Chapter 21

Chapter 21

晏睢 眸 眸 seriously looked at Meng Hao,

Let go of Meng Hao’s hand and let go.

One more bed,

In the opposite direction, Meng Hao back pressure | on the bed.

And Meng Hao’s burning eyes are also slightly lower.

He rethinks whether there is something wrong with his words and actions.

No, it should be said,

He rarely does anything right,

It’s just that he has long been accustomed to his own state of being wrong and doing wrong, and he’s not in touch with him, obviously not yet.

"This is not ok,

right. ”

His right hand touched Meng Hao’s cheek and gently rubbed it, and the two fingers fell to his jaw.

Lift it up slightly,

Meng Shuo’s dawn followed up, and the two men looked at each other again.

"Meng Hao, do you really know what these words mean?"

Originally, I believe in my own self-control.

But how long does this last?

His homemade ones are in front of Meng Pu,

It has become a joke.

Meng Hao also took the temptation of the young man’s heart.

He can't follow this,

He has to be responsible for their lives.

Meng Hao nodded without hesitation,

"You hold me, I also hold you." What else can this mean?

He also fixed Meng Meng for a long time, but he knew that it was obvious that he thought more at the moment.

Meng Hao’s investment,

It’s really just a hug.

He sat up and pulled Meng Meng up. He touched Meng Hao's hair. "Before you are sick, you want to hug and hold."

He added a sentence, "This is the privilege of the patient."

Meng Hao hesitated and nodded. He hugged these days. He obviously was not satisfied. However, when he came to Japan, he was very good. He would always be willing to give him more hugs.

This medicated diet is more concentrated than the drug in the evening. It is almost no different from traditional Chinese medicine. Meng Hao did not drink frown and even drank two bowls. This shouted, "The meat is too little."

"When you are good, you can eat more."

He took a pee and wiped Meng Yu’s mouth and took him to the bathroom. He simply washed it.

"You sleep first, I take a shower."

Meng Hao nodded and bowed his head and smelled himself. He has already taken a shower twice this time, and there is nothing wrong with him.

With this in mind, he walked confidently into the bed of the room, and later fell asleep. He must wash himself clean. He couldn’t let it be because he was unhygienic.

The cold water rushed down, and the thoughts of the cockroaches finally became clear. Meng Xi’s brain circuit is obviously the same with him, and most of them are not the same. The straightforwardness is straightforward, and there are many things that you don’t understand.

Sleeping is just sleeping, hugs are just hugs, and people who are really anxious to think more, become him.

He changed his pajamas to bed, Meng Hao opened his eyes, moved and moved to his arms, but he remembered his previous words, which exercised the privileges of his patients.

The side of the side of the side, leaving the bedside lamp and the darkest, and then continue to lie, he glanced at his furry head, reached out and hugged the person, patted his back. It seems like the monk is sleeping, "Sleep."This is the first time that I have been sleeping, and Meng Hao is also the same. His hand gently grips the corner of his clothes, and people are closer. He whispers, "Hey, if you think I said What are you doing wrong, you tell me, I will change it."

He is so stupid, that is, the change may not be changed, but he still wants to try harder.

The slap in the back of Meng Hao fell to his cheek, and opened his forehead, and a kiss fell. "You didn't make a mistake, you didn't make a mistake, don't think about it, you need to rest now. ""

"good night."

Meng Yan’s eyes slowly closed, and he didn’t squat on his clothes. He hugged his neck and his mouth twitched slightly. “You are right, I want to hurry up, then I am good to you.” Try to let you take the initiative to give him a sleep!

Didn't talk again, Meng Hao closed his eyes for a while, then fell asleep again.

I woke up several times this night. At two or three o'clock in the night, I decided that Meng Hao didn't have a fever again, and he only fell asleep.

This feeling is special for the monk, but it is a good thing for Meng Hao. At five o'clock, he woke up in time in his arms. On this night, he really did not have a nightmare. .

He didn't dare to move too much, so he looked at him with a sigh of relief and put his appearance in his mind over and over again. It was so beautiful, and wherever it looked good, Meng Hao definitely determined this.

After half an hour, the blink of an eye was moving, and it seemed to wake up. Meng Hao smiled and took his neck. The two people who were close were more intimate.

"Hey, you woke up."

"Well," he said, looking for Meng's forehead, and then he felt it again. If he did not burn, he would take it back.

There was some laziness in his voice. "You shouldn’t rush to run these days, wait for it, let's run together."

"Well, I listen to you," Meng stunned the scorpion, and found his body again. He held his face in both hands, and then a kiss fell to his forehead, "啾" with a little Hao Hao. Taste, he blinked and said, "Hey, good morning."

He gave him a good night kiss, he returned to him a good morning kiss, which is good.

His eyes are completely paralyzed

Open, everything around is still a little vague, only the clear and beautiful face of Meng Hao, he could not help but smile, "Good morning."

Under the active relatives of Meng Pu, the first morning they woke up and woke up in the morning, there was no embarrassment, no unnaturalness. In other words, the white head was as new as it was, and he thought that he and Meng Hao should Belong to the latter, born with a fate.

晏睢 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟 渟He felt that he was very beautiful, and he was more willing to laugh at the embarrassment that brought him.

The head of Meng Mengyu, "Wash it."

"Well," Meng Hao nodded, and then he climbed out of the bed, looked back and glanced, and he went to the bathroom.

And finally, I couldn’t help but touch the eyebrows that Meng Hao kissed, and there was a little helpless and smiling smile on his face. Then everything went with the flow.Today's weather is still not very good. I didn't go to the grassland to run. I went to the fitness room on the first floor. He ran for a while and taught Meng Hao to use these devices. Both of them had some sweat and washed again. In a bath, Meng Hao only wiped the body and changed clothes.

At seven o'clock, Wang Ma took a few maids and came up early, porridge, dumplings, and sandwiches.

Meng Hao does not bother to choose what to eat. He eats every one of his own. His appetite is too good. He can give Wang Ma a little nod. She thinks, if the old lady and her see such a wife, Just as happy as it is.

He has always accepted good for Meng Hao’s “eat a lot”. Now that he is ill, he is afraid that he can’t eat it, and he will dislike him for eating too much.

Not long after they had finished breakfast, the private doctor Li Wei arrived. He checked Meng Meng, who was obviously particularly cautious. He looked relaxed and relaxed. "As long as you don't have fever and cough, it won't hurt."

He looked at him and shouted, "Let's pay more attention these days, don't catch cold."

"Okay," he said.

Meng Hao turned his head to Li Weidao, "Thank you." So early in the morning, I came to my home. This thank you is right.

Li Xiao smiled. "Get money and do things."

"Right!" Li Wei said, holding two books from the medicine box and giving them a sigh. "You want, and the people you contact me, I have contacted you. If you want to see, I will call me first." a phone call."

"Okay," he nodded, and continued to talk to Li Wei. Li Wei left.

Meng Hao looked at him and whispered. "You are busy with your visit. The doctors say that I am fine. I don't care at home."

He thought again and again, "Go home early."

I heard the watch when I heard it, and came over to the side of Meng Yu’s side. Meng Meng was not clear, so people also came over.

He stared at him with wide eyes, his voice was fascinating, and it was incredible. "Do you miss me now?"

So come over before you leave, sit with him, hug him? I really like him so much.

Because of Meng's happiness, Meng's eyes tilted slightly, with some unconscious charm, and the original ambiguity that he wanted to refute, suddenly refuted nothing.

He just doesn't want to, and he will think about him later.

He gently grasped Meng Hao’s hand and stood up and pulled the person up.

"I am going out, but you have to go."

Meng Xi’s mental state is still good. They first went to the things that were not done yesterday, so that Meng Hao lived at home with peace of mind.

Meng Hao looked at the hand they were holding, gently nodded, his mouth twitched, his face raised his smile again, he didn't care what he wanted to take him out, but he was happy that they could be together, so that is to do Everything is ok.

"Okay." He should have.

Wang Ma, who was tidying up in the living room, was waiting for Xiaobo for a while.

These gentle and good talkers are rarely seen by them. In the past, when the old lady was in the old lady, there would be some embarrassing emotions, but it would not be as soft as it is.

It seems that their owner really likes the wife of the family.When they came down again, they changed into a daily black suit, and Meng Hao was a white suit.

晏睢 tall and tall, black deepens the deep and cold feeling, the body's gas field is more powerful, and Meng Hao is not short, but it is not really adult, especially the face is very tender, clean, look It’s like a bully rabbit, although it’s not the case at all.

Meng Hao is not very sensitive to the sight of others. He feels close to the side of his body. Yu Guang sweeps people and does not praise his own praise. "You wear it, it looks good."

It seems to be a special person, very powerful, it is good to see in Meng Yujue.

I have only heard the horrible, scary evaluation of this kind, and I can’t help but pick the eyebrows. He holds Meng’s hand and the words are simple. “You look good.”

Meng Hao returned to hold his hand, and when they had been on the bus, his cheeks gradually rose again, and he only praised him. He’s praised and praised by others. He listened to his heart’s warm, itchy, and very happy.

"I only have a good look, you look good all over."

"Cough and cough..." I still haven't reacted. Wang Feng, the secretary of Wang sitting in the co-pilot position, coughed up, all over the body? Did Meng Meng look at his boss all over the body? He not only wants to cough, but also makes up for the brain.

Meng Hao’s eyes swept away, only to notice that there was

Two people can hear him, but he is right, he coughs what to do.

"Driving," I have been able to adapt to the straightforward and scary attributes of Meng Yi. He looked at Meng Hao and lowered his head. His cheeks were still flushed. After thinking for a while, he knew that Meng Yu’s words were still not there. Extra meaning.

He really only has a good face. His hands and body are more or less left with some scars of fighting. Some will disappear, some will never disappear. Understand these things, you can’t be as fussed as Wang Feng. .

"He is Wang Feng, my secretary," he said, pointing to the black-faced man who drove the car. "He is Zhao Bing. If you want to go out where you want to go, call him."

"Okay," Meng Hao nodded.

He coveted his hand and took a look at his hand, but he didn't realize that he was wrong.

In the eyes of Mengjia and some people, he is that this face has some value and cannot be destroyed, otherwise his face may not be able to keep.

"Your hand looks good," Meng said again and again.

Meng Hao is looking at their hands, and he is also. He gently licks the scars of Meng Xi’s palms, as if they want to degenerate them. In the end, they just redden their hands, and those traces are still Can not be dispersed, that is, the traces on the hands are gone, and the things that have happened can not be changed.

Distressed together, he would no longer care about Wang Feng and Zhao Bing in front of him. He took Meng Hao into his arms. "You are right."

Meng Hao heard that they no longer studied their hands. He leaned on his shoulders and felt that he was not enough. He raised his face and licked his face.

His small movements were extremely fast, and he was helpless. Wang Feng and Zhao Bing could only be blind and blind.Wang Feng carefully sat down and straightened his body. He still felt that he had misunderstood yesterday, and he was not ethical. But this night, their relationship has progressed to see each other. Maybe, he did not misunderstand yesterday? Wang Feng pondered a bit, in the rearview mirror on the line of sight of the captain, he was cold all over the body, and did not dare to think more about it.

It’s not so cold, but it’s only when Meng Min is there. He is still awkward, and his method and heart are quite terrible.

At nine o'clock in the morning, they went to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. After they waited for four or five new couples, it was his turn and Meng Hao.

After so long, Meng Hao knew that he was taking him to do something. The moment he understood was like a cloud, and the clouds were in the fog.

"Are we coming to get married?"

"Yes," he told Meng Hao affirmatively, and he hooked his mouth. "Come to us."

Meng Hao took a deep breath and followed it up. The cherry-colored lips were squatting. The whole person was very focused. Of course, he couldn’t calm down in his heart. There was only one sentence in his mind that repeated the screen. He got married with him, got married, got married...

Fill in the forms, take photos, take the oath, and then get the marriage certificate that belongs to them. All the time is less than an hour.

Meng Hao holds his marriage certificate with him and he is like a stone with a heavy weight. He looks down and the emotions in his heart are stirring and stirring.

"Hey, we are really married."

He didn't use seven days to marry him. Now, they are legally recognized couples.

"Well," the emotions in my heart are not calm. I originally only wanted to make Meng Hao happy, but I came here personally. But when the program came down again, the feeling in his heart was different.

When they walked through a small corridor that was temporarily unoccupied, Meng Hao did not suppress his excitement any more. Before he bullied him, he would crush it. On the wall, he opened his eyes. "Hey, I am so happy." ”

He was crushed. First, he did not guess Meng Meng’s movements, and then he indulged.

Meng Hao said, holding his arms around his neck, he left and right to aim at it, then narrowed his eyes and sent his own lips.

Gently, there is no sound, but the soft and soft feeling stays on the cheeks.

Meng Hao stepped back and lowered his head to pull the hand and continued to walk out of the small corridor. However, he could not touch the hand of the beggar, and he was back pressed again.

"Well?" Meng Yu looked at him with a puzzled look. Then his eyes lit up and he raised his face. "You are happy too, you want to kiss me."

Meng Hao is so, and he still hasn't responded. The "sexual" blessings of the rest of his life should be worrying.

The sly hand gently lifted his cheek, and bowed his head and kissed his lips.

Meng Hao was a little surprised, why did he want to kiss here, but he still looked up and did not move. This kind of trust directly added a fire to his heart. He gently contained the lower lip of Meng Yu. When he was blasphemy, he rushed in.When the two people's tongues touched together, all the gentle moments disappeared, and the breathing was tight. In this small and narrow space, there seemed to be a fireworks, all the attentions were concentrated here, and any feelings were touched. They are all enlarged in mind.

The lips and tongues are honed, and the deeper the kiss, the deeper his self-confidence.

For the first time, Meng Hao was kissed by people. He was also the first to kiss people. Two minutes later, he suddenly let go of Meng Xi, and took people into his arms. He gasped and the strength of his enthusiasm increased. .

Meng Hao couldn't help but lick his lips and licked it again, but his hand was already on his waist and slowly ringed.

All the feelings tell him that although this kiss is sudden, it is not annoying at all.

晏睢 Adjust your breathing, this will let go of Meng Hao, see him red face looking at him, he gently

Smiled. "Let's go back."

"Okay," Meng Hao nodded.

Going out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Meng Hao looked back again. There are many men and women who are holding hands with them. Many of them are watching him and whispering something.

Meng Hao did not listen carefully. He turned back and felt that this place was very special for him and him.

Because of the marriage certificate, it is because of the kiss.

Back in the car, Meng Hao looked at their marriage certificate and looked at it. The look gradually got a little annoyed.

"I was too nervous and I didn't smile very well."

He also glanced at their photo ID and gently rubbed Meng's hair. "Good-looking."

Meng Hao heard another look, then slowly closed, hugged into his arms and solemnly nodded. "We really match."

"Cough," Wang Feng couldn't help but cry down. They, the wife of this family, really didn't know what to say. He and Yu were not worthy of being told by himself.

Meng Hao looked at Wang Feng and explored his predecessor. "I got married with the card."

“Congratulations,” Wang Feng turned and solemnly said that Meng Meng’s appearance was a sigh of relief. He added another sentence, “Happy wedding.”

"Thank you, we will be happy." Meng Yu’s words were more serious than Wang Feng’s deliberately pretending. Wang Feng had not responded to anything, and he was taken back.

This embarrassment, in Meng Yi’s opinion, is enough to confirm their relationship, and it is enough to make him completely honest with him. The last layer of speech on the speech act has also disappeared. He feels at ease in his arms, his mouth is twitching, no Deliberately to hide his happiness.

The front seats of Wang Feng and Zhao Bing did not speak again, but they all felt the sweet and greasy atmosphere.

However, Meng Lu, who is such a temper, can't hate anyone else. The fall is not so unexpected. He and Meng Yi have only touched twice. They feel that this lady is very pleasing to the eye.

He looked at the window and he whispered, "Go to the company."

"Okay," Zhao Bing left at the fork in the road. He was obviously reluctant to bring Meng to the company.

Of course, this disappointment is mutual, and Meng Hao is reluctant to be embarrassed, and will be reluctant than ever.However, he felt the marriage certificate in his arms, but he felt that he was not hiding, and he was not at ease. He was happy to continue to follow suit, and he even tightened their marriage certificate.

The embarrassing office is on the top floor of the Yu’s building. They take the exclusive elevator and go upstairs directly, but there are fewer people to see. It’s not too much time, and the things that come with the beautiful boy to the company are spread. Up and down, up to the general manager, down to the cleaning aunt to sweep the toilet.

Yesterday's wedding banquet invitations were sent to each family. The entire Haicheng expensive circle, who does not know the family of the family, wants to marry an illegitimate child of the Meng family, but this illegitimate child is still the birth mother of He. Looking for it, the two people are no longer worthy of the match. After passing this place, there is no room for others to question.

But now I have a beautiful boy to come to the company. What does this mean? It’s hard not to let people think about it.

As a party, you may be able to guess that the people in the company are shaking. As for Meng Min, he still feels nothing about it. He still carefully holds their marriage certificate and is then taken away.

“Let people go to the restaurant on the 9th floor to get some fruit,” Meng Yu’s boy of this age may prefer to eat some snacks, but now his body is not completely good, snacks are on fire, and the fruit is fine.

Wang Feng personally brought in the cleaned fruit, and he was teaching Meng Meng how to use the tablet to play games.

Meng Hao is not unfamiliar with these electronic products, but he used to learn before, playing games is very rare, and then he is willing to let him teach him.

"Dead..." Meng Hao looked down at the story of the dead and upturned | People, it seems that he rarely plays games.

"Cough," I heard, and I didn't have any embarrassed look on my face. He touched Meng's hair. "You play first. After a while, I will take you to dinner."

"Well," Meng Hao nodded. He knew that he was afraid that he was bored. No, he just didn't have a mobile phone and wouldn't be bored. Some special experiences, he was the least afraid of being bored.

He can stay alone for a long, long time, can think of a lot of things, can also think of nothing, as long as he is not hungry, others can say.

Squatting on the main seat, and watching Meng Hao's eyes, and then began to work seriously, his office is naturally indispensable to come, those people have got the wind earlier, naturally curious about the serious play of Meng Pu Very, based on the majesty of shackles, there are not many people who dare to look at him.

And Meng Hao is only when they are the same people as Wang Feng. They all have something to do, and he is even less likely to take the initiative to say anything to them.

He played the game and smashed like a scum, died and died, but who made him feel good, that is, he died many times, he still feels happy.

However, some of them were not very attractive to him. He played for a while and then quit. At this moment, the office was quiet. He bowed his head and approved the documents. Meng Hao leaned over and took a picture with his mobile phone. Then he reflexed and sat down for a long time before he turned back, and he was watching him.

"It’s almost twelve o'clock, let's go eat, then I will send you back."Because he was reluctant to be obsessed with Meng Xi, and he was detained in his office. This kind of thing has never been thought of before, but now he not only thinks so, but also does it.

Meng Hao put the phone back in his pocket and got up and walked over. He looked at it.

Then I bent down and hugged my neck. "I don't want to go back. I am still playing games on the sofa in the afternoon? I will be very embarrassed."

You can’t refuse Meng’s closeness, let alone the words of pleading and pleading.

"I am afraid that you are bored," Meng Hao likes to accompany him. How can he refuse, but the more he does, the more he hopes that Meng Hao really likes it, not for him.

"Not boring, not at all," Meng Yiwen, who originally wanted to get up, continued to hold people. He let go a little, got together, and kissed the relatives' lips. "I like it."

The sly throat rolled up and down twice. He hadn’t moved yet. The office door was pushed open again. Although Wang Feng rushed out, Meng Meng, who could be disturbed, had already let go, and then he knew it. Feeling blushing, I thought I was quietly looking at it.

But he didn't have the time to look at people. After two seconds, he gave up. "Do you hate me for kissing you?"

He slowly shook his head. He was unable to parry this relative. As for hating it, he didn’t.

If there is any point, Meng Hao and he can't get to the situation that he can't fight.

Meng Hao heard a sigh of relief, his mouth raised, "I don't hate it."

He didn't hate anything. Meng Hao's words were so straightforward. He couldn't understand it. He stood up and Meng Hao put his hand over. Two people walked toward the door together.

The sly hand fell to the handle of the door, and it was retracted. He pulled Meng's hand and let go, pressed the person to the door, and then bowed his head and kissed Meng's lips.

"Close your eyes."

Meng Hao heard his words slowly closing his eyes. He still had some sweet fruit in his mouth. He was plundered and cleaned in a few moments, and he was dyed with a sigh of breath. Both of them breathed urgently. This kiss is still somewhat unrecognizable, but it is much more urgent than in the Civil Affairs Corridor. It is much better to promote a hurry.

Meng Hao is no longer embarrassed, but is clumsy and proactively responded.

Kissing and kissing, the distance between the two people is gone, and the clothes are tightly attached to each other. The desire to bring out a kiss is raging and fierce, and the hustle and bustle of the twilight gradually becomes dull, and Meng Yu is aware of it. Some dangerous atmosphere does not dare to move.

After about ten minutes, I just let go of the suppression of Meng Hao, but only in the gas field, people were still locked in his arms and he did not let go. He lifted Meng Xi’s jaw and whispered, "Meng, You have no chance to regret it."

A kiss made him determine his own mind, and he also understood how innocent his previous thoughts were. For Meng Hao, he could not let go.

Meng Hao is not clear, but he still shakes his head definitely. "I don't regret it."

Regardless of the outcome of the future, he will not regret it. This road is his own choice, no regrets, no regrets.He also decided to look at Meng Hao, took the person into his arms, and then reached out and pulled the door open.

Wang Feng bowed his head in a straightforward manner. For the relatives who broke through the shackles and Meng Yu, he also had no choice but to make him unlucky.

He followed behind them a few steps, and couldn't help but look at his eyes. However, he found that he had different attitudes toward Meng Min, obviously more possessive, and a male possession.

晏睢 Bring people to the restaurant. After a few seconds, the whole restaurant was silent, and all the eyes were staring at Meng Xi’s side, and the eyes swept away. The people bowed their heads and the quiet restaurant resumed. It sounded, but it was much lower than the original.

"What to eat?"

Meng Yu’s attention had already arrived at the food on the plate. He pointed to a few meat dishes, and then added two more, and then took the food to lead Meng to a side.

As for what to eat, Wang Feng is responsible for the end.

Meng Yi took a look at Wang Feng and felt that he had been robbed of things. No, it should be that he was too slow to respond. He could not do it. He could do this, but this time he did not expect that he will definitely remember it next time.

Familiar with Meng Hao's appetite, and got up and added a few meals to him, sure that he was full, he took the person back.

As soon as they left, the voice of the restaurant was directly raised.

"It's really beautiful."

"What is he boss?"

Wang Feng and his feet followed Meng Mengyu, otherwise they were blocked by this pile of gossip, I am afraid that they are not so good to get out.

When I was busy, I also slept directly in the company. There is also a compartment in the office. Naturally, there is no big home, but a bed, a closet, a bathroom, and occasional sleep for a few nights are not harmful.

I opened the room and led Meng Hao to come in. "You sleep here, I am outside, wake up, come out and look for me."

Meng Hao looked at the bed, looked at him again, and nodded slowly. He said that he wanted to be embarrassed. Naturally, he said what he was, even if he didn't want to sleep.

He adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner and put a glass of water on the bedside table. He watched Meng Hao lying and closed his eyes. He stood for a while, and this came out.

After confirming that he was gone, Meng Hao opened his eyes and took out the marriage certificate in his arms. He touched it gently and carefully guarded his arms, which closed his eyes again.

He was dealing with things outside, and soon he received a call from Gu Lang.

"Hey boss, I heard that you brought a beautiful boy to the company?"

I want to talk about the spirit of the gossip who can compare with Gu Lang, but he does not believe it when he hears these words. He is special about Meng Yu, he is seeing it with his own eyes, and he knows that he is not the kind of three hearts. Both

People, otherwise he will not be an old virgin who needs to be saved.

The rumored words were a little bit too strong. "What a beautiful boy, he is Meng Hao, you are blind."

These words are all passed to Gu Lang, I am afraid that it will not be long before the entire Haicheng noble circle will know.

"It seems that most people say that people are too busy," he said, he was the employee of his family, and he was so busy that he thought about the boss gossip.Gu Lang heard the words of Lang Lang’s tone, not only the tone, but his own sitting posture was corrected. “I am wrong, it is a blind man.”

"However, how can you bring someone to the 晏?" This is not yet married, but originally he felt that he was married, and he is not like a man who will bring his wife to work.

When I heard the words, I walked up to the floor-to-ceiling windows. I didn’t look back at Lang’s question, but asked him.

"How can I be more proactive?" This is a problem that has been distressed in my spare time. He feels that he should be more active than Meng Hao, but he can't think of how to take the initiative.

It’s rare to ask him questions. Gu Lang’s mouth is open in a curve, but the voice is still serious. “Proactive, it’s subjective willingness to act, you just want to do it! I thought you know what is the initiative.” ”

When other children are still being swayed by the parents, he is very clear about his purpose. He is the only heir to the family. All his efforts are also going to run this way. Now he really will be jealous. He is firmly in his hands, and his right to speak in the past is better than all the former owners.

He is not active, what is active.

Of course, this is only once, when the young people worked hard, the initiative was naturally controlled by the embarrassment, but later, the clan was no longer the goal but the responsibility, and the enthusiasm naturally followed.

I want to do it... From the perspective of the existing behavior, Meng Hao is really very active against him. If he wants to confess, he will confess and want to kiss and kiss.

"I know."

After checking the phone and standing in front of the window for a while, I came back to work. In fact, he had already decided in his heart, but Meng Hao is not a singer. He is more vivid and more difficult than 晏.

But undoubtedly he is inevitable, and his question with Gu Lang just makes him more clear.

As for how to take the initiative, he is afraid that it is hard to compare with Meng Hao, and he thinks he needs more self-control than ever before, to ensure that some things will not happen too early, and let their feelings remain flawed.

At two o'clock, Meng Hao eyes, he came out to find someone, he saw sly, quietly sighed, and nodded slightly to the other people who spoke, then he sat on the sofa and took the tablet again. come and play.

It was half an hour after those people had withdrawn from their offices. When they came over, Meng Hao raised his face.

"Sleep well?"

Meng Hao thought about it and said the truth, "I didn't sleep with you."

Woke up from a nightmare, in a completely strange room, it took a long time to think of things one by one, that is, when I heard the voice outside, he was also anxious to come out and find someone.

Meng Hao moved himself and slowly leaned forward into his arms. His voice was still low. "I always have nightmares, but if you hold me, I will not dream much."

With his brain, he couldn’t think about it for a moment. This is why Meng Hao insisted on him to hold him. It was not the meaning he originally thought. Meng Hao was too straightforward. Many times, instead, I think too much, they made a mistake.But it's just fine, he is afraid that he has made a mistake.

"What nightmare?" He patted Meng Hao's back gently, and he did not affect his distressed person.

Meng Hao buried himself on the neck side of the skull. After a long time, he continued. "The nightmare that keeps dying, I can't wake up, I don't like dreaming, not at all."

This kind of dream can not be prevented by Meng Yi’s subjective. The quality of his life’s sleep is not very good. It’s just a torture for more than a month.

And now he is just frustrated, not violent and irritable, it is rare.

"I will hold you to sleep later."

I don’t need Meng’s own efforts to change his previous decision. However, he also knows that this palliative is not a cure, and Meng's situation needs to be completely solved, and some external help is needed.

Meng Hao heard his words slowly raise his head, and slowly smiled a little in the middle of the squat. He licked his cheeks and sweared. "Hey, you are so good."

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