Chapter 78

Chapter 78

"Well," Meng said,

Raise your face slightly,

Two people’s eyes are on,

Once again glued together,

Full of affection can not be hidden,

Meng Hao lowered his head and held his lips again.

The sly hand also slipped onto Meng's cheek and gently held it.

The lips and tongue collided, and the breath was chaotic and chaotic.

The rhythm of the chest quietly accelerated, and Meng Hao held a little tighter, his eyes gradually picked up.

In the light, he can only see the smirk and look at his eyes.

It’s so gentle, that makes him like it.

Meng Hao likes it and is more enthusiastic about it.

Mutual exchange,

The gentle kiss also became hot | hot. I don't know how long I kissed,

The two talents are breathlessly separated,

This kiss is as entangled as ever. The cotton has already made people want to stop.

Meng Hao leaned on his chest,

Did not speak,

He gently rubbed his clothes and waited for his reaction with his body to slowly disappear.

They just hugged for a while, and Meng’s hands no longer played with their clothes.

Look up at people,

Some depressed, "How are you still not good?"

He was only a little hot on his cheeks, and his reaction was still very big, and he panicked him.

The rumored words showed a helpless look. He held Meng Yi and turned it over. He put him down on the bed. He reached out to Meng Hao’s cheek and his voice was helpless and petting. "You pressed me, how can I eliminate it?" ”

The body is pressing on his favorite person in his life, and he has kissed it so warmly. Whether it is the thought in the heart or the reaction of the body, it is somewhat uncontrollable.

Meng Meng’s words are even more innocent. "But I want to hold you..."

Is it difficult to let each other's reaction fade, he has to go far?

Meng Hao said that he took the neck of the aunt, grabbed it and rubbed his lips, and took the initiative to smash it. His voice was low and low. "Would we have to get up later..."

When Meng Xi’s words were not finished, he was kissed. He actually wanted to tell him that he could help him with his hands. He could be smashed to the present level. It’s not that Meng’s hand can comfort him. .

Unsurprisingly, 晏睢 and Meng Hao are getting up again this day, and no one in the family will feel surprised about it.

Meng Hao's red-faced reaction is somewhat difficult, but it looks more beautiful and delicious, and they can understand why there is such a big change. Has there been fewer people who have been saddened by beauty since ancient times? Don't add one more.

After Meng Hao had had breakfast, she ran a bunch of flowers in the backyard, and when she finished talking with Xiao Bo, she was stuffed.

"Send you, happy birthday." Meng Hao said today that he has said countless happy birthdays. When he feels that he feels right, he will tell him seriously, his crystals are bright. In the eyes, it also overcomes all the goodness of the world.

He happily took the flower, pulled Meng Meng, kissed him on his forehead, "Thank you.""Well," Meng Yu felt the gentleness of his forehead, and his face opened his smile. Today, he is happy, he is more happy than anyone.

Wang Xiaobo also had a group of servants who were on the sidelines, and they were flashed by the sweet husbands. They took them away, and they couldn’t come back for a while.

Xiao Bo's gaze recovered from the back of Meng Mengxuan, and he corrected his face and looked at the maids seriously. "Well, there are a lot of guests coming today. At the same time, you are alert, and you find out what is wrong. Immediately tell Zhao. Soldier."


The family is very busy, it is a birthday, he still has a lot of things to deal with, Meng Hao did not have to stick to him, he found Qi Manjia, like her to do something that can do what is not confusing.

"Oh, little ancestors, you and I have a lot of fun, go back upstairs."

Qi Manjia’s cooking has risen recently. She is helping in the kitchen. It’s all knives and fires. Where can I let Meng Hao stay here? I’m frightened and watched.

Meng Hao looked at Yu Manjia with a depressed look. In the end, he didn't want to kneel. He drummed his cheeks and didn't go back upstairs. He went to see He Wei with rhubarb and hair balls.

He and He moved to the upstairs of Gu Dongli, and the original meaning was to give them a formal introduction at his birthday party. I can't wait for the Lord to refuse. He wants to wait for He's legs to be good, and then consider such a thing, so he and He Wei can't attend the birthday party as a father.

And their room was on the first floor. On this day, people came and went too far, and it was easy to be disturbed. He was only coming back from the ward of the basement, and his body was still weak. So they simply moved to the side building and lived with Gu Libat, and it was more convenient for them to look after He's legs.

At the time of breakfast, He Wei and Yan were specially coming over, gave a gift, and said happy birthday. It was a congratulation to him. At night, there were too many people who knew you, he and He In the case, no more will appear.

Meng Hao brought the rhubarb and the hair ball, but also to entrust them to He Wei and He. There are too many guests, and it is inevitable that there will be fear of cats or dogs, frightened, or people with frightened yellow hair. It hurts as badly.

"Hey, are you better today?"

Meng Hao sat on the sofa on the side of He Yan, and then he asked, he would not deliberately avoid asking such questions. He is good, no.

Good is not good, they let Gu Li and Bart think of the way.

"A lot better," He Yan said, reaching out to pick up the hair ball and smiling at Meng Hao.

"Well, my father, you will be fine," Meng said again. He looked down and touched the hair ball in He Wei’s arms. "Hairball, today, you are following Dad and Dad, I will pick it up tomorrow. you guys."

"Hey," Mao said, and then Meng Meng's hand, Meng Hao touched his head again.

Meng Hao’s eyes turned to see the shackles from the upstairs, and he said, “Dad, the rhubarb is entrusted to you, the rhubarb is getting heavy, you can’t let it be pressed to my father, of course, you I can't beat it either."Taking advantage of the two pets that Meng Yu was protecting as a family member, his look turned helpless. He nodded. He had already found a way to communicate with Meng Hao. Some words should be down, and Meng Hao has a flaw. And He Wei, he should not, it is only the education.

Meng Hao continued to sit in the small living room of the side building with He Wei for a while, and sent someone to look for him, he only left.

"This kid, sometimes I can't take him." He licked the head of Rhubarb, and Rhubarb is now familiar with He Yan, lazy on the ground, casually, can lift him. The eyelids are not bad.

"But it's cute too?" He Yan said, and couldn't help but smile.

Looking at He Xiao’s smile, for a moment, he whispered, “It seems that the return is right, you laugh more than before.”

It is clear that they came back to their homeland. On the one hand, there is the credit of Meng Hao and his pet. He said that a large part of the previous calm was forced to show him, but now it is really calm and gentle.

He Ruran, he nodded, raised his hand, and he automatically sat over, letting He Ruo lean, they didn’t talk anymore, they were so close together, although He’s legs were not completely good, but his The mood is really calm.

Meng Hao went back to the second floor and walked out of the study. Meng Hao immediately stepped forward and walked over. "You look for me."

He grabbed Meng Hao’s hand and gently nodded and took him to the bedroom. “We changed clothes, and Grandpa’s grandfather came, we went to see him.”

Xu Shu, the owner of the Li family in Licheng, has not gone out for many years. This time he passed the birthday, he came over from Licheng. It was unexpected, but their itinerary was not announced. Otherwise, they don’t know how to look at the noble circles and the media on both sides. It.

"He is my grandmother's brother, you are also called Grandpa."

"Well," Meng Hao nodded, and there was nothing in the heart to feel like a slap in the face. He didn't feel the need to be afraid.

晏睢 Today's birthday, Meng Hao naturally wears a good look, although it is still a suit, but the right tailoring and matching, it seems that the feeling is still different.晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 晏睢 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

He held his hand and was very sure. "We still have this match, we have to spend a lifetime."

In the rumor, he smiled and smiled. He lifted Meng's jaw and kissed him on his lips before he took Meng Hao out.

His time was just right, they went to the door, and Xu Shuzhen’s car went to the door.

He led Meng Hao and continued to walk over. Xu Shuzhen also came down from the car. He had a long-lasting chaise of the old age, like the old man who was seen by Meng Hao on TV. People looked quite gentle.

"Grandpa," he yelled at the person and met Xu Shuzheng's gaze. He looked at Meng Hao on his side and introduced it to Xu Shuzhen. "This is Meng Hao, my wife."

"My grandfather is good," Meng Hao also immediately called people. He could feel the examination of him in Xu Shuguang's light. There was nothing malicious, but he could not say that he was comfortable."Well, I came to see you when I was born, I haven’t been in Haicheng for several years."

The last time he came, or when his sister Xu Shuyin passed away, the older the person, the more he could not afford to die. The old man and Xu Shuyin passed away. The attack on Xu Shuzhen was a bit big. He had never been to Licheng in these years.

"Cousin!" Two people in the car, but a pair of fifteen or six-year-old men and women, some similar in the eyebrows, it seems that the dragon and the phoenix twins.

"This is Si Heng and Siya."

Xu Shuzhen gave a brief introduction to Meng and Meng Yu. After the age of 18, he also rarely moved to Licheng. Sometimes he just saw him and went. This pair of dragons and phoenixes have been seen. At that time, they also It’s only six or seven years old, and now it’s hitting it in front of it, and I can’t recognize it.

I nodded and my hand went up. "Let's go in and talk."

Xu Siheng and Xu Siya helped Xu Shuzhen to go inside. Their eyes were curiously turning around in Meng and Meng Yu. Although it was still polite, the expression of interest was not difficult to detect.

Meng Hao held his hand slightly tightly, but did not show his nervousness. The word childhood, he recently passed through Xiao Shuimin and Ning Zhoucai all the realization, he and He is not a childhood.

However, if you and the two brothers and sisters are so many years old, they can’t count it. Thinking about it, Meng’s heart is fixed.

They walked halfway, and 晏 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉Rubbed his eyes.

Xu Shuzheng smiled at Meng Yu, his eyes were recovered, but his brows were inadvertently or stunned.

Although he did not speak, he let go of Meng Hao’s hand and changed his waist. This means that the protection actually means

It is also quite obvious.

Any contact with Meng Hao's habits, naturally did not find the difference, including Xu Shuzhen, can not see at first glance, the second eye can always be seen in the second eye. Meng Hao may be somewhat different from ordinary people, but he is still his wife. How do you think about it, you can't control it, but if you show it in front of them, you will never let it go.

The two brothers and sisters Xu Siheng and Xu Siya entertained in the living room, and Meng Mengyu and Yan accompanied Xu Shuzhen to the study room. The four of them spoke together, and the topic was directed at Yan and Xiao.

Meng Hao couldn't insert anything, but he sat on his side and didn't feel awkward.

I always talked about eating lunch, they came downstairs, Xu Siheng and Xu Siya know how to speak, and they will make a good laugh. The atmosphere is quite good.

"Aunt, wait for me and my brother to take a winter vacation, can we still come over and play?"

Although Yan Manjia thinks that these two children are very interesting to talk to, who is the owner at home, she is still clear.

She answered the question and did not throw the question to the monk or Meng Yu. "Now it’s early in the winter vacation. You may not want to come. We will eat first. You should come from Licheng early in the morning and you should be hungry. It is."晏 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉

"Hey, baby, eat more, you are following today, you have to be tired."

"I am not tired, my aunt also eats a little more," Meng Yu and Yan Manjia responded, and then sat down to the position.

At the dinner table, there was no habit of talking and laughing. Xu was also like this. After Xu Siheng and Xu Siya came over and sat down, they also recovered Swen and quiet, but they also greeted them to eat.

Seeing that they still look at Meng Yu and Yu from time to time, Yan Manjia put down the chopsticks and gave them another emphasis.

"Hey, hey, baby, good feelings, we eat us, don't care about them."

Meng Hao immersed himself in eating, occasionally giving a folder, and he didn't care too much. They didn't look at it. It was his early and he only liked him.

After eating lunch, Meng Hao and Yan lived in the living room for a while, and let Xiao Bo give Xu Shuzhen a place to rest, and Meng and Meng Yu also went upstairs. It was almost four o'clock when they came down. Receive guests.

The time is almost six o'clock in the evening, and I look at the hall. The family who got the invitations in Haicheng attended. I took the wine glasses and took Mengzi toast. Xiao Bo walked over and whispered on the side. With Meng Meng, I went to the gate again.

Can they let them go to the door in person, but there are other people besides the Licheng Xu family who have already arrived? Xu Shuzheng is also somewhat curious, but he will not show his curiosity with him. No matter who he is, he will always come in.

They also got up and they guessed who was coming.

"Mom!" Meng Hao called Ning Zhou, who was anxious to get off the bus. He looked at the Ning Zhou, who was dressed up again, and boasted again, "Mom is beautiful today."

Xiao Xingmin also came down from the car. Meng Hao was in a good mood and his mouth was sweet. "Dad and brothers are also very handsome."

But he spoke a word and added another sentence. "Hey is the most handsome."

Xiaojia and his son, who haven’t started the music, turned to helplessness, but after a few days, they also knew that they were irreplaceable in Meng’s heart.

There was a smile on the face of the rumor, and in the eyes of Xiao Shuimin and others, it was a proper sigh.

The eyes of Xiao’s father and son’s unpredictable eyes also asked, “Dad, Mom, son, son, you are tired, come in and eat, let’s talk again.”

"Wait..." Xiao Xingmin hurried, and he was forgotten by Meng Hao and his old father.

"Grandfather Nono is here too."

He went to the car where they came later, and opened the door and helped Xiao Xiaozi.

At the age of seventy, the age of Xu Shuzhen can give people a feeling that they are completely different from Xu Shuzhen. It is a very serious and serious old man. The gas field is similar to that of the cockroach.

"Nono, call Grandpa."

Meng Hao came over from the side of Ning Zhou and looked at the past. He immediately called, "Grandpa is good."Xiao’s father looked at Meng Hao and Ning Zhou on his side. This was “hmm”, and his eyes fell on him. His voice was cold and cold. “You are married to Zinuo’s. ?"

The people who have dealt with these years are basically the people of Xiao’s generation. He has no discomfort. He nodded. “Yes, Grandpa, I have been married for half a year.”

I also know why Xiao’s attitude toward him is, but he still doesn’t think he needs to bow his head and admit what is wrong.

"Xiao Sangong is hurting, and I have played with my biological mother and my aunt for so many years. I can keep him a life, that is, to look at the relationship between the two."

He really killed Xiao Yu at that time. Xiao Jia now has no way to take him. The relationship between the two will be more severe, but he is still not afraid.

He can keep Xiao Yu’s life. Naturally, it’s not because of what he said. He’s too cheap to die. He is alive, and he can only retaliate from him.

Xiao’s eyes are still on the body, and the two people look at each other and the atmosphere is quite subtle.

When Xiao Xingmin was planning to say something, Xiao Laozi and Yan had almost recovered their eyes at the same time, and the subtle atmosphere was gone.

Look at them to Ning Zhou, side

Take a step and raise your hand in the middle. "Please inside."

Meng Hao took the other hand of the cockroach and went closer to the side of his body. The thoughts in his heart still did not waver. If the people of Xiaojia didn’t like it, then he would not like them. He could Making money for you is not a rare thing that Xiaojia can give him.

Meng Xi’s understanding of Xiao’s family is still too thin. They can give him more than just wealth. Meng Meng is clear and will not change. He has always been very clear about what is most important to him. That is oh.

The 晏 嘉 嘉 甄晗 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等 等.

I haven't even introduced it yet. The voice of the discussion in the living room has risen. Today's birthday, Xiao is just revenge with Yu, and will not pick up such a day.

And far from looking at it, I didn't feel that there was any feeling of arrogance between the two families. The vines and the wife of Xiao’s family were talking and laughing. Then they also saw Xu’s introduction to Xiao Shu’s family.

The strange color on Xu Shuzhen’s face flashed past, and then he and Xiao Laozi chilled up. Even if they had no friendship, they were once the same family of the top four nobles. They could not know each other.

"I didn't expect you to have such a fate with you Xiaojia..."

Xu Shuzhen sighed a sentence. He knew that his purpose of coming to Haicheng was not complete. Xiao’s family was not hostile to Yu’s. Yan’s so-called advantage was now seen as a pit for him.

He wants to do the middle and the thing, afraid that it can't be done, Yan Yusheng may not be willing, and he will not agree.Even if Ning Zhou did not participate in such a communicative occasion for many years, it would not be awkward at this time, let alone Xiao Weimin. They held a glass of wine and clinked with some of the people they were in. Whether it was a gesture or a speech, it was dripping.

A large part of the unclear truth has re-examined the embarrassment. He feels that his method is too powerful. No matter what price he paid, he can let the Xiao family reconcile with him and also come to Haicheng to attend his birthday. The feast is absolutely unexpected to everyone.

"It’s a cousin..." Some arrogant Xu Siheng couldn’t help but admire it.

At this time, there were seven or eight people outside the door, but they were Gu Langzhong. These friends, as a friend of the shackles, naturally had separate invitations. A group of people came in with a gift and said with a smile. Welcome, the slightly boring banquet atmosphere was instantly active.

The guests who come here will send some gifts, most of them will be placed in the room where Xiao Bo received the gift, and some will be opened in person, such as playing well with you. Gu Lang and others.

Gu Lang is also careful, he found a bone sculpture of a master for hundreds of years, like a treasure, eager to open and dazzle again. Other friends who were hanged their appetites directly sipped, and they thought it was a rare baby.

Gu Lang did not care about the fall of their playfulness. He looked at Meng Hao and asked awkwardly.

"Is the little nephew giving me a present as a gift? Hahaha..."

He still had some faint traces on his collar, and he was stunned by him.

Meng Hao didn't realize that his eyes were wrong. He shook his head gently. "I was awkward, not a gift. I have a gift."

Meng Hao looked at the time, then pulled the TV to the living room, he took the remote control and changed one. Gu Lang and others who watched the excitement also came together, and other curious people came over.

Xu Siya glanced at the TV and asked very curiously, "Does the small watch ask us to see the advertisement?"

Although different families and different cities, the juniors in Xu's family are no strangers to each other, and even their parents often love to use education to inspire or motivate them.

This time, Xu Shuzhen was coming to Haicheng. They happened to know that it took a few days to make a promise, and one of the main purposes was to look at what the elders liked and praised.

As the name suggests, she met people, she and Xu Siheng are convinced, but at the same time more curious, but it is Meng Yi on his side, a small watch that is too beautiful and obviously different from ordinary people.

She thought that Meng Hao could become a witty wife, and that he looks good is a big part of the reason.

Meng Yiwen did not go to see Xu Siya, he took a look at the time on the phone, head and shouted, "wait another minute."

Looked at Meng Hao, raised his hand and rubbed his hair, nodded. "Well, I am not in a hurry."Meng Meng wants to give him a gift, he can roughly guess it, but he thinks that Meng Hao is going to give him only when he is only at night, but he doesn't want him to make other famous things. He has always been interested in gifts. Suddenly curious.

"This is... the product launch conference of Xiaozizi and Mingya."

He walked over to the front, glanced at the TV, and saw the Mingya who spoke at the top. He sat down and looked at him. He was also very curious about what gift Meng had given him.

Others have also set their sights on the big TV screen of the living room, which is really Mingya.

He has been in Haicheng for so long, and he often attends some social occasions. He can always remember his face when he is present, not to mention the fact that the perfume company he opened is growing at a relatively fast speed and is becoming more and more famous. He has already Began to become a model for younger generations to learn.


There is also a reason to choose to publish our latest fragrance works at the time of today. Today is the birthday of our chief perfumer. He wants to give this perfume as a birthday present. ”

Yan Mingya looked at the camera and seemed to guess the scene of Mengzhai. He had to express the meaning of Meng Yu in place, and he paused and continued to say.

“Everyone saw that our product has only one kind of bottling. It’s because this perfume, the chief perfumer will always only personally modulate his lover, except that he may or may not give away, the market will not There is a second bottle of gold for sale."

"If there is a so-called gold version on the Internet, there is no doubt, it must be fake." Yan Mingya said that he smiled a little, and Meng Hao looked at the TV eyes slightly rounded, he did not understand what it was. funny.

He looked at Meng Hao and looked at what he was saying. Meng Hao quickly shook his arm. "It’s not finished yet..."

You can only look back, but it is the scene shot in the room of Meng Hao.

“Can you really see me?”

In the video, Meng took a shot and blinked in confusion. The person who photographed gave him the confirmation that he was standing again. "Hey, I should be very busy with you on my birthday, I may not have time to adjust it to you that day." It’s fragrant, so I let the poems help me.”

"I named it 晏渟, it doesn't mean anything, I just think it's so good. This is the perfume I gave you, and I will only give you modulation."

Meng Meng, who spoke before the camera, was a bit inexplicable and unnatural at first, but when he thought of it, he could see that his eyebrows were gradually softening. His speech speed is not fast, but he is very sincere. He looked at Meng Hao on the screen, and his head turned to the dawn of Meng Min’s seemingly no change. His heart suddenly trembled, and some strong emotions began again. Fermented.

Meng Hao shook his hand again, so that he continued to look at the screen, and he was constantly going back and forth between the screen and the cockroach. He had to make sure that he really liked his gift, such a surprise.In the video, Meng Hao wears a mask all the time, but the person in front of the TV can see that this is Meng Xi, that is, the face is blind and can not be seen, and the sound can also know that he is.

In the video, Meng Hao did not speak any more, and the lens was pulled farther away. He began to adjust the fragrance.

Xu Siya turned her eyes away and thought that there was nothing to look at, but the eyes of everyone were still on the TV screen. Xu Siya was inexplicably, and she also turned her eyes back, but she understood why everyone still looked at it.

Meng Xiang, who is fragrant, is completely different from him in his daily life. There is no invisible wall that naturally hinders his communication with everyone. His eyes are focused and well received. There is really a master or master's demeanor.

He is indeed the chief perfumer of the company, such as fake replacement.

The video of Meng Hao's fragrance was not finished, and it was cut back to the site of the product launch.

Yan Mingya smiled. He knew that the feelings of the people below were still unsatisfactory. They could be played all the time. Some people might figure out their formulas. If there is such a risk, Yan Mingya will never do it.

"So the name of our perfume is called 晏渟, the English name is BestLove." 晏明亚 clicked on the computer in front of him, a TV commercial came out, even the slogan was called "To me the most." Beloved person".

This should not be called a product launch, but a special confession by the chief perfumer to his lover.

"In addition, I would like to share a few good news with you. 晏渟BestLove won the gold medal in F Country, in D country..."

Min Mingya shared, almost relying on BestLove晏渟, the foreign perfume industry has been awarded the name of the award, and many judges on the screen are full of surprise evaluation.

One of the judges directly talked to him. "Hey, happy birthday! You are really happy. If someone gives it to me, I will be willing to marry him. Hey, you can give me a bottle. ?"

This ambiguity is too big. Meng Meng is on TV and shakes his head with certainty. "No!"

I am married to him, and I am sending this judge's perfume. Isn't it more than a jealous person? Absolutely not.

"Hey, you can't send him."

Meng Yi thinks that this is just a video. There is no such thing as his refusal. He can only make his promise that he can never give him.

The side of the side came over and pulled Meng Yu to his arms and hugged him. "Okay, don't send."

This is the birthday present that Meng Hao gave him. It is a unique gift in the true sense. He will give it to outsiders when he is funny.

"Well," Meng Yu nodded. The restlessness, his eyebrows returned to softness. "I put the perfume on the bedside table. You try it at night, I don't like it."

"Like, I like it." Embarrassed Meng Meng and tightened tightly. He liked him if he gave him a gift. But he was so careful, he liked it, and he was moved. This can't be told in words. Meng Hao’s moved.

"Well," Meng Yu heard the voice of his voice and was happy again. He once again seriously said, "Happy birthday, hehe."

"With you, I will be happy."When I answered the words, I let go of Meng Meng. When Gu Lang and others didn’t have time to get up, he bowed his head and kissed Meng’s lips. The atmosphere around him was a bit more lively, but most of them were blessed.

Gu Lang glared at the happy appearance of Meng and Meng Yu. He looked at him with a slight sympathy. "Don't tell me, you don't have any fangs. You are so stuffed with polysaccharide every day.

Good? ”

Gu Lang said that he looked up at his teeth and then kicked him. "Go."

Yan Manjia is nodding her head in the same sense. She is fed sugar every day, and she can’t taste the sweetness.

"It turns out that the little scorpion is the mysterious perfumer," said Zhong Ming, who was kissed by the beggar, and Meng Yan, whose cheeks were red, only felt that people could not be seen, but Meng Yu released the video of his fragrance, that is, Put an end to this speculation.

He is the perfumer, even if he is incredibly young, even if he seems to be innate. But he is not useless, he can be used as a unique perfume in the world.

"Yeah, I really didn't think of it." Zhong Ming is surrounded by many people.

Yan Mingya is now mixed up in Haicheng. His company has naturally been concerned. The perfumer behind his products is naturally one of the hot topics.

Xu Siya and Xu Siheng looked at Meng Hao again, and they dared not look at it with the same look. Maybe he is still a little better now, but he still has the ability. After Xu Shuzhen heard about it, he also lightly clicked. nod.

But the reason for his nod is not only because Meng Hao has this ability, but the Xiao family behind him, he thought that he was able to stay with him.

There was a lot of hot talks in the ear, but it was a slight brow, and Meng Meng was praised. He should also feel happy, but this praise became a measure of Meng Yu’s unworthy match. I feel that I am not happy.

Meng Hao did not care about those people's arguments, or any look that he understood or could not understand. He raised his hand and gently lifted the brow of the brow, and then asked with a little worry, "You are tired." ?"

He smiled at the dawn of Meng Meng, and he shook his head. "No, not tired."

"I didn't expect our Nono to have such a skill."

Ning Zhou took Xiao Shuimin's hand and suddenly she had some tears. She should be happy for Meng Hao, but now she just wants to cry.

"Mom, why are you crying again?" Meng Hao walked over with a paper towel and gently rubbed Ning Zhou's eyes. He was afraid of breaking her makeup and was very careful.

"Mom don't cry, I will give you perfume in the future."

In fact, the new product that Yuya Company will release to the spring of next year is very suitable for Ning Zhou, but he should have prepared it in advance to Ning Zhou.

"Well," Ning Zhou answered, and couldn't help but reach out and hold Meng Xi, "The baby is really amazing, my mother is too happy."

"Well," Meng Yu gently stroked the hair of Fu Ning, and then let go of her, but the people around him were shocked.

"What happened? Did the family of Xiaozizi find it?"Gu Lang asked Xiang Yu, seeing him so calm, he must know, but did not reveal the wind.

He whispered softly, but did not say much, and he also took Meng Hao, went inside, the servant came out to wait for the cake, and there is still something to say first.

"Today is the birthday of Zou, thank you for taking the time to take time out, my wife and I are very happy."

He said that he leaned down slightly and then stood up and said, "The two particularly important elders will come. I am very grateful. I will ask them to cut the cake with me and Meng Hao."

I went to help Xu Shuzhen, Meng Hao went to help Xiao Xiaozi, I can give this face, they can't be.

Sing a birthday song, then cut the cake and divide the cake. The Xiao family and the 晏 甄晗 甄晗 站在 站在 站在 站在 站在 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 站在 站在 站在 站在 站在 站在 站在 站在 。 。 。 。 。

"Dad gave it to you," Meng Hao handed the cake to Xiao Xingmin, and screamed.

Xiao Shuimin took it happily, "Thank you for Nono."

As for Xiao Laozi and Xu Shuzheng, they all handed them to them. They delivered important elders before they let the servants take over and continue to divide the cake.

And Meng Hao also squinted, and his birthday cake, how can he not eat it?

He pulled through Meng Pu, and on the table behind them, he had already cut a copy of Meng Hao.

Meng Hao looked at him with surprise. He dug a spoonful, but he first gave him a sip, then asked him again. "Is it delicious?"

"It's delicious," he nodded. He saw Meng Hao dig a spoon for himself. He reached out and wiped the corner of his mouth. He sighed, "Slow it slowly."

"Well," Meng rubbed his lips and swallowed the cake. The smile on his lips floated again. He exclaimed, "I am so happy today."

He also knows why Meng Hao is happy. He did not answer his words. He raised his hand and followed Shun Meng’s forehead. Then he couldn’t help but bow his head and kissed him.

He naturally knows that he and Meng Hao’s every move is always paying attention, but he doesn’t think he needs to care about their thoughts. At least on such a day, he wants to follow his own wishes.

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