Chapter 100

Chapter 100

"Take off the cloth on his head."

Deng Yu suddenly said this,

The age of standing behind him,

Raise the hand to let the interrogator retreat,

He personally came forward,

Take off the black cloth that has been covered on the Suss feather head.

There is only a small dimly lit table lamp in the basement.

Even if there is only such brightness,

Still let Sousse Yu feel very uncomfortable,

But Deng Yu’s voice, he was strange and vaguely familiar, as if he had heard it.

He tried to open his eyes and wanted to see the people in front of him.

But his eyes were all weeping, and he couldn’t see it clearly.

"Who? Who are you?"

"Who am I?" Deng Yu brought a smile in his voice, but the expression on his face was completely cold.

"Yu Wu,

You tell him who I am. ”

Year Wu had completely disappeared from the truth of Susie Yu.

He is expressionless,

When Susie Yu did not see his face,

It is impossible to connect the suit man in front of him with the age of his impression.

"This is Deng Shaozhu." Year Wu opened his mouth.

It is very simple.

Suss Yu still can't see people clearly.

But they are getting together for such a long time,

How could he not remember the voice of the young man?

"You, you..." Sussie finally tasted what it was like to betray. He thought he met a good person.

Honest man,

I did not expect even this to be fake.

"What else do you want to tell me, let's continue, I listen." Deng Yu said, he looked at Susie Yuguang and he had recovered the careless feeling, but what he thought in his heart, only himself know.

"Year... Year Wu? Deng Yu..."

Susie’s voice trembled. How could he still not understand what happened now? Yan’s doubts are correct. From the time he attacked the police, he was smashed by the army. He left the city and everything was 晏睢And Deng Yu calculated it.

He suddenly laughed again, laughing and crying. "Ha ha ha, hahaha... it’s so funny, hahaha..."

"I don't know your thoughts until now. He still thinks you are his good teacher."

"You are a coward!" Even in the last life, I did not meet Meng Hao, and Deng Yu did not dare to tell his mind. He is sad, but this time Sussie felt that Deng Yu was even more sad than him.

Sussie felt that he said this, Deng Yu would try to deny, but he just looked at him and looked at him with a rather strange look, then he nodded and recognized, "Yes, you are not wrong."

"But you don't know, I will never do anything to hurt."

However, Sussie Yu smiled more and more arrogantly and stunnedly. "But you didn't say that you don't hurt your partner. You see them love and love, how do you think about yourself?"

However, Meng Yu and Susie Yu are different. He is too embarrassed. His life can be described in three or two sentences. Deng Yu can't find a gap even if he wants to move his mind."As long as you think, you will not have no chance," Susie Yu did not believe that Meng and Meng Hao's feelings have been so good, there will always be contradictions, at that time perhaps Deng Yu took advantage of the gap.

Suss Yu also wanted to lure Deng Yu to deal with Yan and Meng Hao. He could pick up the phone and then whispered in the ear of Deng Yu. He stood up and left without returning, and Suss Yu continued to be blocked. Mouth, covered with black cloth.

At the moment when he was covered by the black cloth, Suss Yu finally knew what was scared. To be honest, he did not know what Deng Yu thought, but Sussie Yu also knew that even if Deng Yu could follow his words, It is unlikely that he will let him go. In the hands of Deng Yu, it’s really no better than going to prison.

Let Deng Yu end the trial of Susie Yu ahead of time, the reason is that it was reached.

"Hey, the boss is coming, how come the little sister didn't come?" Deng Yu smiled casually with his arms. There were two points in the words. He knew that he didn't like too much physical contact with people. They were separated by two. Step distance, not intimate, but not alienated.

He has been secretly loved for so long, and he is not found. Except that he and he are too busy on weekdays, the intersection is not too much, and there is his precise control of distance and tone. He knows you know. He can accept where a friend shows him the bottom line.

When it comes to Meng Hao, there is a clear easing in the serious look. "I want to follow me, I didn't let it."

"Oh," Deng Yu said faintly. He didn't confuse the topic with Meng Hao. "Come on, let's take a look at Yan's situation. These black materials are enough."

Deng Yu took him to a study, and then handed the materials he had sorted out to him. His eyes quickly swept over the information and then locked his name.

After Deng Yu stood behind him, he noticed the place where he suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong? Is this a problem?"

"The fault of my grandparents who suffered a serial car accident was him."

At that time, there were too many casualties. The police handled it as a major traffic accident. The person who killed him was drinking too much. Even if there was doubt in his heart, it would be difficult to check it. Not to mention that he did not expect to be with Li. Yan Yansheng of the city is related.

"Report the case," Ji Ji

Continue to turn over the information, and then do this.

"Okay," Deng Yu nodded. He took the information and walked away from the side of the body. He was approaching the door. He turned back. "Suss feathers are closed in the basement. Do you want to see him?"

"Don't see," opened his mouth, and his look was still very cold.

Deng Yu smiled and then continued to go out of the study.

The body leaned back slightly, and the brow wrinkled slightly, but in less than a moment, his strangeness was gone, and watching was the usual way of thinking.

He stayed in Deng Yu's study for half an hour, then he got up and went to Xu.

Xu Shuzheng had no unexpected feelings about the arrival of the cockroach. He looked at him, and he had some concerns in his eyes and tone. "Is the injury good?""It’s all right," he said. Now, there is no need to squat at the crowd. But the drama is played to the point where it is too lazy to spend more energy and Xu Shuzhen said too much, which is also involved. Deng Yu, it is more troublesome to explain.

"You are not worried about me?" Xu Shuzhen let the squat sit down, and personally poured tea on him, with a little helpless look on his face.

He smiled, but he recognized it. "Some."

Xu Shuzhen, who switched to twenty years ago, would not have such a soft heart, but now it may not be, but it is not the whole reason why he personally came to Licheng.

The sly smile was put away and he looked at Xu Shuzhen. He said, "I want to ask you to do me a favor."

Xu Shuzhen didn't hesitate for too long, he nodded. "Yes, you said."

When chatting with Xu Shuzhen, Meng Hao and Xiao Zimo are about to go to Licheng. They are taking a private jet from Xiaojia to a nearby town and then driving.

Meng Hao this time can not only let Xiao Zimo give him help, but Xiao Ziang has not let go.

"Big brother can only arrive at night." Xiao Zimo pressed the phone and told Meng Hao.

"Oh," Meng Hao nodded, then looked at Xiao Zimo and looked at him seriously. "Thank you, big brother, and grandfather."

"Cough," Xiao Zimo almost opened his breath, and he looked at Meng Hao with a little horror. "How do you know that the father is also his..."

"I heard it," Meng said. He turned back and looked out the window. "Grandpa’s cough, I remember."

Xiao Zimo’s face was distorted, and he anxiously defended it. “I didn’t expect the father to come out from behind me.”

He only talked to Meng Hao, and when he turned around, he saw Xiao’s father looking at him with a black face, and it seemed to have been listening for a long time. In this way, how could he still go down, but he also Xiao Father said yes, don't tell Ning Zhou, lest she worry about it. As for Xiao Xingmin, when they need it, they will not be strong.

Meng Xiwen said that he did not have anything to do. In fact, apart from his suspicion, others did not care.

"Why must I follow?" Xiao Zimo drove the car and asked like a random question.

Meng Hao thought for a moment, "Impressed!"

"Hey and others, don't take me, get angry."

Xiao Zi's eyebrows picked and picked, and his younger brother fled the plane and planned to run, because he was jealous.

"But the anger is going to follow, I am worried."

They are awkward and awkward. In matters related to the safety of the people, Meng Hao can't be indifferent, and he can't run abroad to participate in any exchange meeting. He won't let him follow, then he can only find his own way.

But he didn't want to be self-defeating, but he and he both fell into danger. He thought about the night after thinking about Xiao.

"I use you, are you angry?"

Meng Hao suddenly turned back and asked Xiao Zimo. He was very serious with two points. He had such concerns in his heart.Xiao Zi whispered a few words before he returned. "This is not a use. I am your second brother. It is your real family. Even if you are married to you, you are still my younger brother. I will help you, and willingly." , so don't use it, remember it?"

"Well," Meng Yan heard a smile on Xiao Zi. "After the second brother asked me for help, I will help."

"That's right," Xiaozi silently stopped at the traffic light intersection, then turned and licked Meng Meng's hair.

Meng Yan’s eyes collapsed and did not hide, but Xiao Zimo still wanted to touch a few more times. He refused. “Two brothers, drive carefully.”

"Okay," Xiao Zi silently tried to take back his hand, and the smile on his face was even stronger.

Just next to their car, there was a lens in the window that was pressed against them. This scene of Xiao Zi’s murder of Meng Min’s hair was photographed. Xiao Zimo’s face was rather vague, and Meng’s side was very clear.

Meng Hao suddenly turned back and looked at the camera. The person who sneaked on it was obviously shocked. Instead, Meng Hao found that he was photographed. His light was still stunned. He just looked back at Xiao Zimo. "We are being tracked." It is."

Xiao Zi nodded and no surprise. "Don't worry, I will open him later."

After a while, Xiao Zi said, "It seems that he has been eyeing you."

Xiao Zimo said that he remembered the phone that Meng Hao had called him that day. The opening was a word that made him stunned.

"I think someone wants to rob me. Can you help me?"

Meng Hao’s feelings are not all groundless. His perception of hostility is much more acute than that of Suss, and he is extraordinarily sensitive to the embarrassing things. Deng Yu’s eyes are so fascinating that he does not Comfortable, and his smile on the sly is really cut, the smile on him and others is very fake.


Once he was "injured", Meng Hao still cares about it now, and that time it was his own design. In Meng Min’s opinion, it was a possibility to demonstrate their ending in advance, he could not accept You can't stay in the same place.

"It’s useless to stare at it. It’s mine.”

Meng Yu’s tone returned plainly to Xiao Zimo’s words, but his determination was not to be discerned.

Xiao Zi smiled and laughed. He didn't answer any more. He concentrated on driving and opened the people he followed, but he was very happy in his heart. Meng Hao’s hegemony really had a sense of their Xiao family.

There are many people who are protected by Meng Xi, there are people who are sent by the sects, people from the Xiao family, and those who have passed through the Deng Yu School, but these people should follow the A country if they have no accidents. Meng Meng and Xiao Zi Mou have not yet arrived in Licheng, they were discovered by Deng Yu.

This shows that he is not very tight on Meng Meng, and even has the feeling of faintly crossing the border.

In Dengcheng Dengyu can count half of the family, he arrived, he asked him to eat is also reasonable.

"This winery, we have been here, remember?" Deng Yu walked in front of the door of the wing, then turned back and smiled.

"Remember, during the summer of the 18th year, we had a drink here." He walked to the window and sat down.Deng Yu sat down together. He picked up a bottle of red wine and stumbled. When he raised his hand, he refused. "Don't drink today."

Deng Yuyang’s eyebrows are a bit strange. “Why? Is it difficult for the little nephew to stop drinking?”

"How do you know that you can't drink?" I didn't return to Deng Yu's words, but I went back and asked.

Deng Yu didn't panic. He wasn't too strong. He poured his own glass and smiled. "From Gulang, you got married on that day... the little scorpion was drunk."

Deng Yu sipped a sip of wine and said, "The little scorpion is not so obedient. My people saw the little scorpion appear in Licheng half an hour ago."

Deng Yu did not consciously pay attention to the look of this when he heard this, but within his line of sight, he only picked one eyebrow, not angered, but he looked like some laughter and inexplicable helplessness.

Now think about it, I know it too. The first two sunrises of Meng Hao, it’s not that he listened, but he didn’t even want to go to country A. Meng Hao didn’t talk to him, not just He was angry with him, and he also wanted to come to Licheng.

"But it was lost..." Deng Yu's hand swayed the glass gently, his eyes recovered, and he seemed to be thinking about something.

"This is a photo taken by my people. Look at it."

The photo is very messy and complicated. The only part of the face is clear, but this is only what you can see. Deng Yu also saw the picture that Meng Meng suddenly looked back. The light was clear and implied. He thought it was Meng. He is a provocation to him.

Looking at the picture where Meng Hao was touched by the hair, the brow was slightly wrinkled, and he looked up at Deng Yu. "There will be no need for you to follow, and the photos taken include all the negatives."

This is no longer a protection. It is more like tracking. In surveillance, Meng Hao is very keen on this line of sight. Even if Deng Yu is not malicious, Meng Hao will not like it, and he does not like it. He even more. Mencius’s privacy cannot be tolerated by others.

"You don't..." Deng Yu's heart was inexplicably flustered. He always thought that he was the most understanding person in the world. At this moment, he suddenly felt that he did not understand what he thought. .

"Is angry?" The rumor shook his head. "This is his second brother."

Even if he didn't recognize the person as Xiao Zimo, he wouldn't have any anger or suspicion. Meng Hao's intention to him, if he had any shake, he was too much.

It’s been a long time in this winery’s wing, and it’s been silent until the waiter delivers the food, which breaks the increasingly strange silence.

"Don't drink alcohol and have a cup of tea?" Deng Yu looked at him. The hand he had on his knees was quietly clenched. He knew that he was influenced by Susie Yu’s words today, his mood was slightly ups and downs, and the people in front of him were very sensitive. If you don't get it, you may be discovered.

I didn't like people before, so he didn't understand. Now, he has a favorite person, and it is even more difficult to see other people, but the premise is that he should not be too obvious, too abnormal."You recognized it that day," he said, his fingers slammed on the table. His look did not change much, but he could not see any relief. His position was not just to come with him. Friends are old, still come to him to liquidate.

Deng Yu licked his lips and nodded. "Yes."

At the moment he nodded, his eyes became obviously dangerous. He slowly stood up. "Let's go, let's change places."

"Yes," Deng Yu nodded again.

But they went to an indoor fight table in the winery, and they unscrupulously shot. Deng Yu and Yu were together with a master. His skills were not bad. The two men quickly hit it.

In general, you will stay in your hand, but Deng Yu asked Meng Yu to be hurt that day, or he knows that Meng Hao, deliberately, can no longer endure.

"Deng Yu, you remember me! He is my wife, my most important person, don't say it is you, just dare to touch him, I will not let go!" He hides again. He is even more unrelenting. He punches Deng Yu’s shoulder and knocks people to the ground. He takes a step back and does not continue.

"Is he so good?" Deng Yu got up from the ground and shouted. He knew what he was doing, but he was also angered, and the long-suppressed emotions could not stand it.

"Do you remember what you said to me here? You said that you can't like anyone in your life."

I don’t like him, Deng Yu always knows, but he also firmly believes that he will not like other people. He has been watching his wife, Deng Yu is equally clear, but he never cares. As long as you are not tempted, whoever is in that position does not matter.

Of course, this is just his self-righteous thought. When he received the invitation for the wedding reception, when he saw the photos that Gu Lang and others had sent him, he knew that he was wrong. He cares and cares.

Therefore, it is almost time for the wedding date to come. He still finds reasons to run abroad. If he is at home, if he goes to the wedding reception, he does not know that his hidden feelings for so many years can not be hidden.

And hey... He is too unrequited. Once he knows his emotions, they can no longer hold the friendship at hand. Deng Yu didn't want to even have a silently like position, so he couldn't come, so he must continue to hide.

He slowly turned around and looked at Deng Yu, who tried to converge his emotions. He nodded. "Yes, you are right, he is so good, so I can't like anyone, but I like it." Got him, no, it is love, I love him."

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