Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Meng Hao’s "really good",

Not a mantra,

He never said to anyone other than you,

He really feels good.

He is so stupid,

It can be said that it is nothing.

But after I know it,

Still willing to marry him,

He also brought him out of Meng’s home earlier, the first to hug, the first to kiss,

The first time I was sick, I was taken care of...

His thinking is too rigid, his words are too poor, except for "really good,"

He couldn't think of other words to express his gratitude.

晏睢 pat the hand of Meng’s back,

Slowly moved to his neck, and then his cheek.

Meng Yu’s confrontation and confrontation,

Too clean,

Let his emotions be at a glance.

晏睢 Slowly approaching,

First kissed Meng Meng’s lips.

Slowly moving up again,

Kissed his eyebrows again.

"You have to remember,

I should be good to you. ”

This sentence is only for Meng Yu, not for the person in his wife's position. This is clearly clear.

Good for one person,

Responsible for one person is different,

Meng Hao was different from him at the beginning, but it was not obvious. He was really sure now.

Meng Meng's eyelashes and trembles, all kinds of emotions continue to ferment in the sputum, he looked at the cockroaches with a good eye, after a long time, he solemnly nodded.

He has been told that nothing is right, but he always tells him that he should eat well and sleep well. He should be good to him.

He doesn't know who is right or wrong, and he doesn't need to know. He only knows that he likes to talk to him like this, so he is jealous of him.

Of course, he feels that this "should" be mutual. In the future, he will also be good at it and take it for granted.

"Oh, it’s great to marry you."

Meng Qi’s mouth twitched, revealing an unconscious confusing smile. When he was stunned, he was approaching again, his arm would be smashed onto the back of the sofa, and the two legs were skillful to protect the body instinct. Reaction.

"do not move."

Meng Hao seriously said that he did not move.

He successfully suppressed the person and explained his behavior. "We are not fighting, I am going to kiss you."

Seeing that there is still no resistance, Meng Yan’s face was carefully put away, and he did not hesitate. He sent his own lips.

The monk looks very cold, but his lips are not cold, warm and hot, very comfortable.

Meng Yuke made the tension brought by the rapid heartbeat, clumsily and intently kissed. After a moment of twirling between the lips, he sneaked his tongue and tried a deeper kiss. His kiss and his character were somewhat like It turned into enthusiasm and calmness.

I decided that I didn't refuse, and I decided that I liked each other like this. He started his first over-concentration and hooked the deep kiss.

The beauty is too sudden, and Meng’s reaction is too unexpected. He can’t rise to the heart of rebellion. He is pressed on the sofa. This is the first time, but the person who kisses him is Meng Hao. He is very sure that he is willing to come several times.Enthusiastically provoked by Meng Yi, the hands of each other trembled, and the hands holding each other continued to tighten. Meng Hao finally sat on his knees in the end, and exchanged a lingering and sloppy posture in this upper position. Warm kiss, long afterglow.

For a long time, after I found my breath, I couldn’t help but laugh out, and then gently snorted, with Mengzi as the leading kiss. The heat was also a bit tragic, and my lips were bitten. It is.

"Broken, broken..." Meng Yan's eyes widened and the broken wound on his lips. He leaned closer and blew it up gently. "Call, call... hurt?"

"I am too stupid, I have bitten you..." And he didn't notice the moment he bite. His sorrowful mood, shyness was thrown behind his head, and he continued to "hwoke" to blow his breath.

Looking at Meng Hao, the smile on his face still couldn’t be put away. He shook his head gently. “No pain.”

He said that he would hold people again, and he whispered after a long time. "I am very happy."

This kind of emotion can not help but want to smile happy.

Meng Yu’s heart scatters a little. He recalls the kiss below. He is blushing and he is trying to master some experience. He promised, “I will be careful in the future.”

He hooked his lips and whispered "Good." Meng Yu's temptation to take the initiative to kiss, can not refuse.

A kiss dispelled the haze brought by Meng Yu’s sleep, and it made the mood of this afternoon even better. The efficiency of handling the incident was very high. The people in the office came up and took another call. Wang Feng sent in some documents and sent them out better.

And Meng Hao has been sitting on the sofa, playing games for a while, eating some fruit cakes, looking at him without affecting the embarrassment, and then touching their marriage certificate, this day is as complete for Meng Hao. .

Five o'clock did not arrive, I closed the computer, and then I sorted out the desk, and I got up and went to the sofa where Meng was waiting.

"Time is almost up, let's go home."

Meng Hao looked at him with a glance, put the tablet on the table, and put his right hand on the palm of his hand, hands clasped, two people could not help but reveal a little


"Well," Meng said, and his eyes couldn't help but linger on the lips.

In fact, he couldn’t help but care. This afternoon, I don’t know how many people were scared. Even with Meng’s surprise, he dared to say that he dared to leave traces. No one believed that it was not intentional. This is a swaying declaration of sovereignty.

After picking up Gu Lan’s call, let Wang Feng release his words. He brought Meng Xi, the wife he had already received.

As for the reaction of the people who heard the news, it is not that they need to think about it. What they think will not affect him and Meng Hao for the time being.

In the eyes of many people who couldn’t help but be curious, he left the Qi’s building. This is the first time since he took over the house, he got off work before 6 pm for no special reason. This is the workaholic will become The rhythm of the home man.Wang Feng did not follow. Zhao Bing, who was driving seriously in the front seat. After getting on the bus, Meng Hao was not fully seated. He was pulled over. He touched Meng Hao’s forehead and looked at him carefully. "Do you feel tired?"

Meng Hao gently shook his head. "I am not tired, you are tired. It is too hard for you to raise me."

On this day, Meng Xi is counted as a daily work of seeing awkward work, people who can't finish, things that can't be done, call, answer the phone, watch the computer, and his president can't be idle.

晏睢 晏睢 , , , , , , , , , , , , 养 养 养 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟

Meng Hao gently shook his head, looking at the dawn of the sly and his serious tone. "Working hard, I have seen it."

When I was young, I was firmly in control of the whole family. It was impossible to do some hard work. He himself felt that these hard work should be taken care of, but Meng Min’s tone was so difficult to make his heart feel clear.

Meng Hao, this is... I am distressed by him. This feeling is very special and very good.

"I'm too bad... I can't do anything but fight for you, and everything else can't be done well." It was the scent of his last life, and it was useless in his wife's position, but he still didn't want to give up this position. Not only for marrying, but also for embarrassment.

Now, he wants to marry him. No, he has already married him, which is good.

Meng Hao’s voice is lowered, and his look is a little more serious than before. “However, I will stay with you, as long as you want me, I will stay with you forever.”

It is the promise of Meng Yu Xu to give up, and he is not sure that he needs it, but this is all he has given.

He looked at Meng Hao seriously, with a bit of fierceness and scrutiny in the middle, some scary, Meng Hao felt it, still looking at him, and when he couldn’t help but start to lose, he He got his jaw and gently kissed him on his lips, like a stamp, he should.

"it is good."

Regardless of whether Meng Yu knows what he is saying in his own words, he has taken this as a real thing, and he has not turned back to take it seriously.

"Well," the mind was accepted, and Meng Hao couldn't help but smile. He sat up straight and patted his shoulder. "You rely on me, I can give it to you."

Meng Hao’s height is not as good as his height, and his shoulders are naturally not as broad as his, but he looks at people sincerely, but he is not so good to refuse. He is still hesitating, and Meng Hao will reach out to his head. Press on his shoulder.

"You take a break and come home, I will tell you."

Meng Hao decided to be good, not to talk about it, but to study hard and put it into practice.

Of course, what makes you laugh and cry is that the arrogance that Meng Hao occasionally reveals is not cute. For example, at this moment, although he feels awkward, he still chose obedience because of Meng’s lovely hegemony.

He leaned on Meng's slightly awkward shoulders, playing with his fingers, and his mouth slowly smirked, and his mood was unprecedented.At first, he was obedient to Meng Xi, because he was different from others' sincerity and calmness, but now he really liked it. He liked it a little more than yesterday.

Zhao Bing, who drove in the front seat, exhausted the professionalism of driving for more than ten years, and did not let him have some abnormal car skills, affecting the two in the back seat.

Whether it is Meng Hao or Yi, their relatives are too unexpected, but there is no denying that the atmosphere between them is very beautiful and enviable.

The car stopped in front of the house, Meng Meng carefully raised the cockroach, watching him still close his eyes, he hesitated, but he intended to go directly back, and he felt the intention, slowly open his eyes It is.

"If you are still sleepy, I will go back to you, I am very strong."

On that day, he was shackled within five strokes. Part of the reason was that he didn't have enough time during that time, didn't sleep well, and he was in good shape at the moment. He consciously recited a little problem.

He thought about adding another sentence, "This is at home, it doesn't matter."

On the outside occasion, in front of outsiders, his reciting seems to be not very good-looking, but this is in their home, what does it matter?

He smiled and took advantage of Meng Hao and kissed his cheek. It was a painstaking reward for Meng Hao.

"What do I do with me? I am not sick, I don't have to carry it."

When Meng Min thought about it and thought about it, he slowly nodded, and at the same time he was somewhat lost. He finally found a place that could be good.

His loss came quickly and went fast. After being taken off the car, his mood returned to clarity. They went every day.

Every day, he will definitely find other good places.

He also knows some measure, and the good premise for him is that he can't make unnecessary trouble because he is too stupid.

Meng Hao is an absolute genius in the regulation of fragrance. In addition to this, he has been forced to practice fighting skills since childhood. In other respects, he is more mediocre than a little bit, and even his mind has been affected, not like a child. It’s not like that, but it’s hard to be as thoughtful as an adult, but it’s more in line with his current age.

His gloom, his ignorance is the protection of his shortcomings, precisely because he is open to the heart, he is exposed without any scruples, in the process, if there is any malicious or inappropriate move Meng Meng is afraid that he will re-enter his turtle shell.

The process of his and her work was unexpectedly smooth. The two men came together hand in hand, as if they were in the car, Meng Hao said in the morning, he is very good with the cockroach, looks and looks on the gas field. Agreeable.

The things that everyone can see at a glance, He Yan will not be able to see it. She stood at the door of the door of the old house, and the smile on her face as they approached, a little bit scattered.

To be precise, she waited for Meng Hao to wait a day.

She arrived at the Meng family in the morning, and I learned from Feng Zejiao that Meng Hao was taken to the old house yesterday. She came to the old house and learned that she took the person away. Soon she will I got the news, so I brought people to the company.After the whole day, I just brought people back, and I still hold hands like this. I am brought back with a sentimental appearance. Obviously, the stupid Meng Hao has been fascinated by his son who is a little subtle.

But what does it matter? Some people are stupid, but they can't be smart when they say a few sweet words, and silly people start crazy and make jokes. Then there is no scruples, then it looks good.

He Yan saw Yan and Meng Hao from afar, and he saw her. The gentleness on his face gradually dissipated, but the hand holding Meng Hao still did not let go.

"You are here." He gently decapitated He Hao and then looked at Meng Hao. "This is my mother."

"This is Meng Hao."

He Wei smiled and didn't speak. Meng Hao stood up straight and shouted, "Mom!"

I found myself too nervous, the volume was a bit too big, and he pressed down again, "Hello."

Before and after this sentence, the volume difference is too big. He did not know Meng Meng’s thoughts for a while. He saw whether she was passionate or not enthusiastic.

"Okay, okay, come in quickly," He Yan’s stiff smile on his face, softened again, she leaned sideways, and then she not only softened her voice, but also looked at Meng’s gaze. in this way.

"What did you do with you?"

Meng Yiwen did not answer immediately. He looked at him with a squint and saw him gently beheaded. He told He Wei what he said.

"We have gotten the marriage and got married."

He said that he did not take out his marriage certificate in his arms. He looked at He Yan’s eyes with some doubts.

He Yan is laughing, but it is a smirk, and he is also smirking at his family. She definitely doesn't like them. She just doesn't like him. It's easy to understand. He is not natural, but why is she? I don't like it, he is so good.

"Oh... oh?" He Yan’s tone was directly raised, and the smile was still there, but even the gentleness of the strong clothes was gone. She looked at the sly, and the anger in the light was more than amazed, and some things that had been hidden. I almost couldn’t stand it.

"The marriage period is fixed, and the sooner the better, the better." He explained that he didn't want to say more. He looked at Xiaobo in the corner of the living room. "Pive for ten minutes."

"Yes," Xiao Bo whispered and turned to the kitchen.

He took back his gaze and looked at He Wei, who was slightly dysfunctional. He said again, "We went back to the room and changed clothes."

Meng Hao followed him and nodded to He Hao, and was then taken up to the house.

He’s burning eyes followed them until they closed the door, and she took her eyes back, then sat on the sofa and bowed her head.

Meng Hao changed his clothes, looked at his room and his room, and finally chose to put their marriage certificate in the bedside table. The reason is very simple. He wants to look at it from time to time, and he is sure that he is still there, or else He is not at ease in hiding.

Looking at the appearance of Meng Yu’s breath, he couldn’t help but hooked his lips. He came over and licked Meng’s hair and whispered, “My relationship with her is not very good. What did she say to you? You don't need to care."The whispered tone of the plain statement, Meng Yi thought for a moment, reached out and hugged the waist and hugged, "I don't care, you don't care."

He doesn't know why, and he cares what she thinks about him. He really cares about it and will be hurt. It may be embarrassing.

晏睢 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 渟 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉 揉

Those who can really stab the heart are often not strangers, but your closest relatives.

It’s cold in the blink of an eye. “I didn’t care.”

"Well," Meng said, and looked up again. He nodded. He agreed with the truth. "Yes, let's not care."

The sly hand moved to his own back, holding Meng Hao's hand, then pulling him up and going downstairs.

Some things don’t care, but he can’t care, even though the results of the thorough investigation have not been returned.

Come, but he understands how Meng Min can become such a sensitive injury. How can it be normal? Some people don't care, but they can't forgive.

They came downstairs, and Shaw’s mother took the servant to set the dishes, and He Wei was seated.

Meng Hao’s eyes swept away, and both Xiao Bo and Wang Ma shook his head gently. He thought for a while and understood what they meant.

It must have been too restrictive to eat with my mother, and they are not fragrant. They are not willing, and this is good.

This kind of restraint is not only in the brother of Xiao Bo, but also in the body. Of course, he is not restrained, called indifference, unconsciously indifferent.

However, Meng Hao knows the most about what it feels like to be hungry. He can't bear to let her be hungry because of her restraint.

After going to the dinner table, he worked hard to eat, and he also tried to give food to the dishes.

"You are so hard every day, you have to eat more."

"Well," he said, and then he ate the dishes that Meng Hao had given him.

Meng Hao’s gaze swept to the opposite side, her eyes were also swept away. When the two men were right, when he thought he would mean what to say, Meng Hao bowed his head and ate a meal, the speed of eating. Significantly speed up, the same is true for the speed of picking vegetables.

He Yan’s eyes were cold and cold, and before he was completely “cold” by her gaze, he and he still tried to eat as much as possible.

In the eyes of He Wei’s astonishment, Meng Hao quickly ate three bowls of rice, and many dishes that he gave him. Under his influence, he also accompanied a bowl of more food. It seems that the appetite is better than in the past. Better.

Originally, he wouldn’t have any appetite for He Wei, but Meng Hao was on the side. He didn’t feel that he put most of his attention on him. Any reaction and action in his eyes was lovely in his eyes. It’s natural to be so good, and the appetite is good.

After they finished eating, He Wei and half a bowl of rice did not finish, but she did not want to eat.

Meng Hao hesitated for a while, still spoke. "How do you have leftovers? This is not good, you still have to finish it."He Wei, who had no appetite, was told by Meng Yu that she didn’t want to eat any more. Her chopsticks were pulled in the bowl and placed on the table. She looked at Meng Hao and smiled at her mouth. It was cold before.

"What are you talking about? This is at home, I can't eat, is it not good enough?"

Meng Hao was not scared by He Wei, he thought about it, his look was as serious.

“A lot of teachers say no, they didn’t tell you?”

He Yu silently silent, Meng Yu only when she defaulted, he looked at him with a sigh. "Let's raise a puppy or a kitten in the future, so that you are not afraid of leftovers." It’s too difficult to do this, it’s just that.

He smiled softly and said "good."

Meng Hao nodded, but he remembered some cats, dogs and dogs on the university campus. He liked these kittens and dogs together when he was with others. He also thought that they knew him better. Now there are still 晏Hey.

“There is a pet shelter near our home, and we can go and see it later.”

"Okay," Meng said that his eyes were brighter. He used to want to raise a cat or a dog, but he didn't even have his own home. How to give them a home?

But now it is different. He has a flaw. He has a family.

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