Chapter 60

Chapter 60

I don’t know what the movement is at the end of the phone.

After a while, I heard the voice of Yu Manjia.


"Back! No matter where you are now,

Come back soon! ”

The tone of the sigh is even more rushing.

Holding the hand of the mobile phone,

But also bear with the reply of Wei Manjia.

晏蔓嘉 seems to be a bit embarrassed,


I will tell you that I will come back. ”


He was so angry that he was stuck, and the person who answered the phone changed again.

"This is me and the vine, you better not to intervene,

Xiao Yu’s voice was a little bit sloppy, but undoubtedly he was warning, he thought that the man who asked him to choose this with him was jealous.

"You, he|mother! You are waiting for me!" He said, hanging the phone directly.

Go to his living room,

No longer avoiding suspicion, "Hey,

Xiao Yu went to Haicheng,

You give me the address,

I want to swear in the past. ”

I said this,

I haven’t responded yet,

The eyes of Meng Min, who he is holding, will light up first.

He also thinks that Xiao Xiao should be jealous.

I don’t like 晏 嘉 嘉, but I have delayed her for so many years, it’s too embarrassing!

He was looked at by these two people.

The brow wrinkled slightly,

He took out his mobile phone and made a call.

"He is at the seaside villa..." It wasn't that he was looking for him, but the one he had blocked at the residence of Yan Manjia.

When he turned down, he turned around and left. Meng Hao didn't immediately follow up. He looked at him without talking, but his meaning was all on his face. How could he not understand?

He knocked on the arm of the sofa and sighed coldly. "How can it be enough?"

"That two?" Meng Hao looked at him and said, he went on. Then he seems, there is no fear of embarrassment, I am not afraid that it is because there is not enough.

Originally still thinking about listening to Meng Yu said, still can not help but hooked his mouth, he gently licked Meng Hao's cheek, and for a moment, he nodded, recognized the decision of Yan and Meng Hao.

"Go, but you are not allowed to be hurt."

"Uh-huh," Meng Meng even doubled his head, and then he caught up with him, as he told him to come later.

"Is the cousin really willing?" Although he is still on the head, he can see Meng Meng sitting on his side, still can't help but ask again.

Meng Hao looked at him strangely, then nodded. "That is also aunt and my aunt, can not bully others."

The rumored voice snorted and did not respond. He also saw Meng Xi’s skill. He was willing to give up, and Meng Hao said this. He could only continue to carry him to Haicheng Villa.

The seaside villa was the place where many friends came together for the last time. The scenery here is good. When the vines come back, they live here. The old house here has sent a babysitter and a driver in the past. It is quite convenient to live in the village.Before she came back from abroad, she had been in cold war with Xiao Yu for a long time. Xiao Yu sprinkled as always, the wind | flow does not change, but she is dying, she has nothing to fight for the newcomers around him. She thought that her return to China was the end of their relationship.

The country that she and Meng Meng had returned to before marriage, has been more than two months now, Xiao Yu seems to be stunned, and suddenly regretted chasing Haicheng. When she returned, she often participated in some exhibitions and parties. The first time she met Xiao Yu, she still barely smiled and smiled. The second time was the third time... He appeared too frequently, the goal was too clear, and her heart gradually became Chaos.

This morning, she only saw Xiao Yu’s back in a painting exhibition. Before he turned around, she fled and fell, and she was afraid that she would return to her sad and pitiful situation.

This is not the case. If the girl of the family wants nothing, how can it be this ending?

When they were in the cold war, she also thought that one day Xiao Yu would regret it and would come to her, but she waited until she returned to China in desperation. He did not come. Right now, he really came. She didn't feel proud, she only felt troubled and upset.

She was in a bad mood, and she went back to the old house with a subconscious mind. Although Meng Yu’s words could not make her suddenly open, she also made her determination. She and Xiao Yu were really impossible.

She wanted to go back to the beach villa, but she also wanted to calm down and better organize herself, but did not think that Xiao Yu would wait for her at the door of the villa.

When she was accidentally pregnant, she was only 18 years old, and now she has forty-three. Xiao Yu is two years older than her.

But he seems to have not changed at that time, handsome, handsome and elegant, the smile of the mouth is still fascinated | people, he looked at the eyes, so that the vines like to see her ecstasy years.

What should I do? She has done all her love, and she can't change any of Xiao Yu's movements.

He may have liked him, but Meng Meng told her that he does not love her. He can't see her hardship and uneasiness. No, it should be that he saw it and he didn't think so.

Her 晏 嘉 嘉 is just the madness and attachment of many of his admirers, she has never been special to him. The difference between love and love is that it is special and unique. She and Xiao Yu have not.

She lost, she was wrong, she recognized, nothing to correct and entangled.

Xiao Yu didn't know the eye he had seen. Only then did Mang Jiajia make up his mind. He only saw Xiao Manjia smiled at him and then walked over instead of the previous few times... Strong smile, or direct Ran away.

"I figured it out?" Xiao Yu reached out and tried to pick up a vine's hair but she was avoided. He had no choice but to take back the hand. "For so many years, you still love it."

He said again and then casually asked, "When will I go back with me."

"Awkward..." Yan Manjia’s emotions inevitably caused some more waves. They had been in the cold for nearly three years. Xiao Yu still thinks she is just awkward."I can't go back to Xiao Yu, I can't go back," Xiao Manjia said softly, then raised the light and told him more certainly, "We are finished, completely finished."

Xiao Yu’s face was also cold, and he also wanted to say that he was holding her hand. “Are you sure you want to say these things to me here?”

Yan Manjia wanted to open Xiao Yu’s hand and couldn’t open it. She frowned. “We have nothing to say. I used to love you, I am willing to give you a dross. Now I don’t love you, I’ll roll it automatically. But it’s nothing but an annoying and unappealing love. People are gone."

"Van vine... You said that you said that I am interesting?" Xiao Yu tried to make himself look better, he whispered, "Let's go in and say, let's talk."

The villa here is clean, but occasionally there will still be people passing by. Yan Manjia does not want her and Xiao Yu to correct it. The tangled scene makes others see the joke. She slightly hesitated and nodded. "That goes in and says After you finish, you will leave."

When Yu Manjia returned to the villa, Xiao Yu naturally sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. Qi Manjia asked the nanny to come to him for tea. She first went back upstairs to wash her face, changed her clothes and went down again, but I didn’t want Xiao Yu to have no peace. Waiting for her downstairs downstairs.

When he was in the bathroom, he also came in. He didn't look much. The mobile phone on the dressing table was ringing. The name of the note was "big baby". Xiao Yu frowned and picked up. Then, that is the chaotic dialogue.

Qi Manjia is very angry, but Xiao Yu is more than 20 centimeters tall and her skills are better than her. It is much more difficult for her to recapture her mobile phone.

"Xiao Wei, you are enough!" Yan Manjia stunned Xiao Yu and took his mobile phone back. Why do you talk to my son like this!"

Xiao Yu’s back touched him and his face was slap in the face of a slap in the face. The gentleman’s grace on his body was gone. He bullied a step closer to the gaze of Shang Jia. “If it weren’t for him, we should have been married, you said What?"

If Yan Manjia was pregnant with his children, he would not have to ask him to marry. The two elders would let them marry. However, he did not know which wild species he was pregnant with, and how people like Xiaojia might let him marry her.

"That is just the end of the divorce!" Yan Manjia did not hear the meaning behind Xiao Yu's words. She looked down at the phone number, and she became more and more determined. She was unexpectedly pregnant. Oh, I have never regretted giving birth to him.

Not there at the time, but now it is even worse. She and Xiao Yu have no children in these years. In fact, they are the reasons for Qi Manjia. Her desire has always been Xiao Yu’s love, not the other. Her children are jealous and will always be jealous.

"Fortunately, we are not married, but now it doesn't have to be so troublesome," he said. "When you go to the door, you open the door. "You roll, we have nothing to say..."Xiao Yu really wants to let go, he and Yu Manjia are not entangled. After so many years, he stepped forward and pressed the 晏 嘉 嘉 on the door, regardless of her struggle to start kissing, he was bitten by 晏 嘉, he also Do not let go.

It is not a fake, but she is quite embarrassed, and when she breaks free, she directly hits the things at hand and plays with Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu looked at the knives of the knives, and his face was somewhat relieved. He was willing to vent her.

甄晗 and Meng Hao came from the old house, nearly two hours' drive, he arrived in an hour, slammed the door, angered and went inside, saw the messy living room, and entangled The two people on the sofa, his angry hair must be erected.

He grabbed Xiao Yu’s hair, punched him directly on his face, and then slammed it over. Xiao Yu was directly turned over to the side, and he did not control the vines. He directly rushed to fight with Xiao Yu. To the meat, quite awkward.

Meng Hao pulled up the mandarin, and looked at her carefully, then his face was cold. "Are you injured?"

There were some blood stains on the lips of Yan Manjia. She hadn’t shook her head yet, and Meng Hao also went forward to help and fight together.

Xiao Yu may still keep a hand on the Shangyu Manjia. It is unlikely that he will be on the captain. Meng Hao does not know him or not, but neither he nor Meng Xi’s skills are good. The two men also went to him together. He is roughly only beaten.

Nearly twenty minutes passed, and I was on the sidelines. "Okay, don't kill."

The rumored words and another squatting Xiao Yu, and then lifted the person up, it is necessary to throw out the villa, of course, I am a little reluctant to mention oneself, there is Meng Hao to take the handle, it is much better.

Xiao Yu has not been so embarrassed for many years. At first he will resist. In the end, he will only protect his own vitality and bear the violent blows of two people. He suddenly smiled at Meng Hao, but Meng Hao responded to him. It was another punch, his nose almost smashed, and he gritted his teeth. "You... give me a wait."

"Cousin, let's slap him again. He hasn't learned yet." Meng Hao was very careful and advised.

Before you come, let Meng Hao listen to you, and beat him to play, otherwise you just need to protect yourself.

He looked at Xiao Yu carefully, and it looked really miserable. He didn't keep up with Meng Hao, and he could not remember the lesson when he was a few people. Now he just pays them interest.

"The next time I hit, we will fight again."

"Okay," Meng Hao nodded, and took Xiao Yan's hand and added some strength. This is not a fight.

The expression on Xiao’s face was distorted, and I dared not say anything more provocative.

At the door of the villa, he and Meng Hao let him go together. Xiao Yu was not able to fall to the ground, and the two men looked at him.

甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甩甩 甩甩 甩甩 甩甩 甩甩 甩甩 甩甩 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甄晗 甩甩 甩甩 甩甩 甩甩 甩甩

"Yes!" Meng Hao nodded, and he saw it with him.

Qi Manjia also followed, but she came back and saw Xiao Yu was blocked from going back. "You and he have something to say?"It’s terrible to look like a fierce one, and I’m looking at it, raising my hand and touching his already green corner, and the expression is twisted instantly. She pulls her hand and walks up, 狠狠踹A squatting squat.

If it is not Xiao Yu’s timely hiding, this full of anger is estimated to make him more painful.

"You actually hit the face of the old lady's son! Xiao Yu, you bastard!" 甄晗 is definitely the inverse scale of 晏 嘉 嘉, is the inverse scale that Xiao Yu can not touch.

"晏蔓嘉..." Xiao Yu stood up and stepped back two steps. Looking at the eyes of the three people is very dangerous, but the fighting power of these three people is somewhat amazing. He can now say that he is covered with squalor.

But at the same time he really believes in the words of Yu Manjia, she really wants to marry him, no matter how obsessed he is in the past, she is not even her baby son.

"Hey baby, where did he hit you?"

晏 嘉 嘉 看 看 看 看 看 看 看 看 看 看 看 看 看 孜 孜 孜 孜 孜 孜 孜 孜 孜 孜 孜 孜

Meng Hao shook his head straight. "I am more powerful than my cousin. He didn't hit me."

He said that he had swept away like Xiao Yu. "Aunt is coming back, let's not talk to people who hate it."

"Well," Yan Manjia nodded and didn't go to see Xiao Yu again. In the past, all the broken wires were gone. Her heart was a little empty, but in fact it was more relaxed.

At this moment, his gaze suddenly looked to the right front. He stepped forward and pulled the vines to his side. The whole person was on the alert. Yan Manjia and Meng Hao also followed the gaze, and two vans stopped. Out of the ten, the individual quickly surrounded.

"Sanye, you are okay." One of them helped Xiao Yu, and the other people surrounded the three.

Xiao Yu was mixed up, and then opened the hand of others, he looked at the 晏 嘉 ,, the voice is gloomy, "vine, I will give you a chance to re-select."

There was no hesitation in this time, and she shook her head. "What to choose, the old lady and you are finished."

She is still fierce, she can answer, then she really should be rebuilt, "Take your dog, give me a roll!"

晏蔓嘉嘴|Ba is very poisonous, those men’s faces are somewhat distorted. They don’t know what the three people are in front of them. They only know that Xiao Yu is a Xiaojia three from the North City. It’s enough to just miss something. They are happy for a while.

"This girl, mouth | Pakistani..."

When he hadn't finished speaking, he was smashed over, and his knees were on the ribs. He screamed directly and slammed on the ground. "Who would dare to spit some feces?"

When he started to work, Meng Hao took the 晏 嘉 Guard behind him and was always alert to other people who might come to work. He thought and said with a slight head, "Auntie don't be afraid, my cousin will protect you."

"Well," said the vines, and the eyes suddenly turned red. Xiao Yu could watch those people marry her, and her family would never allow it. This is the difference, the difference between love and not love.

"Sanye, are we going?" Xiaoxuan’s side asked, and there was some faint sorrow, but as a respect, he still had to ask Xiao Yu to do it again."Besides her, the other two beat me..."

When he fell, other people flocked, but at this time, the whistle of the police car quickly went far and near. There were five police cars parked together. The police officers came out of the car and some of them were pulled out. gun.

Seeing that the equipment is completely the specifications of the special forces, the dozens of people who have been brought in by Xiao Yu are directly soft.

The sly car stopped at the end and he got off the car. Only two people left him on the road, but no one dared to stop him.

"Xiao Sanye came to Haicheng, but is it necessary to bring people to fight my family?"

When Xiao Yu heard the sound, he knew that his meal was white, and he did not appear early. He did not appear late. His people came, he appeared, and he came with the police.

No matter how much relationship and power he has in Xiaocheng, he is now in Haicheng, and the dragon is the tiger.

Step by step, his gaze was first swept over by the three men of Meng Meng, and they were sure that they were not injured. He turned around and the police officers were well trained and took away. Even Xiao Yu was also handcuffed.

He closed his mouth. Ba, didn't talk, his face became more and more calm. When he came, he just stood calm, but he thought he was coming to talk to him, but he didn't think, he went straight. When you got up, you were quick and confident in front of all the police officers.

He stepped back and retired, "Sorry, slippery.

Now, please take it with you. ”

So many people came quickly and quickly. After three or five minutes, the cars that had been around the villa door were all gone, including the two vans that Xiao Yu came from.

"Let's go in and say," He walked back, holding Meng's hand first, and then he said.

There was no opinion on the 晏 嘉 嘉 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

"Auntie can help you clean up, this time you go back to the old house."

He said that he first started the whole sofa, took Meng Meng to sit down, and he did it himself. He took a position and then sat down on the shoulder of Qi Manjia. He went to a room and the babysitter was scared to hide. Inside, "You go to pack some clothes."

"Yes," the nanny nodded and went upstairs.

When she left, she walked to the sofa in the living room, and he stood, and the Jie Jie attacked and refused to sit down.

"The next generation of the family also needs to check it out," he said softly, but he saw at a glance why Xiao Yu was beaten by them and had no chance to call people. Babysitter.

He said so clearly, 晏 嘉 嘉 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才 才

He looked at Yan Manjia again with a disappointment. It’s no wonder that he was played by an old man for half a lifetime.

Meng Hao did not hear the meaning of the inner layer at all. Of course, he did not understand or hinder him. He sat on the side of the body and let him give him a hand. He was really too hard to swear. There are some sour acids.When she was glanced at her, she was weakened. She muttered something that no one could understand, and then squatted directly on the sofa. "No matter, I am starving."

Meng Hao finally saw this topic, and he quickly nodded. "I am also hungry."

Although he had some snacks with Yu Manjia in the afternoon, it was only two o'clock at that time. When he returned, he was already half past five, and now he said that he was half past seven, and that the monks are absolutely He is very hungry and hungry.

Looking at these two people, I can’t dislike it. I just feel helpless. He and I are still full of thoughts. These two have already remembered eating and drinking. One is an old child and the other is a real child. Say nothing to them.

"Then I have had dinner, let's go," he said, and he was reluctant to starve Meng Hao. He let go of Meng Hao's hand and stood up. "I will see if there is anything to eat."

"There are fruits and cakes, all in the refrigerator," said Yu Manjia. She ate herself. She mainly eats Western food. Vegetables and fruit steaks are prepared. She said, she also stood up. "I asked Azhen to help me. I will cook for you."

"You sit, add something mess," he said, and he didn't look at the vine, he went to the kitchen.

The four of them are only the ones who have stayed abroad for a long time. They have had a kitchen. Others estimate that they are all kitchen killers, let them come, and don’t know when they will toss.

晏 嘉 嘉 鼓 drums on the cheeks, but also can only helplessly sit down, she turned to Meng Hao to determine the authentic, "I will still do vegetable salad!"

Meng Hao shook his head gently. "I don't know anything."

He said that there was no disappointing look on his face. He was proud to continue. "But I will be better than me."

晏 龇 龇 龇 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

When Meng Hao grinded for a while, he nodded. "Yes, I am a sly baby."

When I came out with fruits and cakes, I heard Meng Hao’s words, and his eyebrows were softened a little. “We will eat some fruit and simmer the steak.”

"Okay," Meng Hao immediately responded. He patted the position on the side of the body, or let him sit down.

Qi Manjia is also welcome, holding an apple, she smashed herself, and then looked at me carefully to cut a small piece, a small piece, to feed Meng Hao, as if afraid of him squatting, she forbearance Can't hold a big white eye towards the ceiling.

Nanny Azhen cleaned up the clothes and then went downstairs. She then cleaned up the dining table and the living room, and was beaten and sent away. He asked the driver of the old house to send her to leave, but certainly not Go back to her own home.

The treatment of the servants is undoubtedly excellent, but on the premise that they are loyal and not betrayed, she has made jealousy, and naturally she has to pay the corresponding price, although it will not be so badly beaten, but in the sea. She can't stay in the city.His cooking is still worthy of praise. Yan Manjia is also the first time to eat something cooked. If she doesn’t eat two, she will be tearful, but she will not look up and let her see it. Otherwise, she must still Was disappointed.

At the dinner table, they didn't talk about anything. After eating, they directly locked the door of the villa. Four people left the car. As for the Zhao Bing who was carrying the donkey, they went to the police station and drove when they returned. Sitting in the co-pilot position, Yu Manjia and Meng Yu sit behind.

The two people in the back seat had a lot of food tonight, and they were still eating slowly. The windows were opened, and they didn't open too fast. The night wind came in and it was quite comfortable.

After about halfway through, I closed all the windows, and Meng Hao was lying in the back seat holding a pillow and was already asleep.

After a while, he parked his car on the side of the road, took off his suit jacket, and came over sideways. He was taken over by Meng Manjia and covered with Meng Hao. They continued to drive.

And Meng Hao’s original eyebrows are like

Because it smells like a sigh, it is flat again.

I haven't drove for a long time, I didn't dare to drive too fast. They returned to the old house in two and a half hours. This road is not only a belly, but also the 晏 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉 嘉.

When I got off the bus, I walked to the back seat and hugged Meng Hao. The bodyguards at the door came over and continued to drive back to the basement. The four of them went to the living room. Wang Ma and Xiao Bo also received them in the middle.

He took the man back to the room on the upper floor. After a while, he came down. He was still looking at each other. He didn’t start talking. , an awkward, an extra cent.

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