Chapter 82

Chapter 82

Meng Hao likes to touch him.

I like it all,

He was licked by his hair,

The eyes are also staring at the chin's chin.

From time to time,

I don’t know what I thought of,

There is more blush on the cheek.

But in the end, I remember that there was another Zhao Zhao who drove in the front seat, did not say something or do something.

I thought about things and bowed my head.

On the eyes of Shang Mengxi, he looked a little, and the hand holding Meng's hair also stopped. He licked his lips,

I want to laugh again,

Inexplicably being beaten, Meng Yu’s suspicious expression of dissatisfaction,

It is lovely and delicious.

But being stared for a long time,

You can’t stand Meng Meng’s look at him like this.

His hand moved from Meng Hao’s hair to his cheek.

Gently squeezed twice,

Then he covered his eyes.

Meng Hao was covered in the eyes,

The cheeks were slightly drummed, and some were dissatisfied. "I am not sleepy.

I just want to see you. ”

"be good,

When you get home, look at it again. "The rumored hand continued to cover and did not leave, and bowed his head."

Meng Hao grinded a bit, and felt that he was really distressed. He was tired of running the factory, and he only wanted to let him close his eyes and rest. Although he still wants to see the cockroaches, he still resists.

"Then I have to go home for a long time..."

"Okay," he said, his hand was Meng Lan, who couldn't sleep and trembled. The strange feeling spread to his heart, and he was softened by the whole person.

I have been savouring this feeling of love since I met Meng Pu. Even the most simple confrontation with Meng Yu can cause his body to react uncontrollably. He wants to kiss and kiss and want to be more intimate. Contact anytime, anywhere.

Zhao Bing, who drove in the front seat, occasionally inadvertently glanced at the rearview mirror, and had to have a toothache for a long time, but it hurts and he got used to it.

After more than two hours, they arrived at the mansion. Meng Xiaoyu slept for an hour. Then he woke up and he sat up. He leaned on his shoulder and occasionally looked up and sneaked a sneak peek. He didn't understand 晏Why didn't you let him see it suddenly?

The car finally stopped and they finally got home.

After Meng Hao got off the bus, he had not left the door for two steps. His eyes were stuck on the body. He was very happy. "Now I can see you, I want to see you."

These scorpio are too busy, Meng Meng just wants to stick to him, know the sense of proportion, know the distressed. Now that he is busy, he can finally look at him with confidence, stick him, and occasionally wrap it around.

Meng Hao’s cheeks floated a little blush, and under the orange light at the door, it looked very good.

The heart of the cockroach jumped twice in disappointment. He held Meng's hand tightly and finally did not endure it anymore. Or he couldn't stand it anymore. He let go of Meng Hao's hand and put it on one hand. His waist, one hand on his back neck, bowed his head and kissed Meng's lips.

Meng Hao’s eyes were slightly wide, but then he smashed again. He actually wanted to kiss for a long time, but it was not convenient in Lijia Village. It was not convenient in the car. His hand was on the waist and lips. A little open, very enthusiastic response to the embarrassment.However, the scalp was only slightly numb, and the scalp was slightly numb, and the body was stiff. He used great perseverance to let himself let go of Meng Hao. He then held Meng Hao’s hand and pulled people. Go inside and stop talking.

Meng Hao’s kiss was dizzy, and when he pulled him away, he also left, but his gaze was still on his body, and the emotions that were stirred up in it were all unstoppable. The mellow wine has a kind of energy that makes people drunk.

Wang Ma and Xiao Bo came out to greet, but they just nodded. Meng Hao was anyone who ignored the whole process. He was dragged back into the room all the way, and he seemed to come over.

He looked at him and asked very puzzledly, "Are we not eating dinner?"

Although it is almost eight o'clock now, they have bought something to eat on the road, but they still don't count for dinner.

He pulled his tie and untied it. Then he took off his coat. The button of the shirt was also untied together. He walked to the bed and walked to Meng, and the momentum was quite horrible.

Meng Hao is not a problem now. When he takes off his clothes, he knows what they are going to do next.

As he approached, Meng Hao consciously climbed up and crawled. He swallowed his throat gently. The delicate throat rolled twice, but he looked at his eyes and did not cringe. He even took the initiative to reach out. Pulled it a bit.

"Your pants haven't been taken off yet?" Meng Yu said, bowing his head and licking himself, and began to undress himself. The sly kiss has already fallen, and the burning and rushing feelings, this way, 晏I am probably too hard to endure.

When Meng Hao was kissed, he couldn't care about undressing. He hugged him and responded enthusiastically again. He even used all the skills he had learned.

The more the two people kissed, the more chaotic the breathing, the hot air brought out by the body was quite hot. Meng Hao supported the shoulders of the cockroaches and lay on the pillows halfway. The teeth between the teeth no longer suppressed those intermittent and unconsciously arrogant. His eyes are half squatting, and he is completely sinking. He is immersed in this dripping love.

The feeling of numbness spreads from the tail vertebrae to the top of the head. Down, his toes are slightly curled up. His body is completely adapted to the cockroaches, and he makes him feel very fast every time.


His reaction was completely undisguised. In the blink of an eye, he was reminded that the drug could not be compared. The two men fought from the bed to the end of the bed and spread the battlefield into the bathroom. Meng’s legs were too soft to stand. I use more strength, but my face and look are good.

For him, the love of Meng Xi is comparable to the rest of any sleep.

In the double bathtub, Meng Hao was half-squatting on the body, let him move his hands and feet, and cleaned up by the way. Meng Hao, whether it is the body or the mind, has not yet recovered, soft and awkward.

He helped him wash, and occasionally he had to be in a casual place on his face to kiss a relative.

He lifted the man up, then wiped the body out of Meng Hao and hugged him back to the bed. He found the electric wind and blown his hair to Meng Hao, so he began to sort out himself.After Meng Meng probably returned to God, he felt that his body could not control his weakness. He didn't want to move at all. The only thing that was moving was his eyes, and he could follow it at any time. He left his sight, and he would only look for someone.

He gave himself a good job, sat back to the bed side, and looked up at Meng Meng, he couldn’t help but smile, and bowed his head and kissed him on his lips. "Want to eat, I will come up to you."

Meng Hao used his strength to recover his neck. He thought about it for a moment. He said, "I want to eat that little face. I used to have a female doctor in the laboratory. have eaten……"

"Oh?" He whispered a question, he was the first time he heard from Meng Mengkou what person he had met in his life. Although he knew it was impossible, he was still nervous.

"She likes another female doctor. Every time she has time, she will cook, and then all of us can have a bowl together."

Meng Hao doesn't like Meng's family, but he doesn't feel bad about other people in the lab base. Although he doesn't have much communication with them, those people are there, making him feel that there is not another closed high school.

"I don't know if they can still have a chance to see this time..." Meng Hao said that he suddenly worried about it.

Meng’s experimental base was gradually developed after he arrived. Recently, many companies in the Meng family went bankrupt, and even if they did not, they may not choose Meng’s perfume company.

"Are they married?" He asked again, if there is a marriage, he and Meng Hao will not be able to create opportunities.

However, Meng Hao shook his head. "I don't know. She only told me that she likes her. She didn't catch up with me. I was so happy when I had a face to eat... How?"

Meng Hao looked at the brows and suddenly picked them up. It’s hard that they are already together, but he didn’t see them?

I suspect that the female doctor likes Meng Meng himself. Meng Hao can't eat any spicy food. He doesn't care for him. He can match his taste every time. But these are the things of the last life, he can't be pursued, really go to find more inexplicable.

He got up and took the clothes, dressed them to Meng Hao, then hugged him down the stairs. He put Meng Hao on the sofa, and then he spoke again. "Wait, I will cook for you."

I don’t know what I care about, but the woman who remembers Meng Hao’s mind because of a bowl of noodles, he still cares a little bit in his heart. This kind of care is too unreasonable to make trouble, then he can only use his cooked noodles to re-create Cover the memory of Meng Yi's layer.

Otherwise, every time Meng Meng ate, he had to think of the woman... Yes, that's it. He didn't want Meng Meng to think of anyone other than him, even if he had known it in his life, there was no one in his life.

When Meng Hao reacted, he only saw the back of the cockroach.

He took a long time to look back, and then asked him how many times he had been ignored. "What happened to you?"

Yan Manjia heard a white eye on the ceiling, and she twisted her body and turned back slightly silently."You have to tell me first, what's wrong with you, I can help you analyze, what's wrong." Suddenly asked, she knows where.

Meng Hao thinks that this is the truth, but then his cheeks are red again. He and He are not so good, that is, a little bit of unknowingly loved several games, "Our one...doing|after love..."

After finishing this, Meng Yu’s words were also smoothed up. He continued. “I asked what I was going to eat. I said that I had to eat noodles. I mentioned people who did good things, and then I took me down and said. I have to cook for me..."

Yan Manjia heard that the old face was also red and red. She looked back to the TV and gave Meng Hao the answer.

"What can be, jealous."

Her look and words are calm, but her heart is roaring. Meng Yu and her words are not so pure as sugar, it is simply to show her old man.

"Oh..." Meng Hao should have, but then he was more confused. "But why, I love it."

Yan Manjia thinks that her living room is not going to go. She looks back and Meng Meng is confused and sweet. She is a little bit smirking. She pondered the words. "Women are jealous. There is no reason for men. You only need to know. Oh, it’s because I like the vinegar you eat."

Meng Hao was quite recognized. He nodded and praised him. "Well, my aunt is really smart."

Yan Manjia’s gaze fell on the neck where Meng’s trace was not scattered. Her roots were red and red. She put down the remote control and stood up. “I suddenly had a little thought. I went to the studio, you see.”

"Well," Meng said that he did not feel that he had given him a show. He nodded and then encouraged him to say, "Auntie cheers."


Jia Ying, her heart suddenly understands that Meng Hao and his feelings can be so good, Meng Yu is the most crucial existence, he first used his sincerity to impress the heart of anyone who could not open.

Meng Hao himself sat on the sofa watching TV, and he didn't feel bored. There was rhubarb and hair balls to accompany him. Soon, he came back with a face, and he looked like a big pot. It looked delicious.

"Hey, you are amazing!"

Meng Hao lived on his neck, and now he kissed him on the cheek, helping him express his amazing mood.

He felt that he was not enough, and he had kissed him several times. "It's really good." He can do a good job with what he does.

The corner of his mouth was slightly hooked. He took Meng Meng to the table and sat down, and gave him a bowl. "Taste it."

"It's delicious!" Meng Hao had no entrance, and began to boast. When he tasted his mouth, he boasted even more. "It's so delicious, it's the best face I have ever eaten."

"Well," he nodded. He tasted it in the kitchen. He tasted good. He only came, but Meng Hao liked it. He has a sense of accomplishment, which is no less than his achievement in the company's project. feel.

As for the things he ran to the kitchen and scared Wang Ma and others, he didn't need to think too much. Meng Meng’s reaction told him that it was entirely worthwhile to cook this noodle."You can't eat spicy food these few days. When you can eat, I will add you a little more."

"Okay, you eat too."

Meng Hao should have been, eating and looking up from time to time to look at the cockroach, eyebrows bent, very good mood.

Nodded and ate together.

A large basin of noodles, two people all eaten up, Meng Hao hugged his stomach, his face full of lameness, he groaned as if he would shine like, he felt that the world's beautiful words are all used to describe the 晏睢not enough.

His eyes lifted up, and Meng Hao looked at him. Meng Yan’s eyes squinted and bent again. Then he told him what he had thought on the sofa. “I love you the most, I only love you, so I don’t have to. Jealous."

The only thing he has ever loved in his life is that he can't love other people anymore.

晏睢 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟

I think they should finish eating, or still eating, there is nothing inconvenient, and she is once again weakly floating back into the studio. She thinks that she also needs to move to the side building to live like them.

However, he and He Wei lived in the side building, she must not be able to join in the fun, and the next day, Xiao Bo arranged for the person to build another two-storey room in the grove, which is only good for the studio.

After Meng Hao and Yi finished eating, they went to the next step and went back upstairs. Today, I don’t plan to deal with things. I also go back to the house to sleep with Meng Hao. The next day he sent Meng Hao to the lab and stayed there for a long time before he went to the company.

In the future, their days are still as sweet as this day, and even worse. Not only did they try the dishes like small noodles, but even the minced eggplant and braised chicken wings that Meng Hao likes can be cooked.

The frightened Wang Ma and others, scared and scared, are used to it. Their homeowner washes their hands for the wife of the owner, and it is very common!

This need to be reversed and really released. It is estimated that there are still many people in Haicheng who will be scared.

Meng Hao occasionally sends some photos of hair balls and rhubarb to a circle of friends. On this day, he sent the braised chicken wings to the boiled chicken, which seems to be very normal.

"Chicken wings are so delicious, eat too much, and walk with the hairball rhubarb."

The awkward comments gave a "frightened" expression, which can be confused by Gu Lang and others.

But what they think, can't think of it, it's really... too disillusioned.

Everyone is drunk and he is so awake. Looking at a bunch of people who are talking about food, it is really helpless. If you know that you are cooking, it is estimated that not many people dare to eat.

Dinner Mengzi eat more, others have eaten at least half a bowl of rice. But he still used his cooking skills to hold Meng Hao’s stomach in his hand.

They are very sweet here, Yan, who is far away from Licheng, will not have it. Yan Yansheng looked at a series of data reports, his eyes shivering slightly, "Hey... how dare he!"

Online games are just the beginning. He constantly used his company's performance to suppress the achievements of Yan's industry. He relied on abundant funds to successively acquire and merge some small companies and become a subsidiary of the company.A set of models, he repeatedly copied Yan's business on the edge, and this has changed, let him continue this way, Yan's in these industries only continue to lose money and declare bankruptcy as soon as possible.

He was impatient and Yan’s intrigues. He used the murderer who had nothing to say. He also thought that Yan’s and Yu’s people had a competitive power. At this moment, they all felt that they were hitting their faces. The ambiguity is unfathomable, they only glimpse the tip of the iceberg.

"The Suss feather is still in Licheng, tell him, I want to see him, you go to arrange." Yan Yusheng put down the report, like his housekeeper.

The next day, Yan Yusheng was going to meet people, and Meng and Meng Hao were going to meet people.

Ning Zhou’s birthday, Yan and Meng Hao should go to Beicheng to participate in the event. The ticket was booked very early, but Meng Meng’s bed here is still awkward, and he doesn’t want him to get up. .

"Let's sit for a while, I am sleepy..."

Meng Meng's limbs were wrapped around the cockroaches, his head moving gently, and swearing.

He was beaten softly. He took out his mobile phone and planned to let Wang Feng change the ticket and change it to noon.


"Then we will sleep for a while, change to noon, you forgot, we are going to the North City today."

Meng Hao continued to swear for a while before reacting. "Oh, I forgot..."

He was sleepy and almost forgot the trip today. His squinting eyes finally opened completely. He reached out and touched his chest, and the familiar hand made him remember everything.

Last night, I was letting him go, but he was wrapped up again. At the moment, he felt tired. He said that he was self-sufficient.

"That doesn't change, we all told our mother that she will be sad if she can't wait for us."

He said that he glanced again and automatically admit his mistake. "I am not good..." He seems to always overestimate his combat effectiveness.

"But why don't you be tired?" Ming Ming has no less effort, but the next day, the only person who is jealous is his own, but it is a kind of spirited look, is it a strange position, Is it so much worse?

This question is not only difficult to answer, but also somewhat dangerous. Meng Hao is not curious about other things, and absolutely is true for you. He kissed Meng Hao with his head and used his kiss to wake up the sleepy person.

Meng Hao completely woke up, then they washed and ate, then took the luggage, took the bus to the airport, and two hours later, they flew to the North City.

Not only did Ning Zhou pick it up, but Xiao Xingmin also followed.

"Nono, here!" Ning Zhou Laoyuan saw Meng Hao, very happy to wave, her hand opened slightly, Meng Meng approached to give her a hug.

"Mom," he whispered softly, and then sent his blessing. "Happy birthday, my mother is beautiful today."

He swept to Xiao Xingmin and immediately said sweetly, "Dad is also very handsome."He is the most handsome, he made up a sentence in his heart, and then turned back and smiled at him. His meaning was completely written on his face. How could Xiao Weimin not see it. However, he has given up and struggled, and Meng Hao can accept them.

“Is there any discomfort in the plane? Is the clothes enough? The North City is much colder than the sea city.”

Ning Zhou asked Meng Hao, and looked at his face carefully, his face was ruddy, and he couldn’t see a little bit bad.

Meng Hao returned, "No discomfort, I have prepared a thick coat for me, not afraid of cold."

They all came to sleep on this road, and basically made up the feeling of missing last night. They are also embarrassed to go out and prepare their luggage. He knows more than Meng Hao or what he might need.

"That's good," Ning Zhou nodded and looked at him. He thanked him very seriously. "Thanks to your care of Nono."

Meng Hao can't take medicine. After Ning Zhou knows it, he has been very worried. Except for the accident that Xiao Yu made, this year has not let Meng Hao regenerate the disease. It is not easy to do this.

"This is what it should be," he said, and then he regained Meng's hand. They continued to walk outside the airport and took the Xiao family's car. They went to the old house of Xiaoshi in Beicheng.

Ning Zhou has been very low-key for many years, but this time she did not want to continue to keep a low profile. She and Xiao Xingmin invited all those who can be invited. Although Meng Xi has not changed his genealogy, he is their child. It was time to introduce him to the noble circle of the North City.

And with the recent movements, Xiao’s father did not say it, but his heart was also shaken. He was much better than he thought, not to mention that Xiao’s owe to Meng Hao, that is, he wanted to, he They shouldn't let their husband feel uncomfortable.

"Grandpa knows that I am coming to you?" Meng Hao couldn't help but ask again.

Ning Zhou and Xiao Shuimin’s look at the same time, then Xiao Shuimin opened his mouth.

"Know," Xiao Xingmin said, sideways, he touched Meng Hao's hair, very sure. "Nono, I am with you|Mother is in your place, it is your home, your grandfather does not know." does not matter."

"Well," Meng Hao did not avoid Xiao Shuimin's hand. After thinking a little, he nodded. He looked at Xiao Shuimin and Ning Zhou. "I know, I am coming home." ”

He said that he went to see him again. He was actually more afraid or might be cold-hearted than himself.

He gently rubbed the hand of Meng Hao, who he was holding, and nodded. "You are right."

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