By Huai Shang

Chapter 13 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Chapter 13

"Hey," Chuncao said awkwardly: "Fat sheep, this is."

The last wave of autumn tigers simmered on the tarmac, and the zombies in front of the road wandered aimlessly. Zhou Hao slammed on the gas pedal and slammed them into the air, then stopped at the side of the road.

A container truck maintained a rollover posture, the door opened wide, and the cab was covered with black blood.

Yan Hao narrowed his eyes: "Isn't this the car that surnamed Feng last night?"

"I came to me early in the morning and asked if I could borrow a car and let them play Alpha's subjective initiative to clean the zombies in the surrounding area." Zhou Wei took a crowbar and jumped out of the car, the sun reflected in him. On the short hair and sunglasses that are erected, how do you look at the expression is not good: "I know that there is a flaw when I hear it. Are these fools Alpha so diligent?"

Sinan rarely expressed his opinion:


Then the spring grass and Yan Hao's expressions that got off the train were distorted.

"...戎哥 is too shameless," Chuncao whispered.

Yan Hao is in a complicated nod.

"Feng Jiake is a local tycoon, this Feng Shaoye with a bunch of men and women out to escape, can not bring anything in addition to cash?" Zhou Wei locked the steel crowbar to the already distorted container, grabbed with both hands, Lifting his foot against the rear door, sneer: "I want to lie to Laozi’s car to move the goods, the door... all... no--"

Zhou Wei "Hey!", the muscles of the back of the arm bulged, and the container door was opened!

"Is it good to not take the masses and the line?" Yan Hao said.

Zhou Hao threw the crowbar with his hand and pulled the container door open with empty hands. He stepped back two steps in a loud noise:

"It is the duty of the public security department to collect illegal firearms." Zhou Yibin said with courtesy: "I have a duty to perform duties for the B City Public Security Department, thank you."

The containers are densely packed with rice noodles, biscuits, cans and all kinds of materials. There are several guns hanging from the wall of the box. They are all six-four, five-six, and three micro-rushes are thrown on the ground. It’s shocking that there is a big eight. | Nine heavy machine guns.

Yan Hao maintains his open mouth: "..."

"Cow... 牛逼......" Spring grass jumped into the container a few steps, looking at the dozens of boxes of bombs under his feet, and even the sounds were stunned: "There are these people who are afraid of swearing zombies and shooting directly. What did the people run last night? ?"

"Because it is too late." Zhou Wei gave her an answer: "Hundreds of zombies in the night swarmed up, and the psychological quality is not good, it collapses directly. In the chaos, only one swarm is known to run forward. This is a problem of combat literacy."

Yan Hao carefully observed the eight-nine-style, half-squatting with a pilgrimage-like expression touched the barrel, muttering: "I have never seen it since I was selected 118. The troops below are still using it. I thought it was early into the history museum..."

The voice did not fall and gave him a foot: "This is too bad to push, go back and reload!"

Ten minutes later, under the sun, several people carried guns and bullets back and forth, sweating like rain.

"I said, Feng Shaoye can do this. It would not be a robbery of the police station. I heard them say that the city of B is now completely framed. It is not surprising that this group of people did something..."Zhou Wei interrupted the panting spring grass: "No, it should be a private collection. You see that this eight | nine style and micro-crush have been significantly modified, may be purchased privately through the black market channel."

Chuncao knows how to nod. Yan Hao has a 30 kilogram bullet box and slammed two armored vehicles. He said: "The bullets are all in various styles. People who simply collect guns will not have such ammunition. It should be searched from the scrapped military vehicles along the way... Saying that they don’t want to come back and move things? When the arms are gone, how can they be explained?”

Zhou Hao cold and cold: "Which arms, there are arms? How can there be arms in the escape car of Mr. Feng Wentai, the top ten outstanding young people in the country?"

Zhou Wei wrapped a heavy machine gun bullet around him and looked like an Asian version of Stallone. After swaying back to the armored vehicle, he dumped the bullets on the board and slammed. The left and right activities themselves were pressed out of countless deep impressions of the neck.

"The rice noodles in this car can't be moved. I brought Feng Wentai back and let them see for sure the cleanliness of our people's army. As for Feng's several bodyguards, it is useful for me to keep it. In a few days we After setting off to the B Military District..."

Zhou Hao pushed the sunglasses, and the face under the sun was full of sweat, showing a tough outline:

"The temporary shelters were handed over to them, otherwise more than 30 Betas will not be able to survive for a week."

Yan Hao asked: "You are finally willing to take everyone to act together, captain?"

Zhou Wei said: "What can I do? You rely on me to love me."

"..." Yan Hao was silent for a few seconds. "The fertilizer factory can't give it to Feng Wentai. If you encounter something, you can't push others out to the temple?"

Zhou Haozhen cherished the eight-nine-type heavy machine gun, just like holding his eight-generation single-pass son, and even the tone became extraordinarily gentle: "Not afraid, as long as they still want to hold the government thigh, before we return from the military region I dare not do too much. Besides, for their own safety, they have to participate in the protection of the fertilizer plant. When I distribute the materials, I will hand over the key to the doctor named Zheng..."

Zhou Hao suddenly looked up: "How come we are working?!"

The chewing of Sinan and Chuncao stopped at the same time, but it was too late.

Zhou Wei three and five in addition to the second open box, I saw the innermost layer of the container, cheap prostitutes and non-staff combatants squatting, one canned, can eat it.

"..." Zhou Wei took a deep breath and suddenly saw the canned species and was angry at the time:

"You are almost the same! When are you, what caviar to eat?!"

Chun Cao pointed to Sinan: "I, I don't know anything, he said this is worth it, delicious..."

Sinan took a spoon and explained: "I am not in the system, I don't have to listen to you."

Zhou Wei went up and said that he had taken away the cans of the two people. He rushed the spring grass to move things like a chicken, and poked Sinan’s eyebrows: "The canned meat can not be fried, the compressed biscuits are not sandwiched, not all day long. Also hit the idea of ​​a chicken shed, is it necessary to go to the first cow to give you milking? Who is this spoiled?

Sinan glared at him coldly."In half an hour, check all the materials on the container truck, otherwise the cans will be turned over to the country." Zhou Wei patted his head, majestic said: "Go!"

Half an hour later, Yan Hao slammed the mineral water tank back to the ground and wiped the sweat and said, "Two hundred and sixteen."

"Five hundred kilograms," Zhou Hao swayed on the side to record the total weight of the rice bag.

Not far away, Sinan sat in the rear compartment of the armored vehicle and continued to eat his canned food with his feet. This time he changed to a strawberry with sugar and occasionally two spring grasses.

Zhou Hao was exhausted and patted his hands and said: "Well, get back to work!" Then he jumped off the container box and returned to the armored car. When he passed by Sinan, he threw the canned caviar back into his hand.


Feng Wentai came to the revolutionary circle in the front yard of the fertilizer plant. After waiting for the special forces' biochemical armored vehicles to come back, they immediately stood still. Although they tried their best, the eyes still couldn’t conceal their enthusiasm.

"Hey Feng Feng, how about doing it?" Zhou Wei looked out from the car and smiled.

Feng Wentai rushed forward and smiled. He just wanted to say something. Zhou Xiao slowly interrupted him:

"Oh yes, there is something to tell you. We found the truck that you flipped over last night. There are a lot of supplies in it. I wonder if you should move everything back... ”

Feng Wentai’s most worrying thing happened, and his face was slightly stiff.

"Reassured, nothing moved, those rice-faced oil and medicine medical blankets are all there." Zhou Xiao smiled and said: "You can't take the needles and the line of the people, you have to take the initiative to turn in the country."

"..." Feng Wentai immediately said: "It is not so troublesome, the captain of Zhou will help the deaf to turn in."

Zhou Hao of course immediately said that he could not do this. He must be disciplined and cannot personally handle the personal property of the affected people. The two men turned back and forth like a saw, and Feng Wentai won the victory. Zhou Wei was actually retreating. However, it was difficult for him to take over the materials of the 30-year-old asylum seeker.

Feng Wentai started to smile and said: "There is one more thing. It is a military fan. There are some things in the container. It is my personal collection in the past. It has been modified. In fact, there is no lethality..."

Zhou Wei is full of fog: "What?"

"Yes," Feng Wentai seems to be somewhat difficult to say: "When the monks were studying abroad, the fans of the army sent them... a few Uzbek rushes..."

"Oh, that's not seen!" Zhou Yi shot his thigh: "Are you sure you are in the car?"

Feng Wentai nodded.

Zhou Wei regrets: "That is a good thing, definitely give people away. Say, why didn't you tell me last night? If you knew it, I would give it to you last night. How could it still be?"

Despite the premonition, when he saw Zhou Hao’s innocent expression, Feng Wentai immediately caught a bit of old blood.

"--brother," Zhou Yi ignored Feng Wentai's face, forcibly hooked his neck and walked toward the courtyard.

"After two days, we are going to take a trip to B City and go to the military area to find Xiangzi his father. You know, these heads have special refuge, and Minister Guo does not want his grandson to venture outside..."

Feng Wentai contends: "Sure, sure.""We plan to go back and forth in three days, no more than one week. During this time, you and your team may have to be a little tired to help take care of this fertilizer plant. Survivors on the 36th are all saved from the T market. Come out." Zhou Wei stopped and followed Feng Wentai's shoulder and solemnly said: "When we come out from the B military region, we will specifically take the people who are here to accompany us to the refuge."

What Feng Wentai wants to ask, Zhou Wei whispered: "Of course it is not the kind of people's refuge in the concentration camp. How do you know, buddy."

This point Feng Wentai can certainly understand, but he nodded, there is still some hesitation between the look: "The captain of the week will come out from the military region to pick us all, will it be too risky? Let us go together, anyway, the CMB The car is also enough to sit..."

Although the words are good, but Feng’s worry is very obvious – who knows if you will return from the B military area to pick us up?

The firearms have been taken away by you. By then, you will enter the refuge of the head of the savior and enjoy yourself. It is not good to throw everyone into this fertilizer factory.

Zhou Wei sighed heavily in his suspicious eyes: "I don't want to, Feng brother! But the ground in the city of B has basically fallen. If you drive you in, this road is rushing..." He pointed his finger at the direction of the factory dormitory. : "Do you see that pregnant woman?"

Feng Wentai is full of doubts.

"Do you think we are still pregnant with a pregnant woman? That is Xiangzi...that!"

Zhou Wei shook his head in pain and didn't know what to say. "If you don't look at the name of Guo in your stomach, we will go into the military area and go to the fertilizer plant!"

Feng Wentai finally realized that he felt that everything in front of him could not be understood.

"You understand, we can't do anything. But fortunately, the head can send helicopters there. As long as everyone insists that we come back from the military region, the helicopters will be connected, and everyone is safe." Zhou Wei patted Feng Wentai's arm hard. Laughed: "Feng brother, you work hard, this is natural..."

"Understand that everyone is their own, Zhou Xiong does not have to give birth to me." Feng Wentai indulged for a moment, and sincerely said: "Last night, thanks to Zhou Xiong's rescue, your little brother was wronged, it is not a curse. ""

He rushed to wait for the bodyguard at the door of the factory to wave and said: "Let Lu Hui come over."

Lu Hui is the spectacled man, and there is a large scorpion in the throat. He was hit by the elbows on the wall last night, in front of all the people.

"I must let this disappointing man apologize to the little brother," Feng Wentai said incredibly. "This is a very bad thing. You must be effective. Please understand my painstaking efforts..."

The two men reluctantly retreated for a long while, and Zhou Hao lived up to expectations again and again, and had to make it difficult. He turned back and said: "Sinan!"

Sinan turned back from the side of the armored car.

Zhou Wei was very afraid that he was still eating the bottle of sugar and strawberry. He looked carefully and felt that he didn’t have a bottle or a jar in his hand. He waved: "Come here!"Sinan was more obedient to the outsiders in front of the outsiders. He heard the words slowly, and as a result, he looked around in the vicinity, and his lips were covered with a trace of dry pink sugar.

"..." Zhou Yi couldn't help but grab him, and his thumb was heavily wiped.

Sinan turned his head to avoid it, and gave him a cold look.

——The murderous cold in the eyes, so that Zhou Hao instantly remembered in the T city, this person riding a locomotive from the corpse of thousands of horses and horses, the cold and sharp eyes under the helmet, is exactly the same as this moment.

Zhou Xiao’s inner villain immediately surrendered.

"This is the one that pulled you last night." Zhou Yige and his wife smacked Sinan and whispered: "He wants to apologize to you in person, hey, this will bring you over."

Lu Hui was tall and his face was gloomy. It seemed that some people were unwilling to move. They were glanced at by Feng Wentai, and they reluctantly squatted on one leg, and they squatted one leg.

"I was accidentally slippery last night." He was sore throated and his voice was a bit ambiguous. He said, "I'm sorry, my brother doesn't mind."

Sinan stood silently, with no expression on his face.

His silhouette is particularly neat under the outline of the black slim vest, because the legs are very long, the camouflage pants can only wear a large size, the waistband is loosely hung on the crotch, and the pair of high-tops that Zhou Wei gave him. Military boots.

The midday sun reflected his cold, white cheeks and shone through the light.

Feng Wentai's eyes frowned, and coughed like a cover: "The captain of the week, this little brother is really...the man is very good, the man is handsome, and the monks can't find a word to describe..."

He turned around and slammed his hand: "You're a confusing stuff! It's pretty straightforward to show to anyone, not a girl?!"

Lu Hui swallowed his voice and bowed his head. Whoever expects to lean over, the shoulder is stepped on by a sole.

Sinan has a single foot.

- His movements are very light, but Juli makes this Alpha instantly smash and roll out!

Then he retracted his foot in the inexplicable gaze of Feng Wentai, wiped the sugar on the corner of his mouth, and left without a word.

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