Chapter 81

Chapter 81

The rumored tip of the eye,

He shook his head,

"The opening is not difficult,

What she is afraid of is us. ”

She was careful to enter the door of the F country.

She would never think that Haicheng’s affairs affected her and her views on her.

And she didn't know that they had traced her.

But Yu Meizhen’s mentality can’t be underestimated.

She is afraid that she will not wait for things to continue uncontrollable.

It’s not important that Yu Meizhen said that it’s not important.

She has been found, and it is also how to check it.

My thinking is very short, he is a little bit,

Just continue, "Without us, you give me the information of that person,

I sent it to the Xiao family. ”

Oh, let’s say that

Oh, naturally, there is no objection. He nodded.

Then stood up,

"I will make people sort out,

Get it for you. ”

"Okay," hey,

He also stood up,

He sent him to the door of the study, and he said again, "Thank you."

If you are not in the heart of Meng Hao,

It’s really hard to think of Meng Hao from a wanted dealer in country A.

Not to mention that it is still subject to interrogation.

"Don't be thankful," he said, but he doesn't like it very much. He likes Meng Hao as much as He Wei. It is all right to do this.

He looked back and glanced at it, but he said no other words. He nodded again and left the second floor.

The back of the stunned eyes disappeared, and then he closed the door of the study. He sat back to the office, opened the computer and continued to process the rest. After an hour, his computer could not be closed. Just sent it.

After reading it again, he sent Xiaozi Ang to the past, and there was a survey she had about Yu Meizhen. When he was too late, he did not call and sent a text message directly to Xiao Ziang.

He got up and went back to the bedroom. On the bed, Meng Hao had changed from lying down to sleeping. He took off his coat and came over to turn Meng Meng back. Meng Hao was basically feeling that he was moving, he had not completely turned over. Going back, both hands and feet are wrapped up again.

Then he whispered, "Oh..."

Now he doesn't have to look at people with his eyes. Just use the smell to know who is holding him. The perfume on his body is what he gives and is unique.

"I am," he said, and he did not pull it open. He continued to pat him, and when he continued to sleep, he got up again, went to the bathroom to wash, and then came back to sleep.

As for the Xiaocheng of Beicheng, there was no peace. After Xiao Ziang finished watching, he immediately called Xiao Xingmin to remind him of the progress here.

How Xiao Shuimin did it, or tomorrow's thing, but after he and Ning Zhou said it, they were silent for a while, but they felt embarrassed and powerless. They were far worse than Meng Yu’s. If you want to do something for them, you still have to let Xiao Laozi veto.

"Wait the next weekend, we used to talk to you in the past," Xiao Shuimin embraced Ning Zhou and understood the thoughts in her heart. He once again promised, "This time, I will not renege."As the owner of Xiao's family, he naturally cannot decide things by his own emotional orientation. However, he is absolutely responsible for the hatred of Xiao's family. This time, no matter who is involved or who is opposed, he will not be merciless. .

If you can't even do this, they simply don't deny Meng Hao.

Meng Hao didn't know this. He slept early and woke up early. He opened his eyes and saw the sleeping face of the cockroach. The empty eyes were full of affection. He looked at him with a sly look, and he liked it and it hurts.

I have been very busy these days. Although I am not so busy all night, I can sleep relatively late. In the company, I am still a small meeting of the General Assembly. I personally follow up the project and I don’t know how many problems I have to think about in my head.

Meng Hao did not dare to move, only his eyes screamed, waiting to wake up, he grabbed his hand and watched it several times, afraid that he would accidentally overslept, watching the time is almost, he only gently Push people to wake up.

"Hey, are you having something today? If you have nothing to do, you will continue to sleep." If there are important things, then you can only get up.

I almost woke up, but as the weather got colder, I had a bed where I was lying, so warm that he wanted to stay in bed.

He continued to tighten Meng Meng. After a while, he was completely awake. He got Meng Hao’s several good morning kisses, and then they got up to go downstairs for breakfast and then went to work.

It’s natural to be so busy because of Yan’s affairs. Xu and Xiao’s chose to wait and see like other families. They also dug up Yan Yansheng in advance, but these methods are still not enough for others to see.

In the same way, it is not so easy for Yan to want to move such a giant.

Xu Shuzhen chose to come to Haicheng because he is also the judge.

Whether Yan's or Yan's want to merge with each other, it is not a short-term can be done, but once the time is prolonged, both of them are major depletion. A little wise and Yan Yusheng should not be the situation at the moment.

Even, there is no need to compete with Yan Yan at all. He is younger than Yan Yan, and Yan Yansheng is worse. He can't win the time. He can wait for five years and then plan again.

I am so anxious, this is also the original

Because Yan Yansheng is old, he can't wait for him to die before he liquidates his calculations and injuries to his family.

Similar to Xu Shuzhen’s thoughts, there is actually Xiao’s father. He saw him and he was naturally appreciative and satisfied. Although he was only his grandson, he felt that he would be like him than all his children and grandchildren. .

Xiao’s can be a big man in the North City. Xiao’s father has a great job. Although he has offended many people, but now, he’s looking at him younger and now, he feels too impulsive, understandable, but He does not support it.

However, he did not know enough about Meng Hao. All the criteria for judgment were left on the surface. He and he are absolutely completely different. The psychological pressure of being a child is very unimaginable. He is still in a state of mind. Not old can be measured.Just around 11:30 today, the staff on the ninth floor of the Yu's Building suddenly suddenly rose up, but it was too happy to stop screaming.

Wang Feng happily forgot to knock on the door. He opened the door directly and watched the phone talking. He only slightly converges on the look of his face.

晏睢 晏睢 的 的 , , 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢

He and Meng Hao must have a phone call every day at noon. Wang Feng knew this too, but now he is in a hurry to have good news to tell you, and they are still chatting with Meng Yu. Give him anxious.

"Well, I will not forget to eat."

After saying this, I finally put the phone down. He turned to look at Wang Feng, no anger and no anger, and he was chilled by Wang Feng. It’s still so gentle before the moment, how can it be against people other than Meng Hao?

No, it should be said that you have always been like this, but only to Meng Hao, he has changed his appearance.

"what's up?"

Wang Feng’s face disappeared immediately, and his excitement was obvious. “We succeeded, ten times more than the expected target, and the response was excellent!”

With Wang Feng's professionalism, he generally does not say something like "excellent". It is too subjective, but now he is happy and bad, and he can't take care of any literacy.

Both Yan and Yan competed for a project at the same time. It was Yan’s opportunity to get the project and get the project. But in fact, it was abandoned more than two years ago. I didn’t pay much attention to this project. I only thought that There is potential and can be developed, so I have only provided financial support.

Suss Yu was exposed to him, and he also checked it by the way. From Meng Qi, it was known that Susie had asked him to go through the Meng family's ancestral perfume formula, which further confirmed some of the speculations.

All his actions in Haicheng in the past six months have made the investigation clear, and then he has re-recognized his project. He did not hesitate to increase capital investment. The introduction of talents will take half a year. Even projects that started longer, were made ahead of time and better.

So the reaction was cold, not that he was not happy with the news, but that he had confirmed the result through Sussie at the beginning.

Meng’s former perfume factory was able to make money because of Meng Hao, and this project is purely an opportunity for the development of the times, an occasional and inevitable result.

The industries of the major families are basically involved in various fields, but the only one that is emerging is the online game. This time, Yan’s fight with Yan’s was only deliberately made for him. He deliberately pulled him into this industry and became the backdrop and back of the company.

Understand this motive, Yan Yusheng is only afraid of being mad at the chest. They have won the project from now on, and the money and manpower have been invested. The family will not wait for their results, he personally follow up, now The project results will be presented.

"Today's online, two minutes on the line, the number of people exceeds one million, three consecutive costumes are full, according to the current growth..."Wang Feng’s series of good news reports, in fact, he did not understand why he valued this project at the beginning, but also specially set aside a layer for the planning team at the headquarters, but now they all underestimated the potential of this market.

The rumor nodded. "You go to notice, add food today, and double the bonus this month."

"Okay," Wang Feng is still very excited. The embarrassing reaction is too calm. I can think about it again. When I started this project, I did a lot of work and took them to work overtime. In the month, various analyses will be opened and opened.

He may have foreseen such a result in his heart, so he is not excited at all. Even if Wang Feng wants to break his brain, he will not think of it related to Susie.

"You are staring at the reaction of Yan's side." When Wang Feng was still hesitant to leave, he ordered another sentence.

Wang Feng nodded seriously, and his face finally recovered from the calm appearance of the weekdays. Also, they had to hang Yan, which was just beginning.

"The president is relieved, I will do well."

Wang Feng went out and thought about it. He took out his mobile phone and called Meng Hao. He told him the good news that he couldn’t be happy, but Meng Hao was happy for him. He seemed to feel happy too.

Meng Hao and Yan hang up the phone, and did not put the phone away, he played the game again, and then he was in the pit teammates one afternoon.

For Meng Hao, this game is slightly more difficult to start with, but there are challenges, there are losses and wins, and it will inspire people to have the interest to continue playing.

When he came to pick him up, Meng Hao was still playing, "Win..."

The other team had more teammates than him, so they won, Meng Hao bent his eyes and planned to continue, and then his cell phone was taken away. "Is it playing in the afternoon?"

Sitting on the side of Meng Hao, holding people, then watching him continue to the next round.

Meng Hao nodded. "It's very interesting. I just won one."

However, in the next set, there was no pit cargo that was dropped. He became the bug that always emptied the skill. Actually, he did not pick it up. Although he didn’t play much, he Luck is not bad, this game won again.

"Okay, you can't play anymore today."

He said, stand up and pull Meng Meng up.

Meng Yiluo was somewhat undecided, he changed his clothes, and got on the car, leaning on his arms, letting him give him a hand, knocking too much, his fingers hurt.

"I can play, others will definitely do it."

Meng Hao’s words are absolutely pertinent. He can’t play for the general game. He’s awkward. He played it for so long.

The rumor kissed Meng Yu’s forehead. "Play can, but not too much."

"Okay," Meng said, he played so seriously, because this is the game of the company, he wants to support him in this way. But now he still thinks that he doesn't play well. Those who blame him are very small, and occasionally he still sees it.Although his primary school only read the second half, he also graduated. His hand speed is too slow, and he did not return to a "graduation" to make Meng Hao a little worried.

Meng Hao sleeps at night, and the next day he goes to the lab and forgets about the things in the game. He is used to focusing, and when he is fragrant, he doesn't want to, especially the game.

For the perfume, he has some other ideas, experimental data, and even look at some of the customer's feelings and ideas after use, make adjustments.

When the time slipped to the end of November, He Wei’s second operation was completed for several days. The operation was quite successful. Dr. Bart has already returned to country A. Gu Li continues to stay. He will stay until He Wei rehabilitation. Finished, and then decided not to stay in Haicheng.

However, he has not been staying in the house. He occasionally goes to the pet hospital. There is a saying that there is no class, but in the profession of doctors, it should be said that there is no life, the life of cats and dogs. People are the same, and there is no wave and no waste.

The new project of Yu's is more successful than expected. The new service will not be broken. The 24-hour shift of the 9th floor of the Building is also brightly lit at night, and it is generous and generous. Very reasonable, the enthusiasm of the staff is extremely high.

The busiest time is when the game is on the line, and now it is on the right track. He just keeps the responsible person on his eyes and reports to him every day. He takes the bus to pick up Meng Hao, but he is not going to experiment. Room, but to the perfume factory in Lijiacun.

Meng Hao and Yan Mingya passed in the morning, and they sent cars and bodyguards here, and then they allowed it. Now that he has handled things almost the same, he will pick them up in the past.

The three fragrances produced by Yuya perfume company have good response, but recently there was a batch of feedback that was not as good as before. Yan Mingya asked Meng Hao to come over and see that the problem is out there. He is very familiar with perfume, his Judging is much faster than their regular step-by-step inspection.

Sure enough, Meng Hao went to the factory for a circle, he pointed out that the seasonality of raw materials is different, and those who have already entered are not wasted, and Meng Hao has adjusted the formula now.

"Every time you enter the raw materials, you will send them to me first, I will see."

"Okay," Yan Mingya nodded. He looked at Meng Hao and couldn't help but boast. "Small is very good."

Before they came, they also let the several inspectors of the resident perfume products check it out, but they did not check the other materials. The raw materials must be the first to check, but they still could not find the real reason.

Several testers saw that Meng Hao was too young. They found the materials left before, and the raw materials of this batch, and entered the testing room for analysis. It is really different.

Dealing with the perfume production, Meng Hao thought that since he came to Lijiacun, he also went to Li Wei’s home to see his grandfather Li Fu.

He is ill, but he is a little older. His land was rented out before, and the contract didn't arrive. Even if he could be a flower grower, he couldn't grow it.Yan Mingya continued to ask him to be a consultant. The salary given was not particularly high, but it was enough for him and Li Wei’s daily expenses. He was grateful and often took the initiative to come to the factory. He came over from time to time to see if there was anything to help. Get busy.

It was not long before Meng Hao and Yan Mingya walked out of the perfume factory, and they saw Li Wei and his grandfather coming in tandem.

Li Wei and Meng Yitong made a phone call once or twice a week, and they saw Meng Hao far away.

"Dadongjia you are here!" Li Wei said this is Meng Hao. It is Meng Yi who knows that this perfume factory accounts for a large amount of shares. Li Wei learned that his grandfather Guan Meng called Dadongjia, and Ming Mingya called Erdong.

Meng Hao has corrected Li Wei several times. If he does not change, he will not have to work hard.

"Are you out of school?"

"Well," Li said, nodding his head, and scratching his head again. He was slightly cautious. When he said it on the phone, he didn't feel much. He saw someone at the moment, and he suddenly became nervous.

"How come you come to Dadong?" Li Wei immediately asked him. He has been running the factory for so long. He and his grandfather came to see it every day. This is the first time that Meng Hao has come to the perfume factory.

"There is something wrong with the raw materials. I will come over with Mingya." Meng Hao did not feel that there was anything to hide from Li Wei. Li Yusheng was in the flower town and often ran to the factory. He knew that he was afraid of more than his grandfather. More.

"What is the problem?" Li Wei then asked again.

However, when he asked, he would have noticed that he was wrong. "Hey, I just asked, it is inconvenient not to talk to me."

Meng Hao did not feel inconvenient, he continued to analyze the problems in the raw materials with Li Wei.

The two of them seriously said that one listened carefully, but they left the grandfather Li and Yu Mingya aside. Li Yi’s grandfather naturally did not dare to have opinions. He said that Meng Yuken and his grandson said this. He felt happy at the bottom of his heart.

Li Wei had skipped classes and fightd. He was a full-fledged gangster. After he met Meng Hao and Yu, his change could be said to be earth-shaking. Only three months later, his performance has changed from the tail of the crane to the middle. Later, Li Wei’s class teacher will call to praise Bo Li for a period of time. To know that she used to call, basically Li Yi skipped classes or got into trouble.

"I haven't been here for a while, how is my uncle's body?" Yan Mingya asked Li Fu, and then followed Meng's footsteps.

Not far behind them, they followed Zhao Bing and another bodyguard. They couldn’t personally accompany Meng Hao, and they sent Zhao Bing.

"I am so good, I am too busy to panic. I will show you the factory occasionally. I have no knowledge, and I can't do anything else."

Li Fu felt a sigh of relief. He used to be honest in his home. His wife walked early. He did not teach his son well. He crossed the poorer, his daughter ran away, and his son ran away.

And he is very clear in his heart. He Mingya gave him the job of a so-called consultant. As long as it is because of the relationship between Meng Yu and Yu and Li Wei, he could not open his mouth. He only hoped that his grandson would really have a good future and then repay. People.

"Don't say that, you have helped us a lot."Yan Mingya continued to talk to Li Fu, and went back all the way to Li’s home.

And Meng Hao and Li Wei also said all the way, Meng Yu spoke very carefully, Li Wei asked what he would answer.

"It's quite interesting..." Li Wei first knew what was the fragrance, and felt that the door of the new world was opened, his eyes were bright and his cheeks were red and red. "I also like flowers very much, smelling good." go to bed."

He only said this to Meng Hao, the other people are his grandfather, he did not say, always feel that big men like flowers, it is a bit strange. Meng Meng also likes it, he no longer feels strange, these good smells can make money.

Meng Hao heard a nod and slightly hesitated, he said, "You should study hard first. I will send you a few books when you look back. You can look at it. If you don't understand, you can ask me."

When talking about this road, Meng Hao discovered that Li Wei is quite talented in adjusting the fragrance, so that he can open this mouth, or because Li Wei’s last sentence likes it. Meng Hao has always felt that only if he really likes it, can he make a good fragrance, otherwise it will be useless.

"Really, thank you Dadong!"

Li Wei is a bit bad. When he is too excited, the voice is a bit too big, and the voice that comes down from the car hears his voice.

However, his gaze looked over, and the first thing he saw was Meng Hao.

It seems that Meng Min looked at it. The light that was originally only a faint dawn suddenly brightened up. The whole person’s feelings have become different. He used to be a perfumed master, but now he is seeing the heart. The man of the Yue people is gone.


Meng Hao called a sentence, and the pace was also accelerated. He did not tell him in advance that he was coming, so it was a surprise.

Meng Hao stopped in front of him and was pulled into his arms.

Meng Hao’s eyes narrowed and his hand was on his waist. “How come you, are you not busy today?”

"Not busy," he also knows that he has been too busy these days, and he has not been able to accompany Meng Hao. He deliberately came over to pick up people today. This is also the reason. When you are busy, you are busy, relax, and you should stay with Meng Hao.

As for Yan Yusheng, he was wrong and step by step. Yan’s delisting from Licheng was much shorter than everyone expected.

Meng Hao is also naturally happy to see you, but he looks at his face, and some heartache, "Then you should go home to rest, still run so far."

"There is a break in the car, it doesn't hinder," Meng Yu held Meng Hao for a while, then let go of him, then took his hand and asked, "Isn't it still done?"

Meng Yan heard the words and shook his head. "I have found it. We are planning to go to Li Wei’s house..."

When Meng Hao said half of it, he found that he had forgotten his original intention to go to Li Yu's family. He wanted to see how Li Fu was physically, but in fact he had already seen people and there was no need to go to his home.

Meng Hao reacted and looked a little embarrassed. He looked at Li Fu on his head and then asked seriously, "Grandpa Li, is your illness good?""Okay, okay," Li Fu hurriedly responded. They saw that they were coming over and they were all too confused to come to disturb. Meng Hao asked, and they continued to come forward. "Xie Dongjia cares."

Meng Hao nodded and then looked at him. "All right, we can go home."

He came to see Li Fu is also this sentence, to make sure that he is in good health, the purpose of his trip has also been reached, and the rest of the time, he wants to get along with each other.

Meng Hao said that it was too dry. The people present were stunned. If you don't understand him, you should think that he is too perfunctory.

Yan Mingya couldn't help but grin and smiled. He looked at Meng Hao and Yan. "Nine uncles take a small donkey and go back. I have something to do here."

Nodded noddedly, and then sneered with Li and Li, then he took Meng Meng to the car.

The driver of the car was replaced by Zhao Bing, and Meng Hao was relatively familiar with it, and he was not restrained. He immediately took care of him.

He held it for a while, and he spoke. "Is there good news today?"

I thought about it and really nodded, "Yes."

"I made a lot of money today," he thought about the statement, so he said to Meng Hao that it is too complicated, and that Meng Hao can understand this part.

Meng Hao heard the words and agreed to nod. "It is good news. I have made a lot of money recently."

When he was busy, Meng Hao did not relax. He tried to modulate the perfume, but once the basic goods arrived in the market, they would not be sold out in half a day. Yan Mingya is not satisfied with Xia Guo's perfume market. He ran a few countries, and the sales department there has already started.

There will be branches in other countries.

Meng Hao has already thought about what birthday gift to send next year, and he wants to give him the money he has made. He hopes that by the end of next year's birthday, the number can be seen, the more the number, the better.

I looked at Meng Hao as if it had fallen to the pile of money, and I couldn’t find the look of the North. I couldn’t help but kiss my forehead and kissed him.

"You are tired today, relying on me to rest, I am calling you."

Meng Hao didn't want to sleep so much, but when he said so, he was also relieved to lie on his legs.

Thinking of the birthday present, Meng Yishun thought of Ning Zhou’s birthday. On December 20th, it was actually very fast.

"Mom has a birthday next month..."

He and he said this, naturally it is not a choice for hesitating gifts. "I don't know if Grandpa will allow me to go only one day."

When I heard Meng Hao’s worries, I smiled helplessly. It seems that Xiao’s father was scared by Meng Hao, not Xiao’s father himself, but the side of a family’s family that was too rational.

"You said I have to call and ask?"

Meng Hao quite wants to go to Ning Zhou Qingsheng in the past. He will definitely go there when he goes, and he will come back when he comes back.

"Don't ask, it's your mom and dad, and Grandpa can't stop you from seeing them."

Meng Hao heard a nod, "That's good..."In fact, he was quite afraid of the embarrassing situation of the day. He felt uncomfortable. Ning Zhou also felt hurt. If Xiao Laozi did not allow it, he would only give gifts, so that everyone would be disappointed.

He raised his hand to Meng Hao's hair and gently rubbed it. He understood the thoughts in Meng Min's heart, but he could no longer persuade.

I want Meng Xi to change this idea, not what he needs to do, but the things of Xiao family. Moreover, I also believe that when parents do not have sex, they will not be forced to be injured.

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