang wanted to say something to inspire the atmosphere, but only saw Sinan stand up, slammed the rear door and jumped from the armored car.

Zhou Hao probe went out to say: "Little ancestors, you want to do it again!"

Si Nan rushed to the front of the crowd, Wu Xinyi, from the layered cushion of the one-shoulder tactical bag, a glass bottle etched with numerous cracks and filled with unknown objects was handed to her, shortly:

“Avoid bumps and try to throw away.”

Wu Xinyi is like a soldier who is about to embark on the battlefield. He has seized the bottle of nitrification|glycerin and asked nervously: "If it is not far enough?!"

Sinan was silent for a moment, "Pray."

"..." Wu Xinxi said helplessly: "Then I will take the stone and practice first."

Not far away, Zhou Hao regained his gaze from the window, and sighed, suddenly reaching out to the head of the spring grass: "Grass..."

His cheap prostitute is taking a soft cloth and rubbing the barrel. He doesn’t ask his head: "Hey?"

"Do you say that Dad should go to find an Omega and honestly live?"

The full car people looked up at the same time, and looked at Zhou Wei with great shock. Yan Hao in the cab instantly opened the car with a big S shape.After running back to the car, Sinan grabbed the iron ladder and jumped back to the rear compartment, looking at the crowd very incomprehensible. However, at this time no one took care of his confusion, Chuncao put down the charge | gun, clutched her cheap father's hand, and moved: "Can you not say that Omega will look at you?"

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