Wu Dong Qian Kun

By Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Chapter 90 Small original Tansakai

Chapter 90 Small original Tansakai

"Father, how is it?"

See the forest skies safely landed, Linxiao, who is also quickly flooded over, emergency channel.

"I do not know." Lin skies frowned and shook his head, said: "Previously shot, should be a printed even reached a two printed symbol teacher."

Heard, even though long expected, but still could not help but Linxiao they face has changed change, concern: "Is Lei invited master?"

Lin deafening silence for a moment, he said: "It should not, though tyrannical spiritual power that previously, but not pressing harder and harder, but more like a kind of test, if it is invited Lei, then, should not be so."

"Do not iron wood near the village, as well as the expert hide?" Linxiao surprised Road.

"Maybe ..." Lin nodded skies, he suddenly remembered some time ago sensed the kind of glimpse into the spiritual power, but that it was a glimpse into the mental strength now compared to this channel spiritual power, but it is far off, nor I know if the two are the same person.

"This time, secretly sent near the village to search for iron wood look, if really saw any suspicious acting person, and must not be offended, if the other party is really just learn from temptation, then I might be able to pull into the Lin family." Lin Zhen Heaven.


Linxiao, who also nodded his head, if the other party is really a symbol division, and it hired as family worship, then, that for the Lin family is undoubtedly heaven divine intervention.

In the forest skies and Linxiao, who talk like a fiery red shadow is quickly swept from the depths of Zhuang Zi, Lin toes move back a little tiger, is the forest jumped in front of thunder, Hei said: "Grandpa, you are a success? "

"Oh, ah, this time can enter dan Jin territory, also thanks to you this little guy." See the forest move, smile on the face of gentle thunder forest a lot, smiled and nodded his head.

"After that we Lin, Dan can be considered with the first bit of the strong." Lin is moving quite excited, he is also clear that a strong Yuan Dan, for the Lin family, it has a deterrent effect what .

"Well, what dan still not strong now, at best, only a small territory dan nothing." Lin smiled and waved skies, said.

"Little dan territory?" Lin move surprised a moment.

"After dan territory, to be exact, has three levels, the first one, this is similar to what I just enter the Jin, Yuan Dan called small territory, but in this small dan spent territory, as well as the yuan Dan successful small and large successful two levels. "Lin laughed thunder past dan territory for them, are a bit far away, so the grading of the relatively high level, I'm not sure movement is normal.

I'm moving a bit of shock, apparently did not expect so-called dan territory, surprisingly still has such a detailed classification.

"Behind that dan territory, what is it?" Lin moving curious she said.

"Heard a verse it? Practice a way, is the theft of yin and yang, good luck wins, turn Nirvana, hold life and death, there is, is because it is our practice levels."

Lin skies smiled and said:. "Steal yin and yang, is the territory of the yuan Tianyuan territory absorbed by the yin and yang, yin and yang Jiaotai, condensed into Dan, and after dan territory, is the so-called good fortune Three Realms"

"Three Realms good fortune?"

"Zaoxing territory, gas-making environment, good fortune territory, collectively referred to as the good fortune Three Realms."Speaking of these three levels, the forest has some of the thunder face is clearly in awe of color, although now entered the territory of Xiao Yuan Dan, but he understood, from the territory of that good fortune, he still has a very far distance.

"If good fortune can enter Jin Three Realms, that is capable of leading the strong Dayan called dynasty, I Lin clan patriarch today, good fortune is the territory of the strong, and that other means, really is Babel thorough manner." Lin skies sighs.

A look of awe looking at the color of the forest around, Lin move licked his mouth, my heart suddenly felt some emotion, his goal, can not simply dan territory.

"As good luck throughout the Three Realms more Nirvana back,

That I will not be able to know the profound level of ... "

I'm moving silently nodded his head, then a verse firmly credited heart.

"Oh, father, but added modestly, and although only a small dan territory, but that is the one entered the threshold, which is considered a city in inflammation, are also considered good." Side of the Linxiao and others, with a smile Road.

Lin skies smiled, then said: "How recently the situation?"

Heard the remark, the smile on the face of Linxiao, who'd relented a little, hesitated a moment, the two pairs Lei Xie Lin family shot to do, and Lei Xie two recent strange dynamic is that out.

"Well, this really is my home Lei Lin family as a thorn in the flesh, ah." After listening to Linxiao he said, the thunder of the forest is also looking somewhat gloomy.

Linxiao nodded past Lin himself, although Lei is not too cold for them, but at least superficial work is done well, but since the village was to get his iron wood Lin and Yang Yuan here dig out the stone veins, Lei is thoroughly them as the enemy, if there is a chance, they probably would really be totally let Lin family breakup bottom end.

"Father, how we are going to do?" Lincoln whispered, and now the skies have been successful into the forest Xiao Yuan Dan territory, Qingyang Town, look, I am afraid that no one can its rival, they do not have to worry about how Lei Xie two together.

"Lei Xie sent strictly to inquire about two of every move, in addition to contacting Blade martial arts, and that time if shot, then best to cooperate with them." Lin pondered skies cheeky color, said.

"Discuss cooperation must be completed, it will also start work to address the mine home!", Then in the end, Lin eyes in the skies, but also passing Senleng color, UU reading www.uukanshu.com forbear for so many years, is the time to strike back !


Linxiao and so everyone is heavy nodded, this time not stick, though did not bother those heavy suspicion of the outside world, but the mind is always somewhat stuck, plus Lei Xie two of those despicable means, they have a fiery heart has long been surging.

See the morale of the people, such as rainbow, skies Lin also smile, the eyes of coldness surging.

"Lei Bao, Lin you want me to ruin and death, I would not make you smug!"


Since Lin Jin smoothly into the skies Xiao Yuan Dan territory, ironwood village of defense, but also slightly loosened a bit, but no longer stick to the Lin family, some of the spies, once again send Hui Qing Yang Zhen, Lei Xie inquire with two moves.

And as a matter of negotiations, it is quickly contacted Blade martial arts,The relationship between the two, because two exclusive Lei Xie's sake, he will have to say, claim to be good, therefore, when they hear the Lin family together hope requirements, Blade martial arts did not flatly refused, only slightly hesitant after all, no one wants to truly thank Ray and two hands, although two disgusting, but that strength put in here.

However, this hesitation, when they get in the forest skies have successfully entered the territory of Dan Xiao Yuan sources, it is immediately vanished, matter of cooperation, no obstacles, they also want clear skies at this time into the forest Xiao Yuan Dan territory, what would possess a deterrent.

However, for the two sides will discuss cooperation in the matter finished the second day of a two invitations from Lei Xie, but it is fed into the iron wood village ...

Lei Xie two, after Yan interest in reviving two months or so, finally, with the action!

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