Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Susie’s face is blue, red and white.

That is, he has already prepared for perseverance,

At this time, it was swayed and ignored.

Still can't stand it,


He turned and chased out.

"Hey!" Sussie Yu stopped the car key.

The embarrassment that is going to his car.

The brow is wrinkled again.

He did not want to be involved with Susie at all, his marriage object became Meng Hao, and they had no relationship at all.

There is no need to be contacted in the future.

Moreover, as far as he knows, He Wei and Su’s family, the most powerful objection at the time was Susie Yu himself.


Marriage has been delayed again and again, and the emergence of Meng Yu,

Let He has a better choice.

The marriage between the family and the Su family is completely unrecognizable.

He thought that it was satisfactory to Susie Yu.

But in the afternoon, he let Mrs. Su give him a lobbyist.

In the evening, he used Gu Lang to invite him to the clubhouse.


Turn around,

The sharp phoenix sinks slightly,

The gas field is fully open. "What are you doing?"

I have to say such awkwardness, Susie Yu is also somewhat fearful.

Can have a strong obsession,

Let him ignore these fears and choose to speak. "I regret it, I will marry you."

But I don’t regret that the marriage object has become Meng Hao, or that it is satisfactory, and there is still a little bit of a sign that he has to admit.

Looking at the unmoving look, Suss Yu continued. "I know that I regret it late, but I will not give up, hey, I want to chase you."

He wants to see him as fascinated by him, and he will start again. He wants them to have a happy ending. Once, when he didn't know, he missed so many good things. This time, he didn't want to miss it anymore.

"I used to be bad, but I can change it, I want to change it for you."

Sussie’s eyes were reddish, and she was so eager to cry that she had already brought such a beauty into her arms. I couldn’t feel it. Susie Yu regretted whatever he was, as he said he was late.

"You and I will not have a relationship other than the son of the world, you don't need to change anything for me."

Even Meng Meng, he also feels that he does not need to make changes for him, and even in the future, Meng Hao or want to leave him, find the right opportunity, he will let go. Of course, this is just his thoughts at this moment. It will not be long before he knows how silly this idea is.

"My fiancée is Meng Hao, and my future wife will be him."

The awkward tone is definitely affirmative, and it is ruthless for Susie Yu. It can be changed to Meng Hao’s point of view. He can say that he is deeply rooted in love and has been cherished for a long time.

But Susie knew that it was his promise to his future wife, no matter who was in that position, and the person who had been treated like that was him, but he was missed by him, and he was pushed to others. .When he fell, he didn’t stop. He turned to the car and quickly left the street where he was going. He stayed in the Soviet Union and regretted it.

Moon Hidden Stars, the sky from black to white, Meng Hao still wakes up at five in the morning, he was confused for a while, then his eyes widened, the whole person was there.

Last night... He didn’t seem to have a nightmare? Is it because you hugged him? It must be like this!

Seeking truth from facts, he did not completely have no nightmare, but at least not awakened in a nightmare, but naturally woke up, which is too rare for Meng Hao.

Meng Hao is so sure that the whole person is happy to play two rolls in the bed, to know that this is his reborn for more than a month, the only good feeling.

"At night, I have to hold me for a while."

When Meng Hao decided this way, he changed his clothes and still ran around Meng Zhan morning. He had a good head and he ran a little more.

From 5 o'clock to 6 o'clock, in general, in addition to the early servants, the Meng family's main family, few people got up, he ran back, but saw Meng Qi who could not hold the yawn. He also changed his sportswear, and he also wanted to run.

Meng Meng looked at him and looked back. He took back his eyes and continued to go back, but instead of going to the room, he went to the kitchen. He still had to go sandwiches and milk, but not two copies, but one.

The sly person sent at least eight | nine o'clock, but he is now hungry, and the kitchen is also very good, willing to give him a collar, as a reward, Meng Hao will help her to take the kitchen garbage to iron Go outside the door.

"How do you do this kind of thing?"

Meng Qi did not exercise less in the day, but it was usually at night. He got up so early, he was deliberately trying to meet Meng Hao, but Meng Meng got up much earlier than he thought. He had not been able to meet him. He has already ran back, so he naturally will not run again.

He yawned and squatted behind Meng Xi, and he was really curious about such a beautiful younger brother, but he did not expect him to do such a thing.

Meng Hao had a huge garbage bag and looked at Meng Qi. He watched him keep a three-step distance with him. He continued to walk to the door. About half a minute passed, and he returned to Meng Qi.

"I have breakfast, I have to work naturally.

. ”

He and Meng Qi are not the same as the children of the main family. The specifics are different. Meng Hao did not know much about it, but it did not affect his understanding in the place where he understood, such as eating.

"What about lunch and dinner?" Meng Qi thought of the matter that did not wait until Meng Hao went downstairs at noon yesterday, and immediately asked.

This time, Meng Hao did not answer any more, but he simply did not want to expose the cockroaches. If he was told by Meng Qi, he would have no food to eat in the future.

Meng Hao threw the rubbish into the trash can, and then went back, Meng Qi is still looking at the color of thinking.

After walking for a while, Meng Hao suddenly stopped, and then I saw Meng Qi with great vigilance. "I... I will not go to the collar again, you don't have to stare at me."As for the already accepted, and eating the stomach, he is impossible to return to Meng Qi.

Meng Qi heard the look on his face and couldn’t smile. "No one tells you the rules of eating in the old house?"

From 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning, from 11:00 to 12:00, and from 7:00 to 8:00 in the evening, it is a meal time, and it is not outdated.

Meng Qi still wants to go on and say that Meng Hao shook his head, but it was not what Meng Qi thought.

"No, you have no obligation to give me food."

Meng Qi is out of the way, Meng Yu is stupid, but in some places his muscles are twisted, so I did not look so good. And these are the things that people instill in him.

He may have thought about what time Meng Meng had lived before.

"You don't want to follow me!" Meng squinted, and Meng Qi followed, and he had to join forces.

Meng Qi stopped and his face was a grievous and helpless look, but he did not follow Meng Hao again.

He thought for a while, and turned to find Wenshu, and then another investigation, they found that Meng Hao did not have food on the first day of the old house, the next day the kitchen received two sandwiches, still no rice Eat, as for yesterday... Gu Jia gave him a meal.

Wen Shu is hard to get a mistake, the old face is also hot | spicy, of course, let him and Meng Qi care so much, mainly because Meng Hao is different now, he is going to marry the family next month, how can I am slow.

But the final result has not changed. Wen Shu and Gu Jia contacted him. Finally, they sent them to Meng Hao for three meals, but they revealed that this is what he meant.

After Master Meng’s informed meeting, there was no reaction. In the past half a month, it was impossible to establish deep feelings between Meng Yu and Meng Jia. He did not need him to go to Mengjia after he married his family. In Meng's calculations, Meng Meng is just a bridge for Meng's family.

In the evening, the servant sent a meal to Meng Hao, and Meng Qi appeared at the door again. He did not wait for Meng Hao to rush, and he spoke first.

"I have awkward news, do you want to hear it?"

Meng Hao’s hand stopped, and he did not continue to close.

"Last night Sussex feathers confessed to him at the clubhouse. The whole Haicheng is well known. I am afraid that only you still don't know." Meng Qi said that the look is cold, but it is not aimed at Meng Yu, but against Suss Yu and Yu.

Apparently, Sussie yelled at him because he was awkward and wanted to grab his brother.

Meng Hao looked at him, his eyes were still very clear, of course, it is more likely that his reflex arc is too long, and what did it mean if he did not respond to Meng Qi?

"Don't be silly all day long, I don't know when my husband is robbed."

"Are you finished?"

Meng Qi is still hesitating, and Meng Hao shut the door with a bang.

The wind that was brought up on Meng Qi’s face, he felt that his face was a little bit painful, and some were scared. For a long time, he was knocked on Meng Yi’s doorway. “There is a banquet at night.” You should come, you want to go downstairs at seven."After standing for a while, Meng Qi didn’t hear Meng Hao’s response. He only left black from the third floor, but soon, Meng’s door next door opened, but Meng Hao, he leaned on the door and thought for a while. I sneered and closed the door.

As for Meng Hao, after he decided that Meng Qi had left the door, he grabbed his mobile phone and thought about it for a while. He called.

Although he is stupid, he is not stupid enough to understand the words, unless it is too strange and has not been heard.

"Oh," after the connection, Meng Hao immediately called the name of the cockroach, and the voice was full of fears that could not be dispersed.

When I got a meal, I asked, "What happened?"

"Hey, do you already have someone you like?" He was too anxious to marry, and he didn't have time to consider whether he had something to do with his heart. Although he was in a hurry, he still felt sentimental. People should be married, he I don't want to be a bad person to break up others.

Hey, everything is fine, but if he has someone he likes, he thinks they still don't want to get married.

After a moment of silence, I answered Meng’s words. "No."

It is undeniable that he has some good feelings for Meng Xi, some like it, but it is not the kind of love that Meng Yu asked him.

Meng Hao exhaled, the whole person relaxed, he was too nervous, causing his arm to grab the phone, after relaxing, it was a little stiff.

"That's good."

Meng Hao said and called again, "Hey."

However, it is a bit hesitant about the upcoming export.


"Then do you like me?" Since he thinks it would be better to marry someone he likes, it is better than he likes to be jealous, and he likes him too. "Hey, I want to like you."

. ”

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