By Huai Shang

Chapter 11 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Chapter 11

Everyone was dumbfounded and looked at each other.

However, Zhou Wei did not let everyone have any time of panic. In a short period of time, he has issued a series of clear instructions:

"Everyone goes to the North Point and strengthens the iron net. Spring grass calls back Da Ding Xiangzi."

"I went to open the armored car to take away the zombies, and Sinan took the explosives."

"Hundreds of zombies in the district, can hold, don't panic!"

The survivors who have experienced the T-market breakout did not let Zhou Wei down. After a short period of incompetence, everyone quickly took action and took out all the tools from the factory, such as axe, hoe, and iron crowbar, and rushed to the north corner of the factory. The direction of the zombies coming.

The armored biochemical car rushed to the electric power. Zhou Hao opened the door and did not slow down. When he passed by, Sinan grabbed the co-pilot's side handle, and Yan Hao grabbed the rear car iron ladder. The two men flew on the car at the same time.

"What's in the bag?" Zhou said.

Sinan grabbed a schoolbag and slammed the door: "Flying fire meteor!"

Zhou Wei: "Hey?"

Zhou Wei stepped on the accelerator and the biochemical car whistled from the north gate. After a few seconds, Yan Hao jumped from the rear compartment and rolled up to the ground and began to throw nitrocellulose on both sides of the road.

Spring grass rushed out of the warehouse, carrying three bundles of dark green metal tanks that were almost half her height, holding a huge spray gun, climbing to the top of the barbed wire three times and five, and said: "Yan Hao hurry, come back!"


The screams of the crowd and the roar of the monsters are clearly audible. In the night, the black crushed zombies are pressed in groups, and the two or three women who are running in the last will grab and tear, and the screams will break through the night sky.

After the thermal imaging telescope, the Sinan pupil was slightly tightened.

Zhou Wei shouted: "Open the rear door, put the iron ladder!"

The more than a dozen escapers on the road found armored vehicles and shouted loudly. Zhou Wei has a beautiful drifting brake, and the tire friction is squeaky. At the same time, Sinan kicks the rear door and grabs the special roller skating iron ladder. He tries his best to squat to the ground.

The man in front of the crowd did not let it, grabbed the iron ladder and slammed it up, borrowed the hand of Sinan, and even climbed into the rear compartment.

"Fast!" Zhou said.

Several men were pulled up, and the scream of the dead in the chaos was in front of him. Si Nantou couldn’t take it back and shouted: "Drive! Zombies are coming!"

The biochemical car began to move forward slowly. Two or three steps away from the iron ladder, a man with a tall man’s glasses ran and said: “Don’t leave me!”

Sinan's eyebrows were pressed tightly, and the whole person slipped out of the rear door, and climbed the end of the iron ladder with one hand and stretched out to the man with one hand.

However, in the violent bumps of the vehicle, the glasses man could not grasp Sinan’s hand several times, and it was not enough to sneak in or out. At this moment, the zombie hooked his back, and the man suddenly groaned and bloody, and turned back and pushed the zombie out.

"Catch me!" Si Nan shouted.

The glasses man gasped in horror, and the eyes of the living dead army group behind the ghosts, realized that it was too late.

Sinan tried his best to reach out: "Fast!!"

The man ran wildly, his mind was blank, and he finally grasped Sinan’s hand.

In the next second, he pulled Sinan to his back -The embarrassment of the people in the desperate situation is hard to imagine, and Sinan is not able to prevent it. The whole person loses balance and falls off the car!

Zhou Hao’s eyes changed dramatically and he slammed on the brakes.

The man who had previously boarded the car rushed over and said: "What are you stopping?! Open it!!"

Outside the rear door, the zombies were blocked by Sinan, and the glasses men finally got the gap, and they jumped to grab the iron ladder!

"Sinan!" Zhou Wei Li.

Si Nanlian hit a few rolls and was thrown into the front of the zombies. The backhand pulled the army from the thigh side. In the snow, he instantly cut off several rotten hands that stretched out to himself and immediately got up.

The men in the back compartment screamed wildly: "They are coming!" "Don't let them come up!" "Come on the door, fast!"

The male backhand of the glasses is going to close the door. At the same time, Zhou Wei does not say anything, and he punches a red button on the bridge.

Nourishment -

The current instantly passes through the door, and the glasses man is convulsed and smashed!

Sinan raised his hand and saw a pain in his palm. The blood was slowly seeping out.

A few steps away were crowded zombies, even in the dark, the rotten face and the stinky mouth were clearly visible; and 20 meters away, the armored vehicle retreated and Zhou Wei was reversing in the direction of him.

At the beginning of the millennium, Sinan made a decision: "Zhou Wei! Don't come over!!"

Sinan trembled and opened the bag, took out a glass bottle with a smashed surface, and threw it back into the zombie group, then turned and hugged his head.

--boom! ! !

The earthquake trembled, the fire and thunder, and the recoil caused Sinan to fly in front of him, and spewed a blood on the spot.

Nitrification|The high temperature of glycerin blasting causes the aluminotherm to react quickly. The molten iron mixes with countless pieces of glass, and emits a horrible, snowy fire in the night.

The corpse was scattered all over the sky, and Zhou Yan’s eyes were reflected in the rearview mirror. At that moment, he finally understood why this thing was called a flying fireball.

"Sinan!" Zhou Yi took a shot at the door: "Get on the bus!"

Si Nan was exhausted and got up, almost fell, and took two steps.

"Get on the bus!"

Sinan finally shook his head and woke up, but did not climb from the rear door, but climbed the iron ladder and jumped straight into the roof.

In the distant industrial zone, the screams and footsteps of the zombies sounded one after another, and soon gathered into a new army of dead people. The biochemical car made a turn in the same place, and the swaying zombies in front of him were crushed into the bottom of the car and galloped along the way.


On the road ahead of the fertilizer plant, the sound of the vehicle rushing at full speed is getting closer and closer. Yan Hao put down the last pack of nitrocellulose. If the healthy cheetah flew into the front yard of the factory, the biochemical car almost slammed into his heel and stopped.

Survivors have long waited for a long time, men, women and children work together to push the barbed wire and entangle the chain with a chain. At the end of the road, there was a dense black shadow at the end of the road. The screams spread throughout the four fields, and the trailing tides came in.

The number is actually more than imagined!

Although I knew that there was a net in front of me, I watched so many rotten and stupid people coming to step by step. The degree of horror was beyond expectations, and many people suddenly screamed.

Yan Hao was full of sweat and shouted: "Don't be afraid! Keep it!"The snoring was heartbreaking, and there was a strange power, and the fearful retreats stopped.

The next moment, the corpse surged into the road and entered the nitrocellulose area up to 200 meters.

- Spring grass lifted the spray gun and slammed the trigger.

A loud bang, a huge fire dragon spurted out, flying over the night sky in the gaze of everyone, roaring toward the corpse.

The nitrocellulose was sprinkled with a giant flame of hundreds of meters long, and a big explosion occurred!

The 200-meter-high tarmac road was turned up, the cement was turned into powder, and the trees rushed into the sky; the zombies were torn apart in the white glare, turning into flesh and blood, like a storm falling from the sky.

Everyone shouted in the loud noise, and then turned into a cheer of ecstasy!

A few rescued men in the armored vehicle were stunned and looked at the spectacular scenery in front of them, unable to make a sound.

The last batch of explosives in the distance turned into a beautiful explosion, and the corpse tide was completely emptied. The smoke was covered with flesh-and-blood pavement for a long time, and the glare finally disappeared in the industrial park.

Zhou Wei jumped off the cab and turned to the front door.

Several men came out and dressed for the first person, although they were full of dust, but they cut the expensive suit at a glance, and reached out to reveal the platinum-plated diamond watch in the wrist: "You are the head here? Thank you, the monk is..."

Zhou Wei did not pay attention to him, took out the glasses man from the car.

He dragged the glasses man all the way to the wall root like a chicken, and pressed it heavily on the brick wall. He held the elbow against the neck of the man and suddenly made a force to lift the burly glasses male!

Everyone in the open space was shocked, and the men’s and women’s feet were squirming, and the neck was pressed against the elbows of Zhou’s steel. The face quickly turned from purple to black.

"Brother," Zhou Wei stared at his congested eyes, and slowly said: "You are not very kind."

The head of the man rushed over: "Sorry, misunderstanding, misunderstanding! This brother calms down..."

“Calm?” Zhou Xiao smiled. “My man gave him a pull to the zombie tide. It’s not easy to calm down at this moment.”

The people around did not know what happened, and when they heard the words, they changed color, and Yan Haochuncai and others immediately came here.

"I'm sorry, I am really sorry. When I escaped, my hand slipped. Yes, the life-saving grace is unforgettable." The man who looked at the first smile, seemingly very sorry, and sincerely said: "They are my bodyguards, we are all Alpha. - The brothers are good to give a face..."

The look of everyone has become a bit strange.

Zhou Hao’s elbow strength was not loose, but his face smiled.

Zhou Hao's facial features were partial and evil. When he smiled, he felt a sense of spring rain. The man who was the first man could not help but relax. But just then, he saw Zhou Hao sticking out his other hand and picking his glasses. Throw it at the foot of the kara, and it is crisp and crisp.

"No wonder," Zhou said with a smile. "I said how do you bring the zombies of the Ten Miles and the Eight Towns."

The first man looked at Zhou Xiaoru’s smile, and the chill rose from the bottom of his heart."..." His hands rolled his eyes, struggling, and the squeaky bones in his throat. The man was silent for a moment, and seemed to be weighing the situation. He suddenly slaps his hand and hits his face!

"Nobody's dog stuff, if you die, you will be dragged down by others, and no one can save you from the wolf!"

Immediately, the man turned to Zhou Wei and whispered and laughed: "This big brother, you are suffocating. Please come over with your little brother. I want this to be a human thing to give him a sin to pay for it, to kill you."

In the courtyard, the survivors of the 30th and several Alpha bodyguards confronted each other. The rancid smell of burning in the air has not been exhausted, and the atmosphere is tense.

I don't know how long it took, I saw Zhou Yi's elbow slightly loosen the gap, and the man suddenly gave a coughing violently, his face changed from bruising to pig liver.

"Sinan," Zhou Wei said faintly, "Come here."

There is no movement in the armored roof.

Zhou Hao turned back and made a look. Yan Hao turned to the front of the car and knocked on it: "Sinan! Don't be angry, come down!"

At the top of the car, Sinan gasped and gasped, swallowing a spit of blood.

He looked at his hand, and half of his palm broke the skin, and the blood of the blood continued to penetrate, breaking through the heavy disguise of the inhibitor, and evaporating the secret and sweetness -

Omega pheromone breath.

Yan Hao didn't wait for a long answer, and felt a little wrong. He wanted to climb the roof along the iron ladder: "Sinan? Are you okay?"

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