By Huai Shang

Chapter 6 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Chapter 6

This sentence is enough to make the Sinan brain fill in the ups and downs of 100,000 words before and after, but on the surface he is still very calm, using a single syllable to express a very curious curiosity:


Zhou Wei was very satisfied with his listening attitude.

"There are three groups of people involved in the rescue of hostages: kidnappers, opponents and hostages. The kidnappers uniform dress, the competitors wear bullet-proof vests with positioning chips, and the hostages have nothing. I have rescued two hostages in the middle of the race. Just take them through the jungle, even if the mission is successful, then I met the Omega who took the initiative to hit the door."

Sinan nodded.

"It's not what you think. At that time, it was mud and sweat. I couldn't see how long it was. I was so pitiful, but it was really sticky, and it was very sticky. I walked everywhere, and I was afraid when I was black. Even sleeping. Not holding my arm..."

Sinan looked at the sturdy arm under the short-sleeved T-shirt next week and nodded again.

"..." Zhou Wei tried to say: "I don't know how I think your thoughts are a bit dirty."

"No. Then what?"

Zhou Wei could not find evidence of the other person’s thoughts and had to give up.

"And then? I took this hostage, and the mountains waded through the jungle. Whatever food was eaten, the child first ate it. It was dangerous to protect him first. It was really not necessary for him to cook a tent to make a living. It was really He was afraid of falling in his hand and was afraid of falling in his mouth. He also showed me a particularly sticky appearance... Everyone knows that the Omega, who is physically weak, is young."

Zhou Hao took a cigarette and slammed the cigarette butts on the floor. The expression became a bit weird:

"Until the last day, I walked to the edge of the jungle and arrived at the camp that night..."

Sinan: "He confessed to you?"

A piece of silence, Zhou Yu depressed: "No."

"He stunned me, tied it up, and thanked me, took my gun equipment and took my hostage; until the next day the organizing committee sent someone to save, I realized that he was not at all What hostage is a competitor representing A country..."

"I was originally far behind, so I lost it. Until today, I can't figure out how an Omega can be so treacherous, so cross the river to break the bridge!"

Zhou Yi’s fist was in his hand, and his head was deeply buried in his arms, and Sinan used all his control to keep his tone steady: “Hey, you’re so miserable.” Why didn’t you find him an opponent? What?"

"Because the first thing he did after entering the jungle was to abandon all the equipment, the kettle was empty, the dry food was thrown away, the guns were buried on the ground, and only the locator that could never leave the body, usually identifying the opponent's logo, you guess he put Where have you been?"

Sinan shook his head.

"Swallowed into the stomach." Zhou Yi gnashed his teeth and said: "The last surgery is taken out!"

... Your damn game is also a good fight, Sinan sincerely thought.

"What's even more frightening is that this child already has an object. After the game, A country came to pick him up. I saw the sneaky Alpha snorting in his back gland." Zhou said with anger: "You said this is not What is the feeling of deceiving people?"The post-piercing neck gland is a typical temporary marker that usually lasts for three to four weeks until it is naturally metabolized by blood circulation and is usually used for Omega that has not been completely labeled. Temporary markers can block the Omega pheromone from diverging, but more importantly, identify ownership and challenge the surrounding Alpha.

Another case that has not been confirmed by theory but is generally accepted is that temporary marks are sufficient to form a temporary contractual relationship, in other words, surrender.

-- Alpha's direct perfusion with this pheromone exacerbates Omega's natural fears and gains short-term psychological surrender.

Sinan imagined the scene. I don't know why he was not very comfortable. It seems that the subconscious mind is not what Zhou Wei said. However, eating a soft mouth and taking a short hand, he sincerely said: "Yes, my brother, you are right."

"Now do you know why the object can't find Omega? Don't think that they occasionally show weakness is interesting to you. Beta like you, the last 80% is not enough to lie to the bones." Zhou Hao touched the cigarette case and thought about it. But put it back, changed the antipyretic kit out, and scraped two tablets to signal that Sinan had eaten.

"Don't talk to you, sleep. If you have a fever tomorrow, it means there is no infection, otherwise your brother has to shoot you down."

Sinan leaned against the corner of the wall. Behind the head was Zhou’s pillow with thick clothes. Through the gleam in the doorway, he saw that most of the medicine box was soaked with black blood.

"...thank you." He paused for a moment and smiled. "I will accept your advice... I won't find Omega."

Zhou Hao patted his head side.

At this moment, the door was knocked twice. Zhou Hao got up and opened a slit. He saw the spring grass outside, and lowered his voice: "Consult the retreat line, brother. Tomorrow, the helicopter cannot land directly on the roof..."

Zhou Hao made a gesture and interrupted her:

"Call Yingjie with a gun and watch it. The most fierce ones during the day, don't let them get close to here."

The door was gently closed, and Sinan closed his eyes and listened to Zhou’s footsteps.


The next day, the doctor put down the thermometer and said: "Thirty-seven degrees three."

Zhou Yi was polite and thankful, even though everyone looked at him, he knew that what he wanted to say was: "You are a fool."

The doctor left in the eyes of Zhou Wei’s victory. The latter kicked the kicker on the tiptoe, indicating that he would not be put to death since he had a fever, and he would work hard. Then he turned and clap his hands and shouted: "Good - all get up! Pack up the equipment, carry supplies, clean the mall corridor! Prepare for the helicopter landing, all his mother!"

The man was squatting and crawling up, and Sinan took a piece of seaweed fluffy bread out of the cubicle and saw the narrow corridor outside the door. Yan Hao sat on the ground, his legs bent uncomfortably, and he held it in one hand. Returning the object to the original carbine, he heard him come out and looked up to reveal a gentle smile.

Sinan stepped in the footsteps.

Yan Hao stood up and took a stiff wrist and ankle. He turned and walked away.Zhou Wei is a monster who doesn't need to rest, and he is always energetic at any time. Before lunch, he personally drew a retreat route, divided the survivors into fourteen groups, and prepared them to climb the top floor from the mall security corridor in turn; and went to kill the zombies roaming in the safe corridor, and the doors and windows on all floors were blocked. Dead, the special forces patrolled back and forth, using radio walkie-talkies to notify the anomaly at any time.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, he asked Yan Hao to take the people to clean up the rooftop of the mall building. The roar of four large helicopters broke out in the air.

"Come on!" Yan Hao waved his hand and shouted to the radio: "The helicopter is ready to land! Arrange the first group to go upstairs!"

The survivors sorrow and joy meet, sobbing and crying, and escorting the special forces to climb the roof. The pilot opened the hatch and yelled in the hurricane: "From the front, don't go to the tail - fast! Don't be crowded, come one by one!"

"The plane is not enough!" the pilot shouted to Zhou Wei: "Send a group of people first, and we will return later!"

Zhou Hao was so busy and sweating, waved his hand and said that he knew it. He rushed into the back end of the team, pulled out Sinan, and gave him a military sergeant with a temperature, and a person who did not know how to touch it. apple.

"Go up!" Zhou Wei pointed to the helicopter and yelled at his ear: "Go, go!"

Someone is not doing it next: "Hey, you just said that women and children go first, men are on the next batch!"

Zhou Wei ignored it and pushed Sinan forward. On the side of the suit, the white-collar slanted and slanted and slanted: "Too much, what is your name? I am going to the military area to complain to you!"

"Zhou Wei-!" Zhou Weidao: "Go, go complain!" Then I couldn't help but say that Si Nan was pulling forward.

"It's full! Don't go!" The snoring of the pilot in the chaos came from the front of the crowd, closing the hatch and blocking the young people who were squeezing forward, and then four helicopters were lifted off at the same time. , fly north.

The huge screams and sighs rang, Zhou Wei silently sweared a swearing words, exhausted, and sat down on the ground.

Si Nan took out the apple, rubbed it, and handed it over leisurely: "Half?"

Zhou Hao did not take it in a good mood, biting the majority.

The two sat on the railing of the roof. You took this precious apple in one bite, and Zhou Hao got up to maintain order and regroup.

The survivors' emotions were very anxious, and the group of people who had been left experienced the disappointment from the hope of being saved to the point of being abandoned again. It was particularly tense and uneasy, and the atmosphere of despair was permeated in the crowd. Several limited special forces were unable to fully control the scene, and even the medical team had to get up to help maintain order.

"What happened to them?" Zhou Yan frowned.

Two or three nurses huddled in the corner of the rooftop, leaning their heads against each other, seemingly uncomfortable, pale and sullen, with a thick black under the eyes.

“It’s too tired to work overtime.” The doctor explained: “Circular quarantine every day, spray disinfectant, and I can’t sleep even after a sensation. On that day, your people will kill the zombies and then burn them. No one wants to help. They used a stretcher to help lift the body..."The doctor’s face was also very unsightly. Zhou Wei watched the nurse for a moment and suddenly asked: “Is the body temperature normal?”

"I checked early, they have no wounds!" The doctor was not happy.

"I'm sorry." Zhou Wei immediately apologized: "When the plane comes back, your people will be on the first batch."

This is how the doctor eases.

Sinan finished eating apples, nothing happened. The high fever has receded, and the whole body is slightly lazy and soak, although it is not uncomfortable, but it is also too lazy to move. He leaned on the roof to look at the devastated city under his feet. He proposed the pendant from the collar and opened it. He looked at the old men and women smiling at the old photos.

"Your parents?" Someone asked behind him.

Si Nan looked up and was Yan Hao.

"Your parents are very..." Yan Hao wants to say good-looking, and the exit feels not serious enough, and he changes his mind: "The temperament is outstanding."

Sinan smiled and said carelessly: "Unfortunately, it was not passed on to me."

"This stuff is cultivated the day after tomorrow." Yan Hao smiled and asked: "You are a mixed blood? I always thought that you are a local special police in T City."

Sinan did not say anything.

Yan Hao looked at him silently with the corner of his eye. Sinan's temperament does not have any relationship with the elegant and meticulous. On the contrary, it is very similar to the special forces around him. It is lean, agile and decisive.

However, if you touch it a few times, you will find that there are still some indescribable differences hidden in the gestures. It is very different from him, with Chuncao, and even Zhou Wei.

Yan Hao thought about it and changed the subject: "What did the captain talk to you last night?"

Si Nan Xia said: "The troubles of the young Werther."

“The international special forces jungle competition was ruined by Omega?”

... Zhou Wei, the stranger, he must have spread his face to the past with the whole team.

"He must only tell you that the Omega boy tied him to the tree, apologized, and then took away the section of his gun and hostage." Yan Hao said: "As for the subsequent flower delivery and Express..."

Sinan Road: "Send flowers? Express?"

Yan Hao probed a look, Zhou Wei is crowded in the crowd, chattering to explain why he had to put the medical team to the first batch of helicopters.

"The reason why the weekly team remembered for so many years was because the boy tied him up and kissed him in order to apologize."

Sinan: "..."

"That is the only time that Zhou team has been in close contact with Omega in this life," Yan Hao said with a smile. "So if he tells you that he will go to the young man after the game, then he is lying. He actually bought flowers." Confessions, only later found that the other side has Alpha, so I was furious and fell back."

Sinan slowly shook his head and sighed for a long time: "... really miserable."

Yan Hao sympathizes: "Who said no?"

In the distance, hunting winds came and the two helicopters returned.

"Queuing! Line up! Get on the fast!" The roar of the crowd is one after another, the pilot is exhausted, holding a horn: "Medical group! Where is the medical group -!"

The nurses were wrapped in the front of the crowd, and they were gray and gray. They were almost pushed by the flow of people, and the feet did not enter the hatch.Zhou Wei saw this scene far away. I don’t know how to make my eyelids jump. I felt a little uneasi in my heart. But the scene was almost white, and everyone was roaring forward. Some of them were almost squeezed to the rear of the helicopter. They were almost swept by the high-speed rotating propeller, and the screams sounded one after another.

"I can't squeeze it!" The horn was deafening, and the pilot sipped: "Go to the next!!"

The pilot gave a thumb to Zhou Wei, and the door was closed and slowly lifted off.

Zhou Hao was involuntarily, looked up and gave him a sudden, and suddenly he was afraid of taking his heart.

The wind is still, and the world solidifies at this moment.

Zhou Yi subconsciously turned back, his eyes crossed the crowd, and the pupils of Sinan's sharp contraction looked at each other.

The next moment, there seems to be a death knell in the void, and Zhou Xiaoran screams: "Retraction-!"

"All retreat -!!"

The helicopter spins down, the shadows are getting bigger and bigger, hitting the second helicopter in a tragic scream, and making an earth-shattering explosion!


The airflow instantly pushed countless people out of the rooftop and fell down the street. Yan Hao can't fall out of the railings. When the millennium comes, the wrist is caught by Sinan!

"Climb up!" Sinan shouted.

Yan Hao gasped and gnawed his teeth to the top floor window. He was about to climb up. The line of sight suddenly saw something over Sinan. When he changed his face, he suddenly changed: "No! Leave me alone, you run!"

Sinan's chest was on the iron railing, and he was overwhelmed by Yan Hao's weight. He tried his best to barely look at it.

The twisted helicopter door was knocked open, and countless people rushed out with flames, covered in black smoke, screaming and rolling. More people are coming out behind them, grabbing the survivors closest to themselves and biting their necks.

- Infected people are mixed in the helicopter.

A new round of zombie virus broke out in front of their eyes.

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