Chapter 64

Chapter 64

The sweat on his forehead rolled down,

The dawn fell on Meng Hao,


With two helpless smiles,

He reached out and asked Meng Yu to be wet and sweaty.


Meng Hao honestly nodded,

"My legs are soft,

I have to take a rest. "Before the start, he overestimated himself, but it’s not good to have a half-way at the moment.

Meng Hao is still going to take a break.

"Oh, you can bear it for a long time..." Meng Yu softly whispered, but his appeasement did not make much difference.

This is not going to go up,

How can you endure it?

晏睢 Trying to sit up, Meng Hao whispered twice in his arms.

Then he pressed back and slammed it back.

"Not so good? Don't mess,

I continue. ”

The strength that he managed to recover,

It’s a mess,

Almost no more.


Say that he came, can not be abandoned halfway. Meng Hao took a deep breath and made a bang.

Until the end of the battle,

No more lazy to rest.

But this time he really has no strength left, he squats back, his eyes are empty, really a finger does not want to move.

His neck was kissed and kissed, and he didn't react too much. Being shackled back, he was still the look of the fascinating look. Compared with 晏睢, he finally realized that Meng Hao’s reaction seemed to be even bigger.

However, my kisses and kisses are still not over, or that his patience has not been much relieved. When Meng Xi’s mind is once again hit back into the world, they enter another twilight world of ebb and flow. .

I don’t know how tired, but Meng is really tired, but he didn’t refuse it. It’s just that the body is too lazy to move. It’s all instinctively reacted. Finally, when he fell asleep, he didn’t remember much. He only thought Very tired and tired, then he fell asleep.

When I entered the night, I also squeezed out his last physical strength on Meng Yu. After simply cleaning up, he fell asleep and fell asleep. Both people were very tired and slept very deeply.

The sequelae that was too tired last night, until the early morning, Meng Hao woke up, did not get much better, his cheeks were not red, the soreness of his feet was difficult, he was lazy from the inside out.

He was taken to the bathroom and then hugged back to the bed. He brushed his teeth, and the other socks were also worn by him.

The sly kiss fell on Meng's forehead, and then Meng Meng's hair, "Hungry?"

He lost control again last night, that is, Meng Hao tired and fell asleep, he could not stop. But it is still Meng Hao himself who recruits him like this. It’s a must, and it’s natural to take care of people.

Meng Hao nodded. "I am hungry, but I still don't want to move." He should be the sequel to the hollow.

"I can't just try it in the future..." This is definitely a scene in which Meng Hao needs to remember the history of blood and tears. He overestimated himself and underestimated the embarrassment.The rumored mouth slowly evoked, and the smile in the squat was not controlled. He bowed his head and lived with Meng’s lips. When he was stunned, he slipped in and took him to exchange a wet and sweet. Honey kiss.

"It doesn't matter, you are tired, I will continue to be good," Meng Yuqiang is more realistic, he feels cute, and his reaction is also very cute. Meng Hao has a high-sugar property, and he lives with honey every day. The cans are like.

Meng Hao was awkward and nodded after a little hesitation. "That would be the decision. I was really exhausted yesterday..."

Picking up and then holding Meng Hao up, and the people in his arms, the words have not finished.

"And you..."

"What?" He looked down at Meng Hao, as if he had forgotten his own overnight.

"You can't hurry up?"

Meng Hao said that his cheeks were slightly bulging. The harder he worked, the more he reacted, and it was very frustrating.

The rumored kiss kissed Meng’s forehead again. “It’s too sweet, it’s not going to be...”

Meng Hao’s look, the depression in the shackles became incomprehensible. “Is it because I eat too much sweet?”

Can desserts have the effect of reminding? Meng Hao’s mind flashed some foreign research results, but it seems that he has not studied this yet? Still only he could not see?

When Meng Hao thought carefully, he continued to be taken out of the room and then hugged the stairs.

The 晏 嘉 嘉 甄晗 甄晗 都 都 都 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗

He first put Meng Hao on the sofa. He took a cushion on the chair of the dining table, and then he came back and hugged Meng Hao.

"I will feed you."

Meng Hao squatted, nodded lightly, his eyes swept away, and the vines and the cockroaches began to eat. He explained that there is no silver in this place. "I am so hungry that I am not able to feed me."

The movements of the 晏 嘉 嘉 and the 甄晗 言 言 言 言 言 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

"Slowly eat," the smack of the mouth and the hook, he sent a spoon of porridge to Meng Yuzui | Ba, and then sighed again.

Meng Hao nodded

And then concentrate on eating. Hey, he eats.

When he ate almost as much force, he only ate himself. After he finished eating, he continued to wait until he finished eating, and then he was taken back to the sofa.

"Aunt, have you been drinking tea?" Meng Hao held the ball in his arms and asked a man who was also watching TV on the sofa. She didn't look very good.

晏 嘉 嘉 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻 闻

"Aunts don't drink so much in the future, hurt the body," Meng Yu thought again and again.

The poor moment on the face of Yan Manjia heard that he had disappeared from the side of Meng Yu. "Know, baby."

"I listened to what I said, hey, what about Su, it’s really awkward, and I don’t feel soft when I encounter this in the future!"For Meng Yi, who may be caught up, Yu Manjia is not at all surprised. Such a beautiful and so embarrassing child is sure to attract people. I dare to provoke Meng Meng at the banquet of their family. It is really a daring to eat a bear.

She heard that Su Yang had only returned to the Su family for a few days, and it was not rude to act. It was not a big deal.

Meng Hao heard a nod. "I don't want to be soft."

He was beaten and beaten yesterday, enough for Su Tian to hurt for ten days and a half. He said that his look suddenly changed, and he found that the cockroaches in his heart had not been there anymore. He swept his eyes to the window and smiled a little on his face.

"And hey, he will also help me fight, he is best, best for me."

晏 嘉 嘉 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙 牙

However, Su Yang was beaten yesterday and was thrown out of the house. By this morning, it was still almost fermented.

The Su family father was not present yesterday, but his old face passed through Susie Yu, and then passed through Su Yang, which was completely lost. The friendship between the Su family and the family is not left, and it is not even as good as other families who have a good relationship with the family.

Because of that sentence, the Su family did not know how many communication opportunities were needed. Once or twice, there was nothing. It could be accumulated over a long period of time. The impact on the accumulation of contacts was quite terrible. If the old man could not cope properly, the Su family would be in Haicheng. I am afraid that it will be a thousand dollars.

But also today, Susie Yu got the news and hurried back to the Sujia old house. Only then came down from the car and was taken away by the police who came to the scene. The case of him and Meng Hao’s drug to Meng Hao also came down.

Meng Hao was sentenced to five years, the Susie feather plot was not as serious, but he was also sentenced to seven months a year.

Sussie saw the judgment and the whole person stunned. In a year and seven months, it was only two or three months that had a great impact on him. After one and a half years, Haicheng and Sujia had his foothold. .

At the moment, it was clear that Su Yang had a problem. His chance came, but he was taken to prison.

His lawyer also had a ticket with him the day before yesterday to say that he could be exonerated. This day, he was to be detained.

Sussie Yu sat in the police car for a long time, the whole person looked awkward, but only one meal, his brain was sober as never before, his father could not help him, he had been given up by the old man, as for the help of his previous life. Hey, this life is the one who sent him to jail.

Su Yang, the terrible person, he wants to compete with him for his family. With Su Yang’s heart, it is possible to find someone to kill him directly in prison. He will live again, how can this end.

Around noon, the people of Sui and Sujia got the news. When Su Shiyu was on the pedestrian street where the police car was stopped by traffic, the police escaped. The police were already in control, but before giving them news, he still had no trace.

When I listened to Wang Feng’s report, I only picked my eyebrows. It seems that there are not many accidents.Wang Feng went out from the office and made another call. "When he really has no way, your person will shoot again, pay attention to Su Yang, and don't let him find you."

The other end of the phone seemed to have some doubts about this. He explained again, "Maybe he knows that you are my person, seriously, he is still useful for the time being."

He put down the phone, there was nothing wrong with the eyebrows. He swept to his desk and he held a photo of Meng Xi, and his look slowed down a bit. He continued to stare at the photo and looked at it again before he looked again. Start working.

Susie Yu escaped, Meng Hao did not have that courage, and no one would help him to operate, or that Meng's second room has no one has the mind and energy. Li Yifei's two sons Meng Yigui and Meng Yide have recently been in a state of affairs.

Although Meng Yigui is not a good woman, but it is a good gamble, when he followed the people to play in the Australian city, he lost tens of millions, but the money he told Meng Laozi that he took the investment, it is said that he still earned some, But the fact is that he misappropriated public funds to make up the gambling money.

As for Li Yifei’s youngest son, Meng Yide, he and a few small loves and people’s scandals once again went to Haicheng’s headlines, and then they were smashed again. One of them is actually a married woman, and there is a son and a woman at home. Her husband, with her children, directly blocked the building of the office of Mengyed, and the scene was quite beautiful.

But this is not the end of the drama. The reporter at the scene of the scene found that the son is similar to Meng Yide's honey sauce. He not only gave people a green hat, but also gave him a son. The man caused a lot of sympathy from passers-by, even with Meng's enterprise. The reputation is affected.

The company's internal shareholders have asked Meng Yigui and Meng Yide to suspend their duties and save a little reputation. Meng's father had already entered a semi-retirement state. After so many things broke out, he could only return to the company to come to the main event.

So many things have been smashed one after another, saying that there is no lead behind, Li Yifei does not believe, her first suspect is the big room Feng Zejiao and her son Meng Yihang.

Her ability is enough to flatten the anger of Master Meng, but there is no way to make the things that have burst out become unsuccessful. Shareholders and employees are still dissatisfied, and the pressure of public opinion in the outside world is getting worse. It is inevitable that Meng Yide and Meng Yigui will be dismissed.

It is absolutely impossible to let Li Yifei give up like this. She also has three excellent grandchildren who can't use them to fall into the big house.

"The grandmother is a little safe, and it is not the time to fight for it."

Meng Qi comforted Feng Zejiao, and let her appease Meng Yihang and his mother Gu Shi, Feng Zejiao also felt out, Meng Qi has matured a lot in this period, she and Li Yifei have not argued for so many years, not at all Instead, I also saw a joke.

She believes that Meng Laozi, but is trustworthy Meng Qi, Da Fangan quiet, no action at all, Meng Man is satisfied, Li Yifei is more and more like a needle.

On Monday of the new week, he and Meng Hao got on the bus and he sent Meng Hao to his lab.The laboratory is not far from the old house of the old mansion. This is required when the site was selected. The test base and the perfume production are separate. Meng Hao is responsible for the fragrance and occasionally goes to the perfume factory to see the things over there. Mainly responsible for Yan Mingya.

The perfume is still under construction. It is located near Lijia Village. They hired Li Wei as a flower farmer consultant.

The doctor who had been in the clinic for a while ago also went to Lijiacun. Grandpa Li’s father went to see the disease. It was only a minor illness, because he was reluctant to see a doctor and was dragged into serious illness.

He still needs to recuperate, but when the consultant answers a few questions and helps Mingya and the local villagers do some negotiations, it is still no problem.

Grandpa Li’s illness is good, and Li’s worries are gone. He continues to go to school in the local middle school. He looks at the small, but he is actually in the third grade. His foundation is not bad, he is willing to endure hardships. Chasing, it is no problem to test an ordinary high school.

Of course, this is his guarantee to Meng Hao, how to do it, and his speech.

From the outside, the laboratory is a villa with a slightly larger specification. The surrounding security guards and the wall warnings are all sound. The people who come in and out are subject to fingerprint detection every day. The more tests they need, the more they are needed.

The three floors on the villa are actually living areas, reading books, eating, entertainment, and the real laboratory is built underground. At present, only Meng Yi’s laboratory has been built, and only he is a perfumer. Several assistants are not yet qualified to have an independent laboratory.

But they are also the professionals who come back from the high salary of Yan Mingya. The qualifications are shallower and there is no potential for training.

They watched Meng and He walked in, and the subconsciously set their sights on the shackles. In their opinion, 晏睢 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟It is Meng Hao.

He and he came out, and Ming Mingya came to the lab. Meng Hao and the donkey nodded. He went into the incense room and first adjusted the two to give them a look. First, the recipes he compiled. The specific market positioning, Yan Mingya is still doing.

Min Mingya still wanted to chat with him. The sly eyes always looked at Meng Xi in the glass window. He didn’t open his mouth. His eyes followed him and they were hard to move. opened.

Meng Hao's hair is not long or short, that is, wearing a mask that covers most of the face, the whole person seems to be able to pick up the water.

But after he focused on the fragrance, the temperament of the whole person has undergone tremendous changes. His movements are flowing and seemingly pleasing. The few assistants felt that he did not have the fan, and that was all there.

Their eyes are almost straightforward. This is the kind of scented master who their teacher once told them that they have no chance to see.

What followed them even more surprisingly was that a touch of fragrant fragrance emanated from the glassware of Meng Yu’s hand, and the feeling of itching was simply intolerable.Meng Hao was not affected by their mood swings. His movements were still very casual. He shook his glass test tubes and his eyes swept away. One of his assistants stepped forward, and Meng Hao gave it to her to continue loading. In the right utensils, he began another fragrance of the square.

Two kinds of perfumes with very complicated ingredients, Meng Hao finished in less than half an hour, and came out from the incense room. One of the female assistants came out with a plate, which was the result of Meng Yu’s fragrance. The same transparent crystal bottle, one bottle shows a faint red, one bottle is a light blue, clear and clear, pleasing to the eye.

"You can also feel it," Meng said, sitting on his side and facing the four assistants.

Obviously, this blue-red color is specially adjusted for men and women.

"Very comfortable smell, I like it very much."

Li Shishi, one of the two female assistants, immediately said that she was feeling heart when she was holding the crystal bottle. I thought again and added another sentence. "It’s not like a chemical perfume, it’s like I’m holding it. Rose like."

This natural feeling is like being given life. She doesn't know what she said is not exaggerated, but she feels like this. She looks at Meng Hao's eyes brightly, and the suspicion half an hour ago is completely absent. It is.

Yan Mingya, including the cockroaches, also tried the blue bottle. Compared to the scent of the red bottle, it faded and felt more cold, but they didn't need perfume, they thought he was good.

"Blue Ice... I improved it, I will write it to you later," Meng Hao said to everyone.

The reaction did not show much excitement, as if he was used to this scene, he pointed to the blue bottle, "it is called blue ice."

This is the name Meng Meng once gave it. He thought about it again. "If you feel inappropriate, you can change it."

"No, it's very suitable." There is no more god than the creator Meng Hao can grasp it.

Yan Mingya showed a smile on his face. He had only seven points to confirm that they could succeed. At the moment, he is very certain. Meng Hao’s perfume has a charm that cannot be described by words. Not only domestic, but also foreign fashion. Shake for their present life.

"What is it called?" Another tried-up female assistant, Ye Lan, also asked, referring to the bottle of red crystal perfume that she and Li Shishi liked.

Meng Hao thought about it. "Call vines." The vine is the vine of the vine, and Meng Hao plans to go home today and give him a bottle to go back. Use the words in her name, she must be more happy.

As soon as I heard it, I knew why this "vine" was. He raised his hand and licked Meng's hair. Meng Hao turned around and smiled back at him. The relationship between the two people can be seen at a glance.

As for Min Mingya and the other four assistants, they were stimulated by the perfume, and they were all energetic. The analysis and analysis went. Yan Mingya also left the experimental base and returned to the perfume company to organize a meeting.

Meng Hao accompanied him to the top and strolled around. After having lunch together, he left the experimental base and went to the Yushi Building.After Meng Hao left, he went back to the lab, continued to adjust the fragrance, practiced the feel, and also carried out some experiments. His most satisfied works still lacked a few problems and could not be solved. It depends on repeated experiments.

Meng Hao was very focused. He came to pick him up. He didn't feel the passage of time. He only thought that he would be sent away. He saw him again. Of course, he was very happy when he saw him.

He took off the mask on his face, his body slightly forward, kissed the cheek of the cheek, and then said, "You wait for me for another ten minutes." He wants to give the perfume of 晏Vanjia, have not had time to get it.

"Okay," he said, and he couldn't kiss him back. Meng Hao went back.

I am helpless, I can only sit on the sofa outside the incense, and so on.

"What is your relationship with our master?"

Although Li Shishi probably guessed something, he couldn’t help but ask a question, and their four assistants, she, Ye Lan, Ma Ji Li and Cheng Guang, all recognized Meng’s ability. This master was also convinced. .

When they are only respectful, they are still a distance away from being a disciple.

"The relationship between husband and wife."

He should have a word, but his gaze is still on Meng Yu. Li Shishi’s slight loss will no longer be nodded. His eyes will be swept away, and her scalp will be hemped. She has what she thought. It should be gone, let alone more of her worship.

Meng Hao said that it was ten minutes, but in fact he finished it in less than eight minutes. When he was ready to install it, he came out to the incense room for ten minutes. He walked to the side and leaned down again. "We I can go home."

The rumored face was partial, Meng Meng naturally kissed him on the side of his side, and consciously on his other side of the face, also kissed him, his eyes bright, seems to be asking Where do you want to kiss him?

His eyes were retrograde, and Meng's lips were printed on his lips. He whispered, "Do you miss me?" So I thought he would kiss him.

He first glimpsed, then reached out and held the man. He kissed Meng’s lips and said, "I miss you."

As long as Meng Hao left his sight, he couldn't help but think of him. He came to the lab and looked at the person through the window. He seemed to think about him. He was holding people at this moment, and his thoughts slowly fell. Field.

Meng Yi heard that his eyes were stunned, but he did not straighten up his body. Instead, he continued to pounce on the back of the sofa, then his cheeks pressed against him and he groaned. He whispered to his ear and asked softly. Then you still want me to kiss you?"

If you think about it, Meng Hao is still willing to continue to kiss him.

晏睢 Gently rubbed the hair of Meng Meng, "Let's go home."

"Okay," Meng Hao responded, staring at the side of his face, or "bark" and took a sip to get up and let it go. He smirked and laughed, and relatives were a happy thing for him.Picking up, holding Meng Hao’s hand, the two went out together, but the four assistants who were still busy in the incense room, and then dared to lift their heads, but all of them were blushing, and they were all onlookers. I have to be flashed.

And it is foreseeable that one of their daily routines will be fed dog food.

Qi Manjia received the perfume given by Meng Hao, and she was very happy. When she learned that her name was used to give her life, if Meng Meng did not hide behind her, she would like to hug him and kiss her. A few mouthfuls.

晏睢 directly took Meng Hao away from the sight of Yan Manjia, otherwise it was really unable to stop her enthusiasm, but he and Meng Hao came back to the room, he was swept up by Meng Hao.

Meng Hao did not forget what they said in the lab. They will continue to go home when they go home.

Meng Hao was originally very eager to take him, and he did what he did. He also slowed down. He carefully kissed his face all the time, and then leaned his head on his shoulder. "I don't give my aunt, I am with you."

He said that he took the hand that was put on his waist and pulled the person to the sofa in the room. He sat down and looked serious. "The perfume is very suitable for my aunt, so use her name, I want to

I haven't made it for you yet. ”

On the closeness and uniqueness is always in the first column, he even sent in front of himself. "If you are jealous, just eat it for a while, don't eat too long, let alone be cold."

There was a little helpless smile on the face of the rumor. He reached out and held Meng Hao tightly in his arms, and then whispered "Well".

Meng Hao did not feel wrong, he has a little bit of control and wants to be jealous, but it is not the vinegar of 晏 嘉 嘉, but Meng Hao began to have his own business, more and more fascinated | people and dazzling, can foresee him How the future will be eye-catching and sought after.

He felt a little restless, but there was absolutely nothing to mean to Meng Lu.

Meng Hao leaned on his shoulders, his hands were also tightly tied to people. He could feel the embarrassing emotions and there were some wrong things. But why, he thought it was what he said before.

He thought about it and calmed up again. "I like you, I like you the most, I like you the most... I love you a lot."

Looking down, Meng Meng said again, "I love you, only love you."

He only likes 晏 嘉 嘉 at most, and his heart is filled with 晏睢, many, many likes, many, many loves, most of the love and love, there is no way to tell 晏睢 in words, for this Meng I am also a little annoyed.

The sly hand fell to Meng Xi’s lower jaw and gently lifted it. Then he lowered his head and kissed the person. He lingered on Meng’s lips for a while before he smashed his teeth and caught the softest | The soft part, dancing with it.

Meng Hao should be dazzling and should be sought after, and he just needs to stand on his side more powerfully, occupying all his possession more arbitrarily, and only he has this qualification, and he is allowed and accepted by Meng Hao. He does not It’s unsettling, and it’s honoured to be right.The deeper the kiss, the more emotional it is. He carries Meng's chin and cannot be retreat.

Meng Hao was a hot kiss. After a while, she felt that she had difficulty breathing. After a while, she felt that her tongue was numb, but she did not show any resistance. Instead, she felt relieved. This is right. His embarrassment should be so enthusiastic to him.

When he opened the door, Meng Hao also subconsciously chased him. After two rounds, he began to breathe.

Meng Shuguang slowly lowered and looked at a place where there is a strong presence. "In fact, I am not particularly hungry, or we..."

"What?" 晏睢 patted Meng Hao's back gently, trying to calm down his own turbulent feelings.

"Would you like us to roll first," Meng said, pointing to the bed, and he was very happy to use the new term from school. "Auntie Man said, do | love is also called rolling sheets, we roll ?"

When he was not, Meng Pu pulled him up. They sat down at the bed. Meng Hao squatted down on the bed and then rolled him around. It seemed to be very interesting. He rolled in the opposite direction. Two times.

"Is it rolling? I think too."

甄晗After the night of the birthday, he and I haven’t rolled over for two days. The Saturday night was because the day before yesterday was too much. Last night, because he was going to the lab today, he went to work every day. It doesn't matter, he doesn't matter.

"Don't you roll with me once or twice a week?" Meng Yu looked at him still hesitating, and some depressed drums were drummed, and then he was blocked by the hot kiss under the cover. Deaf lips.

Meng Hao did not hide his interest in this kind of thing, and he had no resistance to Meng Hao. The final result was naturally rolled in the bed according to Meng Yi’s thoughts. Mengzi’s cooperation was high. After that, his physical strength was almost the same, but he felt a little bit interesting. He was always suspected of being enthusiasm by Meng Hao. He felt helpless and felt that he should tell Meng Hao that he was right.

Once it was not enough, and then came again. He completely drained Meng’s physical strength and he let go of people.

Meng Hao directly slept for two hours before he got squatted, ate something, then went to sleep, and when he woke up the next day, he was full of physical strength.

Both Mang Jia and Wang Ma thought that Meng Hao was too tired to go to the laboratory. Only the reason that he felt that it was the embarrassment was that the men who were satisfied were still very different.

But then until Saturday, Meng Hao was really busy and tired. The first day was because he stayed with him for most of the day. He only kept those physical strength back to roll the sheets. At other times, he had to eat at noon. For half an hour, all kinds of debugging and testing were carried out.

I was really in his own words. I only gave one or two chances a week. I went home and had dinner. At about 8 o'clock, Meng Hao lay down in her arms and fell asleep for four or five days. This is all the case.

If you feel bad about Meng, you can't wake people up for your own lust. He is still pleasing to the face of Meng Hao. It is not the same for other people. Although he is not as serious as anger, he can look at his face and feel bad. Even the vines are trying to hide.At 5 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday, I didn't see the Meng Yi people in the lab. I heard a cheering voice.

"Fixed out, the master is really great!"

The troubles that have plagued Meng Hao for nearly a week have finally been solved. The busy people in the lab are very happy, and that is also the case with Meng Hao.

"You have worked hard, and you don't have to go to work tomorrow, so rest well."


"Know, Master!"

In another place, Meng Yu’s speech is definitely no one to listen to, but in the laboratory, what he said is authority.

After four of his assistants, the enthusiasm for worship has not only faded, but has become more intense.

Originally a bit awkward Ma Ji Li and Cheng Guang were all taken from the heart.

Meng Hao sat on the seat where he occasionally sat down next to the scented table. He raised his hand to lick his own temple. A pair of familiar hands were pressed first, and Meng’s eyes smashed and closed again.

"You're here."

"Well," he said, continue to Meng.

It was determined that Meng Hao was a little better, and then he let go of his hand, then pulled the person up, took him to the locker room and changed clothes, and the two talents left the laboratory.

When Meng Hao got on the bus, he still automatically leaned on his arms, but his eyes groaned from time to time. He felt that he was a bit strange, but he didn't know why it was strange.

In addition, Meng Hao is really a little tired, and he plans to think about it again. If he can't think of it, he will ask him directly.

When they got home, Wang Ma prepared a sumptuous dinner. Meng Hao was very full. He walked back with him. He felt a little sleepy, but he still remembered the problem, and he didn’t go to sleep with his physical condition. He leaned in his arms and asked softly.

"What happened to you? You don't seem very happy today."

On the other side, the 晏 嘉 嘉 甄晗 甄晗 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 也在 甄晗 甄晗

He is so slow, think about it all.

"Who made you angry?" Meng Hao asked in a sincere manner, and then he gave his chest a distressed heart. "Not angry, not angry."

The look of 晏睢 ​​did not ease, he whispered to the sight of Meng Meng, Meng Hao suddenly realized, and then muttered in confusion. "I? But how can I make you angry, I am the most embarrassed."

However, the sight of the gaze can not be removed, Meng Meng slowly sat up, but he still did not expect him to do anything to make him angry, these days, he was busy in the laboratory, I stayed with you at other times, and then I slept.

He didn't feel the passage of time at all, or he said that he didn't feel the time and the embarrassing state that he was too focused and too tired.

"Hey, you have to tell me, I can change, you don't say what I can't think of."

Meng Yu’s voice was lighter, and because of his anger, it made you feel confused and confused.

He still didn't say anything. He took Meng Hao back into his arms, then hugged him and nodded to him and he continued to go upstairs.It is also that the 晏 嘉 嘉 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉

Meng Hao was taken away, but did not feel that there was a sense of crisis. He knew that he could not bear him, but he was angry with him, and he still could not bear him. This is naturally clear at this moment.

He held Meng Meng and held him to the bed. Meng Hao sat down and he said that he would circle in his arms.

"You like to spice up, I don't object, but the premise is that you can't be tired of it. You talk about seeing you for a few days, is it tired?"

Meng Yu rethinked according to the words, then shook his head straight, "No bad."

But the next moment, he locked his neck again. "I know, you are hurting me, but I am really not tired."

He is only in the laboratory during the day, eating well on weekdays, resting at night, and the intensity of his work is completely incomparable.

Meng Hao basically understood why he was not happy. His feet broke free from his arms and continued to surround him. He tried to tell him something. "You work every day, I am like you, I am tired." not bad."

"Hey, are you still angry?" Meng Hao looked at the man with pity and looked at him. He seemed to think that the words were not enough to please people. He was very jealous and jealous, and he couldn’t do it. He thought about it and returned it. Speaking of bad things, I tried to offset each other.

"Look... you didn't take the initiative on that day. We didn't get close to each other this week. Say you are not cold to me."

Meng Hao himself left the people for a week, but he still complained that he was not active. But Meng Hao really didn't think it was his own problem. He fell asleep, and he couldn't help it. He didn't wake him up. .

When he listened to Meng Yu’s words, the forehead’s blue veins became more and more patient and bulged, and together with his distressed person, he became the initiative to be cold and ignorant.

"This is not good..." Meng Yu also emphasized that his cheeks were slightly bulging, and his little temper became more and more vivid.

I really said that Meng Meng, bowed his head and covered Meng Xi’s earlobe. He gently grinds his teeth and feels his body tremble. He only slightly relieved. "I will not ask for mercy for a while."

Meng Hao still hesitated to answer this question, and he was another sensitive | feeling the throat was caught again.

His cheeks and body quickly blush, but his feet are still firmly locked to his waist, and his hands help to get rid of his clothes, although most of them are still helping.

After one time, I didn’t let people go, and then I went again. At the beginning, Meng Hao was also willing to cooperate, and did not ask for mercy.

It’s too familiar to Meng’s body. It’s not straight into the subject. He can also make Meng Meng want to be crazy. Meng Hao didn’t endure how long he gave up the previous decision. “Hey, hey... Don’t It is."

His voice was a little dull and crying, unable to control the body's inability to react. He continued to tremble and beg for mercy. "I was wrong, I was wrong..."

"I shouldn't argue, I shouldn't make sense..."

He is angry, he is right, and he shouldn’t be convinced. This is really angering people...

...Meng Hao was confused and wanted to go crazy. The shackles of the original singer were similar, but he did not express it in words like Meng Hao. His kiss fell on Meng's forehead and eyes.

"It’s really what I want to swear..." He waited for Meng Hao to find out that he was cold, but he was not as good as he was to find a sense of existence.

He lifted the person against him, and he was relieved, and the person in his arms was stimulated to sneak up.

He continued to kiss the tears from Meng Yu’s eyes. His chills were gone, and he followed the back of Meng Yu’s back and calmed people.

Meng Meng is still very sensitive at this time | feels very much, he touched him anywhere, can continue to cause his body to tremble. Until these tremors completely disappeared, I took Meng Meng to take a bath in the bathroom. Meng Hao slowed down and tried to look at people with some care.

Until he was sure that he was not willing to toss him again, he took the initiative to lean on his arms, but still did not want to move a finger.

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