Chapter 91

Chapter 91

Today, Sunday,

I don’t go to work in the lab.

Including assistants and other staff on the second floor of the first floor,

Plus this time,

There will be no other people besides the vigil of the vigil.

When they arrived,

Only the lights in the concierge are still on,

The two security guards for the arrival of Meng Hao and Yu,

Slightly surprised, but also opened the door as required.

Leave one person to continue to watch the door,

A person opened the way for them and went to the electronic door in the basement before he left the door.

"It looks like a high-end living area.

"Stone crane looked around,

Quietly and Gu Lang Zhongming screaming.

But when they walked to the basement, they didn’t feel that way, with layers of electronic checkpoints.


Facial scanning, etc.

If it’s not Meng Hao who leads them,

That is, you can't enter the innermost.

He is here on weekdays,

The incense room in this experimental base was opened.

Otherwise his four assistants will not be able to enter.

After Meng Meng took them in, they went straight to the storage room next to his incense room, which contained a large dose of bottled "晏渟".

These are the masterpieces of Meng Yi in the weekdays.

It’s enough to use it for a few years.

After they came in, Meng Hao quickly approached, opened several bottles in a row, and got close to the smell. He walked through a circle and found out that something went wrong.

No matter what day he practiced the perfume, it will make people make the label when they store it. Even how many milliliters are marked, the perfume in the storage room is not too small, but some of them are stolen, and then they are inferior. Perfume.

The ingredients of the formula are almost the same, and the dose of inferior perfume is very small, so it is difficult to distinguish the subtle differences.

"Shihe, you come over again."

Meng Hao turned to the stone crane and raised his hand. The stone crane was unknown, but he went up and looked at it. Then he was smothered by Meng Hao. Even when Meng Min heard people, his face was not good, but he was in the middle. Under the light, Shihe faint still has the urge to take cold sweat.

It’s hard to be angry, Meng Meng is not good at parry, and the suspected jealousy is even more difficult to parry. Shi He feels that he is very sad...

After Meng Meng carefully smelled it, he went to the side of the body and approached it carefully. But before he walked away, he was held by him.

放 晏睢 就 就 , , , , , , , , , , , , 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢Make Meng Meng too close.

Meng Yan blinked his eyes and couldn't understand the complicated thoughts. He could be shackled, and his depressed mood suddenly became better.

He got together, didn't kiss people, but he also licked his cheeks, didn't deliberately smile, but the feeling of this kind of relatives, Meng Hao will only have when he is with him.

He sorted out his thoughts a little, and explained to them in his arms. "He put my perfume on the inferior perfume." This made Meng Jun angry more than he directly watered."So, he already knows your formula?" He has basically locked in the crowd who may steal perfume.

If you can get in touch with the perfume, you can only touch the four assistants of Meng Yu. They followed Meng Hao for so long. Meng Hao’s fragrance has never avoided them. The raw materials are those that have accumulated over time and got the correct formula. impossible.

Moreover, Meng Meng was in a hurry because of his injuries during this time. It is estimated that his work attitude has given him the feeling of being able to take advantage of it, coupled with the huge money lure and confusion. Not impossible.

Meng Yi heard the words but did not answer immediately. He had a good taste in his breath. It seems that the difference is not big, but for Meng Yu, even if it is not big, it is different.

After about ten minutes, Meng Hao answered the question of jealousy. He shook his head gently. "Wrong, wrong!"

To say that the serious point is chaos, Meng Hao told them very long ago that it is still too early to start, I am afraid that anyone who does not believe him, this made him so disgusting with his inferior perfume.

Meng Yu broke free from his arms. He took out two bottles and walked to the analysis room next door. After two steps, he turned back and looked at him. "I want to think about how to save my perfume..."

After being neutralized by inferior perfumes, the longer it is, the more serious it will be destroyed. After a while, the perfumes that he gave to the cockroaches are all abolished.

"Go, I am waiting for you here."

He didn't keep up, but he stood in front of the window of the analysis room, Meng Hao could see him, and he could see Meng Hao.

He and Gu Lang did not stand for a long time, Yan Mingya also arrived. When they came, they called Yu Mingya in the car. The perfume company, Meng Hao and him to deal with it is better.

I didn't say much on the phone. After he came, Gu Lang and Shi He clearly told him before and after, then they went into the monitoring room and called out all the videos, but found some cuts in the video.

He called another phone. Wang Feng called a computer master and it took him more than two hours to recover.

At this time, Meng Hao also came out of the laboratory. Of course, Meng Hao could not find a solution within two hours. He just restored the inferior perfume.

He shook the perfume in the bottle, his face was dark, and he looked quite angry. He walked behind everyone, and Gu Lang and Zhong Ming consciously let him open the way. It was a person who could become their nephew. It was angry. Really not ordinary people can suffer.

"It's him!"

For so long, Meng Hao is no longer remembering, he is always remembered in the four assistants of his laboratory.

Meng Hao stared at the people in the display, watching his obsessive appearance in front of the perfume, and his unsettled appearance when he was scenting the perfume. If Cheng Guang was in front of his eyes, he would have expected to make people violent.However, Cheng Guang is only a person who secretly modulates perfume. It is not him who steals perfume. It is a horse that has always been more low-key, and he used the perfume of Cheng Guang to exchange it for the perfume of Meng Hao. Moreover, he did not dare to sell in Xiaguo, but another channel, and went to the black market of the A country far away from the emperor.

After seeing the whole process, Meng Hao turned and looked at Yan Mingya. "You send the evidence to the police station and let them go to the lab tomorrow to get people!"

When he said this, his psychology still had some violent impulses, but he also knew that he was different from the past. He was jealous and had many family members. He did not need to protect himself in this way and protect his belongings. .

"Okay," Min Mingya nodded. Before Meng Meng came out, he had already discussed with them for a while. "I will send people to recover all the perfumes that flow to the black market of A..."

When Yan Mingya said half, seeing Meng Hao still staring at him, he stopped, but Meng Hao turned and talked to him.

"I won't sell it in the future, but those who have already been sold, I want to use real perfume to recover... Can it?" It is not Meng Yi who can't bear the money, but he doesn't want the world to misunderstand the taste of his perfume. It is truly perfect, just like his jealousy.


He walked close to Meng Hao two steps, raised his hand and Meng Meng's hair, afraid that the words were not enough to express his meaning, he nodded.

Then he thought a little and thought, "I only use it for me, it is too wasteful. I can conduct an online auction in the future, and then donate the money I have made..."

"If you want to set up a ‘晏渟’ fund, as for what people to donate, let’s discuss it. ”

After Ming Mingya went on, he also put forward some opinions. After all, there are quite a few donated organizations that don’t rely on it. What kind of black materials are causing them, their original intentions have also been affected. Plus, “晏渟” is a very A perfume with a story, then let it make more sense.

"This proposal is good," Zhong Ming commented. The eyes of these people are not ordinary. When you say a word to me, Meng Hao has not yet nodded, and they have discussed a lot of details.

Meng Hao listened for a long time, he nodded, and several people in the hot chat did not notice that he nodded.

Of course, they are not intentional, but Meng Hao and Yan have been standing for too long, and they are on the sidelines. They are still on the sidelines, and they still don’t want to see Meng Hao’s good.

"Is it all right?" He didn't go to Mingya's hot chat. He took Meng Meng and walked two steps, then whispered.

"No," Meng Yu shook his head, trying to save his perfume, at least a week, and this is still in the right direction.

"It’s too late, my parents should sleep, we will come over tomorrow, okay?” whispered Meng Meng, he knew that Meng Min’s heart was depressed, but people had to send police, perfume to save. Meng Hao himself should also rest as usual.

Meng Hao’s perfume in his hand was awkward, and he thought a little. He nodded. "Okay, let's go home first."

"You also go back to rest early, I will bring Meng Hao back."He took Meng Xi’s hand and said it to Yan Mingya and others.

"Uncle, hey, let's go back, I will figure it out here!" Such a loophole in the lab is not only a question of the character of Cheng Guang, but also a loophole in their management. He will organize people as soon as possible. Meeting to solve.

Gu Lang, they also turned around and said goodbye to Meng Meng.

When Meng Hao was about to step out of this monitoring room, Meng Hao remembered what, stopped, and turned to look at Shihe. His brow was slightly wrinkled, and some reluctantly said, "You don't want to use the perfume you bought, you Let Minya give you a bottle of new ones."

"Ah... good! Xie Zizi!" Shihe's voice was a lot higher, which was really a surprise.

When Meng Hao finished, Ming swayed and glanced at the stone crane, and he turned and pulled and walked outside.

Even if they all decided this way, he gave the scented perfume to others, and he was still unhappy.

He sat down with him for a while, and Meng Hao was still depressed in his heart. He showed that he was holding his hand, even if there was a Zhao Zhao who drove in the front seat.

"Impressed!" Meng Hao said, but he will be even tighter.

"Oh, not angry." 晏睢 晏睢 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟Distressed and sweet.

Meng Hao nodded, but another time, he said again, "still angry..."

"No gas, no gas..." The rumor can only continue to linger. He backed Meng Xi, and in the angle that Zhao Bing could not see, kissed Meng Meng’s side face and licked his hair. Before getting off the bus, the Meng Qi’s gas was given.

They returned to the mansion, it was already eleven o'clock in the night. At this time of the week, Meng Hao should be sleepy, but today he was mad, and he also gave up his sleepiness. He was desecrated.

Shun Mao, but sleepy but still back, watching the still spirit can not.

I took Meng Meng and went inside. I looked at Meng Hao from time to time.

"I haven't been so angry..." Meng Yu said to Captain, and told him again.

In fact, I still feel angry when I think of it, but he is still angry, and his heart will not be so uncomfortable.

"Don't be sleepy?" He is still confident about his own tricks. He doesn't doubt Meng's words, but now he has to find Meng Xi's drowsiness. He has received some points here. Injury, take a good rest at night.

Meng Hao did not respond, and he suggested again, "I will cook for you? Add a little spicy today."

Meng Hao nodded, and then he saw the haze in his shackles, all scattered and clean, reflecting the light of some night lights, clean and beautiful, he was close to a little, his good-looking eyes naturally picked up, and then tiptoe Kissed on the cheeks of the cheeks.

"it is good."

His heel had not yet fallen back to the ground, and he turned his head and his lips rubbed on Meng's lips.Meng Hao naturally explored the lips of the tongue and felt a little taste. He licked his lips again, and then his heel fell completely. They waited a little, and then they continued to walk in.

Meng Hao looked at him again and again, "I am waiting for you at the kitchen door..."

In fact, Meng Hao would like to go to the kitchen and wait for him, but he does not touch anything, there will still be suspicions of chaos, in order to let him do his face as soon as possible, he is best to wait outside the kitchen.

But he didn't want to wait in the living room, so he could only go to the kitchen door.

"Okay," he could feel Meng Meng's feeling of wanting to approach him all the time. He couldn't.

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