Chapter 5

Chapter 5

"I want to eat fried rice with eggs... can I?" Nothing is full of rice.

Meng Yan’s squinted appearance,

Let cockroaches produce the illusion that egg fried rice is hard to come by.

He gently beheaded,

The smile on Meng Hao’s face is two points stronger.

He pulled the sleeves of the shackles again.

Ask again,

"I want a big share."

"it is good,

"I really don't know that a big egg fried rice is enough to make people so happy."

Gu Lang received a brief newsletter for a long time.

I just understood what he had sent him. He had to order a servant.

It’s too bizarre to tell this newsletter.

He actually has a hungry stomach to the banquet, and suddenly wants to eat fried rice with eggs.

Because of strong curiosity,

After he finished the kitchen,

I sent it myself.

"I don't think you have a day to ask for food.

a ha ha ha! ”

As the name suggests,

Gu Lang’s laughter is so hearty,

Go to the light,

It is also a handsome man.

He saw the extra Meng Meng in the flower house, and the laughter stopped and turned into a heartbreaking cough.

It’s a day,

The banned and desperate ice that has not been changed for a long time is actually a beautiful teenager here. If he sees that he should not see it, will he be ruined?

"Cough, cough, cough, cough..."

He made such a big move, and Meng Hao should have noticed him, and the egg fried rice on his hand.

His nose moved and his eyes brightened. "Good fragrance." It is more fragrant than all the fried rice he has ever eaten.

In addition to his good skills, Meng Hao is also more sensitive than ordinary people. He can easily distinguish between various spices, and even people who feel that there is no taste, he can smell it.

"Take it over," he glanced at Gu Lang, his eyes falling back to Meng Hao.

Gu Lang heard the words, put away the look of horror, and walked over with the food box.

This large portion is really quite big, and Meng Hao, who has not eaten rice for two days, only pays attention to himself to eat at the next time. He still has a small mouthful and can eat at the speed of eating. I had to be quick in the living room before completely ignoring the two men who stared at him for dinner.

Gu Lang made a few gazes at the eyes, his eyes were about to twitch, and he looked at him again.

"This is Meng Hao, you have not passed the door."

Gu Lang this year, twenty-six, twenty-eight, two people are closer than the ordinary brothers, Meng Meng married him, but it is not the guise of Gu Lang.

After Gu Lang lingered for a long time, he only reacted to the meaning of the rumor. He and his mother had a relationship with him. He naturally knew it. He was everywhere to see the strange and inferior daughter-in-law. He was in the dark. I complained about how many times I complained.

But no, he is the mother of the ape, and he promised to pass away some of the old things. Their relationship will always be completely broken, but not now.

Gu Lang once again began to squeeze his eyebrows and wink his eyes, nodded, it should be.But this way, he even can't understand it. Isn't it okay to be the niece Meng Hao who was found by He Wei? How can I bring someone here to privately, and let him give you something to give.

Gu Lang brought a large portion of egg fried rice, and a broth of broth. After Meng Yu had eaten a large portion of rice, he ate the broth again. He slightly sideways. I touched my stomach and finally satisfied.

He finally looked up and looked at him. An overly gorgeous face fell into the eyes of two men in front of him. Meng Hao did not give Gu Lang too much attention. His eyes were very focused. It also makes people feel his sincerity.

"thank you."

The daughter-in-law is pitiful enough to thank the people for eating and drinking. He feels that he is somewhat derelict. He greets the dawn of Meng Yu. "I should give you a full meal. You don't have to thank you in the future."

Meng Yi heard that the body leaned forward slightly, and it was close to some. The smile on the corner of the mouth could not be stretched. For example, when the rose was first released, the beauty would be eye-catching.

"Oh, you are so good, it is great to marry you."

He said that it is appropriate to give him a full meal, but he did not say anything to him. They all think that he lived so much. It is Meng Hao who owes them great affection, but he said that it should be.

"Cough and cough," Gu Lang coughed again, don't say oh, that is, he is also the first time to see such a straightforward beauty that does not make people feel fake.

When he glanced away, Gu Lang stood up. Needless to say, he felt that he was superfluous, but he also felt it. He really didn't reject the wife who was forced to give him.

Gu Lang turned and left, and the ear of the ear became red and red, but it was more certain that Meng Hao was fond of himself. This feeling was not annoying. He gently whispered.

"Is there a mobile phone?" He asked Meng Hao, and he didn't feel strange when he saw him shaking his head. Then he thought that he had seen the information about Meng Hao. There was a feeling of unclearness suddenly swaying in his heart. He carried it. The hand fell on the hair of Meng Hao's micro-volume, and then gently rubbed it. "Tomorrow, I will let you send it to you."

Meng Hao did not immediately nod, and he was a little confused and embarrassed in his eyes.

I don't mind the hand on the head who is unwilling to leave. "Is this also true? If not, then don't, I just have to eat well and sleep well."

Meng Hao thinks that the life of waste should be like this. Eat well and sleep, be a misbehaving rice worm.

After a pause, the sharp phoenix screamed a little, "Remember, I will give it to you in the future, you should do it, you don't have to thank, don't be afraid."

In the eyes of Meng Yu, the confusion and distraction, he made his sitting posture more correct, raised his face with unreserved sincerity, "Hey, you are so good."

Meng Hao really feels awkward. He has lived a lifetime. Although he is slow, he can feel the good and evil of the outside world. What he said to him is true. He can still feel it. .

Besides, they are husband and wife, treat each other with sincerity, and they will definitely not lie to him.I have to say that my feelings are a bit strange. The look on his face is a softness that he has not noticed. He has never had any illusions about marriage and the other half. More precisely, it is I never thought about it.

However, these words of "Meng Hao" made him feel that it might be good to go home with this lovely little wife.

However, this soft emotion only flashed past, and he was forced to press down. His past experience told him that he should have reservations about anyone and things. This is not timid, but necessary for himself. Protection, Meng Hao can not be the exception for the time being.

"The time is almost up, let's go back."

When the words fell, he took his hand away from Meng Hao’s head and glanced at him. He then reached out and took his hair into consideration, and Meng Hao did not resist.

The two men walked side by side and went to a ramp in the flower garden. Gu Lang saw them far away and walked over, and he waited for him to approach.

"I will go back first, and you will lead Meng to enter."

Meng Hao expects to marry him, so he does not want to have a marriage, but they have seen it privately. If you get along well, you can’t let He know, and Gu Lang is the young master of the family. Meng Hao, but it is more convenient than him.

If you think so, you are already subconsciously worried that Meng Hao will be bullied.

Meng Hao didn't know the twists and turns around him. He looked at the blind eyes clearly, but he licked his lips. If he didn't say anything, he nodded and looked at the back of his eyes. Then he recovered his gaze.

Then, the joy in his expression also dissipated, and changed back to the dullness of everyday life. Gu Lang thought that he was lost because of his departure. That iceberg is actually someone who likes it so much. Gu Lang had to feel a bit guilty.

"Let's go, Meng family has been looking for you for a long time."

Meng Hao nodded and followed Gu Lang.

Gu Lang led Meng Hao to Feng Zejiao. Feng Zejiao is talking to her son Meng Yihang. There is also a handsome young man on the side of Meng Yihang.

Meng blinked and immediately lowered his head. The handsome young man was one of the parties who had been watching the breakup with him, the Meng Qi.

It turns out that he is a relative and friend.

"Where did you go?" Feng Zejiao saw the look of Meng Hao's grievances, and he endured when he saw Gu Lang.

Meng Hao looked down for a long time before he reacted. Feng Zejiao said that he was him. He looked up and was very serious. "I fell asleep."

"He slept in the greenhouse, I just saw it and brought him back."

When Gu Lang faced Feng Zejiao, there was no surprise in front of him. Grace was like a real noble son. He glanced down at Meng Xi, and continued. "You don't blame him. He is greedy. The age of feeling."

There is such a saying by Gu Lang that Feng Zejiao can't say anything about Meng Hao, but the dissatisfaction in her heart is still there. Who is looking for someone to find more than two hours, this heart will also be in the fire.

"I still don't thank you for your cousin."

Gu Lang is Meng Qi's cousin, and Meng Yu called him right.Meng Hao’s eyes swept Gu Lang, and he looked down again and again, “Thank you.”

This is his future nephew, Gu Lang can not put anything on the shelf, he smiled. "It is said that it is a cousin, what is the way to get a path, this is my business card, what is needed in the future, call me."

A silver light business card was handed to Meng Hao, Meng Hao accepted, this is Feng Zejiao also sees Meng Hao is not the same, this stupid person has a stupid bless, actually got Gu Langqing eyes, and gave him a private phone.

Meng Hao had no idea about the noble circle of Haicheng. He accepted it only because Gu Lang was a person he knew.

"Okay." Meng Hao nodded.

Then Gu Lang and Feng Zejiao, Meng Yihang, and Meng Qihan slammed two sentences and turned and walked away, but they did not leave the hall. Although they couldn’t hear what they said, they could see if Meng Hao had been bullied. Finished the confession to him.

"This is your uncle, your brother."

Meng Hao looked at the person and shouted, "Da Bo, Big Brother."

Meng Yihang's forty-five years of age, the maintenance is not bad, a pair of eyes and Meng's father's eyes, when people look at people always feel a little gloomy, the average person really does not stand up to such a look.

Meng Hao’s reaction was a bit sluggish. I felt that the uncle didn’t like him very much, and he couldn’t feel anything else.

As for Meng Qi, he was somewhat absent-minded. He didn’t have much interest in this illegitimate child who had been recognized for two days. But when Meng Hao suddenly looked up and saw people, he couldn’t help but be shocked.


Feng Zejiao knows how to understand Meng Xi's temper, and does not expect him to say anything good. She turned to Meng Qi, and her look was awkward and awkward. "He didn't know anything when he first came. You look at it more."

"Ms. Feng rest assured, I know." Meng Qi picked up Feng Zejiao, still very good, no two words, Feng Zejiao was stunned by him, before that point is not depressed, it also scattered.

Meng Qi took Meng Hao to the side. He took the gaze of his eyes and swept up Meng Meng. But Meng Hao always looked down and looked like a god. If not many people in the hall looked at him, he was really I want to raise his face and be awkward.

And his ex-boyfriend Suss Yu was also in the hall, his eyes swept to the face of Meng Qi, the twilight was a lot low, his heart could not help but sneer, but also more determined that he would break up with him, and then plan to wash his mind It is.

After the time has passed ten o'clock, some people have left to leave, and Meng Jia, who is a relative of his family, has left behind, and he will only leave at eleven o'clock. Mrs. Gu and Mr. Gu Lang sent them together. Gu Lang’s eyes are on Meng Qi’s face. After sweeping over, the brow wrinkled, but I felt that I needed to wake up.

His wife is a little bit at first glance, so don't be abducted.

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