Chapter 50

Chapter 50

His hand is running on the back of Meng Xi’s back.

Give him another confirmation,

"I do not go,

I'll be with you. ”

Meng Hao heard the words slowly lie on his chest,

The emotions in the shackles finally got stronger.

He whispered, "Hey,

I'm uncomfortable. ”

There was a sigh in the throat, and the pain in the chest was two points stronger. In addition to Meng Hao,

There is no such a distressed experience.

He embraced Meng Hao, let him lie down on his side, then he lifted his body a little.

Look down at him,

"Tell me where it is uncomfortable."

"feeling terrible,

"Meng smashed his chest,

Can't say pain,

But there is a sigh of relief,

It made him breathless.

晏睢 slightly open the clothes of Meng Hao,

His lips fell on the slightly undulating skin of Meng Pu.

He doesn't kiss very much, but he is not too light, and the dawn is slightly convergent.

He is very focused on the whole person.

It seems that this can really smooth out the discomfort of Meng Xi.

Meng Hao coveted, the body's feelings gradually became clear, he felt a little bit of temperature and strength of the kiss, his hands did not feel the hair on his face, still a little stiff at first, but slowly The ground is also gentle.

"The stomach is uncomfortable," after a long time, Meng Hao whispered again.

He lifted his eyes and looked at him. His mouth was slightly hooked, but he still couldn’t laugh. He rolled up Meng’s pajamas and kissed the flat belly. The light was lifted again. “Is it here? ”

Meng Hao felt it and corrected it. "Let's go up a little more."

Then there was a focused and gentle kiss, and occasionally a tingling sensation. Meng Hao’s eyes moved for a long time, and the rest of the time looked at the cockroaches intently, although most of them only saw his hair.

"The head is also uncomfortable," Meng said after he felt that his stomach was slightly better. In fact, there is almost no uncomfortable place in his body, but after being kissed, it seems to be really much better.

I heard the words, gently pull Meng Hao's clothes down, and then he returned to Meng Hao again, first kissed his hair, then the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, and then his lips.

Meng Hao still did not give him any response, his eyes have always been very large, but when he was about to leave, his hand pressed against the back of his neck, preventing his departure.

"We are going to kiss."

After a meal, Meng Hao raised his jaw. He gently rubbed his lips and seemed to want to taste something, but his head was still very messy, he couldn’t feel it, but he wanted Feeling, confused, and persistent, let the heart of the heart soften.

He put on Meng's cheek, his hand almost covered his half face, his index finger gently stroked his eyebrows, then he looked down again and kissed Meng Yu's lips. This time he did not restrain himself. My own emotions, the kind of distressed feelings that want to blend Meng Xi into the bones.

Meng Hao still gently and carefully swears, but responding to this point is enough for the time.It was because of the kiss, kiss, and because of the distress, the urge to squat again. His forehead spilled a little sweat and gasped away from Meng Xi’s lips. Meng Yu was breathing and welcoming.

He was close to him, but he was sticking his cheek to him. He said to Meng Hao’s ear, "Do not think about anything. Just look at me and feel me."

Meng Hao didn't have a good time, and he didn't have a bad time. He didn't need his answer.

He kissed Meng Hao's side face, and then he put on his clothes before him.

His kiss|kissed all over Meng's body, and used his lips to evoke his desires, and then he took a step closer.

Meng Hao’s eyes are gradually being loved. The desire is pervasive, and the body is more sensitive than before. He still does not dare to have too many movements. He always remembers not to hurt you.

He passively bears everything, but when he thinks he may reach the limit, perhaps he does not want to, he stops his hesitation and leave.

He likes their contact, even if his consciousness is slightly vague and embarrassing, but he also determines this.

This is Meng Yu’s attachment to the shackles. It is already stronger than the attachment on the body. Perhaps it should be a surprise. This is absolutely rare for the recurring Meng Yi, or it may be called a miracle. He took the miracle that he brought to him.

When two people collide with each other, when they are aware of Meng Hao, he will work harder and pull back the mind where he does not know where to float.

Meng Hao gently rubbed his eyes, and then moved his body, it is a match, but in general, he is still lazy, do not want to move.

But the response he occasionally gave was enough to make you excited and gratified.

A foreplay is long, and the follow-up is also long-lasting. When the matter ends, Meng Hao slightly picks up his body and falls into the joy brought by the body. He crouched down and continued to gently kiss people.

For a long time, Meng Hao raised his hand and hugged him back. He rubbed his body and seemed to be relishing this addictive body contact.

For a long time, he looked up and said, "Let's come again."

He said, kissed the lips of relatives and told him more eagerly, "I still want to."

Meng Yibi has recovered a little better, his rejection of his body.

Almost no, but in exchange for the desire to ignite again, it is strong and does not want to cover up, and does not need to cover up.

Meng Hao looked a little, he seemed to want to see something, but the two people were close, he could not see what he wanted to see, and he asked again, "You... can you do it?"

Meng Hao is somewhat uncertain that he is not a strong man.

His sly look was awkward. He did not answer Meng Yu’s words. He directly hugged the person. He restrained him because he was distressed. It made Meng Yi think that he could not do it. He was funny and helpless, but this time it was Meng Hao. For mercy, he will not let go.

This night can almost be used without sleep, Meng Hao awake for a long time, the body is so excited for a long time, he is accompanied, touched, and then ignited desire, hope, no longer restrained, lingering | cotton, as if tomorrow It will never come again, or maybe this is Meng Min’s state of mind at the moment.He can't think of things after tomorrow, and he doesn't want to think more about the things he has happened. He will circle people under his own body. If he tells Meng Hao, he can only feel him, he can only think of it. he.

This is a long night, but in fact it can't be said, two people are too emotional, all the discomfort is in the fire.

Meng Yu was asleep in his arms, and the stiffness of his limbs was gone, but at the same time he was wrapped up more tightly.

He couldn’t help but rest assured that he was sleeping. He took the phone and took the phone to see if the time was already 4:30 in the morning. He sent a text message to Wang Feng and Wang Bo, and the phone was turned off directly. His hand When I returned to Meng Hao, I closed my eyes.

Today, he originally arranged the itinerary. The original plan was to accompany Meng Hao to the school. But in this case, Meng Hao needs a rest. He asked Wang Feng to go to school and Meng Hao to complete the formalities. By the way, he also invited a Week off.

To Wang Bofa is to let him not bother to disturb them. He and Meng Hao need to rest and rest well.

A thin quilt wrapped the two, and hugged each other. The light that fell through the curtain gap into the room could not disturb them. Meng was tired and tired.

As soon as noon, Wang Ma wants to go upstairs to see, let Wang Bo stop, and let other servants do not walk to the second floor.

At about two o'clock in the afternoon, Gu Lang almost went to the house at the same time. It didn't take long for Zhong Ming and Meng Qi to arrive, but they learned from Wang Bo that he and Meng Hao had not yet got up.

The four of them frowned, but they didn't think much. They felt that Meng's situation was a bit serious. The two people estimated that they would sleep until dawn, so they couldn't get up until now.

"What are you doing over?" asked Meng Qi, who was not very impressed with Meng Qi. He was a playboy. From his friends, he could speculate that he was a man. He cares about Meng Hao. I always felt that there was a suspicion of being unwilling, so he had to ask.

Meng Qi did not accidentally be asked by this question. He raised his eyebrows and took it for granted. "I am worried about Xiaoqi, come and see, I am his older brother."

With Meng Qi gently slamming, the look became more and more disgusted. When he didn't know Meng Meng's business, he always kept outside. Meng Qi knew that Meng Hao was afraid that he still had no cousin. I know it early.

"You don't want to be your little love|people come..."

That is to say, Meng Qi and Susie Yu feel that their relationship is hidden, but they also don’t want to think about how their previous behaviors are debauchery. Don’t say that in the Gujia Garden, they are met by Meng Xi and other banquets or parties. Occasionally, it is not uncommon for them to hook each other.

It’s just that I didn’t touch anyone before. Looking at the face of his Meng family, everyone basically didn’t know it. When they bumped into it, they didn’t see it.

Gu Lang and Zhong Ming did not talk, but their looks also explained that they and a position, not to mention that Meng Qi's identity is not enough to plead for people, is enough, they can not agree.They will never do this kind of "selling the scorpion", otherwise they will be obsessed with these tireless daily gatherings "education".

Meng Qi waved his hand, begging for mercy, and he immediately sighed again. "It's really related to him."

His face gradually darkened, his brows were slightly locked, and his anger slowly swelled. He had a Suzyu feather in the end. He couldn’t do it. He didn’t want them to make it too ugly, but he didn’t want Susie Yu. He turned out to be so heartbroken.

Brother chaos | Lun ... but not only Meng Xi was destroyed, he is no exception, for the family's reputation, Meng Laozi will definitely choose to abandon him.

He took a look at Meng Qi and then ignored him. He looked at Wang Ma. "Get some food and eat it. I haven't had time to eat it in the morning."

"Hey," Wang Ma responded, and then went to pick up a few bowls of meat porridge. She didn't know what was going on, she was in a good mood, and she was still amused. "I gave it to my wife in the morning, they didn't get up," It is cheaper for you."

"It's really fragrant, but also added medicinal herbs," he said, he didn't mind Wang Ma's jokes. He picked up the bowl and licked most of the bowl. After taking a sip, he sighed.

Gu Lang and Zhong Ming saw that he was hungry when they ate, and they did not see it. The two men also took a bowl and drank slowly.

Meng Qi took a sip of tea and didn't go to make fun of it. However, it can be seen that Meng Hao is really good at home. He is comparable to Mengjia in eating... No, Meng Hao is in Mengjia. Hungry for a few days.

When they chatted and chatted, Meng Hao finally woke up. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the gentle warmth of the captain. He blinked his eyes, and the bottom of his eyes was clear and clear. Half a bit of haze, he lifted his lower jaw and kissed the lips directly.

"good Morning."

晏睢揉揉孟渟's hair, the eyebrows pick a little, "not too early."

It didn't take long before he woke up, but he also saw the time. It was already half past two in the afternoon.

"No wonder... I am so hungry," Meng Yu continued to lick his cheeks and licked his mouth and bit his lip, but without any effort, he gently turned into a gentle scorn.

He held Meng Meng's back of the head and then turned this kind of kiss into a gentle and emotional deep kiss.

When the kiss was over, he picked up Meng Hao. They were too frantic last night. In the end, he simply cleaned up Meng Hao and hugged him. Now it is necessary to take a shower.

Meng Hao naturally hugged the neck of her aunt, the corner of her mouth twitched slightly, her eyes squatted and squatted, and then she came up with her relatives.

"啾啾" two times, then he put on his cheeks and smiled sweetly.

The worry or the fear of some people also made Meng Hao give him a kiss, and gave him a laugh.

"Hey, let's take a shower and wash, then go on and eat."

"I oh, I listen to you," Meng said, and then kissed him on the lips.

晏睢 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟Meng Hao looked at himself with a sly look, then reached out to hook the thick neck. He rubbed his cheek and gave him a definite voice. "No pain, I am willing."

Last night, he was shackled. He remembered very clearly. Originally... he should not remember the things after taking the medicine, but he remembered all the night, because he could not forget, he wanted to remember the words, remember Live his tenderness towards him.

"I am willing, I like us."

Meng Yu straightforwardly, without concealing words, a serious and calm look, so that he could not refuse, to restrain, he sighed softly, then bowed his head and kissed him too clear and too good-looking eyes.

Meng Hao cooperated, and he was already skilled. Two people took a shower and quickly washed it.

Meng Hao put on a beige long-sleeved sweater and wore a suit and shirt that Meng Hao had chosen for him. The style was slightly different, but the clothes hanging in his closet were absolutely fit.

"good looking."

Meng slammed the sly in the mirror and sincerely praised the Tao.

晏睢 Relative to the family of other families, it is too young, only black can make him look old and steady. After wearing it for so many years, he and the people around him are used to it, but only Meng Yu thinks he wears it. It is "good looking."

When Meng Hao finished the mirror, he turned and he shook his hand. "You carry me, I am so hungry that I have no strength to walk."

Meng Hao is not completely swearing. He spit out all the vomiting yesterday. He came back and tossed that night. He still did the kind of physical exhaustion. How much physical strength he has consumed is clean. He It’s a bit exaggerated to be hungry, but he really doesn’t want to walk and wants to recite him.

He gently lowered his body, and then Meng's cockroaches came up.

The corner of the mouth was slightly raised, and the mood was a little bit better. After last night, Meng Hao let him go, and he naturally asked for it. He would take the initiative to kiss rather than ask in advance. This change made him happy and distressed.

I am delighted because he always hopes that Meng Hao can do this. The distress is because Meng Yu is suffering and has changed.

Carrying Meng Xi down, four eyes looked together.

"What about the scorpion? It's not good yet."

Meng Hao is attached to the shackles, and they don't see his face very much. This subconsciously thinks that Meng Hao is still not good enough to reach the point of squatting.

"I am fine, just... I want to let me back."

Meng Hao looked up and looked at it, and then carefully explained to the few people who asked.

A few people were inexplicably exposed, and they were completely unable to refute the truth of Meng Yu. They could only withdraw their eyes with restraint.

He didn't talk, he continued to approach, and Meng Meng was directly back to the table before he was put down.

"First drink a glass of water, let's eat again."

"Okay," Meng said nodded, then took the donkey and sat down together.

He poured water on him, and he drank it when he picked it up. He didn't have enough cups and drank another half.

He also drank a glass of water, and Wang Ma took people to bring the food up. It was all light and stomach."Hey, what's wrong with my wife, how can I look so bad..." She managed to keep her watched. After half a day, she lost her skin. Wang Ma said it was very Agree with you.

A few people feel embarrassed, but there is no way to think so. He did toss that Meng Hao was too much last night.

"I will raise it when I eat it," Meng Hao himself was wide-minded. He definitely gave Wang Ma a certainty, and then he gave up the milk.

He didn't drink it himself, but he ate a lot of medicine.

He ate himself, but he also took care of Meng Hao, porridge, and vegetables. He was very skilled at doing it.

He and Gu Lang were squatting sourly, and they didn’t take care of them. When they were young, they didn’t like to eat, they ate slowly, and it’s not good to eat them.

"Do you also eat?" Meng Hao suddenly looked up at them and asked a questioningly.

"No, I just ate," Wang Ma cooked more porridge, they almost full of two bowls.


Oh," Meng Hao nodded, and the light glanced again, and then buryed his head and continued to eat.

The corner of the mouth is evoked, but it is the real meaning of the question of Meng Yu. He should want to say that they don’t eat, why should they look at him, or the kind of envious eyes.

After they had eaten well, they also came to the sofa, and then Gu Lang began to talk.

It’s really hard to check, the wine is not informed, but on the way to the juice, I was hit by a person. After the comparison of the photos, he determined that the person, Meng Qi’s friend came to block the door, and he and Gu Lang observed in the hall, and then sent people to follow.

"This is the conversation I have recorded."

The mastermind of this matter is not one at all, but two people who are equally unsightly, and they hit it off, Meng Hao and Su Shi Yu.

"What happened? You are not saying that Meng Hao is allergic to the formula?" This is the voice of Susie Yu. He can only feel his anger when he listens, and he is unwilling to lose his weight.

"I listened to what people said. It is reasonable to be wrong. If you touch it, he will react."

Meng Yu’s voice was low and low. He only heard it by chance, but he did not expect the reality to be exactly the opposite of what he thought would be.

Meng Hao’s reaction is not to sleep at a touch, but to become more exciting and violent, that is, they have come to Meng Qi as planned, and they will not happen what they want to see. Meng Qi estimates that it is another meal. It will be the kind of embarrassment that is particularly serious and may be dead.

Susie Yu’s words seemed to be contemplative, but Meng Hao followed and asked, “You, are you sure you can lead Meng Qi? Why is he and he in the room!”

The sounds afterwards were a bit noisy, and it should be something that was not recorded, but it was enough.

Gu Lang took the phone up and looked at him, waiting for him to decide.

Others are also pondering, but it is really nothing to be surprised to find out these two people. For a long time, they have been aware of their embarrassment about the position of their wife, and they have too much reason for Meng Hao’s shot. ."That surnamed Su is really funny, I remember it used to be that he was abandoning it, hehe..."

He also dismissed a sentence, his eyes swept back and then swallowed his words back. He was afraid that he didn’t want Meng to know what he had done before. After all, if he was not crazy, he almost got married with Sus Yu, now The nephew they have to face will not be Meng Hao.

Although He is very annoying, he has to say that this madness is really right.

Meng Hao suddenly looked up, it is very serious, "Oh, very good."

The implication is that his family has nothing to dislike.

He screamed at his face, and Zhong Ming and Gu Lang laughed. Meng Qi’s brow slightly picked him up.

The coldness of the brows shattered a little. He gently licked Meng's hand and then looked up at the crowd. "Call."

"What to do?" Gu Lang asked a subconsciously, Zhong Ming and Yan also looked over, and this tone is definitely not intended to be good.

"Please bring in the two fathers, and move me, always give me an account with Yu."

If they can't make him satisfied, then he will do it himself. At that time, it is not just to move them. The family behind them is also affected.

Gu Lang Zhong Ming always agreed with the nod. It should have been the case. If the family could not protect the wife of the main family, the position of the top heroes in Haicheng was only suspended.

Meng Qi also gently decapitated, but at the same time his heart was also a little instigated, this is what he said, this is Yu, if one day he really wants to be with Meng Hao and him, he is not enough.

He hopes that there will be no such a day, but at the same time he has a great sense of crisis and urgency in his heart. He can't and should not continue to be ruined.

When Meng’s father received a call, he was actually very surprised. Although the two had an in-laws, they still had a lot of movements. They could call and say that there was something important, let him go to the family, and he was strange again. coming.

When he arrived, the old man had arrived for a while, and he was leaving.

Two people ran into it, he could feel the anger of Su's father, and the old man did not want to say anything more than the old man, and he took the car away.

Master Meng came in to study, only to see 晏睢 and Gu Lang, 晏睢 did not speak, Gu Lang said three words, and then put the recording, Meng's face is gradually not good.

He is only more angry than the old man, and Meng Mengke is also the person who went out of his Meng family. Meng Hao is going to harm Meng Hao, and he also wants to kill Meng Qi in the big house. In case of success, this face is also the face of Meng family. His face.

“Mixed things!” Meng’s father immediately yelled, and his eyes swept over. He did not dare to stand on the shelf of his elders. He leaned down slightly. “You can rest assured that I will not spare him. ”

It is absolutely a curse to stay in the family in such a confusing way. Don't say that Meng Hao was originally an illegitimate child, and he is not good."In addition, please ask Mr. Meng Lao to find out where he knows the allergic reaction of Meng Qizhen."

Meng’s father looked a little, then nodded. He said that he wants to continue to pursue the people behind Meng Hao. That is not the second room. It may be Han Xuejun or Li Yifei.

But this head can't be ignored. The snobbery of the family in Haicheng is deep and fixed, and it is so daunting. If he is against Meng, Meng

My family is afraid that it will not be able to stay in Haicheng, and it will be very light, and Meng’s father’s heart is very clear.

The two homeowners came and went in a hurry, but when they got home, I was afraid that there would be no two quiet times.

Gu Lang came downstairs and went back to the room to bring Meng Hao out. After Meng Qi left after Meng’s father, he also left. Zhong Ming and Yan went to the lawn for a walk, and planned to go to dinner.

Meng Hao did not do anything to return to the house. Rhubarb and hair balls accompanied him. He sat on the sofa and held his pillow in a daze. The things of yesterday still have an impact on him, but they are not all negative. He just wants it. A little bit of time to think alone, I noticed it, and gave it.

However, he still asked for the rhubarb and the hair ball to come in. Meng Hao understands that he cares about his intentions and allows it.

When he came in, Meng Hao was still stuck in his own thoughts, until he was hugged on his shoulders and kissed his cheeks, and he gradually returned to God.

"Say it alright?"

"Okay," he straightened up and walked to Meng's side and sat down, then took Meng's shoulder and let him turn over.

"I won't let them go."

They will be sent directly to the police station. They are too cheap. They only have to step by step to let them feel the bitterness of Meng Yu. Although it is not enough, just in accordance with the general means, he does not let so many people. Fear of fear.

Meng Hao did not doubt this point. Meng Hao and Su Shi Yu are naturally hateful. They can help him. He doesn't want to be more deliberate in them. He is the most hated person.

"I want to...separate from the Meng family," said Meng Hao, who was thinking about this. He looked up and looked at him. He was still hesitant and ignorant. The two married and related interests. He did not know his own requirements. Will it bring losses to Yan and Yu?

"I will work hard to make money, and I will give you all the money I will earn in the future."

Meng Hao is also not sure how much his perfume can earn, but how much he can give.

The brow's brow slightly picked, but some could not bear to reject Meng Xi's mind. He nodded slightly when he thought about it. "Well, I will wait for you to make money for me."

As for the relationship with Meng, it is Meng Yi who does not say that he is also preparing.

"Those who handed it to me, your task now is to raise your body and study hard so that you can make money for me."

Meng Hao heard the nod and agreed. "You are right."

"I want to make a lot of money for you."

Taking advantage of Meng Hao’s sudden change of wealth, he couldn’t help but bow his head and kiss his lips. His wife became more and more lovely.Meng Hao's eyes were slightly enlarged, and gradually picked up, responding to this sudden kiss, and then the original light kiss became strong.

They went downstairs in half an hour. Wang Ma’s craftsmanship was as good as ever. There was a Mengzi who loved to take the lead. Everyone in this meal ate more than usual. After eating, they said it again. After a while, then I will withdraw.

But it’s just that they are going home and they are still communicating with each other.

Su’s father returned home and thundered. Susie’s father was hit by him, swearing, and then let him bring Suss Yu back. He wanted to move the family.

The Su family has not moved the family for decades. This suddenly has to be moved. It is that Mrs. Sue has also been shocked. After she has figured out why, she has nothing to say. She warned a long time ago. Suss feathers, but he did not listen.

But what they expected was that Susie’s father said that he was going to call Susie Yu back, but he was ventilating the letter. He let Susie Yu go to other places, and Su’s father was almost out of heart.

The Meng family here is much more neat than the Su family. When he returns to the old house, he asks Wen Shu to call back the two houses. In public, he said that Meng Meng’s work on Meng Yu and Meng Qi, Meng Hao Being driven out of the Meng family is already one of the established penalties.

Master Meng called everyone back, not to discuss how to punish Meng Hao, but how to explain to Yu and Yu.

When Li Yifei heard the words of Meng’s father, the forehead’s blue veins bulged, watching Meng’s eyes look cloudy and strange, Meng Hao’s life was a cold greeting. He just knew something about Meng Hao from Li Yifei, although not More, but it was remembered by him, but also used up, but this is undoubtedly a violation of Li Yifei's taboo, especially if he did not succeed, he will expose himself.

When Meng Laozi was talking, everyone was observing the people. Meng Qi was also. In particular, he also knew that Li Yifei had used Wu Fengjiao to abuse Meng Meng, and naturally focused on observing her. So she could not notice her eyes on Meng Hao.

She thought she was hiding very well, but it was a slap in the face.

Meng Qi slightly thought about it, suddenly a meal in his heart, it is difficult for Meng Yi to be allergic to the tranquilizer, this murderer is also Li Yifei? As a grandmother, how could she be so embarrassed about Meng Hao, Meng Qi also really can not figure out.

"Jia Ge, you said that we asked Meng Hao to tell us about love, but would be better?"

Li Yifei slightly turned her head to the old man, and she is really good at pondering people's minds. Her words are the voice of Meng Laozi, but Meng Laozi is the head of the family. It is not easy to open this mouth. It is his younger generation.

Feng Zejiao glanced at Li Yifei faintly. She wanted to speak, but she was patted by Meng Qi. She took a deep breath and didn't talk anymore.

Originally according to her thoughts, Meng Yi counts the second room, he wants to harm Meng Qi, not only to explain to Meng Yu and Yu, how to give them a big room to explain, after all, Meng Qi is the most famous and honest heir of the Meng family. However, the heart of Meng’s father is partial, he opens his mouth.

I haven't mentioned this until now.Feng Zejiao is not a man who can bear the temper, but it is not without the city. She and Meng Qi have a good relationship. He told her not to say that she endured it when she endured it.

Master Meng and Li Yifei and others discussed how to deal with Meng Hao and then dispersed.

This call was played by Meng Yide. How can he still be Meng's father? He didn't have any kind of grace and grace. In general, Meng Hao would not refuse. Meng Meide took out his mobile phone and smashed it. He didn't have Meng Hao. The phone, how can this be played.

He went out of the room to find Wen Shu, and he had to call the old house of the family before he went through it.

The phone in the living room of the family is basically a display. Occasionally, the mother of Xiao Bo will use it. If there is something, it will be directly hitting their mobile phone. The phone of the "ring bell" suddenly sounds, and the rhubarb lying at the foot of Meng Hao suddenly scared. Jump, "Wang Wang!"

The hair ball also slammed softly.

Meng Hao was holding a hair ball and sitting in the living room watching TV. He looked very serious. This suddenly sounded, and he was shocked. He went back to the study room just now. Xiaobo Wang is not in the living room, other maids arrive in the evening. After that, I didn’t go out and walked.

Meng Yu first appeased the rhubarb, hesitated a little, and picked up the phone.


"I am looking for Meng Hao, your wife." Meng Yide did not hear the voice of Meng Yu, and his tone was somewhat agitated. After all, he was also the elder of Meng Yu. He came to do this kind of pleading, he also felt lose face.

"I am, who are you?" Meng Yu’s voice remained the same, and he did not hear who was on the phone.

"I am your father," the words were exported. Meng Yide realized that his tone was too rushing. He took his cell phone and walked into the garden of Meng Zhai. He looked a little more awkward. He remembered Yu Meizhen, who once loved him with one heart and one heart. woman.

To be honest, Meng Yi and Yu Meizhen are not like him. They are not like him. But after all, he is the product of their legacy. Meng Yide thinks of what he thinks, and his mood will naturally fluctuate.

Meng Meng’s lips did not respond. After a little silence, Meng Yide went on to say it.

"I have already known about the family's business the day before yesterday. Meng Hao will get the punishment he deserves, but I hope that you don't misunderstand the Meng family. After all, you are going out from the Meng family. Meng is good, you..."

His words have not been finished, the phone suddenly shouted, "Wang Wang!" Still a bit fierce.

Meng Yide is full of emotions, suddenly a little dumbfounded, "Meng Meng?"

"Wang Wang!"

"Meng Meng? Where is your phone?"

"Wang Wang Wang!"

"The rhubarb, don't scream, he can't understand."

"Wang Wang Wang!"

Then there was another chaotic dialogue. Meng Yide was so angry that the voice was heard on the phone.


"Meng Meng, what are you doing!"

"Is Mr. Meng San?" With a smile on the corner of Meng Yu’s mouth, he reached out to the head of the rhubarb and expressed his compliment.

The rhubarb snorted and finally stopped calling. How many of it was scared by the voices in the telephone tube, it was called, and later because the voice of Meng Yide became more and more fierce, the rhubarb became more and more fierce. ."Hey... my family," Meng Yide couldn’t think of it. He would test his endurance by making a phone call. His tone couldn’t turn around, and it’s almost a bad thing.

"Do you have something to look for in Meng Hao?" When Meng Xiu moved his position away, he sat down, and Meng Hao automatically leaned on his shoulder.

Meng Hao was stunned, watching him smile at him, but the voice was still cold, and he felt a little novel. He got closer and kissed him on the cheek and kissed him as much as possible.

He didn't want to be a big yellow, he took over Meng Hao, and then continued to say this phone in this position.

"No... Yes, I suddenly remembered it. I didn't have a call from Meng Hao. I haven't contacted him for so long. I asked him about the recent situation."

"Mr. Meng San still doesn't know? Meng Meng was prescribed by Meng Hao, and he should rest well in these few days."

The sound of the cricket is still very cold. The gentle sweat of Meng Yide on the other side has come down. I only listened to it. "Mr. Meng San called over. You have already thought about what to explain to Meng Hao and me." Listening and listening."

Meng Yide’s cold sweat has flowed even more. This is really not a good answer. He is arrogant, and for the first time, he faces the majesty of the family’s masters. He can’t eat it anymore. In the end, he didn’t say anything. Just want to end this call as soon as possible.

"Right, Meng Hao recently needs to retreat. If Mr. Meng San has something, please call me directly."

"Oh... well, okay."

He will put the phone down, and Meng Hao will come up to kiss the relative's lips. He laughs in the middle of the road. This kind of feeling is very good.

"I just deliberately," deliberately gave the microphone to the rhubarb to play, Meng Yu said and tired of going to the body.

"Well, I am also deliberate," deliberately said that these scared Meng Yide.

When I answered the words, I held Meng Yu’s back neck and came to a wet, sweet and greasy deep kiss.

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