Chapter 76

Chapter 76

Listening to Ning Zhou said Li Yifei and their origins,

Xiao Shuimin couldn't help but sneer.

Li Yifei and the Meng family behind her are probably not aware of the real energy of Xiaocheng in the North City.

Even across different cities,

Different circles,

They still have a way to let the Meng family have never turned around.

And now you don't need to be so troublesome,

I will not let them go first.

"Tomorrow I will have a good chat with you."

Xiao Xingmin does not intend to say too much to Ning Zhou.

He pulled people into his arms,

Gently patted, and I was reluctant to give up the anger.

"What Nono is looking for is not exposed yet.

This time...we should be for the third brother..."

Xiao Shuimin can have a mystery in this statement. If he releases such a wind, he will not say how the Haicheng and Beicheng noble circles will react.

Yan of Licheng should be happy.

The sly target is sudden,

Regardless of Xu's family, Yan's family is naturally quite jealous.

He is hard and hard,

I really can't guarantee that I can take advantage of it.

He has already negotiated with Xiao Xingmin several times.

Although I haven’t got a specific response yet,

But he has been waiting for Xiao’s shot.

He thought that he would deal with Yu,

Dealing with 晏睢, Xiao Jiacai is the main force.

He secretly observed the family for many years, knowing what,

I must know Xiao Yu,

Xiao Laozi is still alive, he is quite sure of Shaw’s counterattack, but the strength of the counterattack remains to be discussed, but now Xiao Xingmin’s release of such a wind will definitely create a big illusion for Yan Yusheng.

Xiao Shi is not a Xiao, the owner of the home, Xiao Xingmin, went directly to Haicheng to negotiate with him. Then, he will go all out.

Once such misunderstandings are formed, Yan Yusheng’s decision will be greatly biased. With a little use, Yan may have to be removed from Licheng.

Xiao Shuimin does not say that this is okay. When he talks about Ning Zhou, he is even more angry.

"Three brothers? Your third brother made people stunned Nono!" Ning Zhou said with hate, and pushed Xiao Xunmin to see her eldest son Xiao Ziang. "You are going to send me to him now." The fruit is taken back, that is, the pig is not fed to him."

Ning Zhou has never said such awkward words in these years. She is now full of thorns, and she wants to kill all those who have harmed Meng Hao.

Ning Zhou did not hide her anger and killing. She was cold again with two words. "In addition, you tell the doctors that I want him to be in a wheelchair all his life."

Xiao Xingmin looked at Ning Zhou and looked at Xiao Zi Ang and Xiao Zimo, who were as gloomy as his face. He hesitated for a moment and nodded.

"I am coming about this matter, don't touch your hand."

Although Xiao’s current owner is him, he also has a father, Xiao, who has been a family owner for decades. He can allow him to recognize the lost Meng Mi, but he will not allow them to do something for Xiao Yu for Meng Yu.

Xiao Zi Ang or Xiao Zi Mo are still too tender, or he is better in person.Ning Zhou heard a nod, and Xiao Xiaomin's anger was faded. "We missed it once, and we can't be wrong again." They didn't protect Meng Hao, they let him fall, eat it. It’s so bitter, it’s hard to find it now, and naturally I want to give him the master, that is, Xiao Yu can’t let it go.

"Yes, ma'am, I know, I listen to you."

Xiao Shuimin pulled Ning Zhou back into his arms and continued to squat. He really wanted Ning Zhou to be mad or sad, and Meng Hao should have abandoned him.

In the house, he was still with him, and he went up. After they had eaten with Miao Mengyu, they continued to go back to the basement and went to the kitchen to help Wang Ma. What are you waking up to eat?

After walking daily with Miao and Meng Hao, they took the person to the study room.

Meng Hao was holding a hair ball on the sofa to play with his mobile phone, and he handled things. Wang Feng then reported to him about the news released by Xiao Xingmin.

When the corner of the mouth is hooked, he immediately understands the meaning of Xiao Shuimin. In fact, as long as the Xiao family does not participate so early, he can be unbeaten and unsettled. Although he wants to lose some, he thinks it is worth it.

Now that Xiao Huimin is willing to help him, he will not refuse, and it will save time and effort, and why bother it.

"Yan Yusheng..." Considering this name, Yuzhong suddenly overflowed with a little bit of fun. He hid behind the calculation for so many years, and now he can't stand it, then he will give him a big surprise. All right.

"What life is not born..." Meng Hao let go of the hairball and suddenly came together. "Who is going to be born? Aunt Vaughan and Dr. Gu Li?"

Meng Hao’s brain hole is also wide open. He can associate him with the 晏 嘉 嘉 and Gu Li... and his gossip... obviously it’s being smashed and they are broken.

"Who told you..." He pulled Meng Meng over, kissed him on the lips, and hugged him again.

Meng Hao also kissed him a little, and he only returned, and it sounded a bit more reasonable. "Only the aunt of Manjia is a woman, only she can be born..."

"And, Dr. Gu Li likes Aunt Vinca."

The rumored eyebrows slightly provoked, and found that Meng Hao’s daily life at home was quite rich. Many things he didn’t know, Meng Hao knew it, and he asked again, “How are you?

knew? "Does Meng Meng suddenly understand what Gu Li is thinking?"

"I saw Dr. Gu Li looking at the aunt of Manjia, I asked a question, and then Dr. Gu Li told me." Meng Hao should say this, and cheeky cheeks, "I know the size, will not mess Help."

Gu Li and Yu Manjia still have no fate, they have to look at themselves.

"Then you said that they were together when I didn't know, and I still have a baby?"

Meng Hao is also entangled in the "life" in the mouth.

晏睢揉揉孟渟's cheek, "I don't know, but it is estimated that it is not so fast."During this time, Gu Li was busy preparing for surgery, and he was so busy all day, he really wanted to chase after the vines, and he would not catch the time. It is not that 甄晗 will certainly stop, but that he and 晏 嘉 嘉 are estimated to be despised, with his son’s contempt, how can this love be talked about.

"Oh," Meng said, and there was no regret in his tone. He glanced at the computer that was open. "How long have you been busy?"

"Sleepy?" He glanced at his computer and documents. If he was busy, he was busy until tomorrow morning, and there are still things to do, but now he wants to be "not so old," I have no plans to fight like that anymore.

"No, that is, Dad should wake up, I want to go see him, are you going?"

When Meng Hao came over and said so long, this is the topic.

"Let's together," he closed the computer and cleaned up the things. Then he took Meng Fu out of the study room and went downstairs to the basement.

When they arrived, He Wei had just woken up, and he was holding water to feed him, and there was a meal prepared by Yu Manjia and Wang Ma.

He Wei was just awake, his brows were slightly stunned, and he seemed very uncomfortable. He put a small spoon on his lips and fed water, and he did not care about it.

"Auntie, what's wrong with you, is it uncomfortable? I am going to ask Dr. Gu Li to come in."

When I saw that He was so anxious, he said that he was about to get up, but he saw that He Yan’s eyes were red.

"Auntie, I... I feel hurt..."

For more than twenty years, he had no feeling under the big leg. But now he felt pain. He closed his eyes and his tears slipped out of his eyes. He was happy and sad.

He patted Meng's shoulder and then let go of his hand. He went to the next door to call Gu Li and Dr. Bart. Meng Hao also came up. His mouth was moving but he didn't know how to comfort him. He Wei.

He glanced and whispered, "You can hug my father, or kiss him, so he won't be so uncomfortable."

When he is uncomfortable, he will feel better when he is so jealous of him. He thinks that he is also the same.

The touch in his heart was no less than He Wei. This was only stunned, and then he was educated by Meng Hao. He looked at Meng Hao and then leaned down and gently hugged He Wei. "Auntie, Auntie." will be fine."

Meng Hao looked at him and gently nodded. He stepped back and took the position to Dr. Gu Li and Dr. Bart. He walked back to the side and took his hand.

He Wei finished the operation, was weak, excited, and fell asleep. Gu Li and Dr. Bart checked him. After confirming that nothing happened, the two of them left one to watch the night, and one went back to sleep and replaced it tomorrow.

In these few days, he needs key care. After three or five days, the situation is better. He can return to the room on the first floor to raise it.

As for him, he is absolutely impossible to leave, and he went back to sleep. Xiao Bo sent a small bed to the operating room. If you are tired, you can lie down."Dad pays attention to rest, and Dad still needs you." Meng Hao gave a sigh and left with him.

Meng Hao was taken away for a while, and he only sighed again. "Dad always has to be obedient."

He and he said that he basically responded, and Meng Hao suddenly had a sense of accomplishment.

Looking back at Meng's proud look, I couldn't help but smile, and he would pull closer. "Oh, the most obedient."

"This is of course, I am the most obedient, the most listening to you."

They didn't go to the study room and went back to the bedroom. They helped Meng to wash the place where they could wash. The place where they could not be washed was wiped with a towel. When Meng Hao was satisfied, he also sweated. He took Meng Meng back to the bed. I went to the bathroom and took a cold shower.

When he came back, Meng Hao’s eyes closed and he was obviously very sleepy, and he insisted on waiting for him.

"I am back, we are sleeping."

He said that he lay down and embraced the person, and the person he was holding, his eyes were slightly enlarged.

"No, you said that you will kiss again at night... I have not forgotten it."

Meng Hao said that the lips went to the side of the squatting side. "We will sleep again after you kiss, you can't lie to me..."

How could he refuse Meng’s request, but the consequence of his non-refusal is that he and Meng Hao’s baths were washed white.

Meng Hao was kissed and kissed, and he got up. He licked his trousers and didn't kneel down, but the meaning was obvious enough.

Yesterday can be, today naturally do not use Meng Hao to move out again or Gu Lilai to persuade, Meng Hao's hand continues to be busy giving clothes and pants, and the kiss is from the ear of Meng Yu Going all the way down, lingering away.

"Hey, we have to be together..." When Meng Hao was moved, he couldn’t help but emphasize it again.

Today's life is too good, just

It is Meng Yi who also feels that it is not true. He is afraid that he will wake up. He is still in the laboratory. There is no jealousy, no home, no hair ball, no rhubarb, nothing.

He leaned over and kissed Meng Meng’s slow cover, "Well, together."

You can feel the uneasiness of Meng Yu who overshadowed his sleepiness. If his words are not enough, he can only practice it and let Meng Yu believe that they are together.

The consequence of this is that the next day, Ning Zhou and Xiao Zimo came to the house early, but they learned that both Miao and Meng Yu were sleeping late.

"It doesn't matter, don't bother them to sleep, we just have to wait."

Xiao Bo and Wang Ma did not dare to neglect the mother and brother of their wife's wife, and went to the tea on the fruit, and Yu Manjia also came out from the studio to entertain them.

She had been in the basement yesterday, and when she was having dinner, she knew that Meng Hao’s parents and two older brothers had been there.

"It’s still very early on the weekdays," said Yu Manjia. The words were not good enough to talk about. The reason for their lateness was that the two of them had been too much trouble the night before, and Meng Yucai just recognized it. The family can't say well.

"Is it because of the injury on the waist?" Ning Zhou watched Yu Manjia stop, and she looked a little anxiously."No, no, don't worry, Meng Hao's injury is already quite good," otherwise, Meng and Meng Hao will not sleep late. Now, Meng Manjia's eyes turned and slightly implicit. "They have good feelings, love. I have slept for a while..."

Ning Zhou is not a person who doesn't know what to do. I don't know what he is saying when he hears it.

Ning Zhou brows slightly wrinkled, did not see Meng Hao himself, she was still a little worried about his injury, but there are 晏 嘉 嘉 陪 with her to talk, time has passed faster.

Upstairs, I actually woke up for a long time, but Meng Hao still screamed at his arm and fell asleep, and in addition to touching Meng's hair, he pinched his face and couldn't do anything else.

He took a call to the study room yesterday, and Meng Hao went looking for him without wearing shoes. Meng Hao seems to be simple and open-minded, but in fact, his heart is really stable and unstable, fearing that he is not sure.

Meng Hao naturally wakes up again at eight o'clock. He closed his eyes and hugged a mess, and then opened his eyes.

"Oh, early."

The hair of Meng Mengyu, who kissed him on his cheek, was helpless. "It is not too early, we are up."

"Okay," Meng said, and continued to roll in his arms and let him hold him up.

Two people went to the bathroom to wash, change clothes and go downstairs, the time has been more than eight o'clock, Ning Zhou and Xiao Zimo have been to the family for almost an hour, and Xiao Huimin and Xiao Ziang, who have come a little later, have arrived.

Meng Yan’s eyes were taken away by the donkey. He did not find many people in the living room downstairs. He took a few more steps and hugged his half arm. He closed his eyes. “Last night too. Tired, I don't want to move at all today."

The kind of tiredness is not sleepy, but the burnout from the bones. He just wants to lie down and it is better if he can lie with him. Meng Hao thought so, but did not say that he knew that he was very busy recently, he could not add chaos.

He looked at Meng Hao and looked at him. Then he picked him up and left.

He guessed that Xiao family should have come over this time. He is holding Meng Meng downstairs. It’s not very good. Meng Meng knows that he doesn’t want to move. He doesn’t want to move Meng Meng. It is a bit too much.

And then think about him and Meng Hao have been a couple of half a year, how to get along with each other, naturally they decide, Xiao family is not useful.

Meng Hao was picked up by the cockroach, his eyes slightly opened a little, and then kissed on the cheeks.

"I thought you didn't want to hold me today."

"No," he said, and Meng Hao has already taken the stairs.

Ning Zhou and other people who heard the movement all stood up and looked over, and Meng Hao also posted on the side of the neck, his eyebrows bent, and the two looked extra sweet.

晏 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉The Xiao family was not used to being accustomed to the vines. They looked at Meng Hao’s look at the sly, and then thought of him to them. They felt sour in their innocence, but they were not qualified to show up again.

He kept Meng Meng at the dinner table, and he put the man down. Meng Meng then looked away from his body, and then his eyes narrowed slightly, and the man subconsciously leaned back against him. .

"Mom, you are coming..." Meng Xi saw that they were still licking their own peace. He blinked his eyes and explained to them. "I like to hold me, I like to hold him, we are at home, so It doesn't matter."

If you go outside, Meng Hao will still slightly converge on some of his possessive desires. At most, he will hold his hand and will not hold him.

"It doesn't matter," he gave Meng Biao first. He nodded to Ning Zhou and others, and raised his hand to Wang Ma. He then told Meng Yidao, "We will eat first."

Speaking of eating, Meng Hao’s face showed a little smile. "Good."

What he remembered, and looked at Ning Zhou, "Mom, have you ever eaten, do you want to come and eat with us."

Only Ning Zhou, Meng Hao gave this treatment, and Xiao Shunmin, who was on the side of Ning Zhou, was completely ignored by him.

"I... I will eat a little more." Ning Zhou had eaten something before coming. Not many, I am not hungry at the moment, but I can eat it too. She cherishes anything.

At the moment of getting along with Meng Xi, naturally, I will not hesitate any more.

She opened Xiao Xiaomin three people and walked over and sat down.

Meng Hao looked at Wang Ma and put a lot of things he loved. His scornful corners evoked. He looked at Ning Zhou and said, "Mom, you are too thin, you have to eat more."

"Okay," said Ning Zhou, who had some tears in his face, but his face was full of happy smiles.

Meng Hao can feel that she is happy, he nodded and looked at him again. "You also eat more, you are very hard every day."

"Okay," he said, taking a plate and holding some dishes and putting them in front of Meng Hao, he started eating himself.

Meng Hao has a good appetite. The person who saw him for the first time is estimated to be a little surprised. Ning Zhou has no such feeling at all. She is afraid that Meng Hao can't eat it. She doesn't think he eats too much.

After he finished eating Meng, he whispered a few words with him. He came over and said hello to Xiao Xingmin. Then he, Xiao Xingmin and Xiao Ziang went to the study room together. Meng Hao took Ning Zhou and Xiao Zi to the grass. Take a walk.

Xiao and Xiao Shuimin Xiao Ziang said that soon, he knocked on the door of their study. He came in and handed a test report to him.

"You have worked hard, go to rest." I picked it up, and then I was right.

In fact, it doesn't matter in the next few days, but it is still getting out of the night.

"Well, I eat and sleep."

After he finished speaking, he nodded to Xiao Shuimin and then walked out of the study. His attitude toward Xiao Shuimin also roughly explained the results in the report. Otherwise, he would not be because of his temperament. Xiao Huimin’s identity as the home of Xiao’s family, and what has changed.He did not avoid Xiao Weimin and Xiao Ziang. He opened the file bag directly and saw the results.

There is basically no rhythm on the face to let Xiao Xingmin and Xiao Ziang have an insight. Although they are sure that Meng Hao is their family, they are also inexplicably nervous at the moment.

"The result of my comparison here, you are indeed the child of you and your wife."

In fact, there is no suspense in this result, but Xiao Shuimin and Xiao Ziang are still feeling for a while.

Xiao Huimin looked at him and was very serious. "Oh, thank you."

Thank you for choosing him when they didn't know Meng Hao, and protecting him. This "thank you", Xiao Xingmin consciously had to say.

"No, Meng Hao brought me more than I gave him." He didn't think that he had any exaggerated places. Meng Zhen's preciousness only knows when he comes into contact with him. "He is my lover. I should do whatever he wants for him."

The "lover" clearly should make people feel a little numb, but can say it from the mouth, but there is no such feeling. He is only expounding the fact that Meng Hao is outside his wife, or the only lover in his life.

Xiao Xingmin and Xiao Ziang looked at each other, and then the two men nodded. This really recognized that Meng was the husband of Meng Hao. After that, he was also their family.

They went on to talk about the topic of Meng and Yan, but they used different tone and feelings.

It is no longer the dialogue between the heads of the two top tyrants, but Weng Yi, the brother-in-law and the big scorpion are planning how to revenge, how to hang people.

They talked for more than three hours. When they came down, Meng Hao and Ning Zhou and others had already returned to the living room. They were watching TV and talking, and it seemed to be fun.

When he noticed the movement, Meng Hao turned back and his eyes lit up first. "Hey, you finished."

His words are nothing, but his brilliant dawn has completely exposed his thoughts. It has only been seen for more than three hours, and he thinks that people think it is amazing.

When he walked over and sat down on Meng Yi’s side, Meng Hao immediately went to his arms. He said something, and the peace and joy did not happen to others. .

"I took my mother for a walk. We also played with the rhubarb hairball. I also cut the fruit for my mother."

In addition to the fragrance, Meng Hao’s hand is not very good. He cuts the fruit on weekdays. He doesn’t dare to let him move the knife. Every time he cuts it to Meng’s mouth, he hears Meng Yi’s first look. The hand, sure that he did not hurt himself, he did not ask much.

"But I didn't cut it, I was taken away from the fruit and the knife."

Meng Hao said that he had a look at Xiao Zimo, who was slightly helpless. But at that time, not only Xiaozi wanted to grab, but Ning Zhou and Yan Manjia, who looked at it, had this idea.

"I still dare to complain... can my finger be lowered to the blade?" Xiao Zimei looked at Meng Hao's complaint, and his look was helpless and angry.

"The apple will roll, I have to hold it."

Meng Hao relied on the shackles, and the suffocation was more complete. His eyes were very big, and he was very reasonable.But this time, I didn’t stand on Mengzi’s side. He took Meng’s hand and looked at it carefully. “You won’t touch the knife in the future.”

Meng Hao heard a look back and looked at it, but nodded. "Okay, I don't touch..."

He and Xiao Zi silently screamed, and when they turned back to the cockroach, they immediately sold it. This difference treatment, Xiao Zimo felt a stronger and stronger heart, and it would be more than expected to pull the heart of his younger brother. It’s harder.

"But I also want to cut the fruit for you to eat," Meng said, still feeling a little depressed, he wants to be good, so far, it is not much to do.

"You don't have to do this, we will be able to do it between us." He met Meng Hao's gaze and told him surely that he

There is no separation between them and Meng Xi, and Meng Yi will not have anything to do with him. He will be fine.

Understood this, Meng Yu’s face was gone, and he kissed him on his cheeks according to his own mind. “I remember, hey, you are so good, I love you so much. ""

He said that he still wanted to hold on to him and he was held in his arms.

Look at Ning Zhou and Xiao Shuimin and others, "Let's stay for a meal."

Seeing that they had no opinion, he looked at Xiao Bo who was standing in the corner and nodded to him.

Xiao Bo turned and went out to the kitchen and Wang Ma and others said that in fact, there is no need to be afraid to prepare for the meal temporarily. With Wang Ma’s thoughtfulness, she has already prepared people.

In the arms of Meng Xi, the eyes are stunned and embarrassed, this is awkward. Today, the peace at home is very different. At least he can’t just hug his relatives.

After he finished speaking, he gently patted Meng Hao a few times before letting go of the person, and Meng Hao’s cheeks were more blushing. He licked his lips and didn’t talk much, and he didn’t want to continue to hold his relatives. .

"The test results have come out, hey, I am your father." Xiao Xingmin has not heard Meng Meng call him now, he is somewhat lost, Xiao Ziang also received a call, comparing the results and 晏This is the same here.

"Well, Dad."

Meng Yizheng was embarrassed, Xiao Xingmin’s words fell, he immediately called people, his eyes swept away also called Xiao Zi Ang and Xiao Zimo.

"Big brother, second brother."

His eyes fell back to Ning Zhou and he again called, "Mom."

"Hey," Ning Zhou should have, she slowly opened her hand, Meng Hao hesitated a moment, or gently hugged her, but he hugged, Ning Zhou's tears broke the bank, Meng Hao touched Touching Ning Zhou’s hair, I didn’t want to leave Ning Zhou’s arms right away.

In the arms of Ning Zhou, Meng Hao still feels safe, but it is better than nothing.

This time Ning Zhou did not cry for a long time, she could not help but happy, could not help but want to hold more Meng Yi for a while.

It was determined that Ning Zhou did not cry any more, Meng Meng let go of her, then took the paper towel from her hand and wiped her eyes.

"Mom's eyes are beautiful, the most beautiful when laughing, so don't cry."Meng Xi’s eyes are very similar to Ning Zhou, but the emotions are not as rich as Ning Zhou’s eyes. He is naturally lacking something. His praise is also from the heart.

"Well, I listen...Nono's."

The name Meng Meng was given by the Meng family, but he is not a Meng family, and now he should change his original name.

Meng Hao hesitated for a moment, he responded "Hm."

He doesn't really care if he has changed his name. Meng Hao's word has always been his own. For the rest of his life, he has also lived in this life. He never felt that he was a Meng family. He helped him and Meng family cut off their relationship. He felt that enough.

If he really wants to change, he actually wants to follow his surname... Hey, Meng has considered these two words, and he looks for it. He is still sitting behind him, his heart is fixed. And smiled at the sly.

Ning Zhou slightly cleaned up himself, and Wang Ma also took the servants and set the meals and dishes.

At the dinner table, Xiao Shuimin had a lot of people who wanted to give Meng Hao a dish, but there was no room for them to intervene. There were a few temptations to try, and finally they were gone. The most important thing was that they were afraid of Meng Yu’s disappointment. .

After lunch, Ning Zhou sat with Meng Hao for a while, and she did not have to wait for more, but said that she would come to see Meng Hao again tomorrow.

Xiao Xingmin had another thing. He went back to the hotel himself. Xiao Ziang and Xiao Zimo accompanied Ning Zhou on another car. They went to the prison in Haicheng together, and Ning Zhou wanted to see Li Yifei.

Ning Zhou's look in the car is still good, can come down from the car, her whole person's momentum is different.

Decent and exquisitely dressed, over 50 years old, although the appearance is detrimental, compared with most people of the same age, she is still very beautiful, more importantly, the temperament raised by her book and family is a lifetime of many people. It is impossible to have it.

Her dress is not deliberately dressed. It can even be said that she only chose to pick Menglu, but she is free to pick it up again. It is also the mother of the family, and it is quite eye-catching in the crowd.

Li Yifei was told that someone came to see her. She thought she was her two sons, or other grandchildren. She also thought about how to marry them and let them think of ways for her. She had suffered too much and could be given to Meng Jia. After the second room, she has never had any hardships.

Her food and clothing consumption is no different from Feng Zejiao in the big room. Even because Meng Jia prefers her, she is occasionally better than Feng Zejiao, but now she is trapped in a shackle, and she lives with a bunch of people and eats. Taking a shower or even going to the bathroom, everything makes her very uncomfortable.

She forced herself to calm down and forced herself to endure. She couldn't easily admit defeat if she couldn't get anything from her position to the wife of the family.

But her twilight lifted up a little, watching a woman with a graceful appearance sitting in front of her in a visiting position through a glass wall, she still left some fire | hot heart, falling directly | falling into the nine icy ice In the whole body, the hair is cold.

"Li Mei, I haven't seen you for a long time."Ning Zhou sat down and stared at Li Yifei. Her faint tone directly pierced Li Yifei for the past few years. The glamorous things that were packaged for herself were not, and even her name was changed later.

She wants to change her name. She wants to pursue a better life. This is not wrong in itself, but she should never base these on hurting others. more

Moreover, her Ning family only has grace for her, no hatred.


When Li Yifei’s words were not completely exported, they were interrupted by Ning Zhou.

"Please call me Ms. Ning, or Mrs. Xiao... Zhou Zhou, who are you, what is the qualification to call me."

The family can call her boat, except for Xiao Xingmin, the more common week, that is, her mother, Xiao Laozi is generally called the name of Ning Zhou. But Li Yifei wanted to learn what her mother called, how she had such a face.

Li Yifei is probably about seven years older than Ning Zhou. When she actually entered the Meng family to give Meng Laozi a second room, she was only twenty-four years old. When she was born Meng Yigui, she was pregnant with Meng Yide. The door of the Meng family.

But now she looks at the people who are completely different from Ning Zhou. Compared with Ning Zhou, she is aging and ugly, from appearance to mind.

"You know that you are my child, you know it when you see him first!"

Li Yifei did not know what her obsession with her. Only when she came in, Li Yifei recognized it at first sight, but in fact they could not understand. Ning's family is not rare, Li Yifei repays, but she never thought she would enmity.

“Why?” Ning Zhou asked, she didn’t have to know, but she always had to ask the last one.

When Li Yifei saw Ning Zhou, she knew that things had been revealed. Her heart was still unwilling, but there was nothing to recognize at this time.

She nodded lightly. "Yes, I saw him at the orphanage. I knew that he was your child. You didn't find it. His eyes look like you, like your father."

Ning Zhou’s eyes suddenly groaned, but did not interrupt Li Yifei’s words. His father died in the year of her birth. She did not think that Li Yifei had a connection with her father.

"And he is my first man!" Li Yifei's radiance made Ning Zhou sick and broken. She followed Meng Laozi, gave birth to a son, and even grandchildren and daughters. She is still in love with Ning Zhou. father.

"I am young and beautiful, and my knowledge is better than your mother. The only difference is family life. Otherwise, I will rely on your mother to finish college and have the opportunity to go abroad."

"That was my happiest two years..." Li Yifei said, and she paused. She seemed to see her parents through Ning Zhou. "I was with him for the past two years."

But then a dream, after she returned to China, all the dreams of being empty, she came to visit Ningjia, Ningfu did not know her, Ningmu was happy to see her, but Li Yifei felt that it was only her superior life. Only when she gave her pity, she just appreciated her goodness through her.After she came to Ningjia, Ningfu looked for her, but she did not want to continue with the relationship, but gave her a sum of money to let her leave the North City and completely break their relationship. She is just him. Two years of fun when foreign life is boring.

He is now returning to China, his wife is virtuous, his daughter is excellent, and he does not want Li Yifei to continue to disturb the harmony of his family.

"So you put the hatred of my father on the body?" Ning Zhou's eyes were reddish, not sad, but angry, and it also contained the anger of her mother being double betrayed by Li Yifei and her father. .

"No, I don't hate him, I love him." Li Yifei said that there was some crazy light in the shackles. She looked up at Ning Zhou. "I hate you, and your mother is rude. You forced him to give up." I, you forced him to die!"

Ning Zhou’s father was drunk in the middle of the night and drove the car. The road was just the way out of the North City. Li Yifei always felt that he regretted it. He wanted to come to her, but it was only by Jane and Ning Zhou. This did not come. Cheng, still dead on the road...

"Meng is your son, it is time to redeem you and your mother, but unfortunately..."

Ning Zhou heard no anger, suddenly smiled, full of mocking laughter, she looked at Li Yifei, Dawning two more cold.

"As you said, your son's grandchildren's daughter will also make atonement for you. If you are still in the world, as long as Xiao and He are still in the day, there will be no day before you meet our mother. What are they going to do in the future?"

"My mother is really good to you, you know in your own heart, you not only betrayed her, you are still hooked | lead her man."

Ning Zhou sneered two more laughs. "Don't say that you love him, you don't deserve to talk about love. You really love my father to this point. Why do you give others a little three, and give others a child, if this is love? Your love is too cheap, too disgusting."

"You hurt my child, but you are bullying, you hate me, hate my mother, but don't pretend to be too noble!"

Can you hurt in the name of love, or can you start with an innocent child who has spent the rest of your life in the name of hate?

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