Chapter 6

Chapter 6

"I am going back to the old house today.

Xiaoqi and I sit together. ”

Meng Qi looked at Meng Yu, who still could only see the top of his head.

Then and Feng Zejiao like this.

Feng Zejiao’s willingness for Meng Qi to return to the old house,

Nature is happy,

He wants to talk to Meng Hao,

She can't find any reason for rebuttal.

I feel more and more that this silly boy is lucky.

Both Gu Lang and Meng Qi have a good impression on him.

However, Meng Hao is quite sure that he does not want to sit with Meng Qi. He is holding a man, and he has a variety of hands and feet.

This shocked Meng Hao a little bit, he shook his head, "I am sitting with you."

Words fall,

He first drilled into the car when he and Feng Zejiao came.

The final result is still not much changed.

Feng Zejiao was taken to his car by Meng Qiwei. He sat on the side of Meng Yu.

Then he looked at him with a sly look.

Seems to be watching a wayward little lover,

Very sticky.

Meng Hao finally looked at him again.

Very strange and incomprehensible,

He thinks Meng Qi’s expression is weird,

But I didn't say anything more.

"Hey, turn your head and let me see."

Meng Hao heard the words and turned around immediately.

His eyes are faint,

The body is in a state of urgency, and if Meng Qi dares to move his hands on him, Meng Hao guarantees that he will definitely impress him.

When he saw it, he didn't have a great deal. He was too casual to sit down and easily exposed his shortcomings. Meng Hao had more than 70% of his grasp to make an enemy.

Fortunately, Meng Qi was only interested in his face. Meng Hao was not tweaking. He could not find a reason to force his hands. He appreciated his eyes, but he thought of a beautiful woman who was particularly good-looking.

"The beauty is thin, don't know if you are the same?"

Meng Hao didn't return to him, and he didn't even turn his eyes. He stared at Meng Qi, but his eyes were faint. He could feel that although he was watching people, his mind had already drifted away.

Meng Qi looked at Meng Hao again, and then he stopped watching. The beauty is godless, but it is boring, and he still has to smash one of his. Thinking of Susie Yu again and again, Meng Qi has nothing to tease about Meng Xie's interest.

Going back to Meng Zhai is already in the early hours of the night, and after they have gone away, after bathing, Meng Meng thought about a bunch of things, and then fell asleep, and woke up at 5:30 in the morning, running back, he took the opportunity. Two sandwiches and milk, but I don't plan to leave the house again.

In an hour, he received the breakfast and mobile phone sent by the singer in the name of Gu Lang. It was sent by a servant of the Meng family. Meng Hao took it very slyly, but the servant took a nap, what? Did not say.

For a long time, he was completely relieved, and then he put the food box in the center of the table.

He slammed into the bed and opened the phone. The first contact was 晏睢, and Meng Hao knew that he was licking these two words. He played with the phone for a long time, and the ringing suddenly rang, scaring him to almost drop the phone. Go out.

By tapping the answer button, Meng Hao leans his phone to his ear, "Hey?""It's me," the voice of a mature man rang in his ear, and Meng's eyes lit up.

"Hey!" He happily summoned the name of the donkey, then wrapped his quilt around his body and pressed his voice down, but he was afraid that he would talk to him and be heard by someone. "I take it." Go to the meal you sent me, and the phone."

"Don't you eat?" He also said that he couldn't make this call, but after hearing Meng's voice, his heart was settled. This is his wife who is going to pass the door. It’s weird.

Meng Yi took a moment and said the truth, "I want to keep lunch, I have already eaten a sandwich."

In fact, he went to the sandwich, mainly because he was afraid that the meal he was going to send could not be delivered to Meng Zhai. In the end, it was because he did not believe it. He felt a lost embarrassment. "I am sorry, I am not sure if you will send it." When I got it, I went to the collar and I ate it first."

Holding the phone and talking, the brow couldn’t help picking it, listening to the sound, he could almost imagine the appearance of Meng Xi, but they actually saw him only yesterday, he was so impressed with him. As profound.

"Can't eat?"

"Eat taste," Meng Yu still told the truth, yesterday's big egg fried rice has completely exposed his appetite, may be hungry too many times, Meng Hao is not sure that he can eat enough Next, I have developed the habit of eating.

"Then eat it, I will let people send you at noon, if I forget, you will call me."

After saying this, he listened to Meng Hao’s sentence, which included sincerity.

"Hey, you are so good, it’s good to marry you." He thought he would marry now.

The secretary of the king, who was not far from the front, swept his eyes, but he was shocked by the smile of his boss's mouth. Who is calling this, laughing so sweet! I want to flash his eyes!

"Go and eat, and the porridge should be cold for a while." The smile of the corner of the mouth quickly dissipated, giving the secretary Wang a illusion that he slept and illusioned, but he was quite sure that he was not mistaken, he The ice-cold boss who has been waning for years has laughed, but it is a sweet and gentle smile.

Which is the little goblin

He wants to pay respects!

"Well," Meng said, and he thought about it. He said the first words of his own thoughts, "You have to eat well."

"Okay," he squeezed the corner of his mouth and didn't smile, but his eyebrows were softened.

Hanging up the phone, he looked at the secretary who was particularly shocked, "What?"

The secretary of the king is not the embarrassed "warrior" who has been ruined by his cold air and still sturdy. He quickly converges his look, and then goes up two steps. "Mrs. Su wants to have an afternoon tea."

Sujia is an old-fashioned scholarly family in Haicheng. Mrs. Su’s reputation and reputation in the circle is excellent. She and his dead grandmother are handkerchiefs. In the present words, they are girlfriends, 晏睢Can't help but give her this face.

"can."When he said this, his face was completely indifferent, and when he had not called Meng Hao before, the kind of softness could not be controlled.

This is the embarrassment of the weekdays. He is more like a normal living person. He is more and more constantly working. The machine that calculates precision is some human touch, but it is also too light to be noticed. Lang is still the secretary of Wang. When he looks at his speciality to Meng Hao, he will be shocked.

The old lady of Sujia’s intentions, she knows well, she came for Susie.

However, he is not satisfied with Meng Hao, he is unlikely to be married to Susie Yu, but he was excluded from his marriage by himself.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, he arrived at the coffee shop on time, and Mrs. Su had arrived.

An indigo cheongsam, wearing a detached time and space, she has been in her 60s, no longer young, but that kind of special charm, did not disappear with the face.

This is a very temperamental old man, but at this time, I don’t understand why she is involved in his marriage.

"Let you wait."

He nodded slightly and then sat down.

Mrs. Sue smiled and shook her head. "No, I am coming early."

She looked around and showed some color of nostalgia. "This restaurant has been around for a long time. I used to come here to chat with your grandmother."

"She, always show me that there is an obedient and intelligent grandson."

Speaking of the elderly who raised their parents, the look of indifference has eased a little, but the relaxation is limited.

Mrs. Sue looked at it and sighed softly, but she was feeling something, but this time, she did not say anything.

She converges the feelings on her face, looks at the sly smile, and tells her what she is saying today, "Hey, how do you see Si Yu?"

In fact, Mrs. Su’s words are really nothing to ask. From the age of twenty, he took over the position of the owner’s family. Up to now, eight years ago, he was physically and mentally entrusted to his family business. on.

He lived up to expectations and took the company to a higher level, becoming the real top class of Haicheng.

Eight years ago, when Sussie was fourteen years old, he was officially recognized as a Su family. Later, at the age of sixteen, he was mixed in various sound and color occasions. The lace news came out one by one. They may all know each other, but they must Contact has never been.

Even his appearance is vague in his heart. If he didn't want him to marry him a while ago, he would not be interested in knowing who he was.

And Mrs. Su asked this question, he could not help but answer, but did not intend to answer in accordance with her intentions.

"The old lady is afraid that I don't know. My mother has already set me the seven young masters of the Meng family. The wedding date will be set on the 7th of next month."

It’s June 23rd, and on the 7th of next month, it’s not even a half-month. He’s afraid that he will suddenly repent, but this is the last time he allowed her to cross the border. It is tolerant, there will be no such thing as remorse.The marriage is not too hurried in the whole, it was originally prepared for Sussex Yu, and now it is replaced by Meng Meng of Meng Jia.

Mrs. Sue’s face was condensed, but it was because he had never heard of any seven young masters in the Meng family. Of course, she did not doubt what he was saying. He would not make a marriage to create a marriage.

"Syu told me that he fell in love with you at first sight, willing to take care of you, willing to disconnect from the past, willing..."

Mrs. Sue’s words could not go on, and there was no trace of sorrow in the face of the rumor, or because she did not show the contempt. Some people are getting better, and they can't erase his absurdity.

I didn’t care much about the past of Susie Yu. Anyway, he was a person who came over, but he met Meng Hao. It seems that he really didn’t really like Suss Yu. He knew that he was surrounded by Su Shiyu and Meng Yu. Meng Qi's breakup.

No matter from Susie Yu or Meng Qi's temperament, for a long time, they will be in a state of severance. He may not care much, but he will not be disgusted. There is absolutely no Mengxiu peace of mind that only "listen to him."

After facing Mrs. Su, he suddenly confirmed that Meng Hao’s point is good, his feelings are blank... No, he likes him.

"Well, marriage is not a play, it is a decision that requires seriousness, and it is a contract that connects with a lifetime." Mrs. Su’s approach to He Wei is also invisible. She came to Susie Yu and even the grandson of the old man. Come.

I was silent and I returned to Mrs. Sue’s words. "I know, at least for me, I will take responsibility for my responsibility. But now that person is the seven young masters of the Meng family.

In other words, no matter who is married to him, he will not evade his responsibilities, and even draw a clear bottom line like He Wei, and he will give up this responsibility when he can't bear it.

Understand the meaning of the swear words, Mrs. Sue sighed again, but it was really a pity for Susie Yu. There is a principle that there is a bottom line, and it will indeed be a good husband.

"He can wake up in time, and you don't have to worry about his future being bad. Follow me to the quagmire of my family, and I don't necessarily think he is happy."

It’s also because Mrs. Su’s wife said this, but when it comes to this, it’s not necessary to continue this topic.

Mrs. Sue gently beheaded, and he said a few more words. This meeting is over.

Mrs. Sue still had to sit in the coffee shop for a while, picking up and leaving, but only to the door, the face is a very refined person, this exquisite not only his appearance, but also his dress, his temperament, It is a truly rich and wealthy son.


He hasn't called out the name of the cockroach yet, squatting sideways, without a sigh of sorrow, leaving directly.

Fang Cai’s eyes swept, and it’s as cold as he didn’t know him. He didn’t recognize him. But they had agreed on the marriage before, so I couldn’t see his photos. I couldn’t recognize them. His, his ignorance gave Suss Feather a very bad feeling.But when he was unbelievable, he had already got into the car and disappeared into the end of the street in a flash.

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