By Huai Shang

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

"The merciful God, you greet the new soul, enter the eternal, light, and happy place, listed in the fellowship of the saints in heaven; when the Lord Jesus comes for the second time, the one who died in Christ, You must first rise from the grave and enjoy eternal life."


The priest kisses the silver cross, and the light sky passes through the tall stained glass window of the church and is projected onto the black lacquered pine. A white woman with a black gauze crouched down and covered her mouth with a cold palm, barely stopped sobbing and hugged the little boy on the side.



"Does God love the world?"

"God..." The woman shuddered and took a deep breath, hoarsely: "God loves all beings, so he gives his only begotten Son so that all who believe in him will not perish, but will gain eternal life..."

"So why do we lose our freedom, be plundered and imprisoned?"


“Is it unequal in life?”

The door behind the woman was knocked open, and countless figures in the backlight rushed into the church, screaming and shouting. The woman only had time to pick up the pendant on the neck and slam it into the boy's hand. Then she was caught by several armed soldiers and forced to drag backwards.

"Run, run!" The woman's yelling in the struggle penetrates the chaos: "Run, leave here!"

"Don't look back, don't give up!"

"Mom loves you!..."

The church collapsed in the loud noise, and the flame turned into black and white, rushing into the shadow of the sky. The screams and the crying turned into nothingness, and the wind raised the ashes and sprinkled it on the vast and desolate land.

The little boy was running in the wilderness, behind him was the soldiers and hounds that were chasing after him. The lights are shining in front of the sea, the huge city appears under the cliff, and the boy jumps in the scream of the chasing horror!

The wind whizzed past the ear and raised the pendant on the chest.

The little boy closed his eyes in a hurry, and the last moment reflected in the black pupil was a long, lonely, never ending night.

"The dead will surely be resurrected and have eternal life-"

In his heart:



2019, T city.


In the dark, the young man turned over and sat up. The next moment of pain ran through every nerve like a current. The dizziness caused by the pain made him immediately retched.

However, the stomach that did not eat for a day could not be vomited, and nothing happened except the sharp tightening of the internal organs. For a long while, he finally gasped and calmed down. His eyes were barely focused, but it was a small, dark cell, and a faint light came from the iron fence.

... Where is this, prison?

How can I be here?

He tried to search for any useful information from the chaotic mind, but he couldn't even remember his name. It would be unbearable to think a little. Just as he tried to hold the low bed, he suddenly heard footsteps and vocals outside the door.

"...The whole city search did not find a few live for three days, is it that Omega's smell is particularly easy to attract zombies..."

"It is said that Alpha is also, only the useless Beta is relatively safe."

"Forget it, these Omegas are also enough to cross..."When the iron lock creaked, it was sharply rubbed when the door was opened. The two soldiers walked into the cell, and with the dim light on the walkway, they could see a thin figure lying on the bed, lifeless, and there was no ups and downs in the chest.

"Not going to die?"

A finger in a half-finger glove reached the nose and immediately probed his neck pulse.

"Coma." The soldier said, "It’s like this when you find it. It’s rare to grow well."

The companion laughed: "Get it, this face is muddy and gray, can you see it?"

"You can see it again with eighteen layers."

"Too hunger, you!"

"You are not hungry?"

"Hungry is useless, anyway, you can't afford me..."

The young man’s eyes were closed, like an unconscious body, feeling that he was being shackled and walked out of the cell.

In the bumps of the action, he slightly raised his eyelids. Because of his narrow vision, he could only see the person wearing his own Kevlar protective suit, his arm muscles were hard and firm; the companion behind him was also dressed up, tall and strong, pedaling. Labor boots, black holsters on the thigh side.

Two Alpha.

The shadow of the corner of the stone gallery shrouded the young man's eyes in the darkness, and he closed his eyes silently. Immediately after the two soldiers entered the elevator, they rose and paused, and they were bright and noisy.

Someone ran on the side of the body and sipped: "Finish the weight! Prepare to retreat! The base helicopter is on the roof!"

"The city has fallen, no time!"

"Hurry and go!"

The empty companion behind the soldier screamed away, and the young man’s pupils were stunned, now.

"Bring Omega to the helicopter, don't let them run, transport them back to the base..."

The soldier just had to answer, suddenly he only felt that the young Omega seemed to squat down and leaned against the ground from his arms.

His first reaction was to go fishing, but at this moment, the young man who was seriously comatose like a corpse reached out and touched his hem, hooked his gun and landed on one knee!

The change was too sudden, the soldier’s roar had not been exported, and the young man’s long legs swept in the same second, and he was turned over by lightning!


"what happened?"


Surrounded by excitement, I saw the young man glaring at the Alpha soldier's hair and causing him to hit the ground, then picking up the bloody soldiers, the guns against his temples, in front of himself: "...recess... ..."

He wanted to say that he was back, not allowed to move, but the long coma made his throat hoarse. After a few seconds, he gasped and screamed: "Stop! Put down the weapon!"

All the soldiers in the hall were discolored and stopped at the same time, forming a fan-shaped encirclement, and the scene was arrogant.

"Lieutenant colonel, there is an emergency -"

Tang Hao hangs up and raises his head: "What?"

"There is an Omega rebellion," the adjutant pointed to the hall not far away, and the face was furious: "The people who hijacked us, and want to escape!"The young people’s hard-pressed asthma and the trepidation of the Alpha soldiers were mixed together. The soldiers felt the cold muzzle on the temple. They couldn’t help but swallow a few mouthfuls of bloody sputum. They said, “Let... let me down, you Can't run away...ah!"

The young man's iron-clawed hand plunged into his throat: "- shut up."

This is the public area of ​​the prison. It is a circular hall. At this moment, it is full of armed soldiers. The young man’s eyes are roughly estimated, at least there are hundreds. The ground outside the encirclement is full of first-aid facilities and stretchers covered with white cloth. It is impossible to see how many bodies are there. The air is filled with the indescribable smell of smoke, coke, blood and carrion.

What is this, riot?


Who are you, why are you here?

The exit farther from the hall was locked by a solid iron curtain door. The gate was a small office. A man in a camouflage uniform with a deep complexion and a very tall head pushed out the door and strode over the stars.

The young man stepped back, his vigilant eyes nailed to his face, until he separated the crowd and came forward, standing a few steps away, raising his hand and pulling out the lower back hand | gun, in action, revealed the coat The lieutenant colonel.

"Let me go." Tang Yu looked at the young Omega who had stepped back to the corner in a short distance. Although the special forces were born in a strong and solid body, the voice that was obviously adjusted when opening was not too much. A sense of urgency: "--We saved you, the city has fallen, you can't run out."

The young man closed his eyes in his gaze, and then opened again: "Who are you?"

Tang Wei did not directly answer his question: "Our mission is to search and protect Omega as a precious strategic material until you are safely escorted back to the base. You will not be in any danger, the base is ready to take over, and soon Will move to the safe area..."

There is no safe zone, and a voice in the subconscious says to him.

Not only the city, but the entire country and even the world have fallen.

The young man is awkward and he does not understand where the sad cognition comes from.

"Let your hostages go away, nothing happened. If my soldiers were rude to you, I can apologize to them for them..."

"No...no." The voice of Tang Yu was interrupted by the young man. He saw his back against the wall. He panted and shook his head. "Let me let go, I must... now..."

What Tang Yugang wanted to say, suddenly changed his face.

Just listening to the inside of the prison building, mourning, it was actually not far from the sound, and then the friction of the numerous steps dragged from far and near, the distant rolling shutter iron door issued a continuous beating sound!

The wall ash and gravel smashed down, everyone's look changed dramatically, and the adjutant screamed: "The lieutenant colonel! The door downstairs is lost, the zombies are chasing it!"

The young man shouted: "Let the gun down!"

"Lieutenant Colonel!"

"Let me go -!"

Tang Yu turned back and raised his hand and shot several guns!

The flashing blue electric shock pin bomb was almost dumped on the hostage Alpha soldiers and young people. The severe pain caused by the electric shock made the young man stunned and immediately fell, even losing consciousness in a few seconds.The chest suddenly became a heavy one, as if it was crushed by the Millennium Stone, it was the soup that came forward to his chest. The young man coughed and bleeds, and the next second he raises his hand, but the wrist is easily grasped by the soup and pressed to the ground, and the current makes his twitching muscles even unable to tighten.

"..." Tang Yu snorted without a word, and his expression was a little embarrassed - not because of fighting, but the blood from the Omega under his body.

Even if it is full of dust, it can't cover the young man's handsome and clear facial features. His outline is not as soft as that of ordinary Omega, but it is more profound and clear. The eyebrows and the nose are straight, and there are very perfect arcs from the lower jaw to the neck.

The pheromone-rich blood splatters in the soup cuffs of the soup, as if a whips on the nerve endings of Alpha's burning, so that the unspeakable stimulation rises rapidly from the instinct.

"The end of the world will make Omega in hell. If you leave here now, the living people outside will be more terrible than the zombies. Especially for you," Tang Yu’s thumb was heavily rubbed on the young man’s face, and the dust was bare. The skin is white and shocking.

"You can't even live tonight, maybe eating a bunch of zombies will be the most benevolent way to die."

"Come to take him away! Retreat at full speed!" As if to cover up his instinctive reaction, Tang Hao Huo got up and walked out.

At this moment, he saw that the expression of the opposite soldier had changed at the same time. Before he could react, he felt that there was a strong force in his ankle, and he pulled him down in the next second.


Tang Yu was almost thrown out of the concussion, and the long-awaited explosion finally came out.

He couldn't believe that the electric shock bomb had lost its effect on this Omega in just ten seconds, but then his gaze was stunned and the young man picked up his gun and leaned over his ear. The sound of a hoarse texture was almost Directly attached to your own ear:

"I like to die."

The young man pulled the magazine out of the soup bag and quickly got up. He pointed back and forth with the muzzle to the soldier in the encirclement, and hurried back to the window.

Tang Yu seems to suddenly realize what he is, and he screams back: "No-"

However, it is too late.

In the eyes of the public, the young man slammed into the glass window and flew down in the broken glass slag.

- This is the third floor!

Tang Yu arrow rushed to the window, and soldiers came in behind him. Time seems to be infinitely stretched to solidify, and the young man's body shape in the air is flipped and arched, like a tight bowstring, and the black hair flies backwards.


Clearly so far away, the dull landing sound seems to be knocking on the ear of Tang Yu.

The young man fell to the ground, rolling in the trend, as precise as a tactical textbook, getting up and slamming his hands and guns!

Does this person really have something to come? !

Tang Yu’s eyes finally showed an incomprehensible puzzle. He only listened to his urgency and asked: "Cumove, do you want to chase?"

Tang Yan reached out and stopped them - too late.

Looking down his gaze, I saw the empty parking lot on the downstairs parking lot. More than a dozen zombies who did not enter the prison building brushed and turned, and put down the bloody and ruined hands, and walked toward the young people.Young people seem to have not expected this situation and succumbed to the dead. At the same time, Tang Yu took over the soldiers' guns and did not look at the trigger. The zombies were only a few steps away from the young man.


The living dead fell to the ground, and the body of the dead corpse was stiff, and the dark purple sticky blood slowly flowed on the dirty ground, and it was not far away because it was blocked for many days and was filled with stinky water.

The other living dead were unaware of it, mourning and swaying.

"Being bitten, you will get infected!" The roar of Tang Yu came from a height: "You must start!!"

The voice did not fall, and the young man seemed to wake up from some confused and confused dreams and suddenly moved up—

Tang Wei didn't even see how he lifted his foot. When he blinked, he saw him rushing out of the whirlwind. When he passed the second zombie, the other party didn't even have time to reach out and stop. Take off.

The young man stepped on the shoulder of the third zombie - it was a heavy prisoner who escaped from the eruption of the zombie, the face had been torn off half, and the black and red carrion was faintly visible in the ruined teeth. Under the spotlight, among the living dead people swarming, the first few zombie heads that tried to reach out to him exploded.

However, more living dead people rushed to sneak in, Tang Yu can see clearly on the third floor window sill, even the zombies on the street are coming in groups!

- His bullets are not enough!

The young man did not hesitate or fear, and jumped directly. He almost stepped on the heads and shoulders of all the zombies. Every step was lightning-fast and thrilling. In a few seconds, he crossed the woods-like zombie group, kneeling on the knees and falling outside the prison gate. Side of the road.

Tang Yu understands what he wants to do, and the eyebrows pick one.

Not as he expected, the young man didn't even stop, and got up and shot at the car closest to him.

It was an ordinary Toyota Camry, the front and rear doors were fully open, and the driver had turned into a bloody middle-aged male corpse. Under the restraint of the seat belt, it was constantly embarrassing, and the blue-purple ten pointed forward.

The zombies have turned around and chased, and the heavy footsteps are getting closer. The young man never looked back again. He shot the driver's head in one shot, lifted the body and threw it outside the car, screwed it into the driver's seat, and slammed the door.

The male corpse fell to the corpse, and the last few dead people fell to the head. In the distance, the soup was lowered and the face was slightly dark.

"Lieutenant Colonel, we must retreat immediately, the shutter door has been..."

The solid iron curtain door at the end of the hall was crumbling under the tireless beatings of the zombies. The large concrete blocks slammed down and finally torn in a tremorous scream.

The ragged, flesh-and-blooded zombies rushed in, the front row of soldiers made a big gunshot, and the prison hall became a flesh-and-blood Shura field!

Tang Wei strode forward, his shoulders shook, and the MP5 automatic micro-rush was removed from the back. The storm-like bullets poured into the zombies that kept crawling into the hall, and the dead people in the row under the huge impact of the 9mm Lug bomb. Fly backwards.

"Lieutenant Colonel!"Tang Yu retreats and fights back, and his left hand slams from top to bottom: "Go!"

The soldiers quickly retreated from the safe corridor, and the last moment of the threshold, Tang Yu’s line of sight was removed from the horrible face of the living dead several meters away and cast out of the floor-to-ceiling window.

On the streets filled with zombies, ruins and scrapped vehicles, the silver Camry, like the sharp arrows of the bloody waves, went away and quickly disappeared into the end of the burning street.

Tang Yu regained his gaze and slammed into the safe corridor door, and blocked the zombies in the hall. The hordes of soldiers rushed to the top of the building, and at the moment he turned, he keenly caught a sigh of breath, and the knot slid sharply on the solid neck.

- It was uploaded from the sleeves of his camouflage suit, and the sweetness of Omega pheromone tastes.

"Lieutenant Colonel?" asked the soldier.

Tang Yu stepped two steps, using the muzzle to point the blood on the sleeve:

"After returning to the base, I will extract the DNA and compare it with the T-city population information database. I want to know the identity background of this Omega."

The man nodded.

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