Chapter 27

Chapter 27

晏睢 and Meng Hao came out of the room,

He Wei has left,

Even if she is clear, it’s not the kind of person who will say something to fool her.

She still has to go to the evidence to be true.

I believe that you really know Meng Hao in less than ten days.

He transferred the 10% of the shares to him.

There is no hidden meaning in the original.

He Yan quickly made people clear the beginning and the end of the matter.

That 10% is not all transferred from the name of the nickname.

Four percent of them bought their own money from some investors and their families.

He personally made up for 10% of the shares of the company, and the identity of the third major shareholder of the company.

He Yan’s actions, plus this kind of thing, are very easy to spread.

The fact that he gave him a 10% stake in his future wife was quickly known to everyone in Haicheng.

In the past, everyone was stunned or optimistic about the position of the wife of the family, because it was because of the shackles.

They believe that this marriage can bring more benefits to each other,

But I would never have thought that there would be such a big handwriting, those who were originally blind to Meng,

At this moment, the heart is bleeding.

Among them, Sujia is the most

I used to be a little bit worse.

Suss Yu became his wife.

If there is no Sousse feather obstruction,

He Wei suddenly changed his mind,

How can this position not turn to Meng Meng of the Meng family.

He took Meng Meng first to eat something at home, and took the rhubarb to the grass field for a half-way, then they set off for the residence of Meng Xuede Han Xuejun.

Arrival at the banquet,

Time has passed eight o'clock,

They are not too early, but not too late.

I first came out of the car, and the gaze from far away was concentrated. No matter how old I laughed and laughed, I smiled at the moment, but it was not a smile that was too flattering, but an elegant and almost formulaic smile. .

However, his gaze was not swept to anyone. He pulled another person from the car sideways, a young man who was too beautiful.

When the door was closed, he couldn’t let go of the hand of his side, so he took him and went inside.

In this way, the identity of the person on his side is also well guessed. It must be the illegitimate child of the Meng family, who is less than Meng Meng, who will take back the family. But beyond that, he has a more important identity.妻子 The wife who is about to pass the door.

The first thing that was greeted was the Mengmeng Mengbo brothers who were sent to the banquet's living room. They were responsible for receiving the guests. They saw their eyes straight for a while and their faces raised their smiles.

"Hey brother and Meng Hao are coming, come on, my mom, my dad has been chanting you for a long time."

Meng Qi did not enter the circle of hustle and bustle, not to mention their brothers. In the past, they saw swearing, and they didn’t even have the qualification to say hello. Now because of Meng Yi’s side, he is closer than the average person. of."Yeah, yeah," Meng Jiang spoke first, and Meng Bo gave it a reconciliation. He glanced at Meng Hao, and he did not move his eyes, but he wanted Meng to give them help. However, Meng Hao still took the embarrassment. The hand, even the greeting did not hit, help the cold is even more impossible.

Looking at Meng Hao sideways, it seems that there is no interest in talking to their brothers. The scene suddenly collapsed.

At this time, Wang Feng, who was behind a few steps, handed it to Meng Jiang with a gift box. "This is a birthday present for Mrs. Han San, the wife of our family and the owner."

"Hey brother is very polite."

Meng Jiang, who didn’t get a face from Meng and Meng, was naturally awkward, but he still had to smile and accept the gift.

Meng Jiang continued to talk to Wang Feng, but he talked with Meng Yu about the whisper, the volume is limited to Meng Hao can hear, but it is not a whisper.

“Come here for the first time?”

"Well," Meng Hao nodded. For the rest of his life, this was indeed the first time he stepped into the house where his father lived. As expected, he didn't feel anything. He looked around in a circle, maliciously curious. His eyes gained a dozen, and he didn't feel anything, and these were more because he was standing on his side and he felt safe.

"There is no big family here, nor is it good for us."

Meng Hao did not have much research on the decoration design. He felt that the house was good, purely because of jealousy. He felt that wherever he was, he naturally included his former home and now their home.

The rumored hook hooked the corner of the mouth, and the other hand that had not been held up was lifted up, licking Meng Meng’s hair, and then gently "hmm", he continued.

"When I saw people, let's go home soon."

"Well," Meng Yuwen said that he should be good, and he has not left his hand.

"Where is Mrs. Han San?" A little bit reluctantly took back his hand, and he looked at Meng Bo, who looked a little gloomy.

Meng Bo’s eyes first looked at Meng Xi’s eyes, and then he looked at him. His look was a little bit cautious and flattering. “Parents are upstairs, the servants are going to inform, or I will lead you to see them? ”

"No, just wait for them to come down."

His gaze swept over Meng Bo, leaving his heart cool and cold, as if he had seen all the thoughts in his heart, including his sudden and intense thoughts.

When he looked at him, Meng Hao was watching. He browed his brow and the other hand clenched his fist and released it again. When he saw the Meng family, he always refused to produce the idea of ​​playing one. They Look at his eyes, hate, look annoying.

I am, I am not fighting.

Meng Yimo read it several times, and at the same time he grasped his hand and grasped it even tighter.

Han Xuejun and Meng Yide did not have to go downstairs to talk to the second floor room, in fact, because of Meng Hao.

The news of the transfer of the shares of the company to Meng Hao has been passed to their ears. Meng Hao not only plays a very important role in the family, but also returns to the Meng family. Even if they are his nominal father and mother, they will be slow. .This is the embarrassment that the father personally called them, and it is not a warning.

It’s hard to tell people about the creation of human beings. Meng Meng’s original use of Meng’s family was just waste utilization. The cats ran into dead mice, and the dog was taken away, so that he was so fancy, but he did not expect this luck to make him look at him. It is.

What do you think about, what special calculations are, that is, Meng’s father can’t decide, but one thing that you can understand is that Meng Hao has gone from an insignificant marriage piece to two or even any family in Haicheng. People.

"What are you worried about? I don't think Meng Hao has that mind." Meng Yide looked at Han Xuejun, and he was slightly impatient in his look.

He and even the old man of Meng feel that Meng Hao’s beloved like Meng’s family is a good thing. Han Xuejun is not here to meet, so he is like an enemy, pulling him to discuss here, he feels unnecessary, at the same time, gradually Impatient.

"Mind..." Han Xuejun said with a sneer, seemingly mocking Meng Yide's childishness. "He can do this for him in such a short time. You said he didn't have this mind?"

"I see... you were fooled by him."

What you said by Han Xuejun refers to Meng Yide, Meng Yigui and their mother Li Yifei.

"Is it a big fool, is it a pig?" Han Xuejun didn't smile on her face. She continued. "Do you think about how your Meng family has been to him in these years, and that his heart will be facing you? He does not use the gang. His revenge on the Meng family is not bad."

The impatience of Meng Yide’s face dissipated, his brows began to rise, and his look followed. As Han Xuejun said, it is not without such a possibility. The two houses and Meng Yu are really not close to each other. Meng Jia has not many virtues in him.

Han Xuejun looked at his face and showed some ironic look. The three illegitimate daughters that Meng Yide got out did not think that there was any one that was fuel-efficient. Of course, this Meng Meng also looked at her.

"Hey," knocking on the door, Han Xuejun and Meng Yide were both subconsciously seated, Meng Yide said, "come in."

A maid came in and whispered, "Mr., my wife, the three young masters told me to tell you that the seven young masters and the family members came."

Han Xuejun and Meng Yide looked at each other and slowly stood up, rationalized their clothes, and then went out together and went downstairs.

Meng Jiang Meng Bo is still accompanying Meng Mengyu, but in fact only Wang Feng is talking to them, and Meng and Meng Yu occasionally whisper a few words to each other, and the two people will be scored outside.

Both Meng Jiang and Meng Bo have no face to face, Meng Meng and Meng Hao will not be foolish to come together, let people be left out.

However, Meng Yide and Han Xuejun came, Meng Meng and Meng Yu came together, and it is clear that they are still very good at the embarrassment.

"Dad, Mom." Meng Hao screamed at the man, and then he closed his mouth.

"It’s good to come. I originally wanted your dad to call you again."

Han Xuejun smiled and first set up a conversation with Meng Hao. At the same time, she came up and seemed to want to pull a hand of Meng Meng, but she was avoided without exception. More precisely, she was Meng Hao avoided.So Han Xuejun just wants to attack and dare not attack, smiles fade, his eyes sweeping Meng Yu, seems to want to see him inside and outside.

He and Meng Yide have two sentences, and Han Xuejun has nothing to say. Han Xuejun has a face in the Meng family. He can be nothing in front of him. He talks with Meng Yide, and more is also in Meng Yu. On the face.

Meng Hao occasionally looked at the eyes of Han Xuejun and others, and felt a little more uncomfortable in his heart, but he licked his lips and tried not to show this discomfort, but no doubt he was sure that he did not like them, even if they There was no cynicism at this time, and even the words were unconsciously flattering, but he still did not like it.

He has been miserable in his life. He has to bear some of his responsibilities. He also has a Meng family who is the initiator. But it is said that Meng Hao hates them so much, but he does not. They are not enough to hate people, but hate one for Meng Yu. People are a very tiring and laborious thing. When they arrive in this world, they don't want to spend more of their thoughts on them.

There are a lot of guests, Han Hanjun and Meng Yide are not likely to turn around them all the time. After some chills, they will spread out.

Meng Hao still has wooden boards and bandages on his hands. He has cast a sly look at Meng Hao several times. Meng Hao has not received it. He is too stunned. He and many people can’t figure it out. It looks like a boring person. How can I let you do this for him?

When those people left, Meng Hao sighed with a sigh of relief. He looked at him carefully and then he said, "You are too recruiting."

Tonight, even more than the kind eyes, what makes Meng Xi pay attention to those sly eyes, one by one is like eating his flesh, it is terrible, his embarrassment is absolutely Do not give anyone "eat".

The smile in the rumor is more intense, he

The thumb gently rubbed the back of Meng's hand, using the same distressed tone, "What can I do?"

Meng Yan heard his eyes blinking, his footsteps moved closer to a little bit, and he tipped his toes and whispered in his ear. "It doesn't matter to you, it's not good for you, you are married to me."

“Would you like to show them our marriage certificate?” Meng’s gaze swept away, and all eyes were straight. He immediately denied this method. “They are expected to tear up our marriage certificate. This is not enough."

"It’s so annoying, you are my own..."

Meng Hao continued to complain, but he couldn't help but smile. He smiled from the corner of his mouth to the corner of his eye. He was very extreme. He licked Meng's hair. "Don't worry, they don't dare."

They are in front of him, there is no such thing as Meng Hao, who dares to say that he is completely unaffected by his gas field. More importantly, he is sure that he will not be taken away by people other than Meng Hao.

Meng Hao turned his eyes and thought for a while, then nodded.

"Maybe, I should be better, so I can help you get along."

Everything depends on him, he will also work hard, he is also a man, has been hiding under his wings, is it too useless?I still have nothing to say, Meng Hao himself shook his head again. "No, I didn't use it, it didn't change."

Others may be able to get better, but only how hard he works is useless.

He sighed softly and took Meng Hao out. The eyes of the people followed all the way until their figures disappeared completely, and those eyes were taken back.

And he finally found a place where he could quietly and Meng Yu said for a while.

"You fight very badly, how can it be useless? You will take care of rhubarb and hairballs. How can it be useless? You are honest and simple, sincere and brave, Meng Hao is very good. In my eyes, you are better than anyone."

I thought that Meng Hao’s situation today is more affected by the Meng family. He was delayed by Meng Meng. There is no problem with principle. He is very good. He said it better than him. Still better.

Meng Hao looked up and looked at her, his eyes widened, but gradually, his eyelashes were wet.

"Hey, you really didn't feel wrong, I am not good, I have always been useless."

All his efforts are very laborious. The average person thinks that the simple ones, he has to spend ten times or even more times to learn, and said that diligence can make up, but he thinks his "拙" is difficult to make up.

"No, I don't feel wrong," he raised his hand and stroked Meng's cheek. His fingertips wiped gently, and wiped out Meng Min's eyelashes, which made him feel distressed.

Meng rubbed his eyes, his toes squinted again, kissed his lips, kissed him gently, and heeled, and he gently leaned into his arms. "I believe in you."

He was very clear-headed, and he liked him. He felt that he was good. In the eyes of outsiders, he was still not good enough, and he still couldn't be worthy of jealousy. But what is the relationship? He only needs to think that he is good.

"You said that I am good, I will be fine." In addition, he also wants to be a little better than himself, so that he can like him more.

Embarrassed with Meng Hao, the tone is gentler than ever. "We have a lifetime of time, come slowly, don't worry."

"Well," Meng said, and his hands were more crowded.

For a lifetime, this word is really nice, he likes it!

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