By Huai Shang

Chapter 9 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Chapter 9

B military area, emergency contact room.

“The analysis summary report came out. All Omega men and women have been genetically identified and the target person is not there.”

The emergency red light flashed, reflected in the sweaty face of the female researcher, because the chest was still undulating. An old man with a star on his shoulder buried his face deep into his palm. After a few seconds, he looked up: "I know."

The old man picked up the satellite phone in front of the console and dialed a direct contact password. After a long wait of half a minute, the phone was picked up on the opposite side: "Mr. Qian, please report the result."

The old man opened his mouth, but did not make a sound.

The unspeakable silence explains everything.

"We will strictly check all the navigation cities of DC918. If the plane has crashed, it will definitely leave some traces." The opposite voice is also very heavy, and suddenly asked: "118 units of confidential brigade feedback Is the situation back?"

"...I sent all my eight squadrons out. The three have confirmed the sacrifice of the whole staff, the two are unaccounted for, and the two have failed. The sixth squadron led by Major Zhou has rescued hundreds of trapped. The masses, but after the rescue helicopter was infected, they also lost contact..."

The younger money took a deep breath to stabilize the mood, and the voice became a bit harder: "I can send the last two teams out, but we must master the target person for more information. Otherwise, the needle in the haystack is completely passive and it is impossible to complete this. task!"

"Can't do it." The opposite person refused: "The target person has been in a single line with Vice Minister Guo An Guo for half a year. All the identity information is highly secret, and Vice Minister Guo has confirmed the sacrifice on the way."

Money will anger: "The identity is unknown, the appearance is unknown, the only thing that knows the police is very strong and the political position is not clear. How do people who ask me find it? Is it circulating in the centers of major cities and waiting for the other party to take the initiative to hit the door?"


"In order to prevent the other party from escaping Alpha pheromones, all the special forces under my command have played Beta pretense, and fully armed into the zombie hinterland, it turns out to be useless! Maybe the target crash is dead!"

"If it dies," the voice on the other end of the phone was cold and clear, and said in a word: "All our current hopes are all... cut off."

Anxious breathing is blurred in the current sound, and Qian Shao will close his eyes weakly. Just want to say something, and suddenly contacted the outdoor corridor to upload a dull slam.

Several researchers, Huo Ran, got up and changed color, and the money squad suddenly turned back.


Another sound, this time is closer.

"They... they are coming." Qian Shaojian swallowed hard, hang up the phone, and took the gun backhand.

In the silence of death, the third loud noise was near the door and stopped.

Everyone's heart pounded, and the desperate eyes fixed on the closed metal door. Opposite, the sound of the beast was impatient and the gasping, about a dozen seconds later, suddenly sounded earth-shattering:

Hey! ! !

The room was shocked and exclaimed. Everyone looked at the metal door inward and highlighted a horrible arc.


The next morning, six o'clock.The skylight faintly emerges from the dark clouds, and the wind is full of salty, damp smell. The survivors woke up, talked, got off the bus, wrapped in a blanket and looked at the window and dazed; Zhou Wei had already taken people to the highway to check the vehicles one by one, to find out the remaining cylinders, and sucked a few barrels with transparent hoses. Diesel came back, everyone was full of gasoline smell, standing on the side of the road.

Departed at 6:30, arrived at the industrial zone at 7:00, and CMB slowly stopped in front of a fertilizer plant.

Yan Hao took the team to search for a circle, cleared out more than a dozen zombies, and came out to indicate that they could go in.

The factory was a mess, blood was everywhere, but the facilities were not damaged too much. The backyard even planted half a mu of vegetable land and raised a few chickens. More than 30 survivors were divided into workers' quarters. Men were led by Ding Shi Zhang Yingjie to clean the barbed wire and further explore the surrounding environment. The woman found pots, pans and gas cans in the kitchen and took up the work. The heavy responsibility of rice.

Zhou Wei stood on the side of the faucet in the front yard, illuminating the yellow water with rust, and washed the face.

“The terrain is high, the factory building is solid, the warehouse has food storage, and the nearest residential area is five kilometers away.” The special soldier named Guo Weixiang stood behind him and reported with one board: “If the military area is still unable to communicate, we can at least Stay here for a while, then see the machine."

Zhou Wei did not answer, and stretched his head under the faucet for a moment, slamming the water drops, and the short, straight hair.

“Although there is no electricity, there are diesel generators in the factory. Yan Hao is registering survivor information and is preparing to organize a warning team to ensure that people are patrolling 24 hours a day...”

"Two days later," Zhou Hao suddenly interrupted him.

Guo Weixiang: "?"

"If the nuclear bombs are not coming, I will go to the B military area to explore the situation. You stay here to settle the masses and wait for my news."

Zhou Yiqi T-shirt hem at the hem, camouflage pants hanging on the mermaid line, revealing a strong eight-pack abs. Guo Weixiang was in a hurry, followed him: "You can't go, brother! You have to cross the entire B city in the marching area, unless you fly over, you will definitely die. Can you have a long wing or something?!"

Zhou Yandi glanced at him: "Call your grandfather to approve a helicopter, the second generation?"

Guo Weixiang did not have a good air: "To be able to contact, I asked him to give you an F22 fighter. One less, I will lose."

"Hey brother!" Suddenly the spring grass ran out from the east end of the factory: "Come on, we found one..."

The first reaction of the two was zombies. Who expected the spring grass to rush over and hold Zhou’s hand, full of tension, and squeezed the words: "... pregnant women."

Zhou Wei: "Ah?!"

Zhou Hao’s head is big.

"...What is your name?" Sinan sat in the cafeteria and stunned.

There are only six women in the survivors. Two of the girls in their twenties are probably friends, and they always cling to each other on the road. The weather was already cold at the end of September. One of them was very thick. Everyone on the road only thought she was chubby and chills.

Who knows she is pregnant, six months.

"Wang, Wang Wen..." The pregnant woman shouted and replied: "I am very strong and can work..."Her friend is a beautiful girl, blocking her in front of the pregnant woman and rushing to say: "She doesn't eat much, and she doesn't need to take care of it. If she has to take care of me, she can wait for her. We won't drag people, run very fast, The mall is also running out with everyone, isn't it?"

Sinan and Yan Hao looked at each other.

"Don't leave her alone?" The girl pleaded, her eyes twirling in front of the two young men.

Although the younger ones on the right are handsome, they rarely speak along the way. There is always a cold atmosphere in the eyebrows, unlike a soft-hearted person.

The special forces on the left were well-prepared, and the survivors on the bus were protected during the escape. The move was more gentle and friendly.

"We can all eat less." The girl had a care in her heart, and the body turned to Yan Hao, trying to slap her eyes that were originally very big and watery, and begged: "This is not easy for everyone, her husband is trapped." In the T market, I don’t know if it’s a life or death. If you let her go, how can a pregnant woman live? I beg you a handsome guy, you must be a good person, my name is Wu Xinyi, you can call me...”

Wu Xin is indeed a pretty girl. It’s so soft to ask for it.

Unfortunately, Yan Hao did not pay attention to this. He stared at Wang Wen’s stomach and observed it for a long while. Sinan said on the side: “Six months, I can’t beat it.”

His tone is to state the facts, but listening to the two girls' ears is not the case, Wang Wen's face is white.

Yan Hao quickly stopped: "Don't cry, didn't want you to have a baby! It's you... In case you are born... diaper milk powder or something..."

Yan Hao was full of chaos, and he saw the figure of Zhou Wei appearing at the entrance of the cafeteria. He was busy and said: "I will ask our captain."

Zhou Wei was a sly character in the eyes of these people. Wu Xinzhen suddenly panicked. When Yan Hao passed, he grabbed his hand and almost stuck it on his chest: "Big Brother, beg you!"

Yan Hao was busy pulling his hand out, and the conditional reflection went to Sinan and looked at it: "Nothing, I will help you." Then I quickly walked to Zhou Wei.

...what are you doing? Sinan has a strange idea.

Then he saw Wu Xinyi's eyes - this big girl looked at Yan Hao like a savior, full of jealousy and hope.

"Oh, I am afraid that I will tell you about Zhou Wei." Si Nan was awakened, and he looked at the back of his two people. He thought: "There are quite a lot of love between the two."

"Don't say it." After listening to the incident, Zhou Hao said after a moment of thinking: "Thirty people, who do not know who, let the pregnant woman try to stay as much as possible, do not go out every day."

Yan Hao nodded.

"The egg under the hen in the backyard is divided into one by one every day. Don't show it to other people. Everyone is under great pressure and stretches like a bowstring. It is best not to have any contradictory factors before we reconnect with the base. ”

Yan Hao agreed to come down, see Zhou Wei turned and left, and asked: "What does the captain do?"

"Look for something in the storeroom."

"What are you looking for?"

Zhou Wei Zhangkou wants to answer, suddenly Yuguang sees Sinan in the corner of his eyes, and finds that he and Yan Hao are sitting together, his heart sinking slightly."...nothing." Zhou Xiao smiled and said: "Two boxes of beer are moved, and everyone gathers at night."

Zhou Hao personally went to the warehouse to move a few boxes of things, piled up in the backyard, and took a box of beer. At dinner, everyone called everyone in the factory canteen and published his brief mobilization speech.

"For the sake of communication, we will not be able to contact the military area for the time being, but please believe that the government and the army will not give up any survivors. The materials we brought from T City and the food stored in the factory warehouses are enough to support for three months. I will definitely be able to bring you to the refuge base."

"A hundred years of repairing the same boat, regardless of whether you know before, it is fate to live here. We will not give up any one of the people, but also help each other and support each other." Zhou Hao lifted the beer and walked around. Zheng Zhongdao: "Thank you all, I want you a cup." He said that he poured two big beers on his head.

The crowds were moving, some people took the initiative to go to the smoke, and some people began to introduce themselves: "I am selling, I saw customers at the mall that day..."

"I am a mall security guard..."

"Telecom engineers, no one is a scholar!"

"I work in the surgical department of the municipal hospital, I don't mention it..."

"Surgical?" Zhou Hao's ears moved.

Before Zhou Li stood up, he took the middle-aged doctor's hand and took him to the side: "Fortunately, thank you! What diseases will you see?"


"Is it a birth?"

"I will... I will have a little internship when I was in the department..."

Zhou Hao patted his shoulder and said: "I am the most respected person who saved the wounded and ill!"

The middle-aged man surnamed Zheng apparently saw the scene of Zhou Wei’s doctor in the T-market. He was very frightened by his performance before and after, and he was so busy to pay for the smile. He said that he could do anything and be willing to obey the organization. s arrangement.

Wu Xinzhen, holding a beer can, got up and came to Yan Hao’s seat and shyly said, “Hello. Thank you very much for the afternoon...”

When she looked down, her long hair slipped from her cheeks, almost hanging on Yan Hao's shoulders. The hair was very thick and soft, with the unique fragrance of the girl's family.

Unexpectedly, Yan Hao did not wait for her to finish talking, and stood up from the table and said, "Nothing."

Wu Xinyi’s phrase “I want to respect you” was stuck in my throat. I saw Yan Hao bypassing her and sitting in front of another table in a few steps.

Sinan was eating a cake on white water, and he was so flustered that he didn’t pay attention to himself before he looked up. He looked up and asked with his eyes.


Yan Hao's eyebrows are long and bright, and the double eyelids are very deep - it is a face that will make the girl look at the screen. When he is so complex and focused on what to look at, few people can bear to look away and not look at him.

Si Nan stalked his neck and swallowed the cake. He asked: "What do you want to say?"

Yan Hao did not answer and ask: "What are the boxes of the factory building that are yours?"

"Well, Zhou Wei said that after your bullets are finished, I want to find some nitric acid, glycerin and iron filings. Try to see if you can make soil bombs."

Yan Hao is silent for a moment.

Sinan provoked a brow, with a slightly questionable expression, and politely expressed his patience with limited margins during the meal.After a long time, Yan Hao finally whispered:

"...The captain is usually busy, don't have to go to him. Next time you have to move things, you can call me."

"There are other help...you can find me, when will you do it."

His attitude was so serious that Si Nan didn't understand it for a while. After a few seconds, he remembered the relationship between the two Betas in front of him. He immediately realized his heart and said, "I won't be next time."

Yan Hao lowered his eyelashes and smiled nervously, and got up and left.

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