Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Min Mingya heard the silence for a while,

He looked up and looked at him.

"Thank you."


He looked at Meng Hao again.

"There are still small flaws."

"I was born in January,

Should be bigger than you,

I am not small. ”

He gave him the information,

He was born in January, and although he is uncertain someday, he is unlikely to be older than him.

However, Yan Mingya suddenly smiled.

"I was born on New Year's Day."

Meng Hao heard the words, "Oh, then you may be really bigger than me."

"Small squatting is a small slap." 甄晗 Gu Lang, they often call him a little scorpion.

Meng Hao accepted the score and went fast.

Let both Yan and Ming Mingya couldn’t help but smile.

The fork picks up a cut fruit and sends it to Meng Yu’s mouth.

He glanced at it and bit it.

Then he turned his head and smiled.

Yan Mingya looked at their interactive eyebrows and picked them up.

I have more envy and blessings in my smile.

He is more familiar than 晏睦 and 晏睢,

More precisely,

He grew up listening to the deeds of blasphemy,

Even now, he is the target of his efforts. When he was a child, he returned to Haicheng with his aunt.

He is a spiritual idol to him, and he is very worshipper.

So some words and others may not be useful,

It is not the same as he said.

“How do you feel here?” Ming Mingya asked Meng Meng to swallow the fruit before he asked.

Meng Hao heard his eyes and looked around for a circle. Then he looked at him squinting and looked back at Yan Mingya. He seriously said something. "The things are delicious, but people can’t say it. Say something that people can't understand."

晏明亚 heard the words, Xia Guo language, but more F countries, but those topics are always around some gossip, regardless of whether Meng Yu will be F, he can not understand, this No problem.

Can Mingya still feel that Meng Yu’s words are with the taste of “I am clear and ignorant of the world”, and sure enough, the people who can be loved by them are very different, and it’s a big fool.

Meng Hao didn't expect him to tell the truth, so that Yan Mingya's good feelings for him could be upgraded to the same level as that of the same, but he looked at the two people's faces and couldn't help but smile.

The three people have a conversation without talking, eating and eating, and time is too fast.

The guest basically expired. Shu Shuya followed a lot of people and finally got some free time. He turned his eyes and finally saw three people in the corner who were talking and laughing. However, he still couldn’t come over. The classmate who first arrived at his dinner party stopped.

When he stepped in his footsteps, he went to the classmates and was surrounded by the crowd. Those who looked down and wanted to crowd out him were trying to say his good words. This feeling is floating, it is easy to be addicted.

Suddenly the group of people walked around Shu Shuya to Meng Mengyu."What are you talking about? Why don't you go dancing?" Shu Shuya leaned gently on the edge of the sofa, his eyes swept Mengzi three people in a circle, and finally fell on Yan Mingya. "How can I not ask for a big brother?" Dance, the dance of our family is still very interesting."

When Meng Shu came over, he consciously got closer to him. He could feel that Shu Shuya had always wanted to attract the attention of her, even if she didn't feel how much he liked it.

Yan Mingya heard the cold and cold, even if he was poor, but he and Meng Hao are quite old, and should avoid the suspicion, how could you do this kind of thing that makes you unhappy.

However, Shu Shuya’s look is quite sincere. It seems that he really feels that he is asking Meng to dance without problems.

Um... He is a cousin who is young, but he has a good job.

Yan Mingya obviously didn’t intend to pay attention to Shu Shuya’s words. But at this time, surrounded by Shu Shuya’s crowd, he suddenly came out of a white student in a burgundy suit. He walked over in two steps and shook his body. “Beautiful boy, I can ask you. Dance a dance?"

He said that he still gave him a bright and charming look at Meng Hao. The face looked pretty good, but he looked a little disgusting.

"Do not……"

Meng Yu’s words have not been fully said. The white man was pushed down and directly rushed to Meng Hao. The smile on his face magnified and seemed to want to be so pro-Fang.

Meng Hao’s legs were lifted up and he was taken back, because the cockroaches on his side had already started... No, it was moving.

The sole of the shoe sole was placed directly on his face. A black-green footprint was not only there. He also kicked the person back, and many people were dragged behind him. A passing wine waited, and eight glasses of red wine on the plate were all hit.

Although Shu Shuya was not implicated in the ground, his white suit was full of drinks and was completely destroyed.

The screaming curse was piled up, and the scene was out of control. On the sofa in front of the mess, there were three people who didn’t change their postures and only looked at them coldly.

The sly hand took Meng's waist and his face was dark and dark. Only then was the white man clearly going to be cheaper than Meng Hao, and the same responsible for Shu Shuya, he looked at the wine and rushed, and did not notice the peace. Yan Mingya's face.

The red wine fell on the white clothes, his clothes were almost ruined, and more seriously, the result of this scene was too shameful.

"Amu goes down and let Chen Shu bring people over."

Yan Mingya stood up and raised his hand to let the panicked wine go on.

Chen Mu nodded, no longer looking at Shu Shuya, turned and left, and soon I noticed that Chen Shu, who was moving here, brought several people over.

"The visitor is a guest. When you come to your home, you are the guest of your family. But if you don't have a guest's cultivation, this is not a place you can stay!" When Ming Mingya said these words, his eyes only met Chen Shu. Shu Shuya’s impatience is not seen in his eyes.

He really has a lot of truth, and it’s cold and unintentional, but they are the ones with capital, and they’re totally different from the arrogant arrogance.

"Chen Shu, please ask them to go out. Since then, they are not allowed to go to the door.""晏明亚, you dare! They are all my guests!" Shu Shuya couldn’t care about the fact that the dress was dirty. When Mingya didn’t look at him, he stood in front of him. His face was dark and he couldn’t The previous one was intimate.

However, Yan Mingya still does not look at him, his eyes swept back and returned to He and Meng.

"Can you be scared?" If Meng Hao was scared, it would not be so simple to go out!

Meng Hao shook his head and looked at him. "It's not fun here, let's go early." Although he was not scared, he was a bit disgusted.

"Okay," he nodded to Meng Hao, then turned his head to look at Ming Mingya, gently beheaded, and then he would leave like this.

Yan Mingya rushed to keep up with the news. "Today is disturbed, and Mingya is also wrong. Xiaolu does not want to dislike F."

Meng Yi heard the words and looked at him, and shook his head again. "I like Rose Manor. Next time I am coming, I will invite you to be a guest."

Yan Mingya had a smile on his face, and the worry in his heart was put down a little. "Well, I remember the words of Xiao Yan. When you don't ask me, I will find it myself."

In the gap between their speeches, Chen Shu has already taken out the classmates of Shu Shuya with the bodyguards. Individuals are unwilling to leave, and they have blocked their mouths and used them directly. Shu Shuya's voice was very loud, but Chen Shu only listened to Ming Mingya's instructions.

The movement here naturally shocked the frame and smashed them. They didn't listen to Chen Shu's opening when they came over, and Shu Shuya spoke first.

"Big brother is so rude, my classmate accidentally fell and made an accident, and he let people drive them out." Shu Shuya said that there was a layer of water mist in the eyelids, crying and crying. "Like me." | How to get along with them at school in the future."

This kind of pie is really deceptive, especially for the older generation who are prone to pity for the younger generation. At least the face of Yan Mingya is not right. Linda pulls Shu Shuya gently. There is no need to say more about the maintenance posture.

"Mingya, what do you say?"

晏 Frame Bo asked, the look of the mood is difficult to distinguish, can be heard, there will be a illusion that he also maintains Shu Shuya.

"Shu Ya's classmates want to be indecent, and Mingya drives them away."

After Meng Yuhe’s words heard the words of Shu Shuya, the footsteps of the foreigners stopped, and the new scorpion’s voice was a little scary. Mingya’s ability was good, but he could not afford this kind of long-term unclear smearing. Framed.

"I am Xiaoya's little sister. He defended me. Is it wrong?" Meng Hao asked him to look at the frame. His eyes were bright and clean. It was a pure heart from the heart. Compared with Shuya, it was obviously Meng. The words of 渟 are even more convincing.

And if this is not the case, Mingya is almost misunderstood by them. In the identity of Meng Hao, he would not want to say that he was almost insulted.

"Jack, he is not a heart..." Shu Shuya whispered aloud.

Meng Hao’s gaze finally fell on him. “Elders talk, where is the place you open!”He understands this truth, how to swear Shuya does not know at all, but also ask him to remind him.

"And you are not him, how do you know?" Meng Hao's tone is still good, but the content of the words is not so good, especially the fact that he did not speak clearly and he has a position, he taught people, it is quite powerful. of.

"Do you maintain him because it is not you who are indecent, or do you want to see him indecent?" Even if he is a man, the white man wants to kiss him, it is indecent, not to mention that he is married to you, Meng Hao The more you ponder, the more disgusting you feel.

In the words of Meng Yu’s too straightforwardness, Shu Shuya’s pity could not be put on. The moment’s embarrassment really exposed his mind. As Meng Yu said, he just wanted to see Meng Yu’s ugliness and wanted to see Meng. It’s ugly.

However, it is an illegitimate child, and he has a shackle, and he has the face of today, otherwise he is in front of him.

"Shu Ya squats!" 晏 Frame Bo suddenly opened, 晏 Shuya and 晏睦 脊 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 都 脊 脊 脊 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚What is the face of F in the future?

"Dad, Shuya is young and ignorant, he will remember."

Linda said to the framer Bo, and looked at Meng Hao, "I will pay you not for him."

She was one year younger than she was, and she was born in the year of 19, and she is now 36 years old. She is very well maintained, and she is not bad with her newly graduated college students.

At this time, her face was not very good, obviously did not expect that the frame fair would be so concerned about Meng Hao, actually to the point of asking him to kneel.

Meng Hao did not respond. He was taken with a belt, and he turned around and couldn't see everyone. He looked up and looked at him.

He can't talk,

I said that I haven’t solved the problem for a long time, and I’ve got a few words to get it.

"There is no need to pay for it. It’s just that Shuya’s temper is that you have to take care of it. If you are wrong, you will be wrong. You will also push the responsibility to Mingya... I don’t have the style of such a villain."

He said that his eyes fell on Linda, and Shu Shuya’s sect, this Linda had to bear the main responsibility, but he looked at her, and it was not this.

"Home anger, I will be well disciplined," 晏 frame Bo slightly bent over and squatted, the posture is extremely low, so that everyone inside the stunned, but this is the rules of the 晏, 嫡The power of the owner is not as simple as it is on the surface.

"The big man is very polite," the face was still cold, not even going to help, he nodded, then took Meng's waist and turned and walked outward.

晏 Frame Bo gave Ming Mingya a look, he rushed to keep up.

They did not return to the room of this family, but directly out the door, there is a car waiting in front of the door.

He and Meng Hao got on the bus, and the window shook again. Meng Hao’s face appeared in front of him, and Ming Mingya stopped the step back.

"He is a bit bad, don't tell the truth. If you are bullied, don't hold back. If you can beat it, you can call it back. If you can't fight, tell him, he will help you learn."

When Meng Yu’s words were finished, he was pulled back and the voice of the cricket came."You didn't make a mistake when you were a little girl. If you have something, just call me or call me."

Yan Mingya smiled too seriously on his face, and he squatted. "Thank you, uncle, thank you Xiaoxi."

He stepped back and the car started and disappeared at the intersection.

If today is not a monk and a monk, he may have to fall into the fame of his brother and classmates.

What made him sad was not the incident itself, but the embarrassing reaction. This is the uncle who once liked him so much, the uncle who is so good to him... It is not his own son, it is not the same.

Perhaps the only person who really does not have a correct attitude is himself.

Looking at the street where there is no movement, he slowly turned around, but fortunately, there was no change, and there was another slut who was straightforward and lovely. He also had parents and grandfathers. He did not care that he would be degraded by Shu Shuya. .

In the car, Meng Hao leaned on his shoulder and no longer thought about the banquet. "Where are we going now?"

"Hotel," 晏睢 晏睢 吻 在 在 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟

"Okay," Meng said, grabbing his hand and touching it on his lips, and then continued to lie in his arms.

The manual movement of the cockroach, and then picked up Meng Xiao’s little belly, Meng Hao looked up and looked at it. He seemed to have the color of thinking. He indulged in a moment and continued to endure the feeling of itching. Living.

The family of the F country and Meng Yu are not unable to live. They are not in the capital of the F country. There is no place to go. However, before the dinner, he received a call from a friend here. He will return to the F country tomorrow and invite him. Dinner with Meng Hao, and arranged the hotel suite by the way.

The hotel is very close to various attractions, and he has arranged a special driver to pick up and drop off, so he is not polite with him.

Arriving at the hotel, it was already ten o'clock in the night. Soon after, when Meng Xi was sleeping on weekdays, he yawned and grabbed the towel that he had sorted out and went to the bathroom.

He came out of the bathroom and sat back to him. He was watching the computer. More precisely, he was driving a computer, looking out the window, thinking about something, starting from the party, what seemed to be there. I have been pondering, and I don’t know if it’s finished.

Meng Meng stepped lightly, walked behind him, and hugged his neck again.

As early as Meng Lan approached, he saw him in the mirror of the window. He raised his hand and did not touch Meng Hao’s face. Meng’s lips were printed on his cheek, very small. The small voice, "啾啾" listens to people's hearts.

When he was close enough, he murmured, "What are you looking at?"

Meng Hao glanced at it, but it was still the mail that he showed him that day, but it was not a part of the text, but a photo.

"She is Yu Meizhen?"

Yu Meizhen was not in the second semester of the second semester. On the computer, she was a photo of her entrance to school. She was plain, handsome and green.

Can you look at her photos and think about it because of it?

"Well," he said, holding Meng's hand around his neck. "Don't you think this photo is familiar?"Meng Hao heard the words and looked at the photos seriously. After a while, he wondered, "Wang Shuya's mother?"

If it is not a reminder, Meng Hao will not connect the two people. It is really too much change from the photos, and the appearance is the same.

"That Shuya he..."

He nodded. "It won't be so coincidental. It's quite old, I will let people check it again." But basically it can be determined.

Shu Shuya is the illegitimate child that Meng Jia is looking for. He did not die, but was taken abroad by Yu Meizhen, who is now Linda. She was in love with Meng Yide, and she was full of storms, but in the end she was pregnant with a child, and she also abandoned and took it back.

The information said that two months died, but the child Shu Shuya is now living well, it may be that time is too long to remember, or perhaps Yu Meizhen deliberately let people say so.

Meng took pictures, and there was a little bit of a taste in his heart. "His luck is good, there are mothers who love him, fathers and other family members."

Shu Shuya may not feel that his previous days

How good it is, compared with Meng Hao, he is absolutely lucky.

He was not hungry to take medicine as a meal. He was not negated from a young age. He was not sent to a closed high school. He should not be called every day. He was not controlled by the Meng family. He could not help himself.

But I really want to blame them. It seems that there is nothing strange about it. At that time, Shu Shuya was also a child. Yu Meizhen was nothing in front of the Meng family. The initiator of the evil is Wu Fengjiao, or some of the Meng family.

"My luck has also improved, I have you." It seems that it is not so sad.

The side of the side came over and pulled Meng Hao a little, then kissed his lips, breathe and entangled, a little different temperature blending with each other, the tongue of the cockroach | head lingering between Meng Pu's lips and teeth, gentle With some power to appease people.

At the end of a kiss, the two men reached each other's forehead, and the breathing was only slightly unstable.

盖 Put the computer on, stand up, walk over, hold Meng Hao’s hand, and take him to the bed together.

Not yet completely walked to the bed, the two people kissed each other again, not with a soothing kiss on the sofa, but as the fire was burning, the heat was so hot that they would burn together with each other.

The two kissed each other, and then fell back together on the bed, and the kiss was not over.

The sly hand is interspersed in Meng Yurou|soft hair, the feeling of distress is once again flooding, he rarely hurts like this, it is his own experience, it is also numb, and it can be a matter of Shang Meng. Child, he is like this, uncontrollable distress.

"What are you thinking?"

Meng Yu said that the ups and downs of the chest have not slowed down. He raised his face and said, "Be careful."

Kissing should be focused, do | love is also to concentrate.

"Good, concentrate."

The fall of the cockroaches fell again. From Meng's forehead down, he could kiss all the skin and touch his lips. The two men kissed each other fiercely.

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