Assassin Reborn

By Less than Rookie

Astore's confession

Astore's confession

Then cleans up thing that Astor blows out, money Liangxia everywhere Xu Xiang's eye, to prevent the bright blind others' eyes, Xu Xiang collected money hastily completely, the Astor equipment has given 4, silver, two bronze, a tabula rasa, but also calculates the abundant harvest, finally is no pain , no gain

Confession of Astor( Silver Level) Required Level: 8 types: The necklace has not appraised Weight: 8 Use Restrictions: Does not have Introduction: This necklace is representing the confession of Astor, he after being pursued an flame demon clan is living the life of drifting about destitute, this made him have the meaning of repenting, this necklace will guide you to transmit the Astor penitence to an flame demon clan

Flame demon magnificent war armor( Bronze Level) Required Level: 5 types: Board armor Defense: 30 + 5 Toughness may strengthen to 4 levels: + 60 Health Weight 30 Use Restrictions: Warrior, Knight, Sea Race is not workable

Coverall Attribute(s):???????

Flame demon magnificent Pi Kui( Bronze Level) Required Level: 5 types: leather armor Defense: 16 + 3 Agility + 1 Toughness Weight: 9 Use Restrictions: Thief, Archer, Sea Race is not workable

Coverall Attribute(s):???????

Protection of skin hand guard Required Level flame demon: 5 types: leather armor Defense: 8 may strengthen to 1 level: + 3 fire anti- Weight: 8 Use Restrictions: Thief, Archer, Sea Race is not workable

When picks up that necklace, System transmits the prompt sound

„Binds the confession of Astor?”

Xu Xiang thinks that „is!” Requests to bind definitely has Quest, Quest that succeeds in obtaining should not be a fool

„ Ding ~ you have bound the confession of Astor, obtains the confession of Quest Astor

Confession of Astor 【Quest Difficulty: 255】( Opening) brings back to an flame demon clan to see Flame Demon Clan king Ragnaros the confession of Astor

Quest Time Limit: Within being one weeks after 20 levels ”

Saw that Quest Difficulty 255 Xu Xiang have sucked in cold air, but the Quest request after 20 levels, Xu Xiang has understood actually, Ragnaros is the Legend Level feudal lord, present Xu Xiang will be 10,000 runs into him to turn into the soot, certainly possibly do not strike to kill him, if will be should guides Quest

Guides Quest refers to gives player to promote within certain amount of time, perhaps is the promotion of Skill(s) Level, the promotion of Attribute(s), even might lend some player present stage not possible equipment, but these things after Quest will complete will vanish

Otherwise should be so long as sees Ragnaros, in the game is impossible to exist to dead Quest, the non- trans ship arrives at the Qiaotou nature to be straight, now does not think this time, this Quest estimate is first has Quest that through nightmare level combustion Astor, this is also the advantage of opening up wasteland

The remaining two bronze equipment are the magnificent coveralls, but one is the board sheathing, one is leather armor, leather armor naturally exchanges, Defense rises 7 points once more, Health Attack rises slightly, has Blood Shadow Gauntlets as for hand guard Xu Xiang, this

After killing Astor, in the backpack presented the head of Astor automatically

The head of Astor( nightmare level) this is the proof of meritorious service, congratulates you, brave warrior!

Weight: 2 wins total victories, returned home with a full load is present Xu Xiang really has portrayed, truly carried, but also the overload, Xu Xiang hurried to throw the massive medicament, but also lost the trash tabula rasa that several have traded, the massive arrow arrows that in addition front consumed, did not have the overload finally, the traffic police uncle said that the overload was incorrect, harnessed to be the same with the liquor

Left Dungeon, the Xu Xiang's form appeared in the Dungeon entrance again, was that guard npc site, the surrounding player were many, recruiting the information that and sought for the teammate to be lingering on faintly, Xu Xiang's appeared to throw into the pond like gravel, rippled watermarks

„Lying trough, this person crossed Dungeon, is he spring brother follower?”

„, He definitely will not give way before difficulties, thinks that our squad first time went in that two protectors not to hit continually” has owed this player not to enter including the front door really dares to say such loudly

„It is not right, you looked that he is handing over Quest probably”

Xu Xiang puts out the head of Astor from the backpack, gave the guard to have tears streaming down the face immediately, Xu Xiang was too young, this npc thinks that Xu Xiang was he separate many years of younger brothers

„The respected Soaring Phoenix brave warrior, please allow to accept my respect, your strength has far exceeded my imagination, thank you to strike to kill nightmare level difficulty Astor, Radiant God will have blessed you, come, this was the sound that your reward” guard uncle shivered slightly showed that he was excited

„Ding ~ congratulates you to complete 【Combustion Astor】, Obtains Experience 380000, the nightmare level Dungeon Experience addition 25%, obtain to open up wasteland the Experience addition 30%, obtains Experience 617500, because you are first complete the nightmare level Dungeon player, obtains the reward 【Stabber cloak】, Obtains title flame demon disciplinary punishment”

Stabber cloak( Silver Level) Required Level: 5 types: Cloak + 5 Agility may strengthen to 1 level: + 1 Agility may strengthen to 4 levels: + 4 Agility Secondary Skill(s): 【Goes into seclusion】 Increases 15% stealth Effect, and there is a certain probability avoidance detection to continue for 5 seconds, Cooldown 10 minutes

Weight 6 Use Restrictions: Thief, non- race limit

Flame demon disciplinary punishment( Bronze Level title):

Injures + 10 to the flame demon biology, flame demon biology injury - 10%, flame demon biology aggro + 10.

The good cloak, this Skill(s) can play unexpected Effect most times, recovers with Undead is the same, but that title looks like specially for this Dungeon equipment, had this title to afterward under this Dungeon also to facilitate much, Undead recovered has brought these many advantage to oneself, along with rich of Skill(s), Xu Xiang's back also straight many

„That fellow completes Quest really!”

„, That is the head of BOSS Astor?”

The surrounding player saw Xu Xiang the head that takes from the backpack, System makes very clearly the head, but is not bloody, the pate by empty, probably is the remnant shade is the same, these players send out to call out in alarm, the vision that the envy, the worship, envies wraps Xu Xiang, if they know that this is the head of nightmare level can go crazy, the violent does walk?

Returned to one set of new village, the useless equipment will store the warehouse completely, has only left behind the anger of tearer, this ring believes that quick can equip, then opens a warehouse, was still 20 standards, every day 1 silver coin(s) expense, now Xu Xiang was a rich man, not cared a whoop this silver coin(s)

Later arrives at the weapon shop, purchased 10 pot arrows once more, the weapon shop uncle's vision has made Xu Xiang evade it to be inferior, what a pity the reason of monopoly sector, Xu Xiang has to lower the head, but wanted Xu Xiang to offer the chrysanthemum is impossible, was one has the man of principle, was not the beautiful woman is firm, but Astor confession that necklace the appraisal, 8 levels have not been requiring the section time anxiously in any case

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