Chapter 65

Chapter 65

“Is it angry?” Hug people back to the house,

When rubbing Meng Meng,

Asked a question.

"I just had a little bit in the bathroom,

It’s gone now...” He was reluctant to be so angry with him for so long.

Meng Hao looked at him,

There are more grievances in the look.

"how about you,

Are you still angry? ”

Looking at Meng Min’s hair,

He kissed him and kissed him. "Nothing."

Originally, he didn’t have the anger of Meng Hao. He really wants to be angry.

He probably gave birth to his own sulking. Being ignored by a person who likes it, Meng Meng is not intentional, that is, he expected.

Really experienced,

Still not adapted, not good.

Meng Hao is jealous,

Obviously did not believe him,

But he did not open up and pursue anything.

What is the truth?

He is ringing his waist,

Relying on his body,

The look gradually calmed down, and the thoughts drifted, seemingly thinking about what the problem was.

I threw the bath towel aside,

Pulling over the quilt and lying down with Meng Hao,

He patted Meng Hao's back, and now it was his turn to worry about Meng Xi's emotions. It was really too much for him, but he did everything and there was nothing to defend.

"Sleep, no matter what, think again tomorrow."

Meng Hao did not respond, but he did not want to remove it by relying on the cockroaches. His eyelashes were gently moved, his body was obviously exhausted, and people still had troubles about not wanting to sleep.

He continued to pat the Meng Hao for a while, looked down, but found that his eyelashes still slammed from time to time, but he could only open Meng Meng, and then looked at his eyes and whispered a question. "Can't sleep?"

Meng Hao heard a slight glimpse of his face, and he shook his head like a blank voice. "No, I am thinking about a very important issue."

"What?" He then asked.

Meng Yiwen’s words moved and seemed to want to get up. But now he was soft and soft. He struggled for a while and couldn’t get up. He looked up and looked at him. “I suddenly had a special idea, I want to write down. I am afraid that I will forget it when I sleep."

I thought that Meng Hao was thinking about his embarrassment, but he was completely self-satisfied, but he still could only hold people up, and then he would bring Meng Hao’s computer over. Meng Hao said that he wrote and recorded it for nearly 20 minutes. Only completed.

I put the computer back, went back to the bed, and continued to hold Meng Xi, "Can I sleep now?"

"Well," Meng Hao nodded, groaning, and kissed him on his neck and cheeks. "Hey, you are so good." That is, love is a little angry. In the latter sentence, Meng Hao did not say it, but after tonight he also remembered the lesson.

He was helpless in his heart, but he was more gentle with his movements. He kissed Meng Yan’s eyes and took pictures on his back. Meng Min, who had no thoughts, shouted in two minutes. Fell asleep.

When I woke up the next day, Meng Hao had already washed and dressed. When he didn't leave the room, he still knocked on the computer on the sofa in the room. His eyes were focused and he could sit up. Meng Hao's gaze was immediately seen.He put down the computer and refused to wear slippers. He walked to the bed in three or five steps, then leaned over and held a kiss on his forehead. "Hey, good morning."

When Meng Meng’s hair was distressed, Meng Min’s face also showed a little smile. “Early, why not sleep for a while?”

"I didn't get up for a long time," Meng said on his cheek. Then he seemed to think of something. He sat up straight and pulled it up. He stretched his hand, but it was a bunch of white rose flowers. On the bed side.

"I cut it down before going downstairs and sent you."

I hugged the flowers and looked at Meng Hao. The eyebrows picked up slightly, and it was obvious that Meng Hao was happy with him.

He took the flowers for a while, pulled over Meng Hao, kissed him in his eyebrows, then he got up and went to wash, Meng Meng took the flowers and inserted them into the vase in the room.

When I came out of the bathroom, Meng Hao was plugged in. They took their hands downstairs and looked intimately. The yawning 晏 嘉 嘉 and the reading of the newspaper were not unexpected.

According to Yan Manjia, the couple with good feelings quarreled, and the bedside nodded with the bed. Nothing could be solved without rolling.

Today, Meng Hao does not have to go to the laboratory. It is reasonable to say that he should take a rest at home. This is what he meant. Meng Hao was already tired. He was still yesterday... he didn’t want him to be with him. Meng Hao really got tired.

"But I went to the company with you, I can rest, I will be with you today, do you want to see me?"

Let Meng Xi go on, I must feel that I have slag, but the facts... The facts are not important. The important thing is that Meng Hao wants to stick to him. He bows his head and mutters the appeal. He can’t refuse it.

"Know it," he pulled the man into his arms, his lips touched Meng's hair, nodded to the vines who stayed at home, and then took Meng Hao away.

Meng Hao followed the squatting a few steps, and then turned back to give the vines a hand, but the expression is thank you. It is obvious that he got up early to these pleasing people, Meng Haoquan to find 晏 嘉 嘉 嘉, and of course there are still some Practice it.

However, when he got into the car and didn't control it and yawned, he was pulled into his arms. "I am calling you."

Meng Hao thought for a moment, "Hmm", 晏

Manjia did not say how he should please people in the car, then it is still in accordance with his usual habits.

It’s just that he really started too early. He was really tired and tired yesterday. Zhao Bing came to the most important person because of the back seat. The car technology has been online, the nose is familiar, and he has mastered it completely. It took only two or three minutes for him to sleep, and Meng Hao fell asleep again.

When he woke up, he was not in the car, nor in the rest room of the office, but on the sofa, covered with a blanket, and his head was on the big leg.

He completely slept again with a super fragrant back, and there was no memory at all about how to get from the car to the sofa.

Meng Hao had not been fully awake, and his hand was covered. He gently licked Meng Hao’s hair and helped him to wake up.At the same time, he is still talking. "That's it, let's go first."

"Yes..." A lot of people answered, and it didn't take long for the office to be completely quiet.

But Meng Meng still feels embarrassed, is it a meeting, and still with him sleeping?

The facts are as Meng Yi thinks, and he is doing this. He can't be sure that some of Meng's symptoms are already good, and he doesn't want to try. He knows that Meng Hao needs a good rest.

At the entrance of the building, he did not wake up Meng Meng. He took off his clothes and covered Meng Hao’s head. He took the person to the office without disturbing his sleep.

This road is extremely calm, but the surrounding people continue to collide, or the situation of stunned open mouth continues to occur, but it is to bring his sleeping wife to work.

Wang Feng was also somewhat surprised, but his quality is to be surprised and will not affect the efficiency of the work. According to the requirements of the cockroach, he got a table of the right height on the sofa, and he still held Meng Hao to continue his work.

During the meeting, he also let people come in. Everyone noticed the situation on the sofa and consciously lowered the volume.

One of the cockroaches has always used a pen or a mouse, but the other hand, he has been kneeling on Meng Hao’s ear. Meng Hao can’t sleep well, he can detect it for the first time.

As he thought, even if there were some voices, Meng Hao was not disturbed. From the time he got on the bus, he had already slept for three hours.

Meng Hao’s eyes are stunned. It seems that there are so many embarrassing feelings, but it seems to be only moving, but it is certain that he is really not angry with him, but even then, he still wants to please him, thinking Let him be happy.

"Hey, do you like me to stay with you?"

Yan Manjia said that the more he glued, the more happy he would be. He is somewhat interested in her words, but he also wants to confirm it again.

"Like," he continued to lick Meng's hair, and his face also smiled a little. His behavior was shocking. He also knew, but he didn't feel that he shouldn't. Love doesn't feel too much.

"Well," Meng said. He nodded. He sat up slowly, then reached for his shoulders. Others moved over and leaned over his shoulder. "When I am busy this time, I will be free." Stay with you for a long time."

"You are more important than perfume, more important than anything else."

Meng Hao knows a lot about things other than perfume, but he is very sure about his heart. He always knows what is most important to him. When people sometimes can't control their losses, Meng Meng seems to have no such troubles.

The sly hand touched Meng's cheek and touched his lips again. "I know."

The two people said that the depression in these days seems to be a small interest between them. Looking back at this moment, it seems to be quite reminiscent.After eating at noon, they went to the company's restaurant to show off. There weren't too many people working overtime on weekends. Those who came to know basically knew about the morning. Meng Hao does not care about the eyes of outsiders. He can only see the shackles in his bright shackles. He is very skilled in his work of robbing Wang Feng.

At about 3 pm, he took Meng Xi from the Yu's Building, but he did not return directly to the family. According to Meng Hao's request, two people went to the movie and then drove to the Mengzi restaurant. After eating a romantic candlelight dinner, I set off for the house.

Such a simple date, Meng Hao and Yu did not really have, the opinion of Yan Manjia is well-prepared, but in fact, it is more important that Meng Hao and Yan have their own feelings, that is, nothing is done, two people will feel happy.

After a warm night, I quickly fell asleep, and the next day was Monday. When I went to work, Meng Hao continued to go to the laboratory.

The atmosphere in the mansion has been very good since Meng Meng came. The maniac would have felt that he was not suitable, but in fact, there was no such thing as the three men in the family did their own thing. She did not feel lonely, but also painted. There are rhubarb and hair balls to accompany her.

It is a little difficult to pick up the brush again, but painting is something she likes to do. Those difficulties are nothing. She looks at her new painting, and her face finally reveals a smug smile belonging to the 晏 嘉.

The person on the painting is not the other person, that is, Meng Hao, he leaned over and caressed the flowers, and then inadvertently looked up at the scene, the face was too beautiful, but his own temperament was quite clean, and the 晏 嘉 嘉 caught the point of the god | It also makes the paintings different.

She embarked on the house with a picture, and she went to pick a beautiful picture frame to decorate it.

But she went and unexpected things happened. She met her painting teacher in the photo frame shop. He saw her paintings and then strongly recommended that she send the paintings to the competition, although it is not international. The competition, the popularity of the industry in Xia Guo is also relatively high.

Yan Manjia is very hesitant. This painting is intended to keep Meng Xi’s birthday present.

"Is this not better? You took the prize and sent him, more sincerity."

The teacher of Yan Manjia was very optimistic about her. Now, the aura of the paintings has not disappeared, but it has more flavor. He is very optimistic about the talks.

Yan Manjia also has some heartbeats. In addition to painting, she really has nothing to gain. She now gives up her love and wants to take a career. It can be different from others. She needs inspiration and talent. She is really I can't guarantee that I still have it.

She took out her mobile phone and called Meng Hao. "Hey baby, I drew a picture of you. I want to take it to a competition. Can you say that?"

In fact, Qi Manjia is also a good idea. If she calls her, she doesn't have to say it. She also knows his answer. It is absolutely impossible, but Meng Meng...

"Yes, my aunt is cheering." Meng Hao should.

"Well," Yan Manjia’s eyes were reddish. "I will cheer, thank you."Qi Manjia then chatted with his teacher, and then learned with the organizers of the game, and Meng Manjia made a request, only participated in the competition, did not participate in the subsequent exhibition, it is clear that she also has some confidence in her paintings.

The Gold Award does not dare to say that she can participate in the excellent qualifications of the exhibition. She definitely has it.

When Yan Manjia returned to the old house, the whole person's mentality was not the same. After a few days, she became very busy. Going to bed early and getting up early, I found something I like to do. The change of Yan Manjia is not particularly big, but it is changing in a good direction.

The three men in the family, including Yan, are very happy with her change.

The atmosphere of the family is getting better and better, but the Meng family is not the case. Meng Jiang and Meng Bo are too junior in the end. They can still be called excellent in the campus. They are still not tender in the shopping malls. They are still in error. In the end, it’s all the people behind them.

A lot of people didn't dare to do things for them at that time. They were unfortunately arranged for them by Master Meng. They were respectful, but there were no people who really did things, so Mengjiang and Meng Bo could do things well. It’s strange.

In such a cycle, the reputation of two wastes in the Meng family's second room suddenly came out.

On the other hand, Meng Qi has not changed his position. His people are basically familiar with him. These days, he is also very hardworking. He works hard and goes home to see various business plans. He travels for two weekends. Beicheng participated in a seminar and benefited a lot.

In a short period of time, he has to make significant achievements in his performance. It is really impossible. However, he seems to be still mediocre, and he is much stronger than Meng Jiang Mengbo’s constant troubles. The two houses are unlucky, naturally big. The room is more optimistic.

Li Yifei has been unable to hold back. She has talked about He Jia of the family several times, and let Meng Yigui and Meng Yide and him have seen it. It’s a good talk, but the family has not yet the ability to disturb the father’s premise. Next, intervene in the things inside their family.

However, Meng Jiang Meng Bo relies on He Jia, and finally Meng Meng’s father became more and more black before he became a little bit. Meng’s father liked Li Yifei and preferred the second room. He praised Meng Jiang Meng Bo at the company’s summary meeting. This time, the company's wind direction has changed again.

"How is your old man's heart so partial!" Gu Lang heard that Meng Qi said that the Meng family's recent affairs, can not help but vomit a sentence, the Meng family in which they should be more able to feel it.

The same is true. Meng Qi is very angry at the moment. He can be angry before, and he loves to run the bar to provoke the beauty to dispel. Now, after the anger, he can slow down and not need to be decadent or impulsive. After the second room, someone helped, and he also had it.

Sitting on the chair, I didn't seem to hear their conversation. The glass in his hand turned, but from now on, he had never had a drink. Since he knew that Meng Hao was too allergic to alcohol, he could I won't drink when I drink."Let's wait two more days, the good show is just beginning." He said, putting the wine glass on the table, his brows were slightly wrinkled. "I will find me in the future, don't make it in the bar, the smell of wine." Child, Meng Hao does not like it."

Meng Hao’s nose is too sensitive and smoked. Although she can’t say it, she will feel uncomfortable and frown.

Gu Lang and Meng Qi heard that their bodies were shaking and there was a feeling of unclearness. Others are twenty-four filial husbands, and they are definitely forty-eight filial husbands. It is a meticulous way for Meng Yu to make the outsiders feel their fingers.

"I didn't think about it," Meng Qi recognized. He still can't let people know that he is dependent on him. He can only come through Gu Lang, and then according to Gu Lang's habits, he will give it to the bar. in.

"But what is the good play?" Meng Qi also wanted to wait, but he really hated the eccentricity of Meng Laozi, could not help but want to know earlier.

However, he still does not intend to tell Meng Qi directly. He gives him a point and asks him to check it out. "If you want to know, you can check the private life of He Wei." He Wei is definitely a tumor in Haicheng's noble circle. one.

He Jia and his family have a relationship with him today. He also has a reason. He is not only his grandfather but also other people who don’t want to touch it. The two are alienated. In fact, they are also hopeful. He does not want to give it.桢 Clean up the mess.

Some things were so strict that they couldn’t stand the investigation. After Meng Qi figured it out, he was disgusted.

He Yan is definitely a refined and elegant son from the appearance. He can take off the layer of skin. Inside is a disgusting bird | beast. His first wife is said to have been tortured by him. He belongs to that kind of special good. It has changed to the kind that can hurt people's lives.

This is more than a decade ago

The matter was not known at the time, but He was sent abroad for a while. After returning to China, he was understated a lot, but he did not completely correct it, but he knows how to cover up.

Li Yifei is absolutely impossible to send himself to He Wei, and she can't completely control the outsiders without breaking out, so it can only be Meng Mu at home! Meng Qi took the information to find Meng Hao, she is still doing the dream of being Mrs. He Jiashao.

"Big brother! Big brother, save me, you save me!"

The women on the photo are too miserable. Although Meng Xi is said to be an illegitimate daughter, her living conditions have never been worse. She simply can’t imagine that she would be treated like He Wei. She took Meng Qi’s hand and her body was shaking. .

She knew very well that she had escaped here, and returned to the Meng family. She also did not hide from Li Yifei.

Meng Qi looked at Meng Hao for a long time, then nodded, "then follow my plan."

Meng Hao has ambitions, but she can see more realities than Meng Hao. She also swears Meng Meng, but she never wants to argue in the past. When she sees her for the first time, she knows that it is not the man she can control. She is right, she can only take her own insults, she does not want to do these things that are in vain.

But at the same time, she is not willing to become the cannon fodder that Li Yifei has sacrificed at will. She is busy with various communication occasions and is actually finding out the way. I didn't think that Li Yifei didn't give her this time. When she thought she could use it, she didn't have much soft food.Meng Qi came to see Meng Xi’s affairs. No one knows Meng’s family. Meng Hao did not show any difference according to the requirements. Even Li Yifei sent her to her apartment in He Wei. She went smoothly.

But the things that are taken over will not be controlled by Li Yifei.

When the police broke into the door and rescued Li Yifei, who was almost suffocated, He Wei, who was obviously in a state of mental disorder, was brought back to the police station. He was photographed by a passing reporter. The next day, Haicheng’s major newspapers reported on it.

He Jia, who was originally a low-key family, once again brushed a sense of existence. He did not have any action to fish. He said that the voice of Mrs. He’s voice only said that he was sick and recuperating. Why is he operating?

He can prove the possession of all kinds of things, and He Wei has also taken medicine for death. The women who have been hurt by him in the past have appeared to testify. It is obvious that the jail of He Wei is inevitable.

As for Meng Hao, according to the agreement, Meng Qi was sent abroad to recuperate and gave her a sum of money. Li Yifei was still unable to anger her.

This matter looks at the overall impact on the Meng family, but Meng Mu really did suffer aggrieved, or was sent by Li Yifei, not to mention Meng Laozi, that is, Meng Yide is also somewhat dissatisfied with Li Yifei, they are not worried, nor I would like to think of such a child with a blood relationship.

The project that Meng Jiang Meng Bo and He Wei cooperated with was also declared a failure. Before Meng’s father, he was more proud of it, and now he has more face. He made a decision to transfer Meng Qi back to the head office. Compared with his eldest son, Meng Yihang, Meng Qi is there, and the means are naturally relatively young. The impact on Mengjiang Mengbo will not be too great.

He didn't know how easy it would be to get Meng Qi back. It wouldn't be that simple to turn him back.

Feng Zejiao is still complaining about the unfairness of Meng’s father, but Meng Qi knows that his chance has come.

"You are relieved, since I am back, I will regret it later."

Feng Zejiao mouth | Bar closed, she nodded gently, and a little smile on her face, "Oh, my grandchildren are naturally eager to compete, not like the two over there... unfortunately home."

Nothing can be done well. Only the projects that have been done well, the partners have been jailed, not what is bad luck at home.

Meng Qi did not speak. They were not unlucky, but they were designed. Of course, they did not intend to let go of it. This is nothing but two birds.

Now he is really convinced of the shackles, and their generation of peers, no one can catch up with his mind.

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