Chapter 92

Chapter 92

Meng Hao strolled outside the kitchen.

熟练 skillfully cook noodles inside,

After half an hour,

He came out with the faces of the two bowls.

"Good fragrance!" Meng Hao kept a little distance,


He moved,

Carefully put it together,

Kissing sideways on the cheeks, "Oh, you are too good!"

晏睢 biased past,

Meng Hao also consciously put his cheeks over, kissed, kissed gently,

Only then,

"Let's go to the living room to eat."

"Okay," Meng said.

The two walk side by side,

Wait for the face to be placed on the table,

Meng Hao immediately gave another hug,

a kiss.

"Cough..." has been waiting for them to come back.

Ning Zhou and Xiao Shuimin, who are willing to sleep,

Gently coughed twice,

In the end, they nodded to them. Meng Meng came in from the door and did not see them at all.

I heard a cough at this time.

Meng Hao is quite puzzled,

After a little tempering, he just quit from his arms.

Meng Hao turned and saw Ning Zhou and Xiao Xingmin, and immediately rushed back into his arms. Too sudden, while holding Meng Meng, he took a step back and then came to Meng Hao in his arms. The muffled voice, "Dad, Mom, why are you still not sleeping?"

Ning Zhou and Xiao Xingmin looked at each other and didn't know that Meng Hao was shy, but what happened, but when Meng Yu and Yi came back, they would be relieved, and Ning Zhou opened his mouth. "We are here." Going to sleep, Nono and Yan also have a rest early."

"Well," Meng Hao immediately responded, but he still did not come out of his arms. He licked the meat on his waist, and he was sure to see Ning Zhou and Xiao Xingmin, but he did not. Tell him that he almost confronted Shangning Boat and Xiao Shunmin.

"My parents are good night, I will go to sleep after eating this."

晏睢 stiff face, endure Meng Meng’s chaos in his waist, and talked with Ning Zhou Xiao Xingmin.

Meng Hao still does not want to look back, Ning Zhou can only be a real shy when Meng Meng, but they usually did not hit him and he was so intimate, how can you be so shy today? Ning Zhou returned to their room in the mansion with his heart and doubts and Xiao Xingmin.

"They are gone," said Meng Mengyu's back, and bowed his head and kissed Meng's hair. "We should eat first, or we should paste it."

"Oh, yes, it's not good." Meng Hao heard that he finally stopped thinking about something. He let go of his waist and grabbed his hand. The two men sat down together.

After they finished eating, the time was almost twelve o'clock. Meng Hao had a warm whole body and finally got some sleepy feelings. He was pulled back to the room, bathed and washed, and then hugged and hung until the next day. More points, Meng Yucai woke up.

He had already got up, but they didn't go to the study. He called in the small balcony of the bedroom. After he finished the call, Meng Hao had already dressed himself.

"It's still early, you can sleep for a while," he said as he stepped forward, lifted Meng's jaw, and looked carefully at the wound on his forehead. He looked as bad as yesterday, but it was still very obvious.Meng Hao held the cockroach and then shook his head. "I have enough sleep. I am going to the lab today. I am going to catch people."

He only woke up, his voice was soft, and he didn't sound like anything. But this decision, when he saw the surveillance camera, was confirmed.

"晏渟BestLove" is not only the most perfect work of Meng Hao so far, it also entrusts another one, he loves him all the time, whether it is Cheng Guang, or Ma Ji Li has made his taboo, can not Forgiveness of taboos.

"I will accompany you," said Meng Mengyu's back neck. He knew that Meng Hao could not eliminate this short-term breath. I was afraid that when I think about it, I will be re-energized.

Meng Hao hesitated for a while in his arms, and he shook his head. "No, you are busy with your work, the laboratory thing, I can solve it."

Yesterday, Deng and Deng Yu met, and at least one week after that, he will be very busy. This is not to say, but Meng Meng knows, Meng Yu thought and added another sentence, "You miss me. Just call me."

After a moment of contemplation, he nodded. "Well, I will pick you up at the lab in the evening."

"Well," Meng Hao nodded and licked his cheeks. He then quit and left a two-cold embrace, and went to the bathroom to wash.

They only came downstairs, Ning Zhou found the injury of Meng Hao's forehead, Meng Hao wanted to squat, did not stop.

His look is a little confused. He has been here until now. He only remembers that he couldn’t let Ning Zhou see him at night. He didn’t think that they would go upstairs in the morning, but they would also like to see them.

Although he still feels the pain of Meng Xi, he can see his fascinating and confused appearance, but he still can't resist hooking his lips, but then he was smashed by Yan Manjia and Ning Zhou.

For a long time, they explained to Ning Zhou clearly, but they were still useless. When Ning Zhou saw Meng Hao’s injury, he felt distressed. He looked at his eyes with a little blame. Although it was an oolong, it hurt. Deng Yu of Meng Yu is a friend of Yi.

I have to return to Ning Zhou in Beicheng today, and decided to stay. I will be hurt by Meng Hao. She will go back again. Xiao Xingmin can’t continue to stay in Haicheng. He can only pull Ning Zhou, and he’s stunned and left. .

Meng Hao went to the lab by car, 晏

He didn't walk together. After he sent Meng Hao to the car, he came back to the side building and looked for him. He said what the Deng Yu told him, and the two people discussed something again. He left the house.

At this time, Meng Hao also went to the laboratory. When he arrived, the four assistants had already arrived. After the daily greetings, they started to work, but they were stopped by Meng Hao.

"Slightly wait."

When Meng Yu’s words came out, all four people stopped their bodies and then turned to look at Meng Hao.

"Follow me." Meng Hao did not intend to rush in his incense room. He grabbed a perfume and walked to the living room on the first floor. Li Shishi was slightly confused, and all kinds of speculation in his heart, but Did not ask.Meng Hao sat down and opened the stopper on the test tube. He raised his hand. He didn't like the smell in his heart, but he didn't frown like last night. He looked at Cheng Guang and asked faintly. "Familiar? ?"

Cheng Guang followed all the way from the basement, and thought that Meng Hao would teach them the key points of the fragrance. But the plug was opened, and he expected to be poured from head to toe by a basin of ice water in the winter. Cool heart.

His face was instantly pale, and the same look was a little different. Naturally, there was Majili, but Meng Hao didn't look at him. His heart was especially lucky.


"Don't call my master. From now on, you are not the person in my lab." Meng Hao did not intend to spend too much time with them here, he would also save his ruined perfume. It.

"I, I really like '晏渟'," I like to take it for myself. The possession of ordinary people is to have this perfume. The possession of the adjustable perfumer is to master its formula," I don't want to do anything, I just want to adjust it myself..."

He saw Meng Hao shook his perfume again, and his words changed from anxious to angry!

But Meng Shuguang came over and he couldn’t say a word. Meng Hao was the creator of “晏渟” and he was not qualified for anger.

And is Meng Xi hiding them? Kissing and not kissing.

Even he is more generous and frank than other perfumers, but his achievements are too many ingredients, they are not born by nature.

He knows that learning takes time and needs to be accumulated. But unconsciously, he has set off Meng Hao’s talent. He has always fantasized that he is the creator of “晏渟”, but reality is always in the face, and Meng The scent of the perfume that he modulates is a poisonous gas.

"Pull out!" Meng Hao raised his hand, and the security guard at the door stood in and pulled in.

"Master, I am wrong, you let me stay, you let me..."

Meng Yan heard the words, stood up to Cheng Guang, and then shook his head very surely, "Impossible!"

Probably the anger in my heart was ignited again, and Meng Hao’s face was colder. “Perhaps one day you can make a perfume with similar smell, but that’s still not my ‘晏渟’.”

The smell of '晏渟' will change with time. It is not just as simple as it is thickened. Cheng Guang only grasps the taste that is always strong in the fragrance room. It feels at other times. He couldn't calm down and feel that his direction was wrong from the beginning.

Therefore, Meng Hao did not worry about it at all. The formula of his perfume will make them look at it a few times, and it will be a thousand miles.

"Let's go, don't let me say roll."

Cheng Guang was a guilty conscience. He stopped his physical struggle and was allowed to be held by the security guard. At this time, Yan Mingya also took the police. They came forward, and Cheng Guang’s eyes widened. He thought that the policemen came to arrest him, but they spared him and went to Ma Ji Li.

"You are suspected of stealing perfumes for sale, and we are going back to the police station for investigation..."Ma Ji Li heard that he was almost soft on the seat. Cheng Guang did not go home. He was taken away to assist in the investigation. After all, Ma Ji Li used Cheng Guang’s perfume. Whether he has participated or not, he has to be further determined.

They were taken away from the living room. Meng Hao didn't look too much. After all, he was angry. He was angry all the time. He turned to the basement and he had more important things.

Before entering the analysis room, he looked back at Li Shishi and Ye Lan. "If you want to leave, you can tell me."

Li Shishi and Ye Lan heard a meal and then shook their heads.

"Master, don't catch us, we won't do that kind of thing!"

Meng Hao is not just a talented perfumer. His foundation is not shallower than the people who came from the class. At least for the next ten years, he will be their master, and Meng Hao has another ten years, his growth. The master who is enough for them to be a lifetime.

Meng Yi heard no words, Li Shishi and Ye Lan slightly hesitated, and they followed.

After that, they were busy too. As for what went to Cheng Guang, Ma Ji Li was sentenced for a long time. Meng Hao only listened at random and didn’t care. They were judged to be jealous again, and they could not erase them. The fact that he perfumes.

After spending eight days, Meng Hao found a solution and the final result was completely unexpected.

"Master...Master..." The voice of Ye Lan was shaking, and she was so excited that she wanted to cry.

These eight days are not to say that they come over, every day they have to face the fact that the perfume is destroyed more seriously, and at the same time carry out various meticulous and complicated experiments, repeated failures, seemingly successful again and again, but still Leave a flaw.

But this time, she is pretty sure that they are really successful!

"Well, it's getting better..." Meng squatted in the test tube, recovered the clear liquid, and smiled at the lips. "This is the upgraded version of '晏渟'."

Compared to the original, the upgraded version of ‘晏渟’ has changed a bit more, and it feels more mysterious and deeper.

But Meng Hao is really happy that he can give a truly unique perfume. He looks at Li Shishi and Ye Lan, who have been busy with him for eight days. "Get off work today, go back to rest, and don't come over tomorrow. ”

"Okay," Li Shishi responded. He took the tearful leaves and leaves. In the past few days, they have been busy with it. They are back home, and there are all kinds of data in their heads. They really need rest. It is.

Meng Hao still stayed in the lab and watched his new perfume in a daze. After half an hour, he started the previous preparations, large doses of solution and liquid, he went to the storage room, and all the damaged perfumes were upgraded.

So Meng Hao was satisfied to change clothes in the locker room. He also had to get off work early today, and then went to find a donkey.

But he came out of the lab and picked up his car. It was also here.

When Meng Hao got on the bus, he rushed to his arms. "How come you are so early today, I want to find you."When I saw Meng Xiao’s smile, I couldn’t help but smile. He hugged people and licked Meng’s cheeks. This was what he said. “If things are all right, come over soon.”

In the past few days, Meng Hao has been busy, and he is busy. The time when he can really talk together is not too much. Although people are always around, he can’t restrain the inexplicable thoughts and make things happen. He is anxious. I can't help but come over.

"Me too, I saved the perfume back!" Meng Yu said and squeezed into his arms. Maybe he wore too thick in winter. Those clothes hindered his feeling of holding people. He leaned into his ears. Very serious, "I can give you a unique perfume."

"You smell me, do you like it?" Before Meng Hao came out, he sprayed a little on himself. He raised his jaw and let gossip.

晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟Resistance can be said.

He smelled and kissed Meng Hao's neck, gently soft, with a few strong restraint.

Meng Hao’s body stopped and his eyes moved, but he was dissatisfied and suddenly distracted. He pinched his earlobe. “You don’t distract, listen carefully. If you feel bad, I should still be able to Adjust again."

This is the first time Meng Meng has tried to "save" the perfume. This process is also the process of his study and growth. His understanding of '晏渟' is even more so. He said that if he can adjust, he will be able to adjust. I am happy.

He held the man tighter, and he pulled his lips away from Meng Hao’s neck. He thought for a moment and gave Meng Hao the answer he wanted. “It’s too cold in winter, it’s very suitable in summer. ""

This "cold" is not the coldness of the temperature, but the feeling.

Meng Hao heard that he couldn't hold back, just "snap" on his lips, his voice was slightly louder, but he was completely unaware. "Hey, you are right!"

"I'll go back and get a four-season version!" Where is the winter and summer, he wants to be suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter!

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