By Huai Shang

Chapter 7 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Chapter 7

Yan Hao grabbed the railing with one hand: "Run!"

However, Sinan did not move, taking advantage of Yan Hao's hand to bite his teeth to the top - he said that he was 20 pounds lighter than Yan Hao, and this one almost pulled his elbow off, and the bones burst into a terrible squeaking sound. .

"The funeral, the zombies are coming!"

Sinan gasped: "Do not talk nonsense."

Yan Hao’s feet smashed in the air, and he stepped on the wall several times and slipped. He watched a few zombies with flames heading for Sinan. The tail sounds sharply changed: “Listen to me! Leave me alone, run!”

"How can I... no matter what you..."

"Zombies are behind you!!"

Half of the body of Sinan was pulled out of the roof, feeling a heavy back, and the bloody breath of the zombies was close to the ear. At the same time, Yan Hao’s feet finally stepped on the window sill, saying that it was too late, and he took a look at Sinan’s pull!

Yan Hao whirls over the railing, hugged his waist and hugged Sinan, knocked over to the ground, and instantly rolled a few meters!

"Are you OK?!"

Sinan missed the zombie's teeth at the easy time, but it was hit by Yan Hao so much that it took a few seconds to slow down: "No...nothing."

Yan Hao whole person pressed on Sinan, left elbow to support the ground, his right hand hard to pull his face, only to the back of the ear to the neck injury, but no touch bleeding, is the bruise on the concrete floor when rolling, instant internal organs All fell back to the stomach.

"Not bitten." Yan Hao was buried in the neck of Sinan, full of luck and muttered: "Great, not bitten."

Because there are glands that can be temporarily marked, heavy blows are fatal, and the back neck is one of the most sensitive parts of Omega's body. If Yan Hao is an Alpha, the touch is just a textbook-like sexual harassment. Sina’s first instinct is to turn him out.


Si Nangang barely opened his mouth and saw Yan Hao raise his head and gave him a deep look. He had not had time to distinguish the emotions that surged in his eyes. Yan Hao’s backhanded his knife, turned and smashed, and the zombie’s head was smashed. Flying out, the body fell heavily on the ground.

“Run!” Yan Hao pulled up Sinan: “Go down to the rooftop, go back to the underground warehouse, fast!”

The rooftops have been completely reduced to flesh-and-blood fields, full of people screaming in flames and zombies full of appetite. Many people bathed in blood, crying and rushing, and the safe corridor doors in the past. However, many people in the chaos did not know that they fell, and they were too late to get alive and die.

"Zhou Wei!" Sinan shouted.

Zhou Yiyi fire axe will chase the zombies in front of the corridor door, but within half a second of his axe pull out, two or three infected people who have already been bitten have been wrapped in the crowd and rushed into the corridor. . Si Nan grabbed his wrist with splashes of blood on his blood and shouted: "Go! Don't worry, you can't control it!"

Zhou Yan's eyes are red and full of blood.

"Let's go!" are infected!" Chuncao ran against the crowd, screaming: "Fast! Go back to the underground garage -!"

A fireball hit the sky, and the crashed helicopter exploded in the fire.More dead people and survivors were rushed downstairs and fell on the street. Zhou Hao had a shuddering temper, and looked around at his bloody muddy team, suddenly bursting out loudly: "The rest of the people are listening -!"

"After the south corner of the underground garage A, run with us!!"

"After the underground garage area A -!!"

Zhou Yi took the lead and rushed into the safe corridor.

The corridor was already mad at this time. Many infected people ran halfway, mutated into zombies, and madly bite in the narrow stairwell; the number of bitten people increased rapidly in geometric form, and the bulb did not know when it was broken. In the darkness is the roar of zombies and the screams of the devourers.

Zhou Wei used a sharp fire axe to cut the road ahead. Sinan was guarded behind him. The stairs were full of slippery flesh and blood. In the chaos, he did not know how many bodies had broken belly.

It seems that the length is never ending, and it seems that the end of the eye has come to an end. Zhou Yiyi opened the door of the stairs and took the lead to rush into the underground garage!

"Quick and fast! Come out!"

A group of survivors stumbled and came out. Zhou Wei reflexed his feet and put on the security door, blocking the steps of the zombies behind the door. He turned back and roughly scanned the number of people. He immediately broke the line: "I opened the biochemical car, Yan Hao went to drive the car." Ba, go!"

This was the spring grass that came to Zhou Wei last night. The two agreed on a good evacuation route. In case the helicopter could not be forced to land on the top floor, they used the CMB that they had dragged back from the street to transport the survivors to the boarding point.

Yan Haoyang took the key, an emergency brake, stopped in front of the CMB, wheezing for a moment, and got up and looked at the crowd in front of him.

"Fast! Open the door and let us get on the bus!"

"Don't leave us!"

"They are coming, they are coming..."

The horror of crying was one after another, and it was particularly harsh in the empty garage.

Yan Hao's throat knot slid violently, but several openings did not make a sound. Just then, Zhou Wei strode forward, patted his shoulder and pushed him to the back.

He was extremely tall, his body was profitable, he cast a heavy shadow when he stood, and his eyes swept slowly through the crowd. Roaring and crying gradually subsided in this extremely oppressive line of sight. Everyone looked at him with fear and stunnedly, only listening to Zhou Wei finally opening his mouth, his voice was low and clear:

"Whoever was bitten, left behind."

The crowd exploded in an instant.

"I don't have it!" "I don't have it!" "Let's get on the bus!" "I beg you, let me go!"...

"Shut up!" Spring grass broke out: "No one will force it!"

Standing and stopping, a special commander took the initiative to stand up and pick up his cuffs. He smiled and said: "I was bitten, my brother. Is there a bullet? Give me a shot."

Zhou Wei stared at the wrist he had begun to rot, without saying a word.

Yan Hao tried his best to block his mouth. After all, he couldn’t help but scream the sadness of a sleepy beast.

Pumping and choking sounded one after another. Zhou Hao closed his eyes and looked up. After a few seconds, he finally swallowed tears and raised his hand to untie a bullet that was suspended by the neck.

"This is..." He muttered. "I ended up making my own use."

Zhou Wei put the bullet into the hand | the gun, pushed the gun, and hugged the special soldier.Every player came forward to say goodbye to him, crying and crying. Chuncao shoulders trembled violently. The special soldier patted her back comfortably. She kissed her on her head like a long brother. Finally she pushed her away and stared at Zhou Wei with tears.

"Thank you for the past few years, my brother." He smiled and wiped his eyes and said, "Let me send me a trip."

Zhou Hao closed his eyes, his palms trembled, and the guns were placed on the players' heads.

"...goodbye," he whimpered.

There was a dead silence around him, and after a long while, a gunshot sounded in the garage.

The crowds swayed and instantly subsided, as if the boiling magma had not yet erupted and was pushed into the ground. The survivors panicked each other and looked at each other. After a while, a woman hesitated and took the initiative to show her eyes. The eyes were red and full of tears. She said, "I... I am a little scared."

She paused and barely smiled: "Is there a bullet?"

She still looks very young, her makeup is hanging on her face, her hair is messy, like an office worker who just started working.

Zhou Wei buried his face in the palm of his hand, and in a moment of ephemeral moments, his hard shoulders and lines seemed to have a feeling of collapse.

Spring grass hesitated and slowly touched the lower back, just about to shoot out the gun, and suddenly a person walked up from her side.

... Sinan? She thought of it.

Sinan stood in front of the girl and whispered: "They have no bullets. Can I help you? I promise will be very fast."

The girl is a little scared and at a loss: "But me..."

"There will be no pain," Sinan.

In the eyes of the public, he raised his hand to wipe the dust on the girl's face, wiped away the eyeshadow that was fainted by tears, and carefully combed her hair neatly and meticulously. He folded her collar and took off the dirt that was stained on the tassel skirt, just like a gentleman serving a noble princess.

The girl trembled and she tried to suppress her crying, which made her speechless. Sinan hugged her arms and asked her, "What is your name?"

"...Zhao... Zhao Miaomiao..."

"Miao Miao," Sinan said in her ear. "Don't be afraid, you look beautiful."

The girl swallowed the sour tears, smiled, and forced "Hmm!".

In the next second, she came to the neck bones with lightning - Kara! There was no water in the mud, and the body immediately softened.

Sinan held her lifeless body and slowly placed it on the ground. The movement was as soft as the girl was just immersed in the eternal warmth of sleep.

"...Is there still?" Zhou Wei looked around at everyone, hoarse and dumb: "Is there anyone else? Stand up."

No one spoke or moved, and the glue-like silence shrouded the air. Half a week, Zhou Hao nodded to Yan Hao, Yan Hao took out the car key, and suddenly Sinan sang: "- stop!"

Looking down at him, a middle-aged man shrank in front of the door and squeezed him out of the crowd, and said coldly, "You have been bitten."

"I didn't! I! I..."

Sinan forcibly grabbed the hand he was hiding behind him, brushed his tears and cuffed his arms, and his arm was already festering, giving off a strong rancid smell.

"This is not an infection, I have not been bitten, this is a glass cut! The wound is supple!"Si Nan Ruo Ruo Wen, pushed him far into the corner, to Yan Haodao: "Go to the door."

The man was furious and screamed: "You will be retribution! The bastard! You must not die!..."

The roaring sound echoed for a long time. Sinan saw all the survivors on the biochemical car and the CMB. Then he turned back and asked: "Do you want to break your own self, or can I help you?"

The man slammed his fist and Si Nan evaded his head. The cold man couldn't prevent the man from breaking his grip. He turned back and ran backward. Sinan looked at the direction of his madness and turned to the security door. He couldn’t help but jump in what happened: "Stand up -"

Zhou Wei opened the co-pilot door and sighed: "Si Nan! Get on the bus!"

Sinan is like an irritated cheetah, pulling his legs to the man; at the same time, Zhou Hao stepped on the gas pedal, the tires made a sharp rubbing sound in the underground parking lot, and the electric brakes came, and the brakes stopped in front of Sinan!

Zhou Wei leaned over and grabbed him. The iron-clamp-like hand was strong and strong, and he hugged him into the cab!

"Let him go!" Zhou said: "Go with me!"

The bulletproof biochemical car draws a sharp drift, and the roaring speed accelerates and crashes into the garage door!

Everyone violently bounced in the bumps. Si Nan’s eyes lingered into the rearview mirror. I saw that the man opened the security door of the corridor. The zombies that were blocked behind the door rushed in and mourned to the CMB.

- However, they are too late. Yan Hao has closed the CMB door and started it. After rolling a few zombies into the bottom of the car, the biochemical car rushed to the street!

The last scene reflected in the rearview mirror was that the man was drowned in the zombie group. Sinan closed his eyes and his throat seemed to block the hot and sour lumps, so that he could not even make a sound.

Suddenly, one hand held his head, and Zhou Hao forced him to pull him and slammed into his arms:

"Don't think about it, hehe."

Sinan headed in Zhou’s fierce shoulder pocket and nodded half a mile.

"Going north on the city road, you must leave here before dark." Zhou Hao killed the steering wheel with one hand, Shen Sheng said: "Three hours later, the B military region will launch a nuclear bomb to clean the T city, we have not much time."

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