Chapter 105 Extra: The University

Chapter 105 Extra: The University

a bell rang,

The lecture professor leaves the classroom.

Meng Hao quickly packed up,

In fact, he doesn't have much,

a book, a notebook, a pen, and a cell phone that has been in the pocket all the time.

There is nothing else.

And his "quickness" is just his psychological urgency.

His movements are not as fast as he wants. It’s hard to pack it up,

The students who flocked out blocked the road of Meng Xi, and he was "quickly" for so long.

Meng Hao has been a junior, this is the last lesson of the next semester.

The examinations for other subjects were completed a few days earlier. They began to have internships and graduation thesis at the beginning of their senior year. The complete class is estimated not to be much.

So this class,

The classmates came very well.

There are even other students who are rushing to the table and squatting.

Meng Hao originally did not pay attention to these, too many people can come to class,

He almost didn't have a position,

If you don't pay attention, you have to pay attention.

"Xiao Xuechang,

I won't do this question.

Can you stay and talk to us? "An apple-faced girl walked two steps in front of Meng Hao.

Then whispered. There are still a few in the classroom that have not gone.

I couldn't help but stop, with a smile on my mouth.

"Sorry, I am in a hurry,

Meng Meng stopped and returned.

He has no bad feelings about the schoolmates who are eager to learn. He seriously advises, "Professor Zhang is very good. Now he should have not gone yet. You can go to the office to find him."

When Meng Yu’s words fell, he stepped out of the classroom. The apple-faced girl looked at it, and she wanted to be wronged. She was inexplicably grievanced. He had already heard that they were particularly good-looking schoolmasters, both men and women. Is such that.

"Do you know why you don't have time? Do you know if you go out and see?"

One of the female students who watched the excitement was slightly slick, and she said that she had to step forward.

Meng Hao is a publicly secreted person in their shift. When Meng Min personally nodded, she heard some heartbreaking voices, including her own, but others have a name. Lord, she appreciates it, and she can only look far.

And they have come over for three years. If you look at Meng Hao’s neat and refusal, you can cool her heart. She is already let go.

Meng Yu out of the classroom, walked down to the teaching building, the road was much smoother, Meng Hao's gaze in the crowd, suddenly his eyes lit up and ran straight.

"Oh, I am here."

Meng Hao shook his hand, and the fan of the high cold schoolmaster was completely gone. His eyes were bent and the happiness was obvious.

He saw it from Meng Xia to the teaching building, but he was against the flow of people. It was not so easy to squeeze it. He stopped and waited for Meng Hao to approach him.

"Oh," Meng Hao approached, and whispered a word, he did not say anything, but his inner thoughts were reflected in his eyes.

"Let's go home," he said, stretching over Meng's shoulder and taking him out.Meng Hao nodded. He looked at the road ahead, and he couldn’t help but look at the cockroaches. He smiled at the corner of his mouth, pulled down the hand that was guarding his shoulder, and held it in his hand. "We will take it this time."

In order not to cause Meng Hao to cause unnecessary troubles in the school, they always restrained before meeting people. When they are closest, they are limited to taking a shoulder, but Meng Yu feels that he is worried.

At the beginning of the next semester, he has been in the lab. He only came back to school one or two times when he had something, and he never cared about how other people saw him. He wanted to walk with such a hand for a long time.

"Okay," he nodded, holding back Meng Xi's hand, and his footsteps slowed down.

The sly dawn moved back slightly, noticed a pair of disappointed eyes, and he held Meng's hand tighter.

These three years are a big test for you. In the past few years, he did not know much about the love letters he had compiled in Meng Hao’s bag, not to mention that they walked along and Meng Meng was blocked by the road.

"Xiao, I am driving, I will send you home."

A male student relied on his momentum to walk, and he squeezed the people around him and then blocked him in front of Meng Hao and Yan.

However, Meng Hao did not stop. He held his hand and bypassed him directly. He continued to move forward, completely ignoring him, what he said.

"There are quite a few surnames in the school, and certainly not to tell me." Meng Hao was very divided and explained with enthusiasm. At the same time, he gently pinched his fingers. "I have you, no one else. ""

The nameless anger in the heart of the heart was thus extinguished by Meng Yu’s two sentences. Moreover, Meng Hao’s holiday is a happy thing. There is no need to influence the mood because of irrelevant people. He gently responded to Meng Hao, “Well.”

“Xiao, I know a department manager from Yuya. If you can accompany me for a meal, I can introduce you to the internship.”

The male student was not reconciled. He was blinded by Meng Hao for a few months. He was lost for a few months. This junior year is over. He does not grasp the opportunity at hand, and he has no chance in the future.

And he believes that the conditions he gave, for the professional person of Meng Hao,

Can't be heartless.

Since its establishment, it has been less than four years since its establishment, but it has become a well-known international high-end brand. Such an achievement can only be imagined in most people in Haicheng University. I want to stop.

"And you are so good, you may get the eye of the perfumer, and then introduce you to the famous ‘渟’.”

The male student said this, the whole voice was sucking around, and even some people were eager to move, and wanted to replace Meng Hao to accompany him to eat this meal.

Meng Hao finally looked back at the male student who he had no sense of. He was so cold and cold, "annoying!"

" don't..." The male student was amazed by some of Meng's imposing manners. He stepped back halfway, but the words were interrupted by the shackles that had never been opened.

"I don't know how to be good!" He released Meng's hand and turned to Meng Yu's waist. "Get out.""Hey, ma'am, the car is here."

Zhao Bing didn't know when it was around, he was slightly confronted with Meng and Meng.

Meng Hao has been studying for the past three years, but his dormitory is also used in the school. It is usually used for lunch breaks. Zhao Bing and Qi Xian first went to Mengluo dormitory to pack him up. The time is almost the same. He will come here to pick up people. Zhao The soldiers continue to move things.

However, Meng Hao was still a little angry, especially when he said this in front of him. Meng Yi did not move. He turned his head and a kiss was printed on the lips of Meng Yu. The gentle flashed past, then he regained his hand and shook everyone.

"He is my lover, my favorite person, I can't accompany you to dinner."

Meng Yu’s tone was a bit of a sigh, and then he said, “And, as long as the company has a real ability, know the good people. You! No!”

Meng Yu’s words dragged his hand and walked toward their car under the opening of Zhao Bing.

The male student obviously didn't expect that Meng Hao, who was very cold and beautiful and didn't talk on weekdays, suddenly became so sharp, and made him feel the inexplicable sense of crisis. It seems that Meng Yu said that it will be realized. "You, you What to say."

Meng Hao heard a footstep, his voice did not deliberately increase, but still has the effect of vibrating.

"He is awkward, I am Meng Hao, Xiao Zinuo is my other name."

When Meng Hao finished, he pulled it into the car. Zhao Bing also got to the driving position early. The car quickly opened the campus, but the place was still quite terrible.

Many people's mouths | Ba Zhang for a long time, can not fit.

"Oh... he is ‘渟’, he is the youngest perfumer, 渟 渟.”

"It turned out that I had been with the perfumer for the past three years..."

The same classmate who had been watching for a long time was murmured, and the last hope in her heart was also annihilated. She quickly packed her mind, turned and patted the apple face girl, and then stepped away. .

Of course, the most frightened is the male student who blocked the road. He can know Yuya and know the department manager. It is impossible to know the shackles of Haicheng’s cockroaches. The sweat on his forehead rolls down and looks like the whole. People are going to collapse.

He picked up his mobile phone and trembled and called for help. The previous enthusiasm was gone, and the people around him disappeared. But the identity of Meng Xi’s three years of hiding could no longer be hidden.

晏睢 and Meng Hao have photos on the Internet, but in the past three years they have been very low-key, no news, and gradually forgot. The netizens’ point of view is always on some fresh and explosive things. Meng Hao went to college. Nobody has associated him with Meng Zi, the name of Xiao Zi Nuo.

After Meng Haohe got on the bus, he had been in his arms and didn't get up. He held people, as if he were going to be robbed. But the fact is that someone has to come and grab him.

"That person is really annoying," Meng said, whispering, then looked up and kissed his chin. "I am yours, no one can grab it."He kissed Meng Yu’s cheek and his hand was tight, but he was touched by Meng Hao. He knew that Meng Hao said these words, most of them were because of him, Meng. I am afraid that he is not happy.

"Let's go home to eat?" Another moment passed, Meng Hao forgot the man's thing almost, he grabbed his hand and put it on his hungry belly, his cheeks "I am hungry, so hungry."

"Look for a restaurant nearby."

Yang Yang and Zhao Bing gave a message, and then continued to give Meng Hao a small stomach, "The snacks prepared for you in the morning did not eat?"

"On the way, I fed the flowers and the black."

Meng Hao responded and then squeezed into his arms. "Little flowers and little black baby."

So Wang Ma prepared enough weight, and he also gave the two stray cats in the school.

In fact, in these years, Meng Hao did not have stray cats and stray dogs in school, but every once in a while, there are always cats and dogs wandering to the school, like Meng Yu, who like to feed them a lot, they It is always better in school than in the days outside.

"I will let you pick them up and see them later."

He gently kissed Meng's forehead, and with his tacit understanding with Meng Yu, he naturally knew that Meng Hao was glaring at him.

Meng Hao heard a smile on his face, and he kissed his lips. "You are so good."

"I am embarrassed to call him at the cousin."

The pet hospital is still open, but his energy has not been there for many years. He followed Gu Lixue.

After two years of study, I started running again at home and abroad. This time he left for two months before returning. The whole person was thinned for a while, and the vines were badly damaged.

As for the 晏 嘉 嘉 and Gu Li have confirmed the relationship between men and women a year ago, their thoughts are biased towards Westernization, they are very satisfied with the current life, marriage is not yet in the plan, but Meng Hao thinks he will wait to drink them The day of the wine.

"However, the cousin is very happy," Meng said, continuing to groan, then clasped his neck with his hands and his eyes closed.

Meng Xi’s thought jumped slightly faster, and the rumored words gently smiled and continued to give Meng Xi’s back.

People are happy when they are doing what they like. So, Meng Hao is like this, and so is he.

Zhao Bing has long been familiar with the road conditions near the university town. He quickly found a suitable place to eat according to the requirements of the cockroach. After eating, he went directly to the airport.

"Where are we going?" Meng Hao lay down. The leg slept for a while, woke up thinking that it was home, but did not expect to be in the car, and from the surrounding, it was not the way home from the university town.

"Forgot?" The sly hair, reaching out and taking Meng Hao back into his arms, "We didn't say that we went to F country for a holiday last week?"

"Ah, I remembered it," Meng said, nodding his head, and then his cheeks were more ruddy. Apparently the scenes when they discussed the incident were quite unremarkable. This suddenly reminded me that Meng Hao could not control the blushing heartbeat.“How long have we been going this time?” Meng Hao looked at her head and looked at her. The long eyelashes twitched. There was an impulse that made people want to touch and touch. Without his hands, he leaned over and his The lips gently rubbed Meng Yi's eyelashes.

"How long do you want to stay, how long we will stay."

"Okay," Meng Hao nodded, and the smile on his face became more beautiful.

In the past three years, they have visited the F country every year in July, revisiting the land of honeymoon, and by the way, they have passed their wedding anniversary. The Rose Manor is far away from the dust, and there are a lot of flowers in the open sea. Meng Hao likes it there.

After eleven hours of flight, they arrived in the capital of the F country, then transferred to the city near the Rose Manor, and then took the car sent by the old butler in the manor. When they arrived at the Rose Manor, it was the day of the F country. Three o'clock in the afternoon.

He and Meng Hao had something to eat, and they slept together in bed.

Meng Meng basically sleeps on this road. He wakes up for a while and gets up. He takes the basket and scissors from the old butler and goes to the flower field to cut flowers. He also has two milk-white puppies at his feet. It is the two little babies born to the old dog.

"The dots and the round are to be smashed, and you can't bite the flowers."

Meng Hao looked back at them from time to time, and the road cut was a bit slow.

However, in order to spend enough time to accompany Meng Hao to vacation, he was very busy for the past two weeks. He slept very hard. Meng Hao returned to the room with two small things and a bunch of flowers. Still not awake.

"Hey!" Meng Hao squinted a little bit and round, then he took a light footstep and slowly walked over to the bed. He slowly crouched and inserted the white rose into the vase on the bedside table. He was careful. Carefully sorted out, and before he got up, he was hugged and hugged his neck.


"I am here," Meng said, and when he turned his head, he printed a kiss on his cheek and raised his hand to pat the shoulder. He shouted. "You continue to sleep, I am with you."

晏睢 晏睢 Meng Meng's neck, but the hand is still stretched, Meng Hao consciously got up, and then leaned over and let him hug him.

He raised his hand and wanted to continue to sleep. He was shackled and rolled onto the bed. For a moment, he turned around and Meng Meng had only had time to hug him. He still had some embarrassed eyes on the captain. Raised the nose of his face.

"did you sleep well?"

Oh, no, his hand slipped smoothly to Meng's neck, and then he half-squinted, looking for Meng's lips and carefully tasting it.

Meng Meng looked up at the lower jaw and made a sly kiss. He couldn't resist the two-flowered rose flower. The mouth still had some scent and grassy scorpion. Under the neutral atmosphere of each other, it became all kind of smoke. It’s sweet and fragrant.

Meng Hao probably can't understand the excitement at the moment, but it is really a heart for Meng Hao.

In the eyes of a sleepy, a young man holding a flower came back against the light, the halo of the setting sun falling on him, looking soft and beautiful, and still a little sleepy, but this sleepy moment deepened the heart and heart of this moment.His eyes were completely open, his sleepiness was clean in the wrapped kisses, and he smiled at the smile of Meng Meng, and his heart beat again again. At this moment, he suddenly understood why. There will be words like "who loves you badly."

He is a man who loves to be miserable, and he has no choice but to extricate himself.

"Hey, what's the matter with you?" Meng Yu asked after asking for a breath. He really couldn't understand the excitement of Yan Fangcai, but he could feel awkward mood. "You like me too much." Yet?"

"Yes, I like you so much." I like to be his heart all the time.

Sitting on the side of the squat, he also brought Meng Hao and continued to circle in his arms.

"You have to like me all the time," Meng said, and he added some requests to him. He kissed his lips. "I will always like you so much, I only like you."

"Well," he nodded. He looked at him. Two white little things he tried to climb the bed, but their legs were too short and they didn't get up for a long time.

"This is a little bit and a circle."

These two names are the Chinese names that Meng Hao gave to them by the old butler.

Meng Hao looked back from the two little milk dogs and looked at him. "Is it very cute?"

"Cute, all cute," nodded, and turned his head and kissed Meng Xi's cheek. From the character point of view, he really is not a person who likes small animals. Meng Meng likes it, loves the house and Wu, he also I like it.

They were tired of bed again, only to get up to the small lakeside of the manor for dinner, and then walked in the sunset. At around 9:00 in the evening, they cooked up to Meng Hao for a few nights before they went back to sleep.

One | night wrapped around | Mian, Meng Yu gave him the part of his busy days of busy work to make up for the part, the next day they went to sleep directly to eight | nine.

Have breakfast, then go to the town to ride a bicycle, have lunch, Meng Hao with a little bit and round to go to the neighbors next door to see their father.

The tea cake of the neighbor's grandfather was especially delicious. Meng Hao helped him cut flowers. He made tea cake for Meng Hao. This is not the first time. Last year, Meng Hao met him. He also knew the old man. After Meng Min informed him, he did not stop.

He and Meng Hao came to the F country. First of all, they didn’t want to sneak into the frame. When they were at home with him, they couldn’t help but talk about the things of Yu and Yu Meizhen. It’s really a determination, no matter what. Too much, he has no heart, and he has done it all these years.

Yu Meiqi also held hope at the beginning, but the same is not the same as the vinegar tea with oil and salt, and the level of living before and after can be said to be different. She endured for a while, and some of them could not hold back.

There is more and more quarrel between her and her, and when it is very serious, some hidden words will not be revealed.

She has the ability to let her continue to succumb to her, but when she says something, she can’t say it, and her patience with her sorrow is worse than one day. It’s not without feeling, their feelings will continue. So good is impossible.As the eldest son of the F country, I lived a good life and spent a lot of money. At the beginning, there were people who were willing to lend money to him. Later, when I came to see the situation, I gradually got away from him. He could have tasted the warmth of people.

Just two months ago, Yu Meizhen and he proposed a divorce. This is in the expectation of Yu and Yubo. It’s unexpected that Yu Meizhen can bear it for more than three years, but it also shows that This woman is terrible.

What really motivated her to give up was not that she was completely disappointed with her, but that she was at a banquet, and officially confirmed the identity of the heirs of the family of the Ming Dynasty, and even returned to 晏. Home, it is impossible to give Yu Meijun what she wants.

One of the results submitted by Shu Shuya last year was completely swayed by Yan Mingya, but the frame is still meaning to give Shu Shuya a year.

There is no such thing as a network of friends. Just relying on Shu Shu’s own skills, how can he make a decent result, and give him another year, still a failure, a more complete failure than last year.

Yu Meizhen gave up at this time, perhaps it can be said to be sensible. After all, after three years of suffering, the warmth and beauty she had tried to keep, farther and farther away from her, if she did not disappear before they disappeared completely If I try harder, she will be finished.

Just at the moment when they will call, the singer is taking pictures of the slap in the bed. After Yu Meizhen completely gave up, he quickly hooked up a wealthy merchant in the D country. It is said that the ancestors still had a meritorious aristocrat.

The age of the wealthy businessman is quite similar to that of the singer, but Yu Meizhen is completely crazy for her so-called good days. She is not ashamed at all, but she is useless, and finally she is holding the rich businessman.

He has been smashing until now, and it’s the straw that is completely crushing him. He wants to run down, but at the same time he seems to have been drenched from the head by a basin of ice water. Looking back on these years, he is really alive. .

What love, what is unyielding, it is only Yu Meizhen played for him, she never fell in love with him, but his identity as a parent, he is not a family, he is for Yu Meizhen Nothing is.

I really hate it, he can't hate it. He is not a good thing himself. It's not an exaggeration to describe it with retribution.

It’s imperative for Yu and Yu Mei to get divorced. Yu Meizhen can follow the rich businessman to live a good life, but he still has to say that Bo Bo has the final say, but she has played with his son for so long, how can she let her go easily? It.

Moreover, according to the survey of Zhang Bobo, the rich businessman had a family room, and his wife was still a powerful master. Once Yu Meizhen was exposed, there was nothing to eat.

He and Hei continued to talk about some things about the company, and he hung up the phone and calculated the time. He should also go to Mengxi next door to eat.

"Hey!" Meng Hao saw the cockroaches far away, and ran over when the pace was fast, and the little dad and their fathers ran with Meng Hao.

"Mr. Mike, I am going back."Meng Hao waved, and the old man raised his hand to them. He took the big dog on his side and went back.

Meng Hao stood in front of him, his smile was more beautiful, he divided a dog rope to the cockroach, and he also held the other hand of the cockroach, "just like its mother, round like its father."

Meng Hao’s affinity for cats, dogs and cats is increasing day by day. Two small things immediately responded, “Hey...”

Meng Hao all the way to the rumors of his neighbor's grandfather's family, told Meng Hao that he and 晏 frame Bo's phone content, walking in the light golden afterglow, they held hands and slowly walked back to the manor.

"Hey, I

Are we coming next year? ”

He took up Meng Xi’s hand, kissed him gently on his lips, and then returned, “Come, come every year.”

"Okay." Meng Hao responded. He looked around for the light. He turned his head and squatted on his lips. Then he went back without any trouble.

However, because of Meng’s kiss, the footsteps became more and more slow. When passing a big banyan tree, he pulled people to stand in the shade of the trees, and the dawn slowly sank and fell to Meng Xi’s pale cherry. On the lips.

"We kissed here, remember?"

"Well," Meng Hao nodded, then did not hold back his lips. "Will you kiss?"

Without any words, he bowed his head and answered Meng Hao with his actions.

Of course, kiss, kiss for a lifetime, kiss until they can't kiss.

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