By Huai Shang

Chapter 10 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Chapter 10

The worst situation in Zhou Wei’s vision finally happened. He stood on the roof of the factory, laid down the military telescope, and looked at the sky thoughtfully.

The autumn water is long and the sky is like a wash.

The distant B city is devastated, like a huge grave between heaven and earth.

"National short-wave interruption, the base communication was cut off, and the location signal was launched. No one cares. After a whole week, the B city military area must have fallen, but there is no nuclear bomb to clean..."

Zhou Wei muttered: "What is this?"

There was a climb from behind the iron ladder. Some people said faintly: "Maybe the military region capable of launching a nuclear bomb has fallen, and the strong fortress cannot resist the internal collapse - you know."

"Yan Hao," Zhou Rong seriously said: "You learn Sinan tone again I'll smack you, really."

Yan Hao smiled and handed a cigarette.

“Hey,” Zhou Wei was a bit surprised: “Do you still have stock?”

"The masses gave it."

"The People's Liberation Army can't take the crowd a line..."

"The People's Liberation Army will station the post for the people to move the gas tank, take the root can not eat the punishment, pump you."

The autumn wind is bleak, the sky is high, and Zhou Hao and Yan Hao stand face to face and smoke for a while. In the front yard of the factory, men are gathering together to install barbed wire, and they are doing a good job. The women feed the chickens, grow vegetables, and swear from time to time.

Zhou Yiyi shot the ashes and said: "After two days of defensive construction, I went to the B military area to explore the situation. You wait for me."

Yan Hao Deng frowned: "You are crazy? Know how big the B city is, where do you go to helicopter?"


"If the B military region falls, it is that hundreds of thousands of zombies are crowded in the shelter. Do you think your life is too long or awkward?"

Zhou Hao grabbed the cigarette in one hand and rubbed his chin in one hand. After a long time, he finally said, "I feel a little weird. How did the virus come from, how will it develop? Why can the defensive B military area fall? You told me that the refuge did not I don't believe in strict quarantine access. But if every survivor who enters a shelter has been quarantined, why can the virus break out from within?"

"Unless," Zhou said, "the virus has mutated and evaded the quarantine methods that are currently known, just as the nurses in T City were infected without bites."

Yan Hao’s heart suddenly rose a chill.

Zhou Wei said: "From the point of view of justice, we are the top, most powerful and highest-secure squad of the special forces in North China. It is also the team closest to B. So if we are not enough, then the B-Army No one will know what happened."

"From a small point of view, if we don't understand the direction of the virus's mutation, our small refuge can't support it for a long time. It's finished under the nest. We are so close to B, how can we be partial?"

"..." Yan Hao has been silent for a long time and finally admitted: "What you said makes sense."

Zhou Shishi shrugged and smothered cigarette butts.

Yan Hao thought for a while and shook his head. "But you can't go alone. It's too dangerous. We have to have an action plan...""We?" Zhou Wei said with a smile: "Why, let's go together? What about the 30-year-old and the little plus a pregnant woman? Who will protect them?"

What Yan Hao wants to say, suddenly there is a person carrying a box, passing through the backyard, and happens to look up at the roof of the factory.

- is Sinan.

Sinan found a researcher's white coat from the Fertilizer Plant Laboratory, wearing goggles and gloves, and cuffs to his elbows to reveal a long, powerful arm.

He carried a reagent box on his shoulder and stood on the open ground with Zhou Wei and Yan Hao. He smiled a few seconds later.

Then he said nothing and turned and left.

"..." Zhou Hao poked Yan Hao, and said: "Have you found out that he is hiding from us these days?"

There is no answer on the side.

Zhou Wei looked back and saw that Yan Hao jumped down the roof in a few steps, and went to the south to chase the past.

Zhou Wei put the cigarette butts into his mouth, chewed it slowly, and smiled at himself.

He squatted on the side of the eaves for a while, grabbed his hair, and suddenly yelled at the scorpion: "Grass -!"

The sound of spring grass sounded from the chicken shed: "Dry--!"

"What are you doing -!"

"Feed the chicken -!"

"Dad helps you!" Zhou Hao came to the spirit, slammed down the roof and clap his hands.


"What is this, nitrocellulose?" Yan Hao stood on the open ground and frowned.

Sinan laid a piece of cloth on the small open space in front of the rear building. He used tweezers to clip the wet cotton from the reagent box and carefully spread it on the cloth. He returned an English word: "Dispersoid."

"..." Yan Hao asked: "Do you want to say dispersive quality?"

Sinan: "?"

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and Sinan asked: "I was not talking about dispersing quality?"

"You are talking about ‘Dispersoid’.”

Sinan's eyes appeared in an instant, and then reacted and perfunctored: "You got it wrong."

He got up and turned to the other corner of the plastic sheet and continued to spread cotton.

Dispersion is not a daily English word. If you can sneak out, at least this person is good at English, or at a certain level in the chemical industry. Yan Hao’s eyes did not consciously bring some inquiry, but did not show it, smiled and asked: Do you want to make nitrated fried rice | bomb?"

"Yeah." Sinan did not lift the road. "I try. The purity of nitric acid found so far is not high. I am afraid that the nitrogen content of nitrocellulose is not enough to be fried, but it is feasible to do the combustion."

Yan Hao silently opened his mouth, nodded, and finally could not help but ask: "What did you do before?"

"What do you think?" Sinan asked.

Yan Hao thought for a long time, confessed: "I can't guess it. You must be professionally trained, senior bodyguards or public security system? If it is the latter, it may be exposed to chemical explosives, it must be a professional counterpart. High-level, you are this age..."

Yan Hao looked at Sinan and thought that he looked quite young. He said that twenty-five is possible, and that it is not unlike in his early twenties.

This age will shoot, the car is good, and it will also make explosives, except that one kind of person does not think about him -


Yan Hao's eyelids began to jump wildly, and tried to test: "...you don't believe in religion?"Sinan is inexplicable: "What teach?"

Sinan carefully laid out the last bit of nitrocellulose, so that the whole piece of plastic cloth was protected from direct sunlight when it was naturally air-dried, and immediately got up and returned to the rear building. It was a closed laboratory that he personally modified.

Yan Hao wants to follow up, but just taking a step, Sinan is like a long-eyed head: "Stand up."

Yan Hao had to stop.

After a few minutes, Sinan pushed out the door and put down the cardboard box in his arms. He saw a dropper, a piece of white paper, a hammer, and the motorcycle leather and helmet he brought out from T City. Yan Hao Before he even had time to ask for advice, Sinan waved his hand and motioned him to stay away.

Sinan took off the white coat, took off the goggles, put on the motorcycle jacket and helmet, and pulled the zipper to the chin. After wrapping himself up in a tight manner, he used a dropper to draw the solution from the test tube and carefully dropped a drop on the white paper.

Then he put down the white paper, picked up the hammer and took a deep breath.

At this time, the chicken shed in the distance, a cock did not know what to stimulate, screaming and screaming, and rushed to the open space -

Zhou Yijian stepped up and angered: "Don't run!"


Sinan hammered on white paper, nitroglycerin reacted violently, and an amazing explosion occurred instantly!

The high detonation speed of up to 7,500 m / s produced a burning fire, Yan Hao simply did not have time to react, only felt the rushing face, and then step back!

boom! The cock's blood splashed and fell.


Sinan fell to the ground and was lifted up by Yan Hao. He saw that the white paper had turned into gray smoke, and there was a large pit in the mouth, and the sand and dust were scattered.

Yan Haoping had never seen such a talented person who dared to sacrifice himself for science. He pointed to the crater and did not speak. Sinan smashed the cracked locomotive helmet and spit out a long breath: "You just wanted to ask me what to teach?"

".................." Yan Hao said: "No, nothing."

"Comrades," Zhou Wei said in the back.

At the same time, the two men turned back and saw that the chickens in the courtyard were messy. Zhou Yan was full of blood, and a big cock with a licking his neck was obviously broken.

"I don't have any opinion about your scientific experiments, but since this is the only one in the chicken shed..." He shook the chicken head in front of Sinan and Yan Hao, and said coldly: "Congratulations, chicken. The group reproduction plan officially died."

Si Nan licked his nose and asked, "Can you eat fried chicken at night?"


There was no fried chicken in the evening, but there was chicken fried sauerkraut, and everyone in the shelter was given a teaspoon.

"Fried chicken is not enough." Zhou Yi explained to Sinan, and solemnly warned: "I hope that you don't want to test nitroglycerin every day at the door of the chicken shed for your own personal benefit. We still need eggs."

He gave the spoonful of chicken in his bowl to Sinan, only to the other side of the round table. Guo Weixiang pulled the chicken bone in the bowl and suddenly made a long sigh: "Hey, how good it is to be a cock."

Chuncao Qidao said: "You have taken the wrong medicine, Xiangzi?""What do you know, if you are a cock, you can have at least twenty hens, you can sit there and enjoy twenty hens every day to be jealous of yourself. But if you are unfortunate enough to be Alpha?"

Guo Weixiang picked up a chicken rib and stared at it with extraordinary eyes: "According to the current ABO sex ratio, at least I have to fight with 20 Alpha for a bloody Omega. If it is Beta, it will be even less fun. It’s difficult to find a Beta girl to marry and have children. Omega doesn’t even think about it. It’s better to do it in the end...”

Chuncao said: "You are a little dangerous in this thought, comrade, don't give up life easily?"

"It’s not a flood of beasts. After the virus continues, the future of mankind is the foundation. But then, if I want to do it, I will definitely not choose the captain..."

Zhou Wei: "?"

"Yan Hao is a good candidate." Guo Weixiang thought about it and vetoed himself: "Unfortunately, Yan Hao is too strong. He will develop like this one day and soon to become King Kong Barbie, in case..."

Yan Hao heard his name and looked back from another round table: "What are you talking about?"

Chuncao smiled: "Xiangzi is discussing the possibility of engaging you."

Yan Hao seems to have heard a joke, pointing to himself and pointing to Guo Weixiang: "- Who is who, tonight, buddy try?"

Guo Weixiang hurriedly raised his hand to ask for mercy. Suddenly he saw Sinan from the other side of the table and said, "Yes, you can engage Sinan!"

Sinan raised one eye from the edge of the rice bowl and stared at Guo Weixiang coldly.

Comrade Xiangzi laughed and forced the hook on Sinan's shoulder. Unfortunately, there were not many people on the round table. Only Zhou Wei inserted a sentence with interest on the side: "Xiangzi don't make trouble, our comrades can't get you."

Guo Weixiang "Hey?": "Really?"

Sinan’s answer was to remove one inch of his hand from his shoulder and act calmly, but he could not refuse it. He said: “When Beta is good, it is stronger than Alpha, don’t be arrogant.”

Guo Weixiang smiled and said something, only listening to Sinan and casually:

"If you are not Beta, you are so risky to save you in the T market, I may regret it."

Guo Weixiang said, "We can't be Beta." It is stuck in the throat, and it has the feeling of swallowing eggs.

The table full of special forces big eyes and small eyes, Sinan with a chopsticks and potatoes, suddenly realized that the atmosphere is too quiet: "What?"

"..." Zhou Wei slowly said: "Comrade Xiaosi, did you just say something? I always thought you were a gender equalityist..."

Sinan laughed and said: "Who is gender-equal, I have never. I have always looked down on Alpha."

After a heart-warming silence, Yan Hao finally issued a dignified question: "Why?"

"I am afraid of trouble." Sinan thought for a moment and said plainly: "Now many Alphas are weak. When they are in danger, they have to give up their energy to protect them. And Alpha's deep-rooted chauvinism... Although they all say they are the best genes. Humans, but in reality only the evolution of the animal is not complete."He smashed the last meal in the bowl and put down the chopsticks and said: "I am full, you don't eat?"

In his suspicious eyes, everyone on the table was silent for a long time, neither sounding nor acting.

After a long while, he finally coughed and explained: "We don't have an appetite today..."

The dinner ended in an endless silence, and even the spring grass did not eat her third bowl of rice.

Since camping in the fertilizer plant, two special forces have patrolled and sent out with ten men every night. Others exercised, exercised, and learned to fight in the courtyard, checking the barbed wire and warning facilities around the factory.

However, I don’t know why the captain of the week and the vice captain Yan, who taught everyone to fight tonight, are not very spirited. They collected the stalls early at 9:30 and let people go back to wash and rest. In the courtyard, men, women and children are in groups of three and five, and they walked to the dormitory behind the factory. Several young people still wanted to worry about what Zhou Hao wanted to ask. Suddenly, the sound of the car tires rubbing against the road was loud.

Zhou Yiran turned back.

In the night outside the factory, some kind of unobtrusive danger is getting closer and closer, bringing a sense of incitement and restlessness.


After the factory door was pushed open, Sinan hurriedly took off the goggles. When walking, the white squat cocked and flew up. He said: "The entrance to the northern industrial zone, one o'clock direction, 800 meters away."

Zhou Wei was calm and calm, and the perception spread in all directions. Suddenly the pupil was slightly compressed -

"Hey brother!" Chuncao slipped from the tree and slid down the ground, and rushed like a sharp arrow: "A container truck on the north side of the road has fallen over, there are more than a dozen survivors, extremely attracted to the zombies!"

"There are hundreds of zombies in the vicinity, and they are following them here!"

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