By Huai Shang

Chapter 5 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Chapter 5

"The general infection is dead within 24 hours. Are you sure that you are not too enthusiastic to bite on the bed?"

Sinan sat behind the door, his arms on his knees and shook his head.

Zhou Wei still wants to say something, the doctor put down the thermometer: "Your person has a fever, Captain Zhou. Thirty-seven degrees nine, the initial symptoms of infection should be isolated immediately."

Everyone around them is discolored, not far from the crowds, the snoring sweeps over the crowd like a flower: "He was infected..." "Can it become a monster?" "Come on, away!"

There is a man who is bold and bold: "Get him out! This is a civilian. What if he bites?"

The echo is getting bigger, Yan Hao angered: "He is not infected! Otherwise the road has changed early! It is all zombies outside, let him go?"

Whispering around: "When the soldiers are horizontal..."


Zhou Wei was in front of Sinan and suddenly reached out and forced his chin.

Sinan skin color is different from the cool white of Asians, the lips are chapped, slightly tired, and the appearance of his mother is slightly contrasted with Zhou Weiman, which is a sharp contrast with Zhou Yanman’s powerful hand.

Zhou Hao looked at him coldly for a moment and suddenly got up and said: "Put him into the warehouse office and keep watching."

The doctor disapproved: "Captain Zhou..."

Zhou Wei said: "My person, I am responsible."

The warehouse office is a small single room separated by a plywood. It is five square meters in size. Before the virus broke out, it was the place where the duty officer was rotated. The thin hollow wooden door was equipped with an old-fashioned spring lock and an iron bolt inside.

Sinan back against the wall, sitting in the corner, one hand on the bent knee. After a while, Zhou Hao pushed in and closed the door, blocking Yan Hao and Chun Cao, who were also step by step.


Sinan raised his eyes and was in front of a fluffy bread.

"Get it in the storeroom, eat it."

Si Nan didn't move for a few seconds, so he didn't look away.

"How, shutting you for a long time, screaming for a hunger strike?" Zhou said: "Tell you, the most unfortunate thing in this life is the pity of jade, the best thing is the hot hand to destroy the flowers. What Omega information was when I was trained? Susie, beauty spy color | lure on the Fan, and then airborne captain, Yan Hao took the lead and refused to take care of it, and I was beaten by the old man three times a day... I ate something, don't think I dare to come hard."

When the two looked at each other for a moment, Sinan finally said the truth:

"...the materials are limited, don't waste."

Zhou Wei revealed an undisguised ridicule, and threw the bread into Sinan’s arms and said:

"Girl, how do you feel like Omega?"

Sinan: "..............."

Zhou Hao clap his hands and turned away.


It was late in the day, and soon people came out and heard the sound of food.

Sinan thought for a long time and still ate the bread. The food makes the nerves soothing. He sleeps in the corner and sleeps unconsciously. The consciousness is free in the awake and squatting. It seems to cross the damp and cold wind of thousands of miles, watching the earth under the war.He seems to have returned to a very small time, the heavy door of the manor slowly opened in front of the eyes, the crystal chandeliers are light and flamboyant, the hand-woven rugs are thick and complex, and the marble spiral escalator goes straight up the top. There was a boy in a black formal suit holding his arm and leaning against the handrail of the penultimate stage of the stairs. He looked at him for a long while, and suddenly he said: "You are ugly."

He felt his nails pierced into the palm of his hand and wanted to retire and leave, but he couldn't even turn around in his dreams.

The boy jumped down the stairs, came to the front in three steps and made two steps. He suddenly reached out and grabbed his hair, forcing him to look up and look up at himself:

"I am your brother from now on, understand?"

Sinan's chest is undulating, feeling the hot and sour airflow repeatedly cutting the trachea, trying to punch and hit the middle, but in the dream, he suddenly became very young, and even tried to reach out and could not reach it. He could only watch the arrogant face. , and full of taunting blue eyes.

I want to beat you ...... he thought.

One day, I will turn you over my feet...

When the time shifts, the memory dies like a horse, and the boy’s abominable face gradually matures and becomes awkward and distorted in another picture, and is immediately turned back by a punch.


Noisy retreats like a tidal wave. He picks up the collar of the man and sees that the nose of his nose is constantly overflowing with blood. The eyes that have been watching their blue eyes all the time have turned into dark ash of rain and rain:

"...you have been jealous of me for a long time, are you?..."



But he didn't answer. Instead, he had a right uppercut, which was heavy and clean. The cracking of the bridge of the nose came from the fingertips. After a long time, he could clearly recall the pleasant. Touch.


As night fell, Sinan had a fever.

He felt that his body was very hot, as if he was in the deep sea of ​​warmth and nothingness, and he could not step on it. The footsteps came and went again. There were disputes and bickering. I couldn’t tell who’s voice was sharp: “You must send him away, he may mutate at any time!”

"When you are a soldier, you should take the risk?!"

"What to do, he is already infected, we are all finished..."

The sound of shouting is far and near, and it goes away from the ear, as if it is smeared through the water. I don't know how long it took, suddenly there was a foot stop beside him, then he knelt down and put thick clothes on him.

Sinan struggled uncomfortably, but the man wrapped him tight and didn't even let his neck sew.

"It's normal to get sick, tired." The humane, "Beta is not good, so I can't stand it."

"Hey brother..."

The man stood up and whispered: "Give me the car key, let me go out."

When he woke up from his sleep again, Sinan felt that someone was stuffing something into his mouth. He barely opened his eyes and couldn't see his fingers around. After a few seconds, he barely saw the light shining through the cracks.

"Drink some water," Zhou said, and could not help but say that he took a military kettle to give him a sip.

Sinan swallowed the water and felt the bitterness of his mouth. The reaction was the tablet that had just been stuffed into the teeth: "...you..."


... Where is the antipyretic?Zhou Hao took off his coat and slammed it on the floor. He sat down and huddled in the same corner with him. He whispered: "I said you are stupid or stupid, go to the pharmacy to find food, don't know to search. Is it common to take it with you? It’s a fever, it hurts me to drive back and forth for twenty kilometers in the middle of the night, and I almost didn’t make the night snacks of hundreds of zombies on the street. If it’s not for your good looks, ......"

Sinan coughed up and coughed, "Don't thank you during the day."

Zhou Li immediately did not say anything.

Sinan resumed his spirit. He just wanted to swear two sentences. Suddenly he smelled a strong bloody smell of corruption from his feet. It was the coat that Zhou Hao just threw on the floor.

He reached for a touch and the fabric was full of sticky moisture.

In the darkness, I only heard each other’s deep breath, and half-small smack: "...thank you."

Zhou Wei said: "No thanks."

I rubbed a lighter and slammed it. Zhou Hao leaned against the wall, lit a cigarette, spewed out a relaxing white mist, and smiled and asked: "Just dreamed? ""


“Is homesick?” Zhou Yi asked casually.

Sinan shook his head.

"What did you do before, see if you are good, private bodyguards or police?"

Sinan shook his head again and did not answer.

"Don't be so nervous, relax and chat. In case you are not a fever, you are really infected. If you die later, you can be the one who can finally trust the will." Zhou Wei squeezed his shoulder and asked him. : "Is it married? Is there an object?"


"Very good, no brother, the whole team has a clear bachelor."

Sinan’s eyes glanced at him, and he silently said that it was because you took the lead in the foundation.

Zhou Ruran did not feel it, sighed with a sigh of smoke, and his tone was full of fascination: "B military sanctuary can accommodate tens of thousands of people, water supply and self-sufficiency, completely isolated from the outside world. After the virus, the country will definitely arrange for you to B city settled, blind date, marriage, encourage birth, supplement the population loss during the disaster period..."

"And the B area rescued the most Omega, most of them were in the nursery period, and specially sent troops to protect." Zhou Yi subconsciously licked his lips and smiled: "Hey, really, who came up with this policy, The brain is really smart enough."

Sinan’s voice is a bit tight: “Why?”

"Every time the disaster comes, Alpha is the main force for disaster relief. Which large refuge has more Alpha, it has more ability to compete for resources, arms and territory - and Alpha will definitely take the initiative to gather in Omega. The upper level can allocate Omega as a strategic resource. Isn’t that simple to understand?”

Zhou Hao took a deep breath of smoke, and the red light between the fingers was extinguished. Sinan did not speak for a long time, and suddenly his waist was poked: "What do you want, so enter the world?"

Sinan said casually: "You also want to go to the B area to get a strategic resource to go home?"

Who knows Zhou Wei categorically rejects: "No!"In the interim, Sinan thought he would say "because I have Yan Hao." But before he even had time to move the love between the two bases, he listened to Zhou Wei’s slogan: “I hate Omega!”

"..." Sinan asked: "Why, what?"

Zhou Yidi changed his sitting position and stared at Sinan. He said, "You must give you a life advice. Dear: If you are looking for an object in the future, don't look for Omega."


"Try to find Beta."


The two looked at each other for a long while, and Sinan’s mouth twitched slightly and said, “I’m just planning this.”

Zhou Wei patted his shoulder in agreement.

Si Nancheng asked: "But... why?"

He thought that Zhou Hao would use Yan Hao to give an example of what Beta can also get the sexual blessing of life. However, Zhou Wei once again shattered his unrealistic fantasy about human nature. Zhou Wei said seriously: "Because of Omega, there are people with problems."

In the darkness, the two men despised each other, keeping Zhou Yi’s hand on the shoulder of Sinan, and the two noses were only ten centimeters apart.

Half-Sui Si Nan finally carefully squeezed into the corner, cautiously and politely asked: "Hey brother, have you been hurt?"

The words of love and injury are obviously very new to Zhou Wei. If he thinks about his chin, he shakes his head after thinking for a moment: "In some ways, the feelings are deceived, but they can't - actually it was many years ago. You have heard of the International Special Forces Jungle Competition?"

Sinan shook his head.

Zhou Wei said: "When I was 18 years old, I represented the country. The original points were far ahead. Until the rescue of the hostages, I met a Chinese-born hostage in A country... It was a 15-year-old Omega child. ”

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