Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Chapter 96 natal magic

Chapter 96 natal magic

"Essence of spiritual power?"

Looking at the front of the ancient shadow that has quickly become needle-shaped nature of things, I'm moving my heart is surprised, although his mental strength basically be alone to explore their own practice, but after all, is heard of powerful spiritual force essence of degree .

Of course, the strength of the ancient shadow, apparently no way to be truly of the essence, but even so, it might be overlooked, this channel attack, even if it is late master Tianyuan territory was hit, probably will undermine the sanity , the kind of injury than physical injuries, do not know how many times difficult.

Therefore, even cast such a shadow see the ancient tools, forest looking move, but also become very imposing up, at the same time, that their whole body around the number of Black Mountain Road is also lightning fast if fired at the whole body of ancient shadow key, we want to stop down.


Facing the forest move obstruction, that old film is leisurely, with bombs flexor, it is sessile Janus was dancing like a light spin general, would give all those broken catapult shuttle yuan opened.

"Boy, then, I will let you see what is called spiritual symbol Cheats division!"

That needle thing, all the more now condensate, followed by ancient forest moving film directed awe-inspiring smile, suddenly points a finger out!

"The Magic of!"

With the ancient shadow Lenghe blurted, that needle thing, immediately issued a hum in fine trembling a little later, Shua is heard, is turned into a haoguang to a very rapid pace, violence moving towards the forest.

To see that the so-called "Magic of" Baoshe come, Lin move also felt a chill, stature Jitui wave of his hand, nine yuan shuttle is broken storm swept out, and that "of Magic "heavy collision.


An instant hit, one cents Mans, is a horrible speed directly from within the nine pieces of yuan to penetrate the shuttle out immediately strength continues unabated, Lin directed action!

Mount cents to see this actually directly through the defense nine pieces composed shuttle yuan, Lin is also a dynamic looking slightly changed, rocket natal sigil among Ni Wan Gong, beating the speed is increased up in the moment, tyrannical spiritual power, fast cohesion to the forest before moving to form a mental defense.

Deal with this spirit attacks,

Obviously still have to use force to defend the spirit!


Just when the spirit of the forest move that defense condensed, cents Mans is the moment to, immediately shot fiercely on it!

This time, when contacted those mental defense, speed cents Mans, is finally slowing down, however, is still in a constant-speed Luexiang between the amount of forest move.

A trickle of sweat down the forest moving shed face, his eyes, unblinking stared at him slowly stabbed cents Mans, a Unit of spiritual force, a steady stream from the Ni Wan palace natal sigil in violence Chung out, like a quagmire in general, that contains the lethal cents to cling to and melt the Mount.

Not far from the ancient shadow, but also point out two fingers to maintain the appearance of spiritual blessings on that road cents Mans, want to break through the defense of the forest move, this time, they are almost in direct competition whose spirit force, more tyranny!

They figure, it is at this moment strangely still down, but because of the previous two games against terror, but added no one dared to step into their whole body count.

I'm moving eyes,Keeping a close eye that road flashing light shiny cents Mans, along with the increasingly close to this stuff, the kind of sense of danger, but also become rich a lot, he knew, to really make this thing fired into his mind, but even natal sigil had been destroyed life and life, and at that time, whether he has another strong spiritual gift, I am afraid are unable to obtain any success in this way.

"I want to die, not so easy!"

Critical juncture, I'm moving my heart is emerging anger and vicious, sending the rocket natal sigil within the Ni Wan Palace drastic shake, as if all you want is a spiritual force is transferred out of the general, would end up that is the Mountain Road cents to slowly push back up.

"This kid, how so tough?!"

The face of this stalemate, the ancient heart shadow is surprised, how he also could not understand why the move by virtue of the strength of a printed symbol of forest division, was able to power on the strength of spirit, and his fight to par .

"I have not seen what kind of scenario ancient shadow today, not even you do not believe a brat are solved!"

And so the stalemate, but also let them have some angry old shadow, if those guys inflammation of the city knew that he was forced into the site look like a teenager, to be laughed at Zhibuding to look like.

Heart made a ruthless, ancient shadow suddenly a biting tongue, in the eyes, the invisible projection out of two shiny, followed, both the invisible sheen, is actually of two characters to print!

This ancient shadow, is actually his own palace natal Ni Wan Fu and India are to move out!

Move out of the natal sigil, ancient forest action film directed awe-inspiring smile, harsh bark, two sigil is brought up rolling in the spirit of the shock wave, fiercely resist being hit with "The Magic of" forest move.

And to see this scene, Lin also been moving a bit scared, but just as he hesitated how to cope with such a situation, the Ni Wan ancient palace of the rocket swirling sigil, is suddenly shook violently, Then, without actually moving control of the forest, flying directly to Ni Wan Palace, appeared in his Tian Linggai.

Such a turn of events, so that was looking pale forest move, I could not imagine how he is, which is natal sigil, actually ran out on his own!

"call out!"

This ancient swirling sigil just appeared, is the shadow of the ancient Luexiang rocket sigil, while at the same time in the flyby, the ancient Indian turned out to be fast swirling symbol twisted up, get to the end, moving directly in the forest and ancient shadow shocked eyes, turning to a Yuemo Ba palm-sized whirlpool.

"Natal magic?!"

Changes swirling symbol of ancient India, the forest still move better, and that old film, is a direct horror cried out aloud, followed by, he is hurried manipulation of the two natal sigil, they want to withdraw.

However, when he intends to quickly withdraw two natal sigil, sigil that the ancient swirling vortex of violent conflict is coming, a Unit of suction distributed out, and in this attraction, the forest can move clear I felt that old spiritual force in the shadow of two natal sigil, is actually being drawn into that vortex.

This case, so that was moving down the forest inhaled air, although in practice the spiritual force that he knew was not much, but it is never heard, whose sigil, there is still the ability of this and other terrible .


Suction vortex suction it ripped off there,Ancient shadow of two natal sigil, quickly became darkened, and he himself is subject involved, a blood spit out, then he looking a little twisted, dead teeth, manipulation of the two natal sigil desperate retreat , this suction pulling slowly out of the scope of that whirlpool of horror will finally hurried natal sigil income Ni Wan Gong incomparable.

When the shadow of ancient Indian symbol natal income Ni Wan Gong, it is once again twisted vortex continues into an ancient Indian symbol, rapid Luehui suspended Tian Linggai moving in the forest, releasing a suction force that will have no manipulation "of Magic" is also sucked into, this Huangyou Tian Linggai move from the forest, returned Ni Wan Palace.

Gu Xuan Fu Ni Wan Gong grabbing printed return, Lin move is a clear sense that a surge more than the previous tyrannical spirit of power, fast diffusion open.

"It's ancient swirling sigil, the shadow of the ancient spiritual power absorbed and fed back to me ..."

Aware of this scene, Lin palms are moving could not help trembling a bit, think of how he is, that he come by chance swirling symbol of ancient India, there is still that this and other peculiar force.

"Usually the division Fu Ning, just natal sigil, and may not have heard what the natal magic ... Could it be because of this thing?" Lin brains sea swept previously screams ancient shadow, thoughtfully.

"You're pregnant natal magic?!"

When Lin pondered a move that ancient shadow suddenly spoke again, his complexion was very pale, but his eyes staring at the forest move, but it is extremely hot, in that hot, filled with greed.

"Boy, you these natal magic of the practice of law to me, I can help you destroy Lin Lei Xie two other remuneration, I do not, as long as this! How I like?"

Lin move his eyes jump jump, after the previous fight, he already knew this person Ayutthaya deep, but he did not expect this and other Ayutthaya, but now they will say so foolish words, it appears that this ancient swirling sigil, also really something special.


Lin eyes flash move, actually smiled at the same time, he walked up the pace of disease, he took out a piece of jade from her, handed to the ancient shadow.

Lin move move, so that was the ancient shadow of ecstasy, however, when he had just taken the two steps, this is now suddenly react, what the situation, the other party was not an idiot, how could so easily give him such an important thing ?


However, just as he had just footsteps stopped, fierce winds, they are greeted by two Hanmang fast if lightning fired at his chest.


Critical juncture, UU reading www.uukanshu.com ancient shadow hurried manipulation of the two sessile Janus will resist Na Liangdao Hanmang down, but just as he was relieved and Putui Gang Yu, an unusual powerful the spirit of the impact, but it is from the twinkling of an eye, fiercely bombarded in the top of his mind, the moment the whole head is buzzing up two sigil within the Ni Wan Palace, are not being shook bleak Light.

Theosophy trance, although just grabbing scene, however, in the ancient shadow once again wake up, young face, it is close at hand, in their hands, Hanmang storm thorn out.

"Stop! I do not meddle in your affairs up!"

Covered with ancient shadow staring,Are at the moment stood up, he smelled a deep sense of taste death, the moment hastily shouted.

Lin moving pale indifferent, stature without the slightest stagnation, sharp broken hands yuan shuttle, is directly into a Black Mountain, above the ancient shadow fired into the throat mercilessly.

"Ancient Shadow Master, late, muddy water here, you should not drip!"

Pain came, the shadow of the ancient ears, he sounded muffled murmuring teenager.

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